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A Knot In The Grain And Other Stories By Robin McKinley,

  • Title: A Knot In The Grain And Other Stories
  • Author: Robin McKinley
  • ISBN: 9780785776369
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A mute healer who meets the one man who can hear her thoughts, an abandoned princess who discovers the truth behind the mysterious stagman, a modern girl who finds the knot in the grain which leads her on a magical mission these are a few of the characters in these five tales, created by a Newbery Medal winner 1995 Fanfare Honor List The Horn Book.
    A Knot In The Grain And Other Stories A mute healer who meets the one man who can hear her thoughts an abandoned princess who discovers the truth behind the mysterious stagman a modern girl who finds the knot in the grain which leads he

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    1. Full review, originally posted on FantasyLiterature I m not sure if I bought this fantasy short story collection by Robin McKinley when I first saw it in the mid 1990s because McKinley was one of my favorite fantasy authors or because I was entranced by the cover art on the paperback, with the colorful contrast between the girl in a brilliant sapphire dress and the bright gold background of buttercups Actually, at that time I was pretty much automatically buying everything McKinley wrote Regardl [...]

    2. I ve always loved fairytale retellings, and I really like what McKinley does with fairytales, whether she s making them up or bending them to suit her own stories This little collection is no different I m told the stories are set in the world of some of her novels, Damar, but to be honest I rather preferred them to the Damar novels I couldn t say why, butThey re all rather quiet stories, mostly people living in a world with magic where it s really best if that magic doesn t touch them, and when [...]

    3. I see the word quiet a lot with reviews of this short story collection, and certainly that is an accurate word The plots of these stories are often muted, the characters quietly rebelling against expectations In Healer, the protagonist Lily is literally quiet in that she is born mute and has never uttered a word Yet she rebels against expectations by becoming a successful healer in her village When she meets a former mage, both are changed.In The Stagman, the princess Ruen s voice and freedom is [...]

    4. YES, Robin McKinley A buddy was rereading her books and so I glanced on Hoopla, picked this one had never read it before and was NOT DISAPPOINTED A short book of wonderfully smart fantasy short stories Now must reread everything

    5. I think i am underwhelmed I have never read anything by Robin Mckinley before but i have heard a lot of praise, so i had high hopes of liking this collection of short stories But i didn t.The short stories are not exactly bad, but they are not remember able either They didn t leave a lasting impression The Stagman was the only story i was excited to read Other than that, i wasn t impressed.But i do plan to read The Blue Sword sometime fingers crossed

    6. Reading Robin McKinley s blog, as I do, has given me a rather acute sensitivity to her prose style In the case of this book, this is acutally rather an asset, as it renders the prose nearly transparent, letting me appreciate the stories than I think I did when I first read them fifteen years ago I do still get a little irritated with Luthe s tendency to show up and solve everyone s problems it might not be so conspicuous if it didn t occur in two successive stories but the entire book is redeem [...]

    7. I always enjoy McKinley s writing It s obvious she draws so much inspiration from fairy tales and I love that about her as an author I grew up reading them myself and whenever I read her books, I think about how one day, I d like to be someone like her a quite understated but also entirely relatable imagination stuck in a body that has to write to be free.

    8. I really loved this book Each story was intriguing and pulled me in This book reminded me of why I love reading.

    9. A Knot in the Grain and Other Stories by Robin McKinley 4 outof 5 starsI just finished reading this collection of short stories by Robin McKinley Within are included five tales The first tale Healer tells the story of Lily, a child born with the magic to heal, but without the gift of speech Lily, kind and loving, is apprenticed to Jolin to learn the ways of healers Jolin and Lily become like family to one another, but Lily still feels the loneliness of never finding a love Then one day a mage na [...]

    10. This book is a short story collection of Middle Grade fantasy stories I enjoyed Robin McKinley s novels set in Damar The Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown so I bought this book hoping to learn about Damar Two of the stories were set in Damar, but you won t know it from any other generic fantasy world if Luthe a character from the novels didn t briefly appear in them We don t learn anything new about him, either.Most of the stories follow the plot line of a character has a problem, magic hel [...]

    11. I have always loved fairy tales, and I have enjoyed McKinley s various attempts at re telling both some old beloved and forgotten ones I enjoyed , however, these original tales by McKinley She has a lovely facility for creating worlds of fantasy and wonder, and I especially enjoyed revisiting an old friend, Luthe, the mage, in a couple of these stories I was especially taken by the last, title, story that was set in a modern world I was so caught up in the set up of the story that I dismayed at [...]

    12. I love Robin McKinley I just really don t like them short stories, I can t help it I get to the end of one and think one of three things Either, Hey, where s the end of my story or Hey, was there a story OR E I need to take a mental shower I just want to read a full story that has a beginning, middle, and end, and isn t all gross I hardly think that s a lot to ask However, all that being said, these short stories were enjoyable to me than many I ve read Note to self Why do I keep reading short [...]

    13. The title story is the only one set in the modern day, and it falls a bit flat The other four, set in fantasy lands, are excellent A light handed, non syrupy touch prevails in these moving stories of love lost and found My favorites are Buttercups, about a middle aged farmer, the young woman he falls in love with, some unusual magic, and a lot of realistic details of daily life on a farm, and Healer, a moving tale about a mage and a young woman who cannot speak.

    14. Pretty good writing and clean, too These were earlier stories that have hints of Beauty, Sunshine, Chalice, and others, all whispering between the lines of these stories My favorite was Buttercups, because of the theme of turning bad into good Good YA, good fantasy, good short stories, good McKinley.

    15. Robin McKinley has always been a favorite of mine Deerskin is a book I reread every few years , so when I saw this on sale, I leapt at the opportunity, and I was not disappointed Every single story I found myself getting hopelessly sucked into If you enjoy her books you ll enjoy this little collection

    16. 4 5 star stories and the last story was a flop WTH A story about a girl who decides to ignore magic It was like when Susan Pevensie decided to grow up and forget Narnia.

    17. While I enjoyed the stories somewhat, and how different they were, overall I was frustrated than happy with this book The theme seemed to be no closure so be ready for that if you read it.

    18. For me this is McKinley at her best I read these stories with the same level of enjoyment as Hero and the Crown and Blue Sword They are also very strong as short fiction, and certain lines are remarkable for their sensitive insight Only two of the stories are obviously set in Damar, and one seems to take place in modern day N America, but all were equally enjoyable One rater described these stories as muted and I agree This isn t the stuff of high drama, but the tales are wonderfully unpredictab [...]

    19. Though I cannot recall much of these stories, saving the first and the last the last being the title story and the only one set in modern times , I do remember not wanting to stop reading them until I had finished the entire volume When I did finish the book, I wanted to go back and reread it, though I d already read the first story several times If you like well constructed fantasy with interesting characters but where the dialogue is tight and spare and the descriptions take up of the page, w [...]

    20. Original Fairy Tales, both timeless and modernThis short story collection shows Robin McKinley at her best well developed characters in skillfully plotted stories This is harder to do in short stories than in longer forms, and I love a long series These are delightful dips into fantasy.

    21. I do not usually enjoy short stories It takes a particularly enchanting author to compel me to sit down to a series of short stories or essays For me, the list is short Laini Taylor, C.S Lewis and Robin McKinley.Robin McKinley is a master of Show, Don t Tell and, as a fantasy author, I cannot praise and love her enough for that I adore how her characters will do something, and she will not tell us why they did that, or whether we should think that they are good bad whatever because of that No, s [...]

    22. Questo uno dei tanti libri che ho letto quando ero pi piccola e che mi ricapitato per mano di recente Ho deciso di rileggerlo perch non ricordavo assolutamente niente di quelle 156 pagine E stata una lettura piacevole, il linguaggio scorrevole e i cinque racconti scivolano via abbastanza velocemente.La prima storia quella di una giovane guaritrice nata priva della voce crescendo svilupper un linguaggio tutto suo, comprensibile solo a chi le sta pi accanto e ai suoi amati uccellini E il racconto [...]

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