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A Última Concubina By Lesley Downer,

  • Title: A Última Concubina
  • Author: Lesley Downer
  • ISBN: 9789722032025
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • Este livro pode ser um E TUDO O QUE O VENTO LEVOU situado no Jap o Passado no tempo da guerra civil japonesa, esta a hist ria de uma bela e apaixonante mulher que v o velho Jap o desaparecer retratado em xilogravuras , sendo substitu do por um novo mundo de comboios e tel grafos Mas sobretudo a sociedade que est em mudan a E sachi e os homens que a amam t m deEste livro pode ser um E TUDO O QUE O VENTO LEVOU situado no Jap o Passado no tempo da guerra civil japonesa, esta a hist ria de uma bela e apaixonante mulher que v o velho Jap o desaparecer retratado em xilogravuras , sendo substitu do por um novo mundo de comboios e tel grafos Mas sobretudo a sociedade que est em mudan a E sachi e os homens que a amam t m de encontrar novas formas de relacionamento neste estranho mundo moderno.
    A ltima Concubina Este livro pode ser um E TUDO O QUE O VENTO LEVOU situado no Jap o Passado no tempo da guerra civil japonesa esta a hist ria de uma bela e apaixonante mulher que v o velho Jap o desaparecer retratado

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    1. Writing this comment is probably going to worthwhile than reading this book For a 500 page book it s at least 501 pages too long I should have known when my flatmate said she only has girls book that I shouldn t have read it That was the first of many, many red flags to come A beautiful girl in a small shitty town red flag in old Japan is spotted by the Princess Red flag to come back to Edo Castle red flag and live with the other 3000 women there red flag She spends her days doing women shit re [...]

    2. The Last Concubine, yang dalam bahasa Indonesia berarti Selir Terakhir, adalah sebuah epic love story, kisah cinta seorang gadis muda Jepang yang harus menerima takdirnya menjadi selir seorang shogun, bertepatan dengan peristiwa runtuhnya kekuasaan Keshogunan Tokugawa, pada tahun 1800 an Membaca buku ini, membawa kita kembali ke era Edo, zaman kuno Jepang yang luar biasa, penuh keajaiban yang membuat takjub, yang segera akan menghilang bersamaan dengan Jepang yang membuka dirinya terhadap Barat. [...]

    3. I read many favourable reviews about this book,and many of them were gushing with praise for it A Japanese Gone with the wind With a gorgeous cover Can you imagine I was so eager to get this book in my hands The plot boils down to this Sachi is a peasant girl who is adopted by a princess.The princess is going to be the shoguns wife Sachi grows up in the Edo castle and learns the strict protocol of the castle and using a halberd The heroine becomes noticed by the shogun and becomes his concubine [...]

    4. um livro muito bonito Um livro sobre amor numa sociedade em que n o existe uma palavra para designar amor Fala sobre a mudan a do Jap o no s culo XIX, que deixou de ser um pa s medieval e passou a ser um pa s moderno um livro sobre honra, respeito e lealdade valores que est o, profundamente, entranhados naquelas pessoas nos apresentada uma sociedade em que os homens julgam que sentirem algo por uma mulher faz deles menos homens, ou seja, mulheres Aqui as mulheres acham estranho que um homem ingl [...]

    5. I wanted to give three stars or even to this novel but halfway through it turned so hard for me to keep reading that I can t do it It started pretty well, with pages full of delicate nature metaphors and descriptions about places that quickly dragged me into it plus Sachi s observations na ve at first, mature while growing were mainly credible and interesting til certain point , but suddenly, after reading quite a lot, I found myself having trouble comprehending the biggest role in this book l [...]

    6. I was looking forward to reading this very much well, maybe that s because I was sooo disappointed The story is just too unbelievable for me compare it to the shock of the very first line of acknowledgements in Golden s Memoirs of a Geisha How come the shogun chose her I had the impression the things just happened without any explanation, motivation or background given Well, maybe I would find out if I finished the bood, which I didn t Mostly, when I don t like a book, I read it to the end just [...]

    7. While Japan is teetering on the edge of civil war, Sachi becomes concubine to the last shogun of Edo Tokyo but her life is soon to change when the old ways are swept away forever Sachi flees from the castle where she has lived a pampered life and finds herself on the run with her trusted friend Taki As traditional values break down, the roads are a treacherous place to be and Sachi soon finds herself in danger She is rescued by a young ronin warrior with whom she soon falls in love but the futur [...]

    8. I was just browsing through the library scanning book titles when this caught my eye At first I have to admit I judged it on it s cover and title but when I finished I realized that I had just randomly stumbled upon one of the best written books I have ever read It so well describes the ways of Japan in that time period and I m going to read it again.

    9. A beautiful, beautiful story.Das deutsche Audiobuch ist absolut zu empfehlen Eva Mattes ist eine berragende Erz hlerin, die den Charaktere Leben einhaucht ihre Erz hlweise verleiht dem Buch das besondere Etwas, verwandelt es in ein herausragendes Eine wundersch ne Geschichte.

    10. looks like i ve come to enjoy narratives about remote locations and cultural beliefs and practices so divergent with the common pool of Euro American resources

    11. Selir adalah sebuah kata yang lekat dengan kekuasaan sekaligus, mungkin, penderitaan Kekuasaan karena praktik ini pada zaman dahulu sampai dengan hari ini berlangsung di balik istana raja raja atau para lelaki penguasa Penderitaan karena saya hampir yakin seratus persen tak ada selir yang benar benar merasa bahagia dengan statusnya Ia akan selalu jadi yang nomor dua atau dua ratus Hak haknya sebagai istri tidak sama dengan permaisuri istri pertama Jika mereka punya anak, hak anak anaknya pun tid [...]

    12. WARNING This is kinda like a Young Adult book Den Sidste Konkubine af Lesley Downer, 3,5 ud af 6 stjerner Husker du, at du fortalte mig, at n, som lever hinsides min verden betyder n, som har en ufattelig h j byrd Men m ske betyder det n som slet ikke lever i denne verden Jeg ville have elsket at elske denne bog, men det kunne jeg desv rre ikke Den er melodramatisk, overdramatiseret og urealistisk, helt som en YA bog er det Det vil sige ikke lige min smag En fantastisk smuk pige, hvis sk nhed bl [...]

    13. Was disappointed with this book The main problem was the blurb on the back it gives you the entire tale bar the last chapter or so and even that wasn t too hard to guess The implication of the blurb is that girl meets boy fairly quickly and once you realise that s not the case it s very hard to continue It takes the entire book for the main character to meet her true love, by which time she s been painted as a sap without much of a backbone If it hadn t been for my love of all things Japanese th [...]

    14. I wanted to like this book so bad but in the end it was only OK Sachi lacked depth, as well as many of the other characters and I never really cared about them Downer shows that she has studied the history of Japan thoroughly and the history is good but the fiction story is not The whole thing about Sachi being a concubine s bastard child wasn t necessary and neither was Edwards who was portraited as being the greatest man of all at least in my opinion Sachi was a little to quick to like everyth [...]

    15. DNF It s a sad day when you realize what could be an amazing epic of Japanese history has no character development or motivation sigh I was really looking forward to reading about this time period in Japan, but I discovered that the reviews warning people away were correct The prose is lovely but the story is dry because of the lack of development On to the next one

    16. Me encant Un perfecto retrato de Jap n en la epoca de los Samurais, Geishas, ConcubinasSencillamente genial

    17. Book ReviewTitle The Last ConcubineAuthor Lesley DownerGenre Historical Cultural Romance WarRating Review After finishing The Last Concubine I came across a spoiler filled video in which Lesley Downer, the author, likens her novel to a Gone With The Wind set in Japan The parallel is awkward, not to say unfortunate Beyond the surface similarities a 19th century civil war, destruction of a way of life, and a heroine centric narrative any real comparison is disadvantageous for The Last Concubine Go [...]

    18. I m still dive in to the deep of this book Let me dive, and flying in the fresh water of this words of this book.Ramuan kompleks sebuah labirin yang berbumbu intrik cinta, persaingan politik, perebutan kekuasan, kepahlawanan, nasionalisme yang boleh jadi polos, serta romantika psikologis seorang wanita yang menjadi istri selir menyatu padu dalam cerita yang mengalir pada novel ini Awal novel ini memang seperti dongeng purba yang sering diangkat dalam fiksi fiksi tentang lelaki penguasa dan wanit [...]

    19. Buku yang menceritakan sejarah Jepang selalu menarik perhatian saya Kebanyakan dari lembaran lembaran itu berisi kisah yang dituturkan melalui sudut pandang seorang pria Bagaimana tingkah laku dan pola pikir seorang samurai menghadapi perselisihan kecil ataupun pertempuran besar seperti perang tidak lagi menjadi hal yang asing Sehingga ketika tahu The Last Concubine berisi kisah yang diceritakan oleh seorang perempuan, tak perlu berpikir dua kali untuk segera melahapnya Terlebih lagi ketika pere [...]

    20. Mungkin saya berharap terlalu tinggi dengan buku ini Melihat tebalnya buku dan temanya yang mengenai keruntuhan klan Tokugawa di Jepang, saya berpikir kisahnya akan penuh dengan konflik dan kerumitan khas fiksi sejarah Tapi yang saya temukan sama sekali berbeda.Buku ini menceritakan Sachi, gadis biasa bermata hijau yang tinggal di sebuah desa kecil bersama orang tua angkatnya Kedatangan Putri Kazu ke desanya mengubah nasibnya sebagai anak petani menjadi pelayan sang putri di Istana Edo Pada zama [...]

    21. , , , 490 1600 , , 1603, , , , 1650 200 , , 1853 1854 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 3,000 20 30 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

    22. This book is a beautiful story of a lost culture It grabbed both my interest and my imagination, though I felt it was a little slow to being with Lesley Downer described Sachi s world in beautiful detail and her characters were understandable and relatable, despite the fact that they lived in such a different world to the one we live in It was really strange to think that Sachi was only a teenager at the end of the book she is twenty two and yet it seems like she was lived her whole life.The way [...]

    23. A very engrossing novel Set in 1860s Japan during the time of the Meiji Restoration and the years leading up to it.Sachi grows up in a mountain village rural Japan Her pale skin and fine features have always set her apart and made her feel different At the age of eleven, the procession of the Imperial Princess sweeps up her up from her home to the woman s palace at the Imperial capital of Edo, where she is before too long, chosen as the concubine of the young Shogun after he sees and her and is [...]

    24. bookcrossing journal 8This book lived up to almost all expectations the title woke with me It is the story of the life of a young village girl that is taken to the palace of the shogun by his young wife When the shogun dies, her story continues, although it is completely upside down because of all the political upheaval that was going on in Japan around the 1850 s.I loved reading this book I am already interested in the east , meaning that I know a tiny bit about ronin, samoerai This book added [...]

    25. Paaaaanjang dan laaaaama, begitulah yang saya rasakan saat membaca buku ini Jepang pada masa kekuasaan Shogun memang menarik untuk dijadikan cerita, dengan intrik intrik gila di istana perempuan, para samurai dan ronin yang gagah, serta prinsip prinsip kehidupan yang mungkin sulit untuk dicerna akal sehat, misalnya menganggap orang orang di luar istana sebagai binatang.Tapi, berbeda dengan Musashi yang juga tebal dan menceritakan berbagai hal secara mendetail, saya tidak menemukan greget yang sa [...]

    26. Esta novela est llena de todo, desde romanticismo, acci n, aventura hasta pol tica y m s que una novela sobre la vida de un personaje ficticio, es m s como una exposici n sobre la vida del humano promedio y la represi n a la que estaba sometido frente a la vida protegida y rigurosa que llevaba la realeza de la poca, la opresi n que sufr a la mujer de la poca respecto a las condiciones en que se encontraba cada una, trayendo a colaci n la vida de Sachi y la lucha entre la raz n y los sentimientos [...]

    27. Me ha gustado mucho la documentaci n y descripci n de la cultura y costumbres del Jap n de la poca Contagia las ganas de haber podido conocerlo as Pero la historia o la forma de narrarla me han resultado muy lentas.

    28. The part that deals with the woman s palace is interesting but the author constantly uses the same descriptions etc for characters almost every time throughout the book This gets tedious and frankly laughable after a while Not too bad as a story though

    29. this book, tell us bout the life inside the ooku woman palace, place that shogun placed his concubines tell us the story about the struggle of a young woman, sachi to find her love, her destiny, her mother, her happiness through her life as the last concubine

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