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Last Night: Stories By James Salter,

  • Title: Last Night: Stories
  • Author: James Salter
  • ISBN: 9781400043125
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From a writer whose every book is a literary event, a superbly accomplished work of fiction Last Night is a spellbinding collection of stories about passion by turns fiery and subdued, destructive and redemptive, alluring and devastating.In ten powerful stories, Salter portrays men and women in their most intimate moments A book dealer faces the truth about his life From a writer whose every book is a literary event, a superbly accomplished work of fiction Last Night is a spellbinding collection of stories about passion by turns fiery and subdued, destructive and redemptive, alluring and devastating.In ten powerful stories, Salter portrays men and women in their most intimate moments A book dealer faces the truth about his life as it is and never will be again when he is visited unexpectedly by his brash former girlfriend A lonely married woman, after a disturbing encounter with a drunken poet at a dinner party, finds herself irresistibly drawn to his animal surrogate, a huge tawny eyed dog A lover of poetry must come to terms with his wife s request to give up what may be his most treasured relationship And in the title story, already hailed by Frank Conroy as a masterpiece, clearly and without question , a translator, tormented by an agonizing sense of inevitability, assists in his wife s suicide even as he performs a last betrayal.A haunting symphony of desire, memory, and loss from a writer whose assured style and emotional insight make him one of our most compelling voices at work today.Contents Comet Eyes of the Stars My Lord You Such Fun Give Platinum Palm Court Bangkok Arlington Last Night
    Last Night Stories From a writer whose every book is a literary event a superbly accomplished work of fiction Last Night is a spellbinding collection of stories about passion by turns fiery and subdued destructive and

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    1. Though the stories in this 2005 collection all make use of contemporary gadgetry sc nariste of lust and betrayal, Salter can hardly forgo the incriminating email, the voicemails of avoidance they are really set in Midcentury Manhattan Storyland People mostly drink dry martinis and scotch on the rocks Whenever the war is mentioned you know it s the Big One The characters of My Lord You are straight from the 1950s the Auchinclossian estate lawyer, his balletic gamine of a wife she has an old bicyc [...]

    2. I think the best part about this book is tone of it From the first story, I knew what I was in for Slightly dimmed light, wistful, quieter than normal voices and things half seen Salter does a very solid job constructing this as a harmonious whole, where the carpets and curtains and couches are barely different, and you are likely to find the same art books on the coffee table and the same half empty glasses of scotch by the bed It was all longing, but the polite and tentative sort that accepts [...]

    3. O ritmo impetuoso, mas, de vez em quando, h um pormenor que salta e a aten o do leitor fica presa nele, como uma unha presa na seda John Banvilleou como uma garra no cora oEm quase todos os contos conduzidos pelo amor e pela morte fui surpreendida por esse pormenor referido por Banville mas, no seu todo, os mais marcantes foram, Crep sculo , Carisma , Vinte Minutos e, especialmente, A ltima Noite

    4. Last Night was my first experience of James Salter s writing He has written numerous short story collections, and the name and blurb of this particular collection really appealed to me, so I decided to start there I m not sure if this is meant to be one of his better books, if we re looking at his overall bibliography, but all I know is that I found it quite disappointing.Salter s stories generally focus around couples who are going through problems in their marriages relationships some focus on [...]

    5. First James Salter I might not recommend this book to a friend, because I d worry that the friend would read it and then say, Jess, this is just a bunch of boring stories about rich people sleeping with each other, who cares, and then I would like my friend a little less which isn t fair because there s no accounting for taste.I read this in one sitting, cried a fair amount Light Years is on deck.

    6. No s qu es lo que esperaba encontrar entre estos relatos, no conoc a de nada al se or Salter Reconozco que hay un relato brillante, el que da t tulo al libro, los dem s cuentos, salvo un par, no me han gustado, no son para m.

    7. Comet An uncomfortable cocktail conversation at the Morrisseys but not the Morrisseys lifts the lid momentarily on the the seething cauldron of bitterness that is Adele and Philip s marriage Luckily, Ol Phil can excuse himself and go look at a celestial event, the titular comet Ol Adele comes stomping across the Morrisseys lawn She s locked into confrontation mode Come back inside No, this is rare So am I So were we Don t trip up the steps and, God forbid, embarrass yourself Us Harrrumph She tri [...]

    8. James Salter is widely considered as a writer s writer , but after reading the first half of this so called collection of stories , I am quite sure that Salter considers himself as a writer s writer s writer, or worseDon t be fooled, if you miss the point of this collection, it is not your fault These are not stories, but random flowery fragments of fiction about random uninteresting and unrealistic characters James Salter is a master at crafting perfect , poetic sentences But without any coher [...]

    9. 37 100 Salter ist als Autor nie ber die 1970er hinaus gekommen, auch wenn er ein Handy und ein paar Computer in seine Geschichten eingebaut hat, die den Anachronismus erst recht betonen Leider h lt er im neuen Millenium bei weitem nicht sein Niveau der Siebziger, allenfalls drei Erz hlungen w rden in D mmerung nicht unangenehm auffallen oder k nnten die schw cheren Momente im fr heren Erz hlband ersetzen.Ausf hrliche Rezi folgt

    10. Creo que de este libro me encanta la combinaci n de lo cotidiano, lo er tico y lo rom ntico Recomendado para quienes gusten de cuentos cortos, para rom nticos c nicos

    11. Publicado en lecturaylocura la ultima n La ltima noche de James Salter Lo que se dice y lo que no se dice ingenier a del relato.No se prodiga mucho el norteamericano James Salter no es Donna Tartt, pero tampoco podemos decir que sea muy prol fico cuando ped consejo sobre qu leer de l la recomendaci n del de siempre fue esta recopilaci n de cuentos cortos La ltima noche , del 2005,y tengo que reconocer que he acertado de pleno, estamos ante una verdadera maravilla.Para profanos, es necesario come [...]

    12. Salter is one of my literary idols His writing is both traditional and strange, and he chisels his sentences things of wonder and beauty He takes familiar American short story scenarios marriage on the rocks, a couple s erotic life breaking down, men unsure what to do with their maleness and through unexpected shifts in point of view and plot twists the kind you don t see coming, but turn out to have been buried from the start , he wakes you up as you read You feel that zing that only a sharply [...]

    13. Once again, I have Shelf Awareness to thank for the introduction to James Salter Yes, I sort of knew who he was, and yes, I knew he is critically acclaimed But I am not sure I would have picked up anything by him, if I hadn t been on such a roll with books recommended by writers in the Book Brahmin column.Short stories intrigue me The reader only gets a slice of the character s lives and that is so true with James Salter In these ten stories, you enter right in the middle Things have happened be [...]

    14. Acabou Sinto no final deste livro a morte de Salter, talvez o autor que melhor descreve o que o passar do dia e como se transforma em mem ria, na miscel nea de lugares e gentes e odores e sexo.James Salter para ser lido na ntegra, depois de Tudo o que conta , este a ltima Noite o segundo a ser editado em portugu s.N o se pode gostar de literatura e n o o ler, crime.

    15. Dieci racconti In prima di copertina dove dovrebbero stare sempre e solo autore, titolo ed editore si legge Freddo, elegante, implacabile Ecco, concordo soprattutto sul freddo.

    16. Contains SpoilersI hated this collection of short stories I felt the author portrayed older women in an awful light I hated every story So I guess when men get older it is okay that they cheat on their wives with girls in their twenties I like how the women in these stories were either slightly crazy, old and saggy, or dying of cancer Are you kidding me The one story of a woman who sneaks into the poet s house only to take off her clothes Of course her husband comes to rescue her What was that I [...]

    17. Salter is incredible I found him through Ondaatje and admire them equally both can throw in a simple phrase that will turn your heart over in the middle of a paragraph The stories in this collection are about love and loss and the beauty that comes from life because only because of its imperfections The message becomes despondent towards the end of the book and I began to feel that all is hopeless in the world, that we are unable to actualize what we want But the trick with Salter is he convince [...]

    18. Disappointing later stories from master of the deft phrase Salter Given Salter s lyrical gifts, I expected the shorter form to work perfectly for him Part of the problem is the content these stories read a little like Carver does the affluent Some stories work better than others If you can track down Palm Court and My Lord You , the subtle Salter style works best here the spare prose hums along until some delicate pinprick reveals acute scenery of despair and yearning Other stories ring hollow, [...]

    19. I had originally given this 3 stars, but bumped it up to 4 after I let it gestate a while These stories especially the titular and last story of the collection stay with you in such a phantasmic way His prose is lean and by turns incredibly heartbreaking, his characters are upper crust on downer days, and he drops you into plots so immediately and with such a dedication to dialogue, it makes it hard for me to not say this book has become important for me.

    20. A Salter hay que dosificarlo Es tan bueno y public tan poco que da pena agotarlo La ltima noche es un buen ejemplo de maestr a narrativa En sus relatos nada sobra, todo es importante Y con tan poco es capaz de hacernos sentir part cipes de sus inquietudes, sobre todo relacionadas con las parejas, el sexo y el enga o.

    21. Favorite stories in no particular order My Lord You Give Platinum Palm Court Last Night _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _From Give I read the poem, a third of it anyway, standing stunned in a bookshop in the Village I remember the afternoon, cloudy and quiet, and I remember, too, almost leaving myself, the person I was, the ordinary way I felt about things, my perception of there s no other word for it the depth of life, and above all the thrill of successive lines The poem was an aria, jagged and unending It [...]

    22. Salter es un Maestro del cuento Describe la intimidad de sus personajes predominando la soledad y el desamor de una manera sencilla y certera Todo los relatos son magn ficos, en especial La ltima noche En lo personal, me gust mucho Palm Court, al final me dej una especie de desconcierto y de desaz n.

    23. L ltima nit s un recull excel lent amb deu relats de l americ James Salter Els contes tenen un estil molt mesurat i transparent, que no costa gens de llegir i que expliquen molt sense dir res Tracten sobre l amor, la soledat i les tra cions, i s n una meravella durs, breus i intensos com una explosi tcerezo lultima nit jame

    24. Edge describes the stories in this collection as being marvelously taut , and I wish they hadn t beaten me to it because those words perfectly capture what Salter accomplished in these vignettes, with his elegant yet bare prose He plotted these unconnected stories with surgical precision, without bandying empty words, but he was also cheeky enough to fool the reader into playing futile games by recycling a character s name in a subsequent story or having a character s personality mimicked by ano [...]

    25. I hated this In terms of technical craft, the writing was good and the dialogue was notable But dear lord, where the fuck was the character development I get that this was a collection of narrow, arguably defined , focus Given that, I would have expected precision and nuance in the telling of so many tales of infidelity, and of unfulfilled middle aged men chasing young women who they seem to adore out of some idealized obsession with youth and beauty Salter doesn t take any time to make these w [...]

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