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Fury By Anya Bast,

  • Title: Fury
  • Author: Anya Bast
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nikki is a cougar shifter living in a werewolf world When she s promised as a mate to a wolf shifter named Merrick, the fur flies Cats are solitary and proud No way will she be tamed, not even if Merrick s touch drives her insane with need But Merrick has wanted Nikki for a long time and there s no way he s letting her go He ll use every dark and erotic trick he knowsNikki is a cougar shifter living in a werewolf world When she s promised as a mate to a wolf shifter named Merrick, the fur flies Cats are solitary and proud No way will she be tamed, not even if Merrick s touch drives her insane with need But Merrick has wanted Nikki for a long time and there s no way he s letting her go He ll use every dark and erotic trick he knows to seduce her bodyd then win her heart This short story is offered by New York Times bestselling author, Anya Bast Fury is part one of a two part series Tranquility is the sequel These titles are highly erotic and meant for those 18 years or older.
    Fury Nikki is a cougar shifter living in a werewolf world When she s promised as a mate to a wolf shifter named Merrick the fur flies Cats are solitary and proud No way will she be tamed not even if Merr

    One thought on “Fury”

    1. Free on , if you re interested.I made it almost 10% into this short story before they said what they were forcing her to do.Oh I m sorry is that not enough information for you Would you like to know what she has to do Would you like some backstory Yeah well so would I Here s your backstoryNikki is a cougar, Merrick is a wolf and Roane who is mentioned for about 2 pages is his brother and also wolf.SPOILERS AHEAD PROCEED WITH CAUTION AND DON T SAY I DIDN T WARN YOUSo these Elders not really sure [...]

    2. facebook VampiresBite2012michelle808205 Nikki is a cougar living in a werewolfs world The Elders Fury what her to mate with the sexy Merrick but cats are solitary and prond and she will not submite to what they want,even if Merricks touch drives her insane but Marrick has wanted Nikki for a long time now and pulls all this tricks to seduce her to make her his.I loved this book It had a good story line and plot It salso got some hot sexy steamy scenes that will blow your mind and have you on the [...]

    3. Highly erotic so I don t recommend anybody under 18 to read this but oh boy it was really good I quickly fell into the storyline and could not stop reading until done Nikki has been chosen by the Elders to be the queen but she doesn t feel as though she is qualifiede s not even a wolf She s a cougar It s up to Merrick to convince her that not only is she qualified to be his queen but has all the qualifications she needs to share his bed The only time I put this down was to quickly turn on my air [...]

    4. Fury Otherkin 1 This book wasn t worth my time The hero was a complete jerk, forcing himself on the heroine a couple of times, all because her body had a physical reaction to him I don t like reading rape or almost rape scenes in my romance novels, so it never recovered from the horrible rating To me, forced sex is not erotica Deleted this book and all others of the author s works that I had from my Kindle library and will be avoiding her in the future.

    5. free download from allromanceebooks OMG this is the best short novella i have read for a while.i should be a proper novel, it shouldn t have been made into a short novella.It s too good for that it had a bit of eveythingErotic sex scenes, a fight scene, betrayal, romance, kidnapping, shapeshifting I m not going to go on or i will give away the book, and i reccomend people to read this one.

    6. Really good for an erotica story Well written, sexy, great description of a shifters PoV, and I really liked the characters I would have probably given it 4 5, except I generally prefer erotica on the side with a greater focus on plot.

    7. MY REVIEWAgain I downloaded this one Free from I should start by saying that I only read the words shifter cougar Werewolf mate and totally missed the highly erotic words I readily admit that I usually avoid erotica as I like a story to my books not just steamy scenes Having said that sure this one is erotica, there s no other way to describe it but, and it s quite a large but this book does have a story to it too I love shifter books and the whole true one mate principal in books.So the story i [...]

    8. FREE ON So the story is that Nikki shifts into a cougar when she shifts She has lead a very solitary life and only came into her shifts later in life rather than at puberty like most shifter s So when Nikki find the place called Fury that is home to many shifter s, she finally feels at home amongst her own kind.Then the elders speak and declare her the alpha female, which means she will be the mate of the alpha male Nikki must choose between the Nathy brothers, Merrick and Roane Merrick is a lar [...]

    9. This is an example of a story where the concept was really good, but the execution not so much The story starts off with Nikki heroine running away from two males and the impending responsibility of becoming alpha female to the Fury pack town full of shifters, not just werewolves but were cats, too, of which she is one Now, when they catch her, the two males, Roane and Merrick, brothers, apparently just decide that Merrick should have her and the plot settles into a nice lust at first sight kind [...]

    10. A free short story Review of Fury by Anya Bast I have finally come to the point where I have overloaded the kindle As I was going through the kindle library I discovered this book Turns out this is free on if you are interested This is a super short story I think I read it in about thirty minutes Nikki is a were leopardar some kind of cat I forget anyway the elders have decided she should become the alpha female to the Fury pack who all appear to be werewolves There is a catch and that is she is [...]

    11. Cougar shifter and a big pack of wolf shifters in a sexy fantasy romance story.Nikki is chosen to become the Alpha female of the pack weird choice for the Elders because she is the only non wolf female, but we need something to push the story along so and she must choose between the two Alpha brothers whom ever wins her will become the next leader to the pack Nikki already is attracted to one brother, Merrick so in a way he is probably going to be the leader, but Nikki doesn t make it easy.There [...]

    12. The first books I read by Anya Bast were her Elemental Witches series so I already knew that these would be hot and they are The Otherkin is a two part so far series about shifters Fury is about Nikki, a cougar shifter, who has been told that she has been chosen to be the Alpha Queen of the Fury pack and that Merrick, the Alpha King, is to be her mate Although Nikki has felt a very strong attraction to Merrick ever since she moved to Fury, she runs away both from the attraction and the responsib [...]

    13. I want to say I really loved this book it was really good But I think I m missing the main idea I m not sure which of her books go with the other kin shifters, but I think I need to find out I really did enjoy this book though Learning about Nikki and Merrick s story Nikki was forced into becoming the Alpha Queen of Fury the only problem is she has to Mate with Merrick since he s suppose to be the Alpha King Oh and lets not forget , Merrick and his Pack are Wolves where as Nikki is a Cougar, whi [...]

    14. I have a million books I have downloaded on my Kindle Over the summer , I am trying to get them all read.I liked this book Super fast paced and straight to the point This book does not give too much background to the characters or the situation, a steamy shifter book Adult topics and mature language Nikki is a shape shifting cougar who finds and embraces a new life , a new family wolves Merrick and Roane , alpha male brothers begin to court her Merrick is her chosen mate , sex right away P Nikki [...]

    15. So I d never officially read an ebook before and found this one randomly through the kindle for free And since it was an author I was familiar with I figured why not This is a short story and very erotic There are a few typing errors that I across but nothing too major Over all this a nice quick read with very nice steamy scenes I kinda wish it had been longer just so we could have gotten a better background story of Nikki and Merrick.but I suppose the whole point of of the story was for them to [...]

    16. I m kind of tired of the kicking ass and taking names women, but this one was pretty whimpy Nikki is chosen by a counsel to be queen and I guess being mate to the alpha werewolf is part of the job The only problem is, she s a cougar shifter The short story starts with a kind of adult hide and seek, with Merrick s brother bowing out Nikki s not sure she s right for either job so she takes off Merrick finds her and brings her back There s some rival pack problems, someone in their pack is a spy an [...]

    17. 3 1 2 stars Short, steamy readd it was free Enough of a story to leave you wanting a bit that you would continue the series, although I wish it had been a tad longer At one point the story moves from one scene to another, and momentarily I was confused thinking I had skipped a page The transition could have somewhat smoother, but the writing was good, over the top HOT and I want to read the next novella, Tranquility, which is also free Thanks Ms Bast

    18. I ve heard great things about this author, but this was my first foray into her tales I liked the story, but it seemed a little under edited There were mistakes I just didn t expect from an author that was so prolific Regardless I will try out some other of her books, as I think she is a pretty good story teller.

    19. WOW This one hit the ground running literally and figuratively and didn t let up the sexy times for most of the book I was surprised to walk about feeling that there was enough story and world building that it worked Doin It Dirty 2.oWhy Buy the Cow download 1 13 2013

    20. You know what they say, bitch, dogs droll and cats rule Super compressed story about a cougar shifter who must decide whether or not to become alpha queen of wolves in the small town of Fury If you re not a fan of fated to be mated couples, best skip this one.

    21. Las escenas er ticas fueron muy sexy pero el complemento de acci n fue muy r pido aunque creo que voy por el pr ximo libro es la primera vez que leo a esta autora y creo que podr a seguir sus historia.

    22. Pretty much drooled over Merrick This was a great short story Even better that it was free The ending left a question open about who was the spy Hopefully in the next one that will be reveled.

    23. I was wondering how there was going to be sex in a story this short, but I should have wondered how there was going to be a story in all the sex Geesh.

    24. FuryGreat story.I love it when the female gives the male a run for his money.She has to prove herself to the pa k since she s a lion.A good read on a cold day.

    25. More A good story line I was expecting to see character development while reading, but that was cut short obviously.

    26. Quick thoughts There s a fine line between pleasure and pain, but rape just isn t one of them in my perspective.Thoughts Review I m still at a crossroads about how I want to approach my thoughts on the book since most of them revolve around the first 40% which really turned it upside down for me To take you back, and it won t ruin too much of the story the first few scenes are sex scenes Which while they were pretty erotic and in any other situation I would be lapping up, to me could only be see [...]

    27. Seeing as this was my very first erotic novel, it s going to keep a special place in my heart It s a pretty quick read, and seeing as it takes a bit for these two to get together, I appreciated a teasing prologue of sorts to keep me invested in the inevitable smut coming my way The only reason I gave it four, instead of five, stars, is merely because neither the plot, nor the characters really go all that deep past surface level There s nothing really wrong with that, for most readers, but figur [...]

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