Dark Lake By Louise Gaylord,

  • Title: Dark Lake
  • Author: Louise Gaylord
  • ISBN: 9780983838609
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Allie Armington s Back Trouble s Right Behind Her This time she s in the Adirondacks, and it s really personal.A long time ago Allie was summarily ordered away from her extended family s summer enclave Her return is nothing like what she expected Instead of the tranquil retreat she remembers, the place is a murder site From the very beginning she s confronted with eveAllie Armington s Back Trouble s Right Behind Her This time she s in the Adirondacks, and it s really personal.A long time ago Allie was summarily ordered away from her extended family s summer enclave Her return is nothing like what she expected Instead of the tranquil retreat she remembers, the place is a murder site From the very beginning she s confronted with everything from cover ups and corrupted cops to covert meth labs and cousins in distress Allie really has her hands full.Visiting Hotanawa was always a dream to remember This visit turns into a nightmare she d rather forget.Populated with neighbors you love to hate, childhood ex crushes you d hate to love, and family and friends who promote problems than solutions, Dark Lake brings us an up close look at summer life in the Adirondacks and Allie at her best.
    Dark Lake Allie Armington s Back Trouble s Right Behind Her This time she s in the Adirondacks and it s really personal A long time ago Allie was summarily ordered away from her extended family s summer enclav

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    1. 2.5 stars Fiction MysteryFirst off, let me start by saying that mystery stories are not my typical genre of choice Mainly because I feel that the suspense of the story loses some of it s grip on the reader when you cannot read the entire book in one sitting That is what happened to me with this novel.Allie Armington heads out to the Holden Compound to visit her family when she comes across a murder scene Soon this former attorney turned private investigator finds herself on a trip that is much d [...]

    2. This was a giveaway.I did not care for this book or the writing style of the author It was easy enough to read but the writing and the characters were really annoying The main character constantly asking herself several stupid questions really got on my last nerve Example What am I doing I want to find out why there were lights in the woods last night, but am I being crazy by wandering around alone mere days after my aunt was murdered Hmm let me think about it What do you think Sherlock It was l [...]

    3. Book Title Dark Lake Author Louise GaylordPublished By Little Moose PressAge Recommended 18 Reviewed By Kitty BullardRaven Rating 4 image Review Louise Gaylord, made a name for herself from the very first novel written Her Allie Armington series is one that will capture you and leave you wanting Dark Lake takes you on a journey to the childhood home of the heroine When Allie returns to Hotanawa to find her aunt murdered and her cousin bound and drugged she is tossed into the middle of a mystery [...]

    4. Speedy Summary Allie Armingtonlawyer licensed private investigator is off to visit her beloved Aunt Sallie at her lakeside compound.Upon arriving she finds chaos within the cottage and Aunt Sallie down below not really moving.Aunt Sallie s daughter, Arlene, is in one of the bedrooms sort of out of it drugged, disoriented, unsure of what has happened.It is obvious to Allie that a crime has taken place Now she has to convince everyone else that Aunt Sallie s demise was not a suicide.My Thoughts Ab [...]

    5. Allie Armington has returned to the vacation home in the Adirondacks after 15 years her cousin, Arlene, to whom she is as close as a sister, invited her, saying she had exciting news that she wanted to share When Allie arrives, however, things don t appear right the car belonging to her Aunt Sallie, Arlene s mother, is in front, but there is no sign of either Aunt Sallie or Arlene no sign of anyone Deciding they have just gone to the store, Allie lets herself in and helps herself to a glass of l [...]

    6. Allie Armington is a repeating character in a series written by Louise Gaylord I have never read one of the series books and that didn t detract from my enjoyment of the story, so this book could be read without reading others in the series, but it did make me want to read of the books.Allie is invited to spend the 4th of July weekend at her aunt Sallie s house a vacation cottage that Allie had spent many summers in as a child She is full of fond memories and adores her aunt, who was of a moth [...]

    7. My Take Okay sooooooI thought this was a pretty good book I m the kind of person that likes to guess who done it while reading a mystery This book kept me guessing, I never knew what action would come next and I loved that I also didn t figure out the killer until the very end when it was told to me It had good forshadowing without giving away too many future plot points I especially liked how everything was tied together at the end.There were a lot of characters in this novel but i never got co [...]

    8. Dark Lake by Louise Gaylord 4 STARSI did not guess who the murder was till the end This is an Allie Armington mystery This is her first mystery that I have read and I don t think it will be the last one I read.The only problem is they kept talking about an accident that got Allie escorted away from the lake years ago but not enough information on that but I guess that could be covered in other books.Allie has not been back to her family cabin for fifteen years Her cousin and Aunt are waiting fo [...]

    9. Mystery and intrigue wrapped up in a book that can be read in one thrilling day The reader meets Allie as she heads back to a summer home that holds many memories both good and bad She hasn t been on property in 15 years due to an accident that forever changed her relationship with her extended family members Upon arrival she finds a murder and is flung into an investigation to get to the bottom of what has been happening while she has been away As with any murder mystery or who dun its as I lik [...]

    10. Dark Lake i, by Louise Gaylord, is part of something called the Allie Armington Mystery series I ve never heard of it, so this was my first introduction to Allie and the series You don t need to have read the previous books in order to understand what s going on, which is good news.This is a slim, quick read, and as mysteries go, it isn t bad It isn t great, but it isn t bad.Allie heads back to her extended family s summer cottage in the Adirondacks, only to discover her Aunt Sallie dead Who kil [...]

    11. Ready for another Allie Armington Mystery novel This book is no less exciting than the first Allie returns to a vacation home in the Adirondacks at the request of her cousin, she is supposed to receive exciting news when she arrives The first moment Allie steps through the door she can tell something is off, that feeling only grows as Allie awaits her relatives arrival to the house After awhile, she decides to search on her own What she finds shocks her The story takes off from there As a charac [...]

    12. Allie Armington goes to her childhood vacation home to find her loving Aunt Sallie murdered and her cousin who is like a sister passed out in bed not even knowing her mother is dead However there seems to be a cover up as police start to investigate they decide it is a suicide Allie feels differently and as a PI and an attorney she decides to investigate further on her own She wants to prove that her Aunt did not die of suicide return return In this compound they call their vacation home, all th [...]

    13. This was the first of the Allie Armington books I ve read, and it definitely drew me in right away The action was very well paced and I really enjoyed the characters They had a bit of a Nancy Drew feel, but with a much adult and realistic feel to it.There were a few loose ends that I m left wondering about, but I m wondering if, because this is part of a series, those questions will be answered in a later book Along the same vein of being just one in a series, having little pieces of her histor [...]

    14. When Allie arrives at the summerhouse summoned by her cousin Arlene, she is quite surprised to find no one there Her Aunt Sallie s car is is out front so she goes in search of someone, when she looks down at the lake she sees her aunt laying on the sand at water s age.I found this book to be well written with interesting characters This is the first book in the Allie Armington Mystery series and I hope to read .Thanks to Net Galley and Little Moose Press.

    15. First, this book is number 4 in a series and is not marked on as so I thought this book was good, not great I don t think the story, although, I enjoyed it was something that really stood out as a memorable book for me I would go back and read the others in the series for challenges as they were needed, but this was not an author that stood out as one that I would go out of my way to read It just wasn t memorable enough.

    16. This book isn t deep or intriguing I found the name dropping of the businesses in Old Forge and Inlet forced and over done No author mentions every specific name of businesses in a book It was too much.

    17. The best part of this book was the location The characters were not particularly memorable and I did not feel invested in them So I didn t much care how the story turned out.

    18. A cozy mystery of the first degree Wonderful Plan to stay put and enjoy the latest in Ms Gaylord s series

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