[MOBI] ✓ A Conspiração do Dia do Juízo Final | By ë Sidney Sheldon Maria Adelaide Namorado Freire

A Conspiração do Dia do Juízo Final By Sidney Sheldon Maria Adelaide Namorado Freire,

  • Title: A Conspiração do Dia do Juízo Final
  • Author: Sidney Sheldon Maria Adelaide Namorado Freire
  • ISBN: 9724205576
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover
  • OPERATION DOOMSDAY ACTIVE Commander Robert Bellamy of US Naval Intelligence is dispatched on a top secret mission A weather balloon carrying sensitive military information has crashed in Switzerland Bellamy must locate the ten witnesses to the incident so that they can be sworn to secrecy But as he conducts his search Bellamy begins to suspect that he, too, is bOPERATION DOOMSDAY ACTIVE Commander Robert Bellamy of US Naval Intelligence is dispatched on a top secret mission A weather balloon carrying sensitive military information has crashed in Switzerland Bellamy must locate the ten witnesses to the incident so that they can be sworn to secrecy But as he conducts his search Bellamy begins to suspect that he, too, is being hunted, by an unknown lethal force that what he was told about the balloon was only one part of an almost unbelievable happening From Washington to Zurich, Rome and Paris, the story unfolds to reveal Bellamy s past why the women he loves the most cannot return his love, why his friends become his deadly enemies, and why the world must never learn the incredible secret hidden on the Swiss Alps
    A Conspira o do Dia do Ju zo Final OPERATION DOOMSDAY ACTIVE Commander Robert Bellamy of US Naval Intelligence is dispatched on a top secret mission A weather balloon carrying sensitive military information has crashed in Switzerland B

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    1. Several years before the X files movie, Sidney Sheldon writer of I Dream of Jeannie wrote this thriller about aliens and government cover ups.It s pretty silly over all What was weird, though, is that Sheldon includes a bunch of real evidence of a government conspiracy in the book s postscript dozens of scientists who worked on Reagan s Star Wars who mysteriously died.Moral of the story Don t read books off of your mom s bookshelf even if you re really bored.

    2. The Doomsday Conspiracy is another thriller novel by my favorite author, Sidney Sheldon The story concerns an American naval officer, Commander Robert Bellamy who was mysteriously recruited in the NSA to investigate a balloon crash accident in the Swiss Alps where it said that there were seven 7 witnesses He was tasked to search for the said witnesses and report it to the authorities immediately I know I shall not go into the story in detail as it will contain spoilers but, personally I kind of [...]

    3. The Aliens are invading The world is dying They are killing us World s industrialization is the problem for Aliens They think people are destroying the earth due to all chemicals released from the industry So, Aliens have demanded the nuclear and manufacturing industries to be stopped They have warned that unless people agree to do so, they will invade the earth Now, the secret agency from the strongest countries of the world have come together and formed the secret organisation Operation Doomsd [...]

    4. The plot is indeed captivating But Mr Sheldon didn t do his homework on the USSR The book swarms with American stereotypes about the Soviets Bad Russian sweets, he says bullshit, you should have tasted some before making statements like that I don t want to list all those errors and provocative paragraphs in The Doomsday Conspiracy, yet the book had been written long after the end of the Cold War Well, it s a work of fiction rather than a documentary, but still it looks like a cheap propaganda p [...]

    5. Here i am thinking i can t get any surprise from Sydneyen this book hit s me with a BAM Dont get me wrong, i know Syd is full of twists and turn so i know, before even oppening this book that it is going to be a WOW BUt i neve expect it to blow my mind I was reading the first few chapters and i keep turning the cover, making sure it was Sydney s work because this one was totally different It has ALIENS I mean can you believe it I have read about yakuza a, mobbs, lawyer, but never did i expect fr [...]

    6. Ju zo Final tem todo aquele clima j saturado do cinema moderno que envolve espionagem e contra espionagem, muita a o, reviravoltas inesperadas e miss es top secret Mesmo que estejamos vivendo em uma poca que j est saturada com filmes dessa tem tica, Sheldon que provavelmente foi um dos respons veis por criar esse estilo de filme consegue criar uma hist ria extremamente envolvente e diria mesmo brilhante para a poca em que foi escrita.As aventuras s o protagonizadas pelo ex marinheiro, comandante [...]

    7. The Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney Sheldon was a real entertainer The author s style of writing is what I enjoyed the most, it was simple, clear, witty at times and fast paced too One could easily relate to all of his characters , specially the protagonist Commander Robert Bellamy, the portraying of that character was very real and convincing, thank god he was not one of those picture perfect super hero who knew everything Other than that the plot was very gripping with enough twists and turns an [...]

    8. When I was reading the critical parts of this book, I was like, Oh please non t suggest thatn t end it with aliens d then he did exactly that Why does it always end up with aliens Aliens are sory, very boring I think bringing up aliens in any story is like a last resort of writers, like when in doubt, put aliens there I bought this book without realizing it was sci fi That was foolish on my part The reason I bought this was because of the author s fame in the international level I might read his [...]

    9. 5 18Sidney Sheldon s macho side He is known for having female protagonists in his novels but this one is, as far as I know, the only exception, and it s not even a bad one for he did a good job I thought this was going to be all sci fi and boring but he sure proved me wrong It was indeed very informative and I just couldn t put it down I still can t touch a plant now without the scare that I might be hurting it It had been an interesting journey, reading this book, and I sure will be doing a lit [...]

    10. Ubedljivo najbolja Sidni eldonova knjiga Kako sam do la do 100 str, posle nisam mogla da stanem dok je nisam zavr ila Vauuu

    11. Commander Robert Bellamy is hired by the NSA to locate people that have witnessed a weather balloon, with some secret equipment, crash in the Swiss alps They don t tell him why, and he soon realizes there is something big going on It s an interesting story and has much potential Unfortunately, the big mystery culminates in a chase Bellamy s mission is to find the witnesses, but I would be interested in the big discovery in the mountains if I were him Bellamy s search for the witnesses feels rep [...]

    12. I got to 23% before I gave up That s 66 pages I read today I could probably have finished it by tonight However, I just couldn t force myself to do so Let me tell you why.Spoiler Alert Don t read if you plan to read this book The characters were thinner than the electronic pages I was reading from They are so unbelievably wispy and ridiculous that I couldn t even move past them to forgive the low hanging fruit of a story line For instance a man is driving to work when he sees a woman on the side [...]

    13. The first thing that struck me while I started to read this book is that this book has inspired an Indian Tamil language film named Thegidi which I watched recently before reading this book As I had watched the movie everything in this book was familiar and I was able to guess who was the antagonist even if I hadn t watched the movie.Yet this book was the best thriller book I have ever read because I get bored in every thriller book at some point This was the only book that didn t bore me even i [...]

    14. Giving 5 stars for every book i ve read is not my style But this book is just awesome I just can t put down untill i finish reading The story starts like normal sci fi novel, but it is a complete mystery novel Robert bellemy, the main character, a spy and a navy commander given a mission to identify some eye witnesses to a UFO crash He dont have their names adress or something, just the number of people present at the time of UFO crash He starts finding every single witness and reports the same [...]

    15. This is by far the best book i ve ever read This book is filled with non stop action and suspense This novel takes place in modern day america and other parts of the world were they have spotted UFO s and a US Spy is sent to kill all who have seen them It also has a interesting love story between two spies The ending features the Aliens saying all the mistakes we ve made and why they want to kill us all.

    16. Antara novel dalam bahasa Inggeris yang awal dinikmati Membantu dalam membuka koridor pengalaman membaca Seingatnya jalan cerita yang rancak dengan espianoge dicampur dengan Extraterrestrial Kini hanya beberapa adegan yang diingati termasuk assassination watak jurugambar dengan berpura pura mahu mengambil gambar pasport Apabila difikirkan balik terasa kurang masuk akal sebenarnya.

    17. i expect .but the end and the reason is not that much validi feltose aliens things started horribly and it start begging in the end.

    18. Hold me suspense for hours and then it just plummeted to the ground The ending sucks I m not fond of alien.

    19. I am not much of a fan of SciFi stories However, I find spy stories engaging Fortunately, Sidney Sheldon s Doomsday Conspiracy provides us a generous helping of the two and tells us an exciting tale of cover ups and betrayal Robert Bellamy, a US intelligence agent, gives us a tour around the world as he tracks down witnesses to an extraordinary event in the Swiss Alps As the story unfolds, we discover that it is than extraordinary, as it is handled by obscure powers working in the background a [...]

    20. I did enjoy this book The usual twists and turns Sydney Sheldon creates although a little predictable this time It lost a star as I was disappointed with the abrupt odd end.

    21. Another one of those one day reads It gets mildly interesting during the Hunted phase Jason Bourne and John Wick came to mind Poor aliens didn t deserve to be a part of this I dare you to read it with a straight face.

    22. Operation Doomsday A story based on a Navy Commander who is assigned a secret mission to find out witnesses of a space ship and aliens He finds out that there is much conspiracy than what he is thinking when the agency plans to kill him The tricks the Commander uses to escape from the Conspiracy keeps us glued to the book Few incidents about his love life with his ex wife gets us emotional The cliff hanger is finding out the person operating under a name Janus who is responsible for the whole c [...]

    23. Sidney Sheldon often said he was a storyteller and The Doomsday Conspiracy proves him to be a good one.Commander Robert Bellamy answers the phone in the middle of the night and is ordered to report to General Hilliard at National Security Agency Headquarters at Fort Meade, at 0600 hours.Bellamy s first thought as he hung up the phone was what could NSA want with him He was assigned to ONI The Office of Naval Intelligence.After hurrying through his morning routine Robert Bellamy got into his car [...]

    24. Trust was the sine qua non Good story awry end The Doomsday Conspiracy, a thriller novel by one of my favorite writers Sidney Sheldon inspired Dan Brown to write thrillers The reason that compelled me to read this book all the The protagonist Commander Robert Bellamy of US Naval Intelligence is chosen by the NSA to carry out a secret operation A weather balloon carrying sensitive military equipment has crashed in Switzerland Turns out, it s a UFO A tour bus carrying tourists of different nation [...]

    25. Sometimes I just want to read a book Sometimes I don t want to search for deeper meaning Or spend the next few weeks slavishly figuring out an allegory Sometimes I just want to read a book and be entertained The Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney Sheldon was that book for me I enjoyed the aliens theme, along with the mixture of conspiracy and intrigue The main character was a Naval Intelligence Officer and so naturally I liked him being a Navy man myself I enjoyed the pacing of the writing and the si [...]

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