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Hunting the Five By Maria Violante,

  • Title: Hunting the Five
  • Author: Maria Violante
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Welcome to straight out of Hell.Stripped of her memories, her name, and her power, De La Roca has spent the last three hundred years as a mercenary to pay for her release from the inferno When the Angel returns to offer her a bargain, five final kills in exchange for true freedom, will she be able to rise to the challenge, or will she die trying Hunting the Five, 28,000Welcome to straight out of Hell.Stripped of her memories, her name, and her power, De La Roca has spent the last three hundred years as a mercenary to pay for her release from the inferno When the Angel returns to offer her a bargain, five final kills in exchange for true freedom, will she be able to rise to the challenge, or will she die trying Hunting the Five, 28,000 words approximately 112 pages is the first novella in the exciting De la Roca Chronicles from Airam Publications This special edition comes with two sneak previews and a bonus short story
    Hunting the Five Welcome to straight out of Hell Stripped of her memories her name and her power De La Roca has spent the last three hundred years as a mercenary to pay for her release from the inferno When the Ang

    One thought on “Hunting the Five”

    1. I ll give this a tentative two stars I hate to do it, because in some ways I was really enjoying Hunting the Five I say, was enjoying instead of enjoyed because it just ends in the middle, with no conclusion or wrap up I was still enjoying the read and waiting for the whole thing to finally make senseen nothing Actually, having just typed that I can feel myself getting irked and wanting to drop that rating to a one star I hate books that do this especially in serial novellas that could just as [...]

    2. Really liked the story line of this book It is one of a series and I do not feel it is a stand alone book, but close to it.The reader is searching right along with De La Roca She is tasked with killing 5 demons in return for her freedom and her memory of who she is Her trusty sidekick and best friend is Alsvior, a supernatural horse who can shift into any kind of equine form Alsvior usually has a blacker than night body and flames for a mane and tail.This is a very complicated story with lots o [...]

    3. De La Roca is not exactly a demon, but she s not exactly human either She needs five kills before she is released from Hell, but her boss, her victims and sometimes her friends all have different agendas.This short story is full of action, with just the right pacing as to not be too overbearing but definitely keeps you interested The way this author, Violante, describes new worlds and planes is brilliant This is not an easy thing to do but she did it well, using just enough descriptors to give u [...]

    4. Being dropped into a world for which one has no inventory can be a little rough but exciting Hunting the Five did just that The story takes off like a galloping horse with relatively little pause While I personally like a little description and organization, this is a novella I also feel as though the dialogue could have been a little carefully thought out Normally I find most books labeled as Action only insinuate the action Violante did not insinuate anything at all The action was truly prom [...]

    5. Would recommend Very enjoyable read.Gritty, imaginative and entertaining, Hunting the Five is a great read Action packed and reminiscent of King s Gunslinger I loved that the demon s weren t human The author came up with really creative scenarios, places so foreign, alien and fantastic Leaves me wondering about De La Roca s past and what lies in her future Look forward to the next installment.

    6. this is a very different Urban fantasy I am not sure which world view it uses as it s basis, but it is fun First it has the grittiness of a western a demon in debt to an angel hoping to find her memory she Rides a Nightmare quite possibly my favorite part you don t get many books with nightmares in them and has a magic gun which never misses I will finish this serise, and advise anyone who enjoys Urban fantasy to give it a chance.

    7. Really cool novella The storybuilding was fascinating and although there are some modern fantasy cliches present, there s enough fresh takes on things that the plot still pulls you in My only complaint is that it wasn t long enough I would have loved some background on the characters Maybe that will be in the next book, which appears to be longer.Basically, anything featuring sexy demon women in the American southwest with semi sentient mystical revolvers is immediately AMAZING.

    8. Maria Violante recently did a review for my novel and I am returning the favor on her short novella, Hunting the Five It s a piece of a larger work and I m excited to read the rest soon.Maria s world building is exciting and engrossing She creates characters I want to continue watching The magic system is also very very cool I spend a lot of time thinking about magic systems I used two in my last book and I have a new one lined up for a fantasy series I ll be writing late next year I should know [...]

    9. I loved loved loved this book.It had a certain Lilith Saintcrow meets Dakota Banks kind of feel to it 3I m always fond of urban fantasy stories and anything having to do with ordinary people or demons forced to complete missions that involve mystery, danger and excitement is a must read for me.Haunting the Five follows a demon, De La Roca, who hardly remembers her life before becoming a demon and striking a deal with a Seraph in order to gain her freedom Obviously, she has voluntary agreed to ha [...]

    10. I should first point out that this is not the type of story I normally read It starts with action and it barely takes a breath before there is It is about a gun toting, formerly human demon who serves as a mercenary and assassin at the pleasure of a group that are called, logically enough, angels This would normally put it on my not my kind of thing list because I tend to not like tales in which the protagonists use violence as their primary means of resolving conflicts I don t find anything ad [...]

    11. Maria Violante contacted me recently through and asked if I would like to review her novella, Hunting the Five It sounded interesting, so I agreed I m behind on writing the review, so apologies if it seems a bit rushed Here s a bit of description from Stripped of her memories, her name, and her power, De La Roca has spent the last three hundred years as a mercenary to pay for her release from the inferno.So in some ways, this is a good old quest story De La Roca is questing for her freedom, with [...]

    12. The biggest strength of Maria Violante s Hunting the Five the first volume in the De la Roca Chronicles is in the vividness of the intensely visual writing, which offers an abundance of cinematic, and often surreal, action Violante also offers an elaborately developed and densely populated supernatural world, all of which have their histories, and present to the reader mysteries large and small Very few of them are explored, let alone resolved, but they do contribute to the atmosphere, and hint [...]

    13. De La Roca has spent the last 300 years as a mercenary as a requirement for her release from Hell She has no memory of her real name or past and has also lost her powers.When an Angel offers her a chance for real freedom if she completes five last kills, De La Roca jumps at the opportunity It s a fascinating and complicated world De La Roca not her real name operates in and while she isn t daunted by the five kills she needs to complete, it will not be a walk in the park to get this done De La R [...]

    14. Hunting the Five, an interesting take on the demon hunting, quasi human mercenary tale that reads like an action film.My main complaints don t have so much to do with the story itself as my own personal preferences, this isn t something I would normally read, but I m attempting to broaden my horizons in the indie market , some people may enjoy these very things The story s jumps are sometimes like popping over a speed bump going faster than five miles per hour, further instilling the idea that t [...]

    15. For such a small book, Maria Violante s novella sure is jam packed with action But, for some unknown reason, it did not appeal to me Trust me when I say that really wanted to like it Let s investigate.I won Hunting the Five through First Reads I entered the giveaway not really wanting the book, thinking, I m not going to win anyway so, what the heck That was a mistake I found an email notifying me of my win I felt a mixture of joy and dread Joy, because it was the first book I had won dread, bec [...]

    16. I won this book from Maria and thoroughly enjoyed it The author uses beautiful prose I would almost say it borders on purplebut it is in just the right amounts that I was hooked from the start.One of the things that I really like about this book is the Spanish flavor Coming from Hell, I would expect the protagonist to be somewhat exotic For me, a regular American who has watched Antonio Banderas films for years, De La Roca seemed perfect as a demon hunter wandering the New Mexico desert looking [...]

    17. Intriguing concept for a fantasy story and you have to pay attention to the details De La Roca is not human and her horse isn t a horse love the horse by the way Demonic gifts, a magical blood thirsty guns and horrible nightmares make up her life Until an angel gives her a way out of hell kill five targets to be free Not everything is as it seems, plenty of action and shadowy characters make for a great read.

    18. I actually downloaded this book for free from It was a particularly fast paced book for me The only thing I had a problem with, was that the ending kind of left me hanging I was hoping for the story to be wrapped up a little better I will probably purchase the next book, I just don t want to be disappointed at the end again considering it was definitely full of action It was a pleasurable read for me

    19. This story was rather confusing and convoluted, like the author was trying to lure you in but there were too many different lures What I got from the story was interesting and unique enough to make me want to read the next book in the series So maybe it was just the right amount of lures because it worked.

    20. This story was going very well, but ended abruptly without all 5 demons being hunted it my opinion, this is an incomplete book So if you want the complete story, be prepared to follow up in the next books in the series.

    21. This really did seem like it could be a good story.but things jump around so much that most of the time i had no clue what was happening And you get so much information so quickly that it s hard to sort through all of it and really get a grasp of the world.

    22. I just didn t connect to this book or the characters, others seemed to like it alot so it could have been my mood today not in a good mind state today

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