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Feedback (Spalding's Scary Shorts) By Nick Spalding,

  • Title: Feedback (Spalding's Scary Shorts)
  • Author: Nick Spalding
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Feedback
    Feedback Spalding s Scary Shorts Feedback

    One thought on “Feedback (Spalding's Scary Shorts)”

    1. I realised when I started reading this short story that I had read it before but I couldn t recall precisely what happened Honestly this is a forgettable story but it is rather amusing and it kills 10 minutes of your day soI cannot remember if I thought this the first time around but I swear this is partially based off a certain poorly written, over hyped vampire cough sparklepire cough series that came out a few years back If it was, the point raised here that if vampires existed they d loathe [...]

    2. A well told short story with a subtle dig at the likes of Twilight and Vampire Diaries, mocking their insipid doe eyed romantic descriptions, I thoroughly enjoyed this story, great author with a dark, inventive imagination I did not see the twist in the tale coming, which I love Being an avid reader, it gets harder and harder to surprise me This succeeded Spalding has other works, one of which is I, Zombie another great story I shall be wading through the rest of his works, an author to watch.

    3. Brilliant A little dig at the romantic vampire genre one wild night of loony and brutal fun ala vampire Such humour, interwoven into the horror wonderfully paced writing and fantastic ending, if a little predictable.Loved this authors style so much have bought all his back catalogue

    4. This is a great little story I finished it in about a hour With the massive market in lovable vampires at the moment and I am as guilty as the next person in enjoying some of them this seems like a tongue in cheek story that is very well written and very enjoyable.

    5. Absolutely darkly hilariousa vampire annoyed by Twilight esque stories gives feedback to the author a middle aged divorcee by showing her real vampires.

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