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Falling from the Sky By Joannes Rhino Setyanto,

  • Title: Falling from the Sky
  • Author: Joannes Rhino Setyanto
  • ISBN: 9781463701444
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
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    Falling from the Sky None

    One thought on “Falling from the Sky”

    1. Mehreen s reviews PDF copyFalling from the Sky does not read like a sci fi, rather a story, love story if you like between Adji and Lisa, very much rooted in the planet earth However, there is always a desire in the characters Adji and Antonio mainly to seek, and to find about the universe, the planet, the black hole and the outer space generally Nonetheless, the story turns quite dramatically from a shooting incidence and police investigations to alien visitation A few stylistic problems emerg [...]

    2. Falling from the sky is a science fiction story a little different from most The alien living among us who doesn t know he s an alien and doesn t know the powers that he has is intriguing, but it goes beyond just an alien on Earth story There s the coming of age of Adji, the full circle for Antonio, fate and the meaning of life, death and time, and unfulfilled love An enjoyable and easy read The pace was good and kept me interested throughout Only a little too much detail at times and a number o [...]

    3. I guess not many author can write UFO stuff the way the author write When I first found it at , I thought it s gonna be complicated reading And it turned out that this book is very easy to understand but still full of detail information about UFO.

    4. I just read this book by now Someone I met handed over this to me I never like sci fi stuff But this one is different It s romance story of an human hybrid alien with human being I loved reading it I give thumb up to the author

    5. Falling from the Sky is somewhere between science fiction and romance, carving a path that winds its way through the difficulties of young relationships and through concepts of fate and destiny I found the story interesting in how it blended various genres together, and perhaps most of all in the level of research that the author, Joannes Rhino, put into UFO phenomena.The story itself takes place in Indonesia, although I wouldn t say that it feels distinctly Indonesian in style or nature many fe [...]

    6. I received this book free for my honest review This book tells the story of Adji, Lisa and how a cast of characters becomes centered around the Blue Cookies Cafe It starts off innocently enough with a UFO sighting and then jumps ahead in time 20 years to the cafe where Lisa works Adji is secretly in love with her and is regular at the cafe One evening he mysteriously saves her life after a gun accidentally goes off and this incident starts a snowball effect The police and a group of UFO research [...]

    7. Once again, Joannes Rhino has produced another masterpiece I usually prefer to stay away from sci fi novels because they often extrapolate the paranormal beyond rational bounds however, Falling From the Sky, Vol.1 was a pleasant surprise It weaves a riveting mystery that surprises the reader in each chapter Mr Rhino s prose makes the reader feel like he is right there, witnessing the events of the story, and struggling against the same emotions as the main characters I had already developed a fi [...]

    8. Johannes Rhino is a very talented author who has the ability to blend genres, and get away with it Not an easy thing to do I have enjoyed his previous work and looked forward to reviewing Falling from the Sky His books are professional because of the amount of research he carries out with each subject he tackles This time he introduces us to the UFO phenomena and gives us pause for reflection The story for Falling from the Sky deviates from the usual scifi invasions by aliens and galactic battle [...]

    9. After reading The Unseen Face , I wanted to read of this author s work Science fiction isn t my normal genre, but I am so glad I stepped out of my norm, and read this book It holds the same tone and poetry that I have come to expect from Rhino.Falling from the Sky is a science fiction novel with the heart of a true romance I fell in love with Adji and Lisa and their Romeo and Juliet style romance the classic love story of pure love against the odds of the universe Rhino certainly did his resear [...]

    10. I am an absolute Sci fi addict, I love these kind of books, and this was no exception It has a little romance in it also which was surprising The uniqueness of this writer brought the story to life with explosive scenery I have read other books by Joannes Rhino and he is very versatile.This is a complicated novel with a flare for the dramatic and with its overall spin on adventure, I wasn t disappointed It held a great back drop with a descriptive style and flow that complimented all the charact [...]

    11. This is a fun science fiction romance novel to read It is nice to read a sci fy novel that doesn t involve an alien virus invasion abductions etc, and this was a breath of fresh air The only thing I wish for is , that way these characters could be developed as well as the environment I m too impatient to wait for volume 2 Either way, its not too technical or sciencey so anyone can read it without a Ph.D in Astrophysics, so go ahead and give it a try.

    12. As a sci fi fanatic, I fell madly in love with this book I was truly amazed at the ingenuity that Joannes possessed when he weaved this tale together Because I am a sci fi addict, I am very quick to critique the genre but, I do not have any complaints about this book Falling from the Sky was easy to read and innovative If you love sci fi, you will love this book I highly recommend that you read it.Joannes, you ve done it again Good luck with your future projects.

    13. Although I could swear I know what will happen next, it was never like I thought A story full of unexpected events with unimaginable facts I am really looking forward for the next book of the same author I am absolutely sure that it will be as good as this one is.

    14. Like many others said, this book is a nice mix of sci fi and romance, without being too technical The pacing is good, the characterization is pretty deep, and the sci fi research is great.

    15. I thought this book is just gonna be one hell of complicated sci fi stuff But it turns out only 40% sci fi with lots of romance stuff However, I like this book It gives me pleasure reading it.

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