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An Officer's Duty By Jean Johnson,

  • Title: An Officer's Duty
  • Author: Jean Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781937007690
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Jean Johnson the national bestselling author of the Sons of Destiny novels returns to the world she introduced in A Soldier s Duty with a terrible vision of the future Promoted in the field for courage and leadership under fire, Ia is now poised to become an officer in the Space Force Navy once she undertakes her Academy training But on a trip back home to Sanctuary, sJean Johnson the national bestselling author of the Sons of Destiny novels returns to the world she introduced in A Soldier s Duty with a terrible vision of the future Promoted in the field for courage and leadership under fire, Ia is now poised to become an officer in the Space Force Navy once she undertakes her Academy training But on a trip back home to Sanctuary, she finds the heavyworld colony being torn apart by religious conflict Now Ia must prepare her family and followers to secure the galaxy s survival Her plan is to command a Blockade Patrol ship Her goal, to save as many lives as she can But at the Academy, she discovers an unexpected challenge the one man who could disrupt those plans The man whose future she cannot foresee
    An Officer s Duty Jean Johnson the national bestselling author of the Sons of Destiny novels returns to the world she introduced in A Soldier s Duty with a terrible vision of the future Promoted in the field for courag

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    1. I can t tell you what attracts me to military fiction, or science fiction as is the case here I am not a military brat, never served and have no family or friends that do As a matter of fact, the military in Brazil has not recovered their prestige after the military dictatorship of the 1960 and 1970 s Nevertheless, I relish reading both military fiction and non fiction books It must be the adrenaline of action.Anyway,Jean Johnson stays true to form in the second installment ofTheirs Not to Reaso [...]

    2. I ve been reading science fiction of various sub genres for over 40 years That s science fiction Not fantasy All kinds The sometimes comedic, sometimes romantic and always entertaining Barrayarans of Bujold the tomes of Neal Stephenson the warped history provided by Flint s 1632 phenomenon But my heart will always beat a tad faster when I get to enjoy a really excellent space opera with a military flavor particularly with a strong female protagonist Weber s Honor Harrington, Moon s Kylara Vatta [...]

    3. I m of two minds of reading this series I enjoy reading it, there is no doubt about that, but it s in that way where deep inside you, the part that for me, anyway is always rooting for the protagonist and always wanting them to shine and be right even when everyone else around her or him is wrong well That part is definitely feeling fulfilled in reading this book Not to mention that the main character, Ia, is absolutely right with no doubt at all, because she s precognitive heh.So I get to be en [...]

    4. Did you read the first book If yes, you need to read this book.If no, you need to read that book, then come back and read this one.

    5. An Officer s Duty by Jean Johnson is part of the series Theirs Not to Reason Why and is the exciting sequel to her mesmerizing book, A Soldier s Duty This is an action packed science fiction novel which continues to describe the military career of Ia, an extraordinary female who was born on a heavyworld than 1.56 times standard gravity which confers remarkable physical abilities which pale in comparison to her mental powers A stalwart defender who is determined to avoid the catastrophe that onl [...]

    6. This delves into how freakin depressing it would be to have your whole life mapped out for you and the sacrifices of family and relationships you have to make It does get a bit back into the exhilarating one upping the enemy in the end of the book And overall I still enjoy the series, I think this made the story deeper and meaningful but it was a hard book, I will be taking somewhat of a break before I pick up book 3.

    7. This second book in the series continues with Ia s story In the first book, she is a soldier in the Space Force Marines, and now she will train to be an officer in the Space Force Army Learning to pilot all kinds of space crafts, to give orders, to be everything a good officer needs to be She has been prepared for this ever since her visions when she was 15 But first, she gets a three week visit to her home planet, her family and friends Where she prepares her brothers and mothers for the things [...]

    8. This review can also be found on Book Girl of Mur y Castell blog.I m rounding up the rating because while it wasn t as good as the first in the series I really enjoyed reading the book.As Ia advances through the ranks of the Terran Space Force she continues to walk that very thin line between lie and deceit in the best interest of all humanity It takes her to the Navy Academy and pilot school and I lost count on how many things I m misrepresenting in my review Military isn t my forte.The world o [...]

    9. With this book, as with the last one, I am amazed at all the balls in air that Ia juggles and at her altruistic motives It seems like at each turn she sacrifices her wants for everyone, this book really pounds that point hard I really wanted Ia to have something for herself, was glad that she was able to get those few days, but hated that it couldn t last I did think it was a good think that the other person was able to find out the truth, not that it helped the bad news go down better, but it m [...]

    10. Like many of the others here, I d have liked to have seen action The early portion spent on her home planet was necessary as a foundation for later chapters, but I could have lived without half of the Academy portion When she did get to the action bits after she graduated from the Academy, they seemed disjointed and unconnected, like short stories rather than chapters If that was intentional, it just seemed a bit awkward to me I found myself skipping ahead at times, which is never a good sign I [...]

    11. I enjoyed this book very much It reminded me here and there of other books I ve read, or I just had deja vu She conveys the scope and immensity of the overall situation very well, and I felt that Ia is a very engaging hero character The convolutions she Ia must go through over her lifetime because of her psy powers and what she sees just make for a really great story.I was drawn into the book enough that I didn t put it down the first night until it was almost 3 00 a.m That says something to me [...]

    12. 1.6.2017 4,5 Netu m, co to se mnou je, e roze tu kn ku, n kdy se dostanu a za dvout etinovou hranici, a pak ji odlo m, p esto e byla skv l , a m m nevysv tlitelnou nechu se k n vr tit.An Officer s Duty je jedna z t chto kn ek, p esto e jsem do jedni ky u n jak ch p r let zamilovan.Miluju, jak autorka popisuje arm du Mentalitu, v cvik, zbran M m pro podobn t mata celkov slabost, tak e jsem tak n jak nem la jinou mo nost ne se nechat strhnout sm ch D j je samoz ejm tak zaj mav , p edev m ak n sc n [...]

    13. I liked this book, despite the star rating So don t get me wrong, it can be enjoyable But objectively, it s pretty terrible, and it takes the right kind of reader to want to press on with this series past the first book.First of all, there s no plot There s nothing cohesive holding the story together, other than it s the sequential incidents in Ia s life I feel like what Johnson chooses to show versus what we don t get to see makes for a rather sporadic mess at times, considering there s no over [...]

    14. I loved this one It was incredibly exciting at one point I was actually reading while trying to make my way home, because I just couldn t put the damn thing down Good points The world building was very well done and expanded on that of the previous novel I particularly liked the fact that the Salik were not depicted simply as monsters, but rather as a race whose general beliefs caused them to continually refuse to accept the equality of other sentient races, leading to their eventual downfall Th [...]

    15. This sequel isn t quite as good as it s predecessor, A Soldier s Duty Johnson is at her best in the action scenes and this book doesn t have a lot of them It was difficult to discern what the point of this novel was except to bounce between the real plot action moments and to add a love interest so the main character seemed human What the main problem boils down to is I don t believe any of the relationships are real None of the characters seem real The main character is wooden and thus everyon [...]

    16. Once again a very fun an entertaining read Though this time around I believe I noticed a few plot holes, but its hard to really pinpoint due to the large amount of details side stories There were also a few occasions when certain sentences were repeated.Which was slightly annoying, I know the book was spread over quite a few years but those few repeated sentences just seemed very noticeable Otherwise if you ignore those few small things I d say good job I was sucked into the story line, I really [...]

    17. Overall a decent sci fi read Plenty of varied aliens, some space battles, and LOTS of military jargon most of it well done.My only complaint is that the main character is basically Supergirl has incredible comic book superhero powers I won t give any spoilers, but she can see the future says so on the book jacket, so not a spoiler There s not much to stop her for most of the book Basically, no one stands a chance against her Heck, she can even view spoiler pick winning lotto numbers hide spoiler [...]

    18. I m not sure what it is about these books An almost all knowing heroine sounds a bit boring, wouldn t you think But I m not getting bored, instead I m reading all these books in a row Even though you know than usually that everything is going to be ok, you still want to know how everything is going to be accomplished And even though Ia has a very strong precognitive gift, this doesn t mean things can t go wrong, or that all Ia has to do is arrogantly blaze her way through everything The path sh [...]

    19. ok here s the thing i liked this series i like it alot but im not in love with it i wouldnt reread it i would watch it if it was a movie series there are moments and this series is getting better with it that this book really shines and others that seem in there for the sake of it one thing this book did great was bennie she brighten it up and put some real heart into this series that it needed view spoiler im pretty sure she s gonna be killed off by a mistake in the timeline that she makes some [...]

    20. Meilleur que le premier tome L auteur largit la vision de Ia non plus sa carri re et ou vague ojectif sauver l univers mais aux tapes et aux sacrifices que sa destin e r clame les batailles sont plus impressionnantes des nouveaux indices sont sem s pour piquer notre curiosit et m me si Ia est une pr cog plut t nervante les personnages satellites sont suffisamment attachants H las beaucoup disparaissent sans avoir le temps de prendre de l paisseur.Je lirai la suite

    21. This is a great series Epic battles, manipulating time to save humanity 300 years in the future, navigating friendships and romanceThere are 5 books in this series and the series is complete The author is going back in time and writing books about the First Salik War.If you want a good series to binge read, it s complete, no waiting, read this book.

    22. I am truly, madly in love with this series It s a mind candy for lovers to read paranormal cross scifi cross military hurray genre Love it

    23. Dropped the other books i was reading to start this one and never regretted that decision as this is a great sequel to the series Can t wait for book 3

    24. In order for Ia eventually to be promoted high enough like to Admiral General or whatever during the last part of her military career, she must serve in at least three branches of the Terran Space Force She initially joins the Marines and goes through Basic Training there in book one In book two, she is transferred to the Navy to go to the Academy to be trained as an officer and also later post Academy training to become a pilot At the very end of book two, she transfers again to the Special For [...]

    25. I m at 20%, and the protagonist s humble bragging, which was my main point of contention in the first book, has filled the whole of the second so far, in my impression.And we re at the second instance where she doesn t explain anything to people, and then gets annoyed with them for not taking that information they don t have into account Thankfully she can then frustratedly dump the information on them in a way that is supposed to make her look cool and show how dumb they acted before by quite r [...]

    26. Ia gets tedious While I really like the premise, I ve begun to wonder if this wouldn t have been an amazing single book rather than a long series Too many info dumps Lots of wading through dull scenes No, I don t care about how the ships are laid out, what is on what floor, should they turn left or right While the addition of a love interest was nice in that it humanized Ia briefly, she continues to be a somewhat likable AI I became frustrated when her precognitive abilities were computer like s [...]

    27. The protagonist is both perfect and psychic Also maybe not quite as bad as The Chosen One, but close And kind of boring I m sure she would be annoying in person Also, she doesn t speak She quips Everything is quip I m sure she quips Good morning Quip, quip, quip So maybe the book could ve used an editor.That said, I not only finished this book, I requested the next one from the library So it s weirdly good enough to keep me reading while annoyed the Phryne Fisher effect We ll see if it keeps goi [...]

    28. This second book in the series started off a little slow for me but then picked up the pace as Ia did of what Ia does A lot happens in the last half of this book to move the story arc forward I m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

    29. Outstanding A very good story written exceptionally We ll I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a good tale told well

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