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The Ice Cream Girls By Dorothy Koomson,

  • Title: The Ice Cream Girls
  • Author: Dorothy Koomson
  • ISBN: 9781455507139
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • As teenagers Poppy Carlisle and Serena Gorringe were the only witnesses to a high profile murder Amid heated public debate, the two seemingly glamorous teens were dubbed The Ice Cream Girls by the press and were dealt with by the courts Poppy headed to prison after being convicted for murder and Serena was set free.Years later, after having led very different lives, PopAs teenagers Poppy Carlisle and Serena Gorringe were the only witnesses to a high profile murder Amid heated public debate, the two seemingly glamorous teens were dubbed The Ice Cream Girls by the press and were dealt with by the courts Poppy headed to prison after being convicted for murder and Serena was set free.Years later, after having led very different lives, Poppy is keen to set the record straight about what really happened The only problem is she has no one to turn to and no clue where to begin her hunt for Serena.Meanwhile, Serena is married with children and wants no one in her present to find out about her past Constantly looking over her shoulder, Serena knows she should come clean to her husband, however, she can t seem to find the words.With Poppy determined to salvage what s left of her reputation, Serena may not have a choice in reopening a can of worms that may threaten both their lives.n.
    The Ice Cream Girls As teenagers Poppy Carlisle and Serena Gorringe were the only witnesses to a high profile murder Amid heated public debate the two seemingly glamorous teens were dubbed The Ice Cream Girls by the pre

    One thought on “The Ice Cream Girls”

    1. Don t be fooled by the cute pastel cover on this one It isn t the light summery girly friendship story that I was expecting In fact, it is probably one of the darkest reads I have read in a long time and Poppy Carlisle and Serena Gorringe are certainly not friends but love rivals The object of their love is Marcus, an older man and Serena s teacher.This is a story of two young na ve girls who are reeled in by Marcus, a predator of the first order in this story of seduction, first love, manipulat [...]

    2. A minha opini o em v deo youtube watch v IiprlMais um grande livro da Dorothy Koomson Um livro grande mas que flui t o bem que foi lido em 3 dias Uma hist rica pol mica mas muito real Adorei

    3. I like Dorothy Koomson but this one was tricky The whole premise of two teenage girls being independently seduced by their teacher and how that relationship was brought to an end was fine The legalities of it not fine I found it impossible to accept that neither girls parents didn t notice changes in behaviour, bruises etc, that any judge or jury in the UK would accept that this man was a gentle soul and that the girls were evil when he d been abusing them since they were 15, that one girl would [...]

    4. I could NOT put this book down So different to Dorothy Koomson s other books but her best book in my opinion I love the characters of Serena and Poppy, and is a shame they couldnt stand each other because they are so alike Serena was a very strong character, much stronger than Poppy at times But I did prefer Poppy She went through a lot despite being innocent And in the end it was good to see her catch a break as far as her personal life went Marcus was scum of the earth and he deserved what he [...]

    5. The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson was an interesting and easy to read novel.As School girls Poppy and Serena were the only witnesses to a tragic event They both end up in different ways paying the price and become known as the Ice Cream Girls Years later Poppy is keen to set the record straight about what happened while Serena wants no one in her present life to find out about her past But secrets have a habit of coming back to haunt and this is certainly the case for the Ice Cream Girls.Th [...]

    6. The cover and title, which both suggest a fluffy chick lit book, didn t attract me to this I m really annoyed that I now have to have those hated pastel colours messing up my 2011 Reading Challenge page but I d gathered from several sources that it was actually a gripping thriller, and from all I d heard and read about it, I was intrigued enough to pick it up when I spotted it in the library The Ice Cream Girls the title referring to a nickname bestowed upon the main characters by the tabloid pr [...]

    7. Two and a half stars I debated for a long while over a rating for this In the end I gave it two and a half stars because it was okay but I couldn t say I liked it That no doubt has a lot to do with the subject matter Serena and Poppy stand trial for the torture and murder of Marcus, an ex teacher Poppy is convicted of the murder and gets sentenced while Serena does not However she still lives each day with what happened and the secret she has kept from her husband.While it kept me reading, I hav [...]

    8. The Ice Cream Girls is one of the most cleverly crafted novels that I have read for a long time It would be so easy to judge this book by it s cover and assume that it s going to be frothy chick lit don t fall for the cover this is a psychological thriller that gripped me from page one and kept me hooked until the very last page.The story is narrated in turns by Serena and Poppy the Ice Cream Girls of the title Serena and Poppy were never friends but their lives have been linked together by a tr [...]

    9. Este foi o meu primeiro contacto com a autora e n o poderia ter escolhido melhor Adorei a escrita e a constru o das personagens O enredo fant stico e apesar de ter adivinhado o final, nada me tirou o prazer da leitura Fiquei viciada e n o vejo a hora de ler mais obras da Dorothy Fiquei mesmo f

    10. primeira vista, este livro parece ser um docinho mas muito mais do que isso intenso e dram tico tamb m Este livro conta a hist ria de 2 jovens Serena Gorringe e Poppy Carlisle, que t m como ponto comum terem cometido um erro inocente ao apaixonarem se por um professor de hist ria, de nome Marcus Por detr s de uma ptima reputa o, Marcus tudo menos o que fazem dele Aproveitando se do facto das 2 jovens se terem apaixonado por ele e atrav s de v rios esquemas e agress es f sicas, Marcus consegue an [...]

    11. Dorothy Koomson sem d vida uma excelente contadora de hist rias, engendra sempre tramas de uma maneira cred vel e que nos deixa a pensar sobre as poss veis situa es em que coloca as suas personagens.Neste livro isso n o diferente.A hist ria gira volta de duas meninas de 15 anos que t m a infelicidade de se cruzar com um professor que n o tem apenas o ensino na cabe a um professor que usa a sua profiss o para ter acesso directo e com facilidade a mi das fr geis, inseguras, t midas e reservadas.As [...]

    12. Este foi, sem qualquer d vida, o melhor livro que li de Dorothy Koomson Com uma est ria cativante desde o in cio, Um erro inocente conta como duas jovens de 15 anos foram ludibriadas por um homem sem escr pulos, pelo qual se apaixonaram e se entregaram avassaladoramente Por detr s de um disfarce de professor de hist ria bem comportado, Marcus leva uma vida de ped filo sem que ningu m se aperceba Consegue atrair a sua aluna Serena para aulas extracurriculares e da at esta se apaixonar por ele ao [...]

    13. KUMSKI BOOK CLUB 2016Te ka tu na knjiga koja govori o nasilju nad enama, obiteljskim tajnama i odbacivanju najdra ih Cijelo vrijeme dok sam ju itala imala sam gvalu u stomaku Pri a prati Serenu i Poppy, dvije mlade djevojke koje zavede stariji mu karac Pratimo njihov odnos s njim tijekom nekoliko godina, a onda i njihove ivote 20 godina kasnije, pro ete tajnama, krivnjom i sumnjama Knjiga pokazuje kako neke krive odluke u mla im danima mogu utjecati na ne iji cijeli ivot i ivote svih oko te osob [...]

    14. Mais um livro de uma autora que rapidamente se est a tornar a minha favorita.Serena uma mulher atormentada por um acontecimento tr gico de 20 anos atr s Poppy tamb m As duas mulheres est o com as suas vidas destro adas por esse evento Uma de uma maneira e a outra, de outra maneira Mas a conclus o sempre a mesma por mais que se corra, o passado tem o mau h bito de nos apanhar e fazer nos encar lo.Os temas tratados s o duros, tal como esta autora j me habituou Neste focado o abuso de menores, viol [...]

    15. Foi a minha estreia com a autora e n o poderia ter sido melhor Adorei tudo O enredo, as personagens, os desenvolvimentos do passado e tamb m do presente Fiquei mesmo muito bem impressionada e vou de certeza querer ler mais da autora Aconselho

    16. I really did not like reading this book As an American I found it hard to believe because the press, in fact the whole case was ridiculous I m no expert on the American justice system but USUALLY what happens over here is in a case where an adult is sleeping with a teenager minor , it s considered rape People do not immediately jump to the conclusion that the teenager SEDUCED the GROWN MAN WOMAN And yet that is exactly what happens in The Ice Cream Girls The press is slimy and the courts are ins [...]

    17. The plot in this book has holes than Swiss cheese Does that sound clich Well, this book is full of them I wish I can get the hours back that I wasted All this book left me with was questions.What upset me the most about reading this book was not only how Serena and her family never managed to tell Evan that she had been on trial for murder 20 years ago BUT that he never read or heard about the infamous trial that took place in the same country they lived and met in England isn t big, y all A hi [...]

    18. Bem, que livro A hist ria envolveu me e revoltou me profundamente e tem me conseguido tirar o sono nestas ltimas noites A personagem principal masculina desprez vel, no m nimo medida que a hist ria avan ava ia se tornando cada vez mais perturbadora e mais longe eu estava de imaginar o que se tinha, realmente, passado na noite em que Serena e Poppy se encontraram, uma vez mais, com o dito personagem e este acabou morto Al m de o enredo em si ser bastante forte, a autora escreve maravilhosamente, [...]

    19. Uau Adorei A hist ria prendeu do inicio at ao fim E sempre estive muito cursiosa e ansiosa por saber quem afinal tinha matado Marcus O final foi surpreendente.

    20. Koomson absolutamente fenomenal neste livro O n vel de distin o que a autora conseguiu alcan ar entre as personalidade de Poppy e Serena brilhante ambas arrastam o passado para o presente reflexo dos traumas comuns que viveram mas condicionadas tamb m pelos diferentes rumos que as suas vidas tomaram a partir daquele fat dico ponto de diverg ncia Na adolesc ncia, Poppy e Serena foram seduzidas pelo professor de Hist ria, Marcus, o que resultou num tri ngulo amoroso doentio e violento que s poderi [...]

    21. O primeiro amor sempre marcante Para alguns mais do que para outros Poppy e Serena tinham quinze anos quando conheceram o seu primeiro amor Mas o que parece um sonho, rapidamente se transforma num pesadelo que as atormentar durante mais de vinte anos Ele era Marcus e abusou delas fisica, psicol gica e emocionalmente, at que apareceu morto na sua casa Serena e Poppy s o acusadas de hom cidio e apelidadas pela imprensa d As Meninas do Gelado Durante o processo Serena inocentada e Poppy acaba na pr [...]

    22. No segundo livro que leio da autora, Dorothy Koomson n o me desiludiu.Apesar de ser uma hist ria um pouco mais dark, uma escrita comovente, e dei por mim completamente envolvida na hist ria tamb m assustador, e real, at que ponto o tipo de rela o que a Poppy e a Serena tinham com Marcus.Muito obrigada Ne do Clube BlogRing, pelo empr stimo

    23. Oh My What a book Although I ve read a lot of good books recently, nothing comes close to this This really was one of those books that it s very hard to put down I had to know what happened This book teases you by telling the story of two girls who were accused of killing a teacher Poppy went to prison for his murder, Serena was found innocent The press painted them out to be The Ice Cream Girls , two young seductresses who tortured and killed Marcus for fun.The truth is far from this Marcus was [...]

    24. Opini o quandoseabreumlivro.pLivro pertencente ao Clube BlogRing do My Imaginarium Obrigada Cl udia pelo empr stimo

    25. After the murder of teacher Marcus Halnsley, Poppy Carlisle and Serena Gorringe find themselves suddenly in the glare of the worlds media Poppy ends up convicted of the crime and gets life in prison whereas Serena gets to walk free Years later Poppy gets released from prison and is determined to clear her name and get Serena to confess to killing Marcus Serena, however, wants to keep the past firmly where it is in the past as she never actually got around to telling her husband Evan about the en [...]

    26. Oh, the irony Este o segundo livro que leio da autora e, por azar, ela escolhe sempre temas de que n o gosto para as suas hist rias, e isso influenciou bastante a minha leitura As primeiras 280 p ginas n o me convenceram n o estava muito interessada na vida da Poppy e da Serena as mem rias relatadas aos solu os muitas vezes n o encaixavam com o tempo presente poderia ter sido dedicado um cap tulo exclusivo ao passado, em vez de mistur los, penso eu, como ali s, foi feito, e muito bem, pr ximo do [...]

    27. Despite the appearance of the cover which although it didn t put me off, I am convinced that it will disuade others from even picking it up to read the blurb on the back this is pyschological thriller than chicklit The Ice Cream Girls has two narrators Serena Gorringe and Poppy Carlisle The book starts with a newspaper clipping reporting the story of the trial of two teenage girls accused of the murder of history teacher who is reported to have been the victim of a jealous school girl crush and [...]

    28. I think this is of a 2.5 but, when I finished my boyfriend asked was it good and I just replied, it was ok Which disappointed me, because after reading the back, and the first few chapters it started off really good and I was gripped But it lost a bit of it s charm, it was a tough subject, domestic violence, abuse, murder which I felt was handled really well I can t Quite put my finger on what spoiled it for me.The story was told through the eyes of the two Ice Cream Girls Poppy Serena We find [...]

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