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O Casamento do Ano By Laura Lee Guhrke Luísa Fechner,

  • Title: O Casamento do Ano
  • Author: Laura Lee Guhrke Luísa Fechner
  • ISBN: 9789722047838
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beatrix Danbury sempre teve a certeza de que iria casar com William Mallory Amava o desde sempre e nunca duvidou que ele a amasse tamb m Mas quando Beatrix o obriga a ter de escolher entre uma vida a dois ou o seu sonho de sempre, ele decide se pela ltima hip tese a duas semanas do casamento O regresso do Duque William estava certo de que Beatrix o receberia de bBeatrix Danbury sempre teve a certeza de que iria casar com William Mallory Amava o desde sempre e nunca duvidou que ele a amasse tamb m Mas quando Beatrix o obriga a ter de escolher entre uma vida a dois ou o seu sonho de sempre, ele decide se pela ltima hip tese a duas semanas do casamento O regresso do Duque William estava certo de que Beatrix o receberia de bra os abertos Os seis anos que haviam passado desde que a deixara, n o tinham feito desaparecer o seu amor por ela O problema que Beatrix estava prestes a casar se com outro homem Algu m previs vel e em quem sentia que podia confiar algu m que era o oposto do seu antigo noivo Conseguir William impedir o casamento do ano e ter Beatrix de volta, ou ser tarde demais
    O Casamento do Ano Beatrix Danbury sempre teve a certeza de que iria casar com William Mallory Amava o desde sempre e nunca duvidou que ele a amasse tamb m Mas quando Beatrix o obriga a ter de escolher entre uma vida a

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    1. Before I started to read or even picked up Wedding of the Season, I was already carrying two strikes against it Strike One Since reading LLG s And Then He Kissed Her and His Every Kiss, I haven t felt drawn to any of her recent works, putting them aside to pick up something else Never truly feeling the magic I felt with those two novels Strike Two While I enjoy those second chance reunion romance stories, many of the recent works fall onto the clich BIG MISUNDERSTANDING that broke the relationsh [...]

    2. THE FIRST 50% OF THE BOOK IS LITERALLY THE HERO BEING THE BIGGEST DICK IN ALL OF ENGLAND, THE UNITED KINGDOM, AND THE WORLD THE BEST PARTS OF THIS BOOK WERE WHEN BEATRIX HATED HIM THE NEXT 50% ARE HIM BEING THE BIGGEST TOOL IN ALL OF ENGLAND, THE UNITED KINGDOM, AND THE WORLD Six years ago, Will left his fiance Beatrix literally days before their wedding to fulfill his lifelong dreams of not being English nobililty Beatrix is finally moving on and getting married to a nice young man who will cle [...]

    3. 4.5 stars I finished this yesterday and really enjoyed It is set in 1902, and I loved the modern take on historical England Women are becoming independent smoking, driving and showing some ankle , aristocracy is losing power to commercialism, and the rules of society are quickly being rewritten to allow people personal freedoms Music, fashion, and even transportation are all evolving, and I thought LLG did a great job bringing many of these elements into this story.At age 23 William Mallory, [...]

    4. Gurhrke bucked romance traditions with this novel, and it worked wonderfully Everything about the characters and the story was refreshing Daring and unique, the time period early 20th century was unusual, since most period romances take place a bit earlier It lent itself well to the clash of tradition and modern s what surprised me was that it was the woman clinging to tradition, and not the man.Lady Beatrix expected that her fiance Will would stay home, work the land with his tenants, and cont [...]

    5. I was so excited to read this because the storyline seemed so interesting, but it went down hill for me because I lost all respect for the hero when I found out that he wasted all his inheritance and had no shame in begging for money from anyone who was willing to give it all for searching for Tutankhamen in Egypt I was also hoping for some real life drama with the heroine being engaged to marry someone else but come to find out she doesn t really want the fiance and he doesn t really want her y [...]

    6. 2 stars It was ok, but I couldn t get excited about it Nothing special or different Weak on passionORY BRIEF Will and Beatrix have been in love since childhood and were engaged to be married Then Will got an offer to join a famous archaeologist in Egypt This was his dream He wanted Beatrix to go with him, but she refused, so the wedding was called off Six years later, Beatrix is engaged to Aidan Will has used up his inheritance and returns to England to look for a sponsor for his work He is sear [...]

    7. Now, when I die,now don t think I m a nut,don t want no fancy funeral.Just one like ole king Tut lauraleeguhrke indexmWe are about to reflect upon a pet peeve moment Sometimes when one reads historical novels, one stumbles across history that authors tamper with for one reason or another Usually, unless you are Virginia Henley, the author includes a page or two saying something like, yes, I changed this or that because I wanted to blah blah blah And, when the author does that, I can live with it [...]

    8. Wedding of the Season is set in Edwardian England and it was rather surreal seeing an otherwise typical historical romance novel with dialog that took me back to E Nesbit or P.G Wodehouse people calling each other old bean, crying pax to make up I don t think anyone ever actually said pip pip, but I wouldn t put it past them Unfortunately, other than the novelty of the setting, the book was not particularly notable.The noise of a passing motorcar causes the Duke of Sutherland s horse to bolt but [...]

    9. 2 5 2 stars CA very boring book As audiobooks go it was just background noise while I did something else Nothing to hate but nothing to really like either.

    10. I ve really enjoyed all the romances by Guhrke that I ve read previously, and this one was no exception I ve read nearly all the Girl Bachelor books just have the last one still unread on my shelf , which are set at the end of the Victorian era late 1890s This one is set at the very beginning of the Edwardian era begins 1901 , and the Victorian Edwardian setting makes for a very welcome change Though, I guess the publishers couldn t care less, since their covers never show proper period costume [...]

    11. Esta escritora cativou me desde o seu primeiro livro publicado em Portugal que eu saiba Prazeres Proibidos pelo que tenho seguido as seguintes publica es No entanto at agora nenhuma delas tem conseguido para mim alcan ar o ponto em que se encontra o livro atr s mencionado Nem O Casamento do Ano o livro que estou a criticar, j agora nem A cama da paix o , o sucessor de Prazeres Proibidos , o que me desilude um pouco Mas enfim, criticando este livro uma boa leitura para ter Leve, rom ntico, um bom [...]

    12. I was initially very intrigued by the premise of this book, with a couple that started as childhood friends and were about to marry, when something happened to break them apart, and the inevitable reunion years later.Unfortunately, I really didn t like Beatrix from the start to the end of the book, and that lessened my enjoyment of the story drastically.The couple of the next book, Scandal of the Year, was introduced here, as they both have ties to Beatrix, and I am hopeful that I ll like their [...]

    13. DNF d What a vicious, mean, petty, stupid, insipid, lacking a kind bone in her body girl And I only read 20 pages Yeah honey, just leave him out 2 miles from anywhere after you cause his horse to throw him because you re being a mean, vicious driver and don t worry about the fact that the horse kicked him in the leg and he can t walk It ll be fine It s totally okay What a little brat I don t care who you are THAT S NOT HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE Even if they did do you wrong in your eyes 6 years ago I [...]

    14. WEDDING OF THE SEASON is the first book in Laura Lee Guhrke s Abandoned at the Altar series and is a charming second chance on love story.It was supposed to be the wedding of the season but eight days before the nuptials, the groom, William Will Mallory, the Marquess of Richfield, chose to accompany the renowned archaeologist, Sir Edmund Tavistock, to Egypt rather than marry his childhood sweetheart, Lady Beatrix Trix Danbury.Heartbroken, Trix hopes he will change his mind and come back, but whe [...]

    15. Beatrix dibatalkan pernikahannya oleh Will, Duke Sunderland, yg lebih memilih menggeluti arkeologi menemukan makam Raja Tut di Mesir 6 thn kemudian, Beatrix sudah bertunangan dgn Aidan, Duke Trahern yg memiliki sifat berlawanan dgn Will Eh ternyata Will sudah pulkam dan bertekad utk mendapatkan kembali Trix Saat ciuman panas berlangsung, mereka kegep oleh bbrp org tmsk oleh Aidan Dan spt yg diperkirakan, pertunangan ini batal dan Trix gagal lagi ke pelaminan utk kedua kalinya Trix yg murka pd Wi [...]

    16. Ap s a leitura de Aposta Indecente , outro t tulo da cole o Tiara, mas de diferente autora, as minhas expectativas em rela o a O Casamento do Ano eram baixas, mas de certa forma esperan osas, sentindo um desejo secreto de que esta leitura me alegrasse o dia e tanto o fez, que o li em pouco mais de um dia Laura Lee Guhrke apresenta nos a sociedade inglesa dos finais do s culo XIX, in cios do s culo XX Uma sociedade aristocr tica, realidade da qual os protagonistas fazem parte, sendi Will um Duque [...]

    17. Being jilted two weeks before her first attempt of marriage has left Lady Beatrix Danbury shy of marrying again but she has now found a sensible and reliable man to marry, he doesn t stir her passions as Will, Duke of Sunderland her childhood sweetheart did, but he is dependable But when Will returns from Egypt her well planned future doesn t begin to look as exciting as she thought Will has always loved Beatrix but after 6 years of being apart after she refused to come with him to Egypt he thou [...]

    18. This book started out awesome I loved the fact that there was a car But the I read the bored I became I d say 200 pages of this book are either the hero or the heroine thinking about why the other isn t going to change, why they should change, or remembering the past.Let me back up Will abandoned Trix three weeks before their wedding to go to Egypt It was made known in the first 10 pages she did not want to go and he did not want to stay.300 pages later and we are still at that point, really I [...]

    19. I was surprisingly disappointed in this book I loved Guhrke s Girl Bachelor series, so I assumed I would love all her books This one did not measure up I usually love the 2nd chance, childhood sweethearts trope.Beatrix was dull as dishwater but I did like Will although he was too self involved The fiance gave up much too easily and overall this story was just too predictable to me No, actually it wasn t I predicted angst and drama and also plot development I may read the next in the series as [...]

    20. Beatrix has loved Will her whole life, and vice versa Two weeks before their wedding he gets the opportunity to follow his dream to go on a dig in Egypt, and goes, without her Six years later, Will comes home to find funding for his work in Egypt and meets up with Trix who is engaged to another man, but isn t in love with him Their feelings for each other have never gone away, they are like magnets and this time when he leaves to go back to Egypt, her fiancee breaks their engagement and she let [...]

    21. Aunque el final mejora, teniendo en cuenta lo poco que me ha gustado todo en general sobre todo l , le doy un 1,5 Qui n se atreve ahora con las otras dos de la serie cuando las tienes en casa producto de una locura Duele el dinero y el coraz n Escoger por sinopsis m s atrayente y veremos si me sangran de nuevo los ojos.

    22. Esta bien, escribe bien, pero me ha parecido mas flojita que otras que he leido de ella No ha terminado de gustarme la protagonista y con l he tenido poca empatia.

    23. 4 5 B I love Ms Guhrke s writing and she s one of my auto buy historical romance author I was so looking forward to her next release and was overjoyed to discover that she d have back to back releases I have to say, I ve been somewhat disappointed with her latest release and was kind of happy that she was moving on to another series I also had high hopes, because she seemed to be part of the authors Avon was pushing with their new strategy Well, let me tell you it worked In a way, the story of W [...]

    24. Siempre me ha gustado esta escritora y de esta novela me gusta mucho el ambiente, la poca e incluso la trama, pero me falla la poca decisi n de ella y lo mal que lo hace l volviendo cuando se va a casar ella si al menos volviera para decirle que no se case, pero no, es todo indecisi n y no me gusta

    25. Well this was something of a surprise Taking place in 1902, with the aristocracy losing ground and women becoming independent, and our heroine and hero are very different than usual Egyptologist re visits the woman he loves to convince her to come back to Egypt A very interesting story and I can t wait to read not only the rest, but the ones before, which I seem to have missed.

    26. Based on the quite horrible cover and blurb I was expecting Wedding of the Season to be a regency romance, well imagine my shock when in the scene where the heroine is introduced to us she s driving a car and wearing trousers Yes, I warn you make no mistakes this historical romance is set in the beginning of the 20th century, around 1904 Beatrix is a modern young woman of 25 she wears trousers, drives a car and shock she has even smoked a couple of cigarettes I don t think I ve ever read a histo [...]

    27. O mais importante a reter que, como na grande maioria dos romances, a sinopse d se ao trabalho de deturpar a hist ria Isto , puxa a brasa no sentido de simplific la para quest es simples do cora o William estava certo de que Beatrix o receberia de bra os abertos bom ele n o se ilude, sabe que ela est magoada e ela deixa isso claro desde o primeiro encontro E tamb m ele n o vem por ela n o teve nenhuma epifania no deserto que o trouxesse de volta a casa Ele vem procura de solu es para poder pross [...]

    28. This was a fun, delightful read from another new to me historical author We meet up with Beatrix and Will right off the bate about runs him over with her motorcar as he is returning from Egypt after six years That was one of the first things that surprised me about this book, the setting I loved that it took place during the early 20th century and we got the added bonus of the motorcar and such, it really was a nice change of pace for me But even as Trix checks on Will to make sure is all right [...]

    29. This is the second book I ve read by this author, I really enjoyed the first book this one not so much Set in the early years of the twentieth century in England Lady Beatrix had been engaged to Will he s the son of a duke But when he got offered the chance of a lifetime to go on a archeological dig in Egypt he jumped at it He wanted Beatrix to go with him , when she refused he called the wedding off That happened six years ago, Beatrix eventually got over Will and the resulting scandal, and is [...]

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