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The Mirage By Matt Ruff,

  • Title: The Mirage
  • Author: Matt Ruff
  • ISBN: 9780061976230
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback
  • 11 9 2001 Christian fundamentalists hijackfour jetliners They fly two into theTigris Euphrates World Trade Towersin Baghdad, and a third into the ArabDefense Ministry in Riyadh The fourthplane, believed to be bound for Mecca, isbrought down by its passengers The UnitedArab States declares a War on Terror Arabianand Persian troops invade the EasternSeaboard and e11 9 2001 Christian fundamentalists hijackfour jetliners They fly two into theTigris Euphrates World Trade Towersin Baghdad, and a third into the ArabDefense Ministry in Riyadh The fourthplane, believed to be bound for Mecca, isbrought down by its passengers The UnitedArab States declares a War on Terror Arabianand Persian troops invade the EasternSeaboard and establish a Green Zone inWashington, D.C Summer, 2009 Arab Homeland Securityagent Mustafa al Baghdadi interrogatesa captured suicide bomber The prisonerclaims that the world they are living in isa mirage in the real world, America is asuperpower, and the Arab states are just acollection of backward third world countries Other captured terrorists have beentelling the same story.The gangster Saddam Hussein is conductinghis own investigation And the headof the Senate Intelligence Committee awar hero named Osama bin Laden willstop at nothing to hide the truth As Mustafaand his colleagues venture deeper into theunsettling world of terrorism, politics, andespionage, they are confronted with questionswithout any rational answers, andthe terrifying possibility that their world isnot what it seems.
    The Mirage Christian fundamentalists hijackfour jetliners They fly two into theTigris Euphrates World Trade Towersin Baghdad and a third into the ArabDefense Ministry in Riyadh The fourthplane believ

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    1. When Christian fundamentalists destroy the Tigris and Euphrates towers on 11 9, the United Arab States declare a war on terror on the nations of North America Eight years later, Homeland security officers Mustafa, Amal, and Samir stumble upon relics from another world, a world where America is a super power and the Middle East is a fractured regionOn the heels of Lovecraft Country, I knew I had to read Matt Ruff This one sounded intriguing and it was definitely that.The Mirage is an alternate h [...]

    2. The date is 11 9 2001 Christian fundamentalists from the Christian States of America hijack four jetliners, and launch a suicide attack against the United Arab States Two jetliners crash into Tigris and Euphrates World Trade Towers in Baghdad One crashes into the the Arab Defense Ministry in Riyadh The last one, believed to be aimed for Mecca, is brought down by the passengers The United Arab States declares a War on Terror, and invades the CSA, estabilishing the Green Zone in Washington, D.C Ei [...]

    3. Matt Ruff has written a novel that, in many ways, is a perfectly fine political thriller Three government agents fight a terrorist plot and find themselves drawn into a world of political intrigue full of gangsters and corruption and gunfights At that level, the book would be at home on a rack in an airport bookstore nothing special, but a perfectly competent example of the genre The central hook to this book, though, the thing that makes it a must read, is that this is not our world in this wor [...]

    4. The best parts of Matt Ruff s alternate War on Terror world are when the story seems like a waking dream characters sense their version of events is not quite the reality, yet the scenes are infused with details too vivid to be anything less These parts, especially during the first half of the novel, open the reader s eyes to new perspectives on what Americans must think of as an unchangeable cultural moment But, also as with a dream, the longer the novel goes on, the gaps appear to make the st [...]

    5. The Mirage is than an alternate history novel It s a thought provoking inversion that turns the world on its head, portraying a contemporary world in which the United Arab States the UAS is the dominant economic and military power, while North America is merely a collection of squabbling territories often divided along socio religious lines One of these states, the Rocky Mountain Independent Territories, is home to the World Christian Alliance, a terrorist organization responsible for the Novem [...]

    6. I just wanted to let you know that I finished reading Matt Ruff s new book, The Mirage, and I m over the moon about it, it is so good It kept me up reading long into the night It begins on November 9, 2001 Members of the Halal Police force are rousting a smuggler of wines and spirits from his boat on the Tigris Mustafa al Baghdadi is a member of this squad, enforcing Islamic rules against the selling of spirits But this is a very different Baghdad than we are used to This is a major metropolis o [...]

    7. While reading The Mirage, I discovered there s a certain level of detail past which an author shouldn t go in any work of alternate history fiction, and that level is reached, passed, and left in the desert dust in Matt Ruff s novel It s a great premise the Tigris and Euphrates Towers in the United Arab States are supposedly destroyed by Christian fundamentalist hijackers with airplanes, and the UAS, the world s lone superpower, is then plunged into a disastrous War on Terror in North America bu [...]

    8. Overall, the book was okay, but problematic.Some of the worldbuilding in this book was brilliant, from small funny details CSI Halal, Christianity for the Ignorant to the large strokes of the way the UAS United Arab States and the alt USA were set up The general outlines of Europe mostly the eastern bit were also fun, though I think that the results of WWI that led to WWII in this world don t entirely fit, but no details were provided so I can make up my own reasons that alt WWI led to alt WWII [...]

    9. sorta disappointing what could have been an amazing novel, just reads like genre fiction, with a purported purpose the characters are flat and police proceduralish saddam and bin laden are evil and written with zero depth and this is a trap many writers fall into that evil characters should be written with no depth and complexity but evil actions require the most complex motives, and yet writers settle for simple undiluted motivations greed, jealousy, etc but the biggest letdown of all was the r [...]

    10. Taking an interesting perspective on the war on terror, Matt Ruff turns the events of 9 11 on their head, setting The Mirage in the United Arab States, where the population is still struggling to deal with the aftereffects of a devastating 11 9 01 terrorist attack by Christian fundamentalists in hijacked jets While the premise is intriguing, and several of the characters are memorable, the novel is ultimately dragged down by too many jokey parallels and references highlighting various real Ameri [...]

    11. The Mirage started off strongly it has a truly interesting premise, and the atmosphere Ruff creates in the alternate reality Baghdad is pretty engaging However, as the book moves too quickly on, the flaws start to show the narrative style is a bit flimsy, and it also starts to feel really gimmicky as and familiar faces from the real world especially the notable American characters start to pop up I can see the usefulness and even the fun of making characters out of Saddam and Osama bin Laden, [...]

    12. I feel I should introduce myself My name is Selwa, and I m an American Iraqi I happen to be American because my dad got a job in the United States before I was born Had he gotten a job anywhere else, or nowhere else, or still in the US but post 1980, I don t know that I d be an American now though, global events being what they are, if he d gotten a job nowhere else, I might be trying real hard to get to the United States, or anywhere else, right now.So, having only heard of The Mirage, a book a [...]

    13. This has gotten a lot of comparisons with Philip K Dick s the man in the high castle and while it is an extremely detailed and well researched alternative history, it certainly doesn t have the same subtle blend of themes and paranoia that Dick could evoke The cosmic role reversal between America and Arabia in The Mirage feels about grafting one civilizations success over another civilizations failure At first the Arab characters feel like little than American characters with Arabic names and [...]

    14. I read 92% of it and I have no desire to finish it What started as a fascinating and unusual novel turned boring and uninteresting to me I really don t care how it ends so I m moving on.

    15. I ve been reading a fair amount of heavy, serious literature lately authors like Philip Roth, Lawrence Durrell and Alasdair Gray so I thought I d go back to something lighter for a change, like this novel about 9 11 2001 and the ensuing War on Terror.Or, rather, about 11 9 2001, the fateful day when a small group of fanatical Christian terrorists flew hijacked planes into Baghdad s twin Tigris and Euphrates skyscrapers, shaking the foundations of the sprawling Islamic republic known as the Unite [...]

    16. With The Mirage , Matt Ruff has written the definitive 9 11 novel, a spellbinding, alternative history thriller that is the 21st Century version of Philip K Dick s The Man in the High Castle an often sly, truly memorable, fictional commentary on the 9 11 01 terrorist attacks and America s military response, especially its invasion of Iraq This is no mere homage to Philip K Dick s greatest science fiction novel, but instead, one that truly transcends it, with dialogue reminiscent of El Leonard an [...]

    17. Do you remember where you were when the towers fell Mustafa al Baghdadi does He was busting whiskey smugglers on the Tigris River when he saw the planes, hijacked by Christian fundamentalist insurgents, crash into the Tigris and Euphrates Twin Towers, ultimately bringing them down That act, on November 9, 2001, sent the United Arab States into a full blown War on Terror, driven by President Osama bin Laden, against the struggling theocracy in America The UAS military forces maintain a presence t [...]

    18. The premise to this book is brilliant It takes place in an alternate world where 9 11 was actually 11 9, and happened to the United Arab States The highjackers were supposedly Christian Fundamentalists from the Republic of Texas But the story gets a little too caught up in its own cleverness Ruff obviously has a ball with his alternate world, and you can see it in the details like eBazaar instead of eBay, and Sadaam Hussein s new career as a labor union leader mob boss.But here is my problem In [...]

    19. From his amateurish but exuberant Fool on the Hill to his pynchonesque Public Works Trilogy to the high octane Bad Monkey, Matt Ruff is a versatile writer whose experience you can see accreting in the quality of his work Mirage is a straightforward novel, but don t let that fool you It s no less complex, the complexity arising from the many moral issues its characters grapple with Densely researched, the Arabian analogues to post 9 11 America are clever and brilliantly done A strange but familia [...]

    20. Satirischer Blick von der anderen Seite Was w re wenn unsere Welt verdreht w re und nicht die Amerikaner die absolute Supermacht sondern vielmehr die VAS Vereinigten Arabischen Staaten das Sagen auf unserem sch nen Planeten h tten In der tollen aber doch recht verdrehten Geschichte beschreibt Matt Ruff eben dieses Szenario Dabei nimmt er die gesamt politische Landschaft der USA von heute aufs Korn.Man kann dieses Buch auf zwei Arten angehen indem man einfach dr ber liest und sich ber eine nette [...]

    21. I remain incredibly torn about this book On one hand, it s an incredibly complicated novel that forces you to think it is, at times, uncomfortable but that has to have been the point 9 11 is, after all, a sensitive subject as it should be and it has shaped the way we think, the way we act and the way we react Seeing parallels between the real world and the mirage was intriguing and, again, at times uncomfortable and thought worthy and the characters, especially Mustafa, were intriguing and immed [...]

    22. Look, I don t know who you are, reading this I don t know where you live or what you like or how much you ve done But I still feel pretty confident saying this You have never read a book like Matt Ruff s The Mirage I could be wrong, but I don t think I am.You may have read historical fiction, with recognizable names and events from the past, and maybe an exotic foreign culture you ve always wondered about But not twisted round, the way it is here.You may have read alternative reality tales, wher [...]

    23. This is going to be a little stream of consciousness as I completed the book late last night.Wow I was kinda nervous about where Ruff was going to go with this book very touchy territory, particularly in a book where relativism seems to be the primary point I liked the police procedural element of the plot, and found the UAS equivalents to USA to be clever in most cases, but cute in others The need to name drop historical figures into the book got a little tiresome for me I get that evil men are [...]

    24. I loved this book for the first 3 4ths, but it rapidly descended into something that I could scarcely recognize It began with truly imaginative world building and a truly tense and interesting investigation into reality itself So, having built such a daring world that became an inquiry into what is real why would he go and throw it all out at the end Some may argue that he didn t actually do that, but to me, the implication is clear and the characters may as well have woken up from a bad dream i [...]

    25. I got over half way through and realized I was just skimming the pages and not really caring about the characters or even the plot This book had promise in the preface but went down hill after that.

    26. Ruff s first novel Fool on the Hill is one of my favourite all time books while his Bad Monkeys is an acid trip of a read In a good way But I wasn t sure how The Mirage would land Well, he did a brilliant job I love books featuring alternate histories or even just alternate cities Ruff took the events and major players of 9 11 and created this mirror world version It s still the same events and the same major players yet he cleverly and chillingly re interprets their role and positions in this w [...]

    27. No This entire book is gimmicky nonsense Like someone went, hey man, what if like, 9 11 happened in the middle east and it was the Americans who did it That s it, the whole book is that It wasn t 9 11 it was 11 9, there s an Arabic Jack Bauer, Green Day, etc I spent every page reading this just rolling my eyes and groaning Even the vague hint of a supernatural element fizzled away into nothing I had been wanting to read a few things by Matt Ruff, and I still will someday, I just wish this hadn t [...]

    28. I can go with three and a half stars with this I do like alternate history novels I do like the idea that this story goes with having the world changed, and many looking into that theory, and feeling that change But there wasn t enough of that for me Some of the things he did could be called gimmicky, but I did like how he was rather thorough with his world building It was a good book Especially if you re open to the fact that not all of a certain religion have complete hatred for another.

    29. Fantastic novel, set in about the ballsiest and most unconventional alternate history one could think of.

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