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The Bat By Mary Roberts Rinehart,

  • Title: The Bat
  • Author: Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 127
  • Format: ebook
  • An elite, rich, and spunky older lady rents a country house for the summer along with her skittish Irish maid and her niece Some servants sort of come with the property but most soon abandon their new matron due to happenings within this large mansion A converging plot concerns the homeowner a banker who has recently died and whose bank has just coincidentally failed An elite, rich, and spunky older lady rents a country house for the summer along with her skittish Irish maid and her niece Some servants sort of come with the property but most soon abandon their new matron due to happenings within this large mansion A converging plot concerns the homeowner a banker who has recently died and whose bank has just coincidentally failed the suspicion falls upon a youthful bank clerk who is the heart throb of the old lady s niece The central plot revolves around a mysterious and effective murder burglar dubbed by the frustrated police as The Bat and who has been operating in the vicinity of this country home The subsequent happenings in the house are almost slapstick in nature, in the old lady s efforts in solving the mystery of both the infamous Bat s activities and the bank embezzlement.
    The Bat An elite rich and spunky older lady rents a country house for the summer along with her skittish Irish maid and her niece Some servants sort of come with the property but most soon abandon their new

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    1. In Mary Roberts Rinehart s The Bat, Cornelia Van Gorder, a spinster who has longed for adventure, takes herself, her Irish maid Lizzie, and her neice Dale off to the country to escape the city s summer heat She rents a country home that has recently become available when Courtleigh Fleming, a local bank manager, died She s bemoaning her quiet, unadventurous existence when suddenly the countryside becomes the center for some very mysterious activity.Cornelia begins receiving anonymous notes meant [...]

    2. Loved the writing style and the plot twists If you re looking for a good, clean murder mystery, try this one Cleanliness The words d mn and h ll are used a number of times throughout the book There is a short scene with a ouija board at the beginning of the story Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which [...]

    3. I really don t remember what my first mystery book was or even what age I was when I first opened one More than likely it was a Nancy Drew or Encyclopedia Brown book It wasn t until I read my first Agatha Christie book that I truly became a fan for life I was such a fan of her that I tended to ignore other well known authors and even moved onto Fantasy for a while Now as an adult I m having a great time discovery authors that have made names for themselves in the mystery genre One author that I [...]

    4. A friend who knows that I am interested in mysteries and in books published between the world wars, loaned me an anthology of three Mary Roberts Rinehart novels, so you will be seeing the other two in a week or two Mary Roberts Rinehart has often been called the American Agatha Christie This is a comparison with which I would argue She is also the author most identified with the phrase the butler did it although she never said that phrase and the Had I But Known school of mysteries This book was [...]

    5. I read this book after reading Rinehart s earlier book The Circular Staircase The Circular Staircase was made into a play that was then written back into novel form by Rinehart as this book It is very much a product of its time in terms of racial stereotypes, views on gender, etc The story in this book was less developed than the one in The Circular Staircase This felt like you were reading a play made into a book, which is in fact what it is The plot was compressed and the characters weren t a [...]

    6. Somewhat disappointing It was an interesting curio from the point of view of the origin of the Batman character, but not what I d call a good read However, it was fun to encounter the bit where the villain shines a searchlight onto a house, with the silhouette of a bat on it Definitely inspiration for Gotham s famous Caped Crusader.

    7. After the last book, I did promise that I would cleanse my palate with something truly classic and well written Well, one out of two isn t bad When I saw a Mary Roberts Rinehart s novel on Net Galley, I couldn t believe my luck My mother introduced me to her books back in my pre teen days that is what passed as YA literature back then I read a couple of her books in the past few years and enjoyed them for what they are old fashioned, demure, cozy mysteries with a likeable heroine narrating the s [...]

    8. Wow, mystery novels were different in 1920 For example, if you published a mystery novel then, and one of your characters was Japanese, you might mention that Japaneseness 50 or 60 times throughout the course of the book You might also have the other characters impute certain moods or character traits to this character simply because he is Japanese Also, you might create characters so stereotypical that most of the time you would use labels to refer to them the doctor, the detective, and G d hel [...]

    9. Another wonderful mystery from Mary Roberts Rinehart written in 1920, I got the book free from , if you like the book check out the movie The Bat 1959 starring Vincent Price

    10. Enjoyed it even though the writing is old style and there are lots of adverbs I liked Rinehart when I was young and can still enjoy her.

    11. Loved this book They made a movie out of it with Agnes Moorhead and Vincent Price It was good but a different timeline.

    12. A surprising and unique book, even if not a good one I had heard of it previously, and decided to try it It reads unlike any other novel I ve ever read.The viewpoint is chaotic not just a multiple point of view book, but one that veers from viewpoint to viewpoint in the same chapter, nearly in the same paragraph Sometimes we ll be in one character s thoughts, and other times outside of them Sometimes we ll shift to omniscient narrator and even the omniscient narrator can t explain what s happeni [...]

    13. Rinehart is quickly becoming a new problematic fave I recommend this book for its great female characters and because of its history in inspiring the creation of The Goddamn Batman I can t do so without the caveat that its depiction of an Asian male character is racist as hell.

    14. Considering how long ago this was written, the story was original, the writing clear and not overwrought, and the majority of the story did not feel dated aside from the offensively racist description, characterization, and references to the Japanese butler Cannot recommend.

    15. Muy entretenido Narra la historia de un desfalco bancario, la acusaci n de un inocente y la soluci n al misterio de una casa acechada por fantasmas.

    16. EntertainingOld fashioned and nut everyone s cup of tea but I love these old stories A very different way of life and a good mystery nonetheless A good read

    17. Classic 20 s era sensationalist thriller mystery It s almost a pastiche of the era, and cookie cutter than other Rinehart mysteries I ve read Quick and fun, if a bit silly at times.

    18. Had I but known this as an adaptation of The Circular Staircase, i would have never read it.Aigoo.But at least now i know that this is the inspiration of Batman.

    19. I read this because I heard it may have had something to do with the genesis of Batman Comic book creator Bob Kane said in his 1989 autobiography Batman and Me that the villain of the 1930 film The Bat Whispers was an inspiration for his character Batman If there is a thread of connection to this book, it is frail and gossamer indeed this bat is inept and gun slinging while being a criminal and not crime fighter still an amusing read of a plucky and aged socialite cum crime fighter if you set as [...]

    20. Cheesy but enjoyable funI enjoyed it Some parts are ridiculous and the character of Lizzie can be described in one word annoying but all in all if you re looking for a fun murder mystery novel you really can t go wrong with this one A fun fact is that the director who adapted this novel to film in the 1920s and again in the 30s took the character of The Bat and made a extreme version of him by having the character dressing up as an actual horrific bat man I don t think I have to tell you how mu [...]

    21. Batman is born Maybe The prolific Mary Roberts Rinehart published her first novel in 1906 and several including this one are now in the public domain Ironically, I d never bothered to down load it because I had it confused with THE HAUNTED LADY, a later novel in which a bat features prominently When I realized that it was one I had never read, I immediately remedied that situation.To be blunt, it is the weakest Rinehart book I ve read and I think the explanation for that lies in its odd history [...]

    22. THE BAT 1926 Mary Roberts Rinehart This was Rinehart s second most popular book, and was adapted for the stage and twice for films It was also, according to , the inspiration for Bob Kane s Batman series although there is no resemblence between his character and the character in the book If you are like me, I usually turn a novel into a movie in my head while I am reading it This novel became a cross between a Marx Brothers film and a Three Stoges farce It had no relationship to what mystery rea [...]

    23. I received this galley from the publisher Open Road Media through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Master criminals Dead bats as calling cards A young couple in distress The Bat by Mary Roberts Rinehart has it all and then some.Courtleigh Fleming has recently passed away, shortly before his bank closes its doors after money and a cashier go missing Mr Fleming s nephew rents out his uncle s country house to Cornelia Van Gorder But The Bat, a master criminal who continually defies the be [...]

    24. I like the idea behind the story I liked Cornelia Van Gorder I found most of the other characters annoying, especially Lizzie and Dale Some of the writing wasn t to my taste as well I think part of the problem I had with the writing is that it comes off very much as a play The vast majority of the story takes place in a single room in a house, and the final act takes place in another room in the same house With all the comings and goings in this one room it made me feel just a little bit claustr [...]

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