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Komarr By Lois McMaster Bujold,

  • Title: Komarr
  • Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Komarr could be a garden with a thousand years work Or an uninhabitable wasteland, if the terraforming fails Now the solar mirror vital to the terraforming of the conquered planet has been shattered by a ship hurtling off course The Emperor of Barrayar sends his newest Imperial Auditor, Lord Miles Vorkosigan, to find out why.In the political and physical claustroKomarr could be a garden with a thousand years work Or an uninhabitable wasteland, if the terraforming fails Now the solar mirror vital to the terraforming of the conquered planet has been shattered by a ship hurtling off course The Emperor of Barrayar sends his newest Imperial Auditor, Lord Miles Vorkosigan, to find out why.In the political and physical claustrophobia of the domed cities, are the Komarrans surrounding Miles loyal subjects, potential hostages, innocent victims, or rebels bidding for revenge Miles is caught in a race against time to stop a plot that could exile him from Barrayar forever His hope lies in an unexpected ally, one with wounds as deep and honor as beleaguered as his own Miles is a hugely popular character with fans and they won t be disappointed with his latest adventure Therese Littleton Bujold continues to prove what marvels genius can create out of basic space operatics Library Journal Bujold is not just a master of plot, she is a master of emotion SF Site Bujold is one of the best writers of SF adventure to come along in years Locus Magazine A superb craftsman and stylist, Ms Bujold is well on her way to becoming one of the great voices of speculative fiction Rave Reviews Bujold has a gift, nearly unique in science fiction, for the comedy of manners Chicago Sun Times Superb far future saga Publishers Weekly on the Vorkosigan seriesBujold s work remains among the most enjoyable and rewarding in contemporary SF Publishers Weekly Bujold is also head and shoulders above the ruck of current fantasists and well as science fictionists Booklistabout the author Lois McMaster Bujold was born in 1949, the daughter of an engineering professor at Ohio State University, from whom she picked up her early interest in science fiction She now lives in Minneapolis, and has two grown children She began writing with the aim of professional publication in 1982 She wrote three novels in three years in October of 1985, all three sold to Baen Books, launching her career Bujold went on to write many other books for Baen, mostly featuring her popular character Miles Naismith Vorkosigan, his family, friends, and enemies Her books have been translated into twenty one languages Her fantasy from Eos includes the award winning Chalion series and the Sharing Knife series.
    Komarr Komarr could be a garden with a thousand years work Or an uninhabitable wasteland if the terraforming fails Now the solar mirror vital to the terraforming of the conquered planet has been shattered b

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    1. A buddy read with Choko and Maria.My biggest and constant complaint about the series is its predictability Let me demonstrate it on this example The previous book left Miles being a junior guy in a very important job His seniors mentioned junior guys get the most troublesome job in the most troublesome place What would be the most troublesome place for Miles in the whole Empire Planet Komarr where people believe his father was responsible for a grand massacre and regarded Miles accordingly Also [...]

    2. 4.35 A buddy read with Evgeny and Maria, because we cannot stop the Forward Momentum All the geniuses I ever met were so just part of the time To qualify, you only have to be great once, you know Once when it matters Once again I am going to sound like a fan girl, but I can t help it This series has stolen my heart I know I have several series of books which I love and are a must read for me, but most of them are because the story lines are not finished, and the worlds are marvelous, and the wr [...]

    3. Buddy read with Choko and Evgeny.I started writing this review yesterday and then RL happened Let s hope that nothing will interrupt me this time From the very start of the series the planet Komarr has played an important but kind of behind the scenes role in Vorkosigan s lives And I always wanted to visit it Mostly because terraforming fascinates me It s very difficult to write a good book set on a terraformed planet because it s either used as a convenient plot device and the science is so bad [...]

    4. Following the resounding success of my Locus Quest, I faced a dilemma which reading list to follow it up with Variety is the spice of life, so I ve decided to diversify and pursue six different lists simultaneously This book falls into my GIFTS AND GUILTY list.Regardless of how many books are already queued patiently on my reading list, unexpected gifts and guilt trips will always see unplanned additions muscling their way in at the front.If you ve never read any of Bujold s Vorkosigan Saga what [...]

    5. I didn t even care about the mystery here, I was so caught up in the romance I love how Bujold always delivers with her characters Often I can t remember what happened in her books, but I never forget the people or their relationships This time we get to meet the love of Miles life and I like her, I really do I can t wait to see how this develops in later books.

    6. Is Komarr nice It doesn t sound nice How can a book about the son of the Butcher of Komarr being on Komarr be nice literally me to my roommates before starting this book Read that in a voice full of hurting doubt and the hopeless desire for something, not less painful, but perhaps accessible One grows tired of leaning back and watching Miles pull miracles out of his ass, you know As enjoyable as that is.This is the fastest I ve ever gone through a Bujold book I was LOATH to turn the audio book [...]

    7. I connected deeply with the character Ekaterin Her predicament broke my heart at times Miles heart melted as well Komarr takes place just three months after Memory Miles acquires an Auditor Mentor in Ekaterin s uncle Vorthys Both Imperial Auditors arrive at Komarr to investigate a tragic and seemingly inexplicable near space accident involving an ore freighter and the Komarran solar mirror array Each Auditor brought a different perspective and expertise to the investigation Vorthys engineering b [...]

    8. This was a pivotal book that I missed on my first patchy run at this series The library didn t have it, but it did the next one, so I came to read this with some idea of what happened in Komarr, but not when Which ended up being important And it may be superfluous to say about a Lois McMaster Bujold book at this point, but I liked this a lot.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, [...]

    9. It s amazing that such a long running series can keep such momentum, even get better I d rate this book about the same as the last, except we re introduced to a new character that I have great hopes for It s a twisty mystery with a lot to say, as usual We get to see Miles played off against other characters especially one that makes for a great story really brings home a lot of the lessons he s learned Good ones, too.

    10. 4.5 stars.Komarr was my second expedition into Lois McMaster Bujold s Vorkosiverse my first was Shards of Honour , and my first introduction to Miles Vorkosigan I have to admit that I didn t like this novel as much as Shards of Honour, but it had nothing to do with Miles Miles was as wonderful as I hoped he would be No, it was certain elements of the plot, and certain reservations about the heroine, that knocked a half star off my rating of this otherwise brilliant novel.I like to call myself a [...]

    11. The wormhole plot was very interesting and satisfying, as was the full worldbuilding of Komarr itself, but what really shone brightest in the novel was Miles s falling in love with a married woman I knew from a previous readings how important she d become, but my goodness this was painful to watch Delightful, absolutely, but also very painful It was strangely believable and full of depth and realism, greatly surpassing all of his other love interests, and it really brought out the shine in his e [...]

    12. MINIONS MINIONS ARE MY FAVOURITE THING Miles, all the time, forever So, uh, guess I ll see you around maybe Or not Hey, here s a binder I made for you with every one of my six house addresses and fifteen phone numbers as well as the addresses and numbers of every person I know in case all my numbers aren t working and you need to talk to me oh, and if none of those work either here s the address for the Emperor of Barrayar because he should probably know where I am soooah, call me Or don t Whate [...]

    13. 4.5 stars for this romantic suspense set on planet Komarr, across the galaxy.Eketarin Vorsoisson, Vor to the core, kicks asparagus, and not only that, she s tall, brunette, and coolly reserved, until her son is threatened Miles is crazy about this fascinating widow, but she s done with men, after ten years with Tien the Twit My goodness You ve met with an accident It wasn t us It was her The bitch from hell Or Barrayar, which is almost the same Miles s eyes widened, and his lips parted in breath [...]

    14. 4.5 Stars Another great installment of one of the best SF series of the past 15 years Not quite as good as some of the earlier installments, but the quality level is still very high Recommended

    15. 3.5This is quite different from any of the other books in the series the picture of a failing marriage is bleak and uncompromising and utterly realistic It verges on depressing but the character work is truly impressive This really is Ekaterin s story, however, and there s not too much development for Miles view spoiler Weirdly the only lightness comes from the scenes with the terrorists, who are mostly academics and engineers and as far as possible from the usual fanatic cliches about terrorist [...]

    16. So good I loved getting to see Miles through someone else s eyes This one alternates perspectives between Ekaterin and Miles Ekaterin is awesome I was so worried about whether or not I d like her because I haven t loved any of Miles other love interests I shouldn t have worried Bujold is a sorceress I loved watching Miles fall for her He falls in love fast and hard I love Miles The last 40 pages or so were so much fun The climactic scene, Ekaterin s reaction to being rescued , the open flirtatio [...]

    17. I wrote a great, long for me review about this book Trust me My iPad battery went dead when I was almost finished and I lost it Damn Now I m disgruntled and I have housework to do Just trust me this is a great book One of the best in the series Miles solves another mystery and finds the woman of his dreams finally Sadly no Cordelia or Ivan in this one but Ekaterin than makes up for it Her Uncle and Aunt Vorthys are also delightful.As an aside Jo Walton wrote a terrific balanced review of this b [...]

    18. SOA Listening Challenge Spread Your Listening paranormal fantasy SF 4 4SFR Reading Challenge 2012 5 15Grade A A 5 star review with no hesitation or caveats Even though I ve only listened to Shards of Honour and am just now reading the first actual Miles book, The Warrior s Apprentice, I never felt lost during this story I do think I missed a few inside jokes, though I plan to go back and read the entire series now.The writing, the story, the humor, the characters all pitch perfect And the narrat [...]

    19. Another great addition Thank you Fellow Goodreaders for turning me onto this series What I enjoy about this series so far Miles VorkosiganHe is foremost his parents son and he is also his own man But you see that is how they raised him Through this character we learn a lot about the importance of valuing our fellow human Not just that it is important but that it enhance all life, not just the ones we directly value The plots The stories weave a mystery with action and human drama leaving us with [...]

    20. I found Komarr a difficult and unsatisfying read when it came out 15 years ago, but coming back to it much older, I not only thoroughly enjoyed it, but found it one of the best SF novels of STS technology and society hard SF engineering mystery out there The sections of Tien s emotional abuse of his wife Ekaterin are every bit as painful as ever, and definitely should have a trigger warning But the mystery plot is just brilliant, as the failure of a geoengineering megastructure leads down and do [...]

    21. Bujold is such a good storyteller For one, she writes fully dimensional, flawed and memorable characters Ekaterin s loveless marriage is so well described this author knows how to capture a woman s interior world so well Miles is such a winning character in so many ways Bujold also knows how to write dialogue that sounds real, scientifically authentic but that also forwards the action and the plot Totally in love with her.

    22. Ekaterin, Ekaterin, Ekaterin Such a great, if painful, story, and a wonderful introduction to one of the best characters in the series and in a series loaded with fantastic characters, that says a lot.

    23. Time for vague and random disjointed thoughts.This was an excellent, compelling novel that deftly combines several genres and plotlines It introduces a great new character and makes her imminently interesting and complex When I was almost done with this book, I read Jo Walton s interview with Lois McMaster Bujold When I got to the part where she says she got divorced at some point before this book was published, I nodded This felt very much like a mature novel written by a divorced woman Not to [...]

    24. I m somewhat abashed to admit that I picked up this book first in the Vorkosigan series, which is sorta silly as it s the 11th and Miles is definitely a character who is changed by his experiences But it was at the library, and I was recently out of law school, and it mentioned terraforming in the first few pages I had a yearning for new worlds It was okay as a stand alone science fiction political thriller As part of the overall series, it s awesome Miles has settled into his life as an Imperia [...]

    25. Note This is an edit of review I did in February typos have been corrected and a couple of sentences hid behind spoiler tags.This is the new Miles he has accepted his position as Lord Vorkosigan This is his first case in his new role as Gregor s auditor, and he is working out how to use his new omniscient power For the most part, he is controlled and measured as he gets the feel of this new job The bigger event for Miles is falling in love not just lusting but wanting the domestic life associate [...]

    26. I ve started a wild and wacky Vorkosigan rereadwards It started with picking up A Civil Campaign as I often do, just to read my favorite parts which is practically the entire book The events in Komarr fall right before ACC and color everything so fully that I decided I wanted to reread it It s not usually one I go back to, being one of the Lord Auditor Miles books that read like really awesome whodunits rather than the military adventure form that the previous novels take However, I ve come to [...]

    27. Listened to this as an audiobookIt took me quite awhile to get into this book, which I ve found is common for me when listening to books that include a huge amount of world building I suppose my attention is always somewhat fragmented when I m listening to a book and that works better for books set in a familiar world But once I got into it, I really enjoyed Komarr Miles is certainly not your typical romantic hero but he was terrific nonetheless I felt great empathy for Ekaterin and look forward [...]

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