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The Revelations By Alex Preston,

  • Title: The Revelations
  • Author: Alex Preston
  • ISBN: 9780571277582
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • A group of young people are searching for meaning in a dark world The Course, a religious movement led by a charismatic priest, seem to offer everything they have been looking for a community of bright, thoughtful, beautiful people But as they are drawn deeper into the Course, money, sex and God collide, threatening to rip them apart.
    The Revelations A group of young people are searching for meaning in a dark world The Course a religious movement led by a charismatic priest seem to offer everything they have been looking for a community of brigh

    One thought on “The Revelations”

    1. If you think that all Christians are hypocrites and the Alpha Course is a cult, then this is the book for you However, if you are realistic in your outlook then the shortcomings of this book will probably annoy you as much as they annoyed me.The book follows the lives of four young late 20s Christians who are helping run The Course for the first time They are all musicians and the band they play in at The Course is known as The Revelations , hence the title of the book The Course itself is clea [...]

    2. I was hooked into this by the mention of the London based Christian course that is corrupted by sex, drugs, violence and money I attended the Alpha course which emanated from Holy Trinity Brompton in the 90s and of course, you wonder if this was the model for the book It s charismatic pastor, even the location and congregation of HTB is echoed The story itself is the unwinding of friendships but the slight mystery of what happens to Lee wasn t satisfyingly real This is a literary novel with much [...]

    3. I think some the other reviews of this book are a bit unfair I found the book compelling and well written I have to say I prefered This Bleeding City but nonetheless this was another very original book I thought the characters were fascinating all badly flawed of course I was expecting the ending to be dramatic and disastrous but it was quietly thought provoking I was interested to see that one of the reviewers wondered if the Course was based on the Alpha course I wondered that too not that I [...]

    4. Disappointingly shallow Why does every character have to be so flawed Despite the interesting premise a thinly veiled description of a group of 20 somethings debuting as leaders on an Alpha course this plays up to sensationalist expectations The characters are too flawed to be believable giving into all sexual temptation, they have no spiritual or moral backbone.

    5. Characters, dialogue and plot unconvincing Tedious in the extreme I only finished it because a friend lent it to me.

    6. Thrilling CreepinessI am not at all comfortable in the company of fundamentalist Christians, but I like to feel I ve built up a degrees of tolerance over my many decades of exposure Yet Cults and small extreme groups of religious bigots can easily drive me right to the edge of sanity Small groups of controlling individuals give me the creeps, and the main characters in this book are just that Smug, self satisfied, hypocritical jerks who preach the wonderful help they re giving children in Africa [...]

    7. The Revelations is a deceptively simple title for this book being the name of the band that the main four characters are in only mentioned a few times and how we slowly learn of the motivations and sins of the characters The plot is predictable in that it is based around the four main characters leading The Course for the first time and it is easy to see that something is going to go wrong.The Course aims to indoctrinate people into Christianity and offers a better life, expecting people to turn [...]

    8. Well Quite a unique book Christian fiction written by a non Christian I almost put it down after a couple of pages, but despite it s shortcomings I actually enjoyed the book somewhat but can t give it than 2 stars The author seemed a rather amateurish and his descriptions of various scenes seemed to be far too detailed in many cases and did not flow with the story very well, although in a few places where it worked I quite enjoyed the scene setting The book was quite crass in the various depict [...]

    9. This is an interesting premise about 4 young friends who get indoctorinated into a form of Christianity while at university a thinly veiled form of the Alpha Course , and centre their lives around it in their twenties, but then things start to go wrong The reviews on the back of this compared it to the Secret History, one of my favourite books, but I have to say this falls far short It tries to adopt a faux literary style, and some of the descriptions make you cringe as a result The four central [...]

    10. This would have been a 4 star review up until the ending, when the tension and intrigue built up through the book rather fell flat Vivid characters and a really interesting premise worth reading.

    11. It s not a bad book, it s just that I had different expectations, I guess I was prepared to face religious syndicate or at least some secret organization, or better said sect Get inside of the mysterious story In this book it s about peopleor My problem was that in the end I didn t feel sorry for any of them and if they deserve what they got, why to read about their emotional agony It s not that book is only then good, when characters are good people of course not But in my opinion, everything, [...]

    12. This follows a group of 4 friends who are part of a branch of Christianity simply referred to as The Course They go on a retreat, and shit goes down, leading to various changes in their lives.The synopsis makes this sound quite naff, but it was decent enough Preston does a really good job of developing the distinct characters, so even when they make some strange decisions that move the plot along, they are still in keeping with the characters Does a good job of demonstrating both the positives a [...]

    13. This was a very disappointing book I expected a lot I did not think it was that well written, the plot was terrible and the characterisation shallow It is a thinly veiled attack on the Alpha course and is in effect a Bonkbuster trying to combine sex with yuppie evangelical Christianity I don t think it gets either particularly well I wish I had not bought it

    14. The lion, the witch and the wardrobe, where the four children are two grown up couples and Aslan is a flawed huckster.

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