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Lulu and the Cat in the Bag By Hilary McKay,

  • Title: Lulu and the Cat in the Bag
  • Author: Hilary McKay
  • ISBN: 9781407117904
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a mysterious bag is left on Lulu s doorstep, the last thing her grandmother expects to be in it is a cat a huge, neon orange cat But Lulu knows this cat doesn t mean any harm and in fact it needs a lovely new home.
    Lulu and the Cat in the Bag When a mysterious bag is left on Lulu s doorstep the last thing her grandmother expects to be in it is a cat a huge neon orange cat But Lulu knows this cat doesn t mean any harm and in fact it needs

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    1. Book Description When a mysterious bag is left on Lulu s doorstep, the last thing her grandmother expects to be in it is a cat a huge, neon orange cat But Lulu knows this cat doesn t mean any harm and in fact it needs a lovely new home The latest installment in the Lulu chapter book series 6 so far This third person narrative story is humorous and adventurous A great read for those who love dogs and cats Amusing black and white illustrations depict entertaining characters Lulu, a warm hearted an [...]

    2. This review also appears on my blog, Read at Home Mom.Lulu might love her animals, but her grandmother, Nan, who is staying with Lulu and her cousin Mellie while their parents take a trip, does not feel the same way When the girls find a bag on the front porch in which someone has left a marigold colored cat, Nan is adamant that the cat must not come in the house But Lulu can never abandon an animal in need, and she is sure that with a little time and persistence, she can convince Nan to love an [...]

    3. This third Lulu book continues the story of Lulu s love affair with any type of animal In this story, a cat is dropped off on Lulu s doorstep in a bag Lulu opens the bag over her aunt s objections Her aunt is watching her while her parents are on vacation and is not fond of animals at all When the bag is opened, the cat goes running off and disappears Though Lulu searches for it, she is unable to find it When she returns to her room later, the cat is there on her bed, having climbed in through h [...]

    4. Hilary McKay s new Lulu book is out in America and it s at the library Lulu and the Cat in the Bag answers the what do women want question with a good cat Lulu s and her cousin Mellie s parents win a grown up vacation, so Lulu s grandmother is staying with Lulu and Mellie and Lulu s menagerie at Lulu s house, when some cat abandoning jerk leaves a bag with a cat in it on Lulu s doorstep In Lulu and the Dog by the Sea her family acquired a second dog, and along with the parrot, rabbits, guinea pi [...]

    5. This was a wonderful story As the say, all s well that ends well While this started off quite rockily, it had a delightful ending This is the first Lulu book I have read, while I believe I have NetGalley d 3 so far I will be reading the others, and hopefully soon Lulu is an animal lover, and she has many at her house But, her Grandma, Nan, is an animal hater, and thinks Lulu has far too many However, this changes, when The Marigold Cat slips out of the bag and into her heart She ends up taking t [...]

    6. Lulu is an energetic and affectionate 7 year old who loves animals Her grandmother, Nan, thinks she already has far too many pets When a bag left on the front porch contains the biggest cat Lulu has ever seen, her grandmother insists that Lulu can t keep it When Lulu s friend Charlie tells Nan all sorts of trouble that his own cat has caused, she is even determined that neither Lulu nor her cousin Mellie need a cat around Nan slowly comes to like the cat, especially when she finds out that it c [...]

    7. I m a cat lover at least, I love my cat , so reading about all around animal lover Lulu s episode with a stray, marigold cat that some horrible, horrible person tied up in a bag made my heart warm I love that Lulu not only loves animals, she s smart with them, too She knows how to handle her menagerie, from her guinea pigs to her parrot to her dogs When a large, orange cat joins the mix I couldn t help but think of Crookshanks , things get hairy, but never out of her control I also love the way [...]

    8. Lulu is a magnet for pets She collects them without even trying Lulu s cousin, Mellie, is staying at Lulu s house while their parents are all on vacation Nan, their grandmother, is looking after them She can t tolerate the menagerie at Lulu s house, especially the dogs So when the girls find an abandoned cat tied up in a bag she is adamant about not letting it in the house The giant, bright orange cat takes matters into its own paws and sneaks into Lulu s bedroom When her dogs start acting stran [...]

    9. Lulu first appeared in Lulu and the Duck in the Park to glowing reviews She s still glowing She and her best friend Mellie, are left in the care of Grandma Lulu loves animals but Grandma doesn t When a big old orange cat decides that it loves living in Lulu s bedroom, and starts leaving flowers around the house, Grandma slowly comes around, and when it is time for Grandma to go home, she invited Marigold and her two new kittens to come live with here If you re looking for engaging characters for [...]

    10. I m coming to love Lulu, this book s protagonist, because of her fondness for animals and her irrepressible spirit When someone leaves a large orange cat in a bag, Lulu is quick to release the cat, much to her grandmother s chagrin Although it runs off at first, it returns to Lulu s place, and makes a nest of flowers, which charms everyone While readers will be surprised at the cruelty of anyone who would dispose of a cat by tying it up in a bag, they will be touched by the bond that develops am [...]

    11. This sweet story of Lulu and her cousin Mellie and a suprise in the bag Lulu loves animals and much to her Nana s dismay has LOTS of pets so there is no way that the big fully marigold cat can stay or so Nana thinks This is a lovely story fun and easy for bigger kids to read as well an enjoyable funny read for mums dads to read to their kids It also helps teach kids in a fun way about what is involved in looking after pets The book is beautifully complimented by great illustrations from the tall [...]

    12. Lulu is gold This little champion won over my heart when I first met her I love the fact that she is ethnic I love the fact that she has a passionate love and awareness of animals I love the fact that you get to laugh and have a good time with her on her adventures This book was no exception I love, love, love this little girl My kids and I will follow her as long as she takes us on these delightful escapades I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley for my honest review The opinions I have e [...]

    13. This is a beginning chapter book with several black and white drawings It isn t exactly true to life because an adult would want a cat found in a bag on the street to go to the vet and get shots So hopefully this doesn t give children ideas about what to do when you find an animal on the streetI would have liked to see an afterword about the importance of getting animals spayed neutered as so many of them have to get put to sleep.

    14. Lulu is a solid character and works well in this minor adventure chapter book The plot is believable and should hold the reader s interest The supporting characters assist in carrying the story along The story should appeal to animal lovers and those who think they might want a pet someday but aren t sure The black and white illustrations are neat and convey special parts of the story easily.

    15. An adorable story for beginning readers about grades 2 5 Lulu finds a cat on her front porch and this cat is perfect for an unsuspecting family member The story is about perseverance, patients, obedience and many other things A very sweet story and it makes me want to read all the other wonderful Lulu books

    16. Lulu has another adventure with animals, this time a mysterious cat left in a bag outside her front door I love so much about this series the humor, that unlike in many if not most easy fiction series, the girls are non white, and that Lulu and Mellie s grandma is drawn as a hip, attractive woman, not a little old lady

    17. My girls and son, too really enjoy the Lulu series The Cat in the Bag didn t disappoint and was a sweet story of Nan taking care of her two granddaughters and Lulu s ever growing collection of pets.

    18. Lulu is a favorite of mine A wonderful, childlike character who spends a lot of time with her cousin Mellie and in this book with her grandmother Fun plot, great resolution, and great family dynamics not to mention a quirky, flower loving cat.

    19. Another funny and adorable Lulu animal adventure In this one, Lulu and Mellie s gran nan is staying with the girls while their parents are on holiday and nan falls in love with a giant marigold colored cat We re learning a little about Lulu and Mellie s heritage, as well.

    20. I am just disappointed in this series and I can t put my finger on why They just don t jump out and grab me the way some early chapter books do Bummer because I think the idea behind them is great, but the writingt so much.

    21. It s about lulu finds a cat in a bag in front of her porch.but her grandma doesn t let her keep it so she keeps the cat in her bedroom.when the grandma discovers the cat she decides to give the cat a chance on she wants to keep the cat and lulu lets her keep it

    22. I did not enjoy this one as much as the other Lulu book I wish Lulu could have found another idea on what to do with the cat and it did not seem realistic to me that a Nana would act the way the Nana did in the story.

    23. One day Lulu finds a package on her doorstep, and when she opens it, she finds it is a cat This mysterious cat keeps appearing and disappearing To know what happens, read the book I love this book I really like all of the Lulu books You should read the series It is great for kids.

    24. Cute little beginning chapter book Just ever so slightly British I think my little girls will love it and the other books about animal lover Lulu.

    25. A fun book series about a girl and her love for all animals Lulu and her cousin are funny and adventurous This would be a great read aloud for kinder or first grade, or read alone for 2nd grade.

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