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  1. Some information about earthship building, with even details about the systems featured in them, such as water collection, lighting, temperature regulation, etc A really great reference material The only thing is, it is a bit dated when it comes to specific technology related info, such as light fixtures For example, it goes into great lengths explaining the types of fluorescent light bulbs available, and where to get them, but LED lighting is not even mentioned All this is understandable, how [...]

  2. so parts of it made me giggle honestly, sometimes it bugs me HOW Reynolds mentions getting around building codes instead of showing the local code enforcement types how it s a viable or accurately a desirable building concept knowing what I know about some of the Earthship history in the US, he got a lot accomplished when he made it presentable to less adventurous types But I did get quite a bit out of the book.

  3. While volume 1 talks about the structure and placement of an earthship, volume 2 goes into the systems that make it work It feels a little dated in that technology has improved since Reynolds published, but the principles seem solid I liked his gray water recycling ideas and there s even diagrams of nifty things to do with tin cans.

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