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O Sol da Minha Vida By Catherine Anderson,

  • Title: O Sol da Minha Vida
  • Author: Catherine Anderson
  • ISBN: 9789892800585
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mais um estrondoso sucesso de Catherine Anderson, cujos livros s o xitos mundiais, com leitoras fi is que querem ler mais obras da autora em portugu s.H cinco anos, a vida de Laura Townsend ficou quase destru da devido a uma les o cerebral que lhe afectou enormemente a fala e a for ou a abandonar uma brilhante carreira No entanto, apesar das dificuldades, ela nunca perdMais um estrondoso sucesso de Catherine Anderson, cujos livros s o xitos mundiais, com leitoras fi is que querem ler mais obras da autora em portugu s.H cinco anos, a vida de Laura Townsend ficou quase destru da devido a uma les o cerebral que lhe afectou enormemente a fala e a for ou a abandonar uma brilhante carreira No entanto, apesar das dificuldades, ela nunca perdeu o esp rito luminoso Agora tem um bom emprego numa cl nica veterin ria e um lind ssimo patr o que enche o seu cora o de sonhos Mas o veterin rio Isaiah Coulter merece uma mulher que consiga estar sua altura E Laura conclui que, por vezes, amar um homem significa deixa lo seguir o seu caminhos Quando Isaiah contratou Laura, n o estava espera de uma t o grande lufada de ar fresco.Impressionado pelo seu toque e assombrado pela sua beleza Isaiah apaixona se E move o C u e a terra para lhe demonstrar que ela a mulher que ele mais precisa a nica que conseguir trazer o Sol para a sua vida.
    O Sol da Minha Vida Mais um estrondoso sucesso de Catherine Anderson cujos livros s o xitos mundiais com leitoras fi is que querem ler mais obras da autora em portugu s H cinco anos a vida de Laura Townsend ficou quas

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    1. Like the sun comes up after a dark night, so love comes into the hearts of those who thought that they had no chance at being loved Catherine Anderson has made this kind of story her stock and trade, and she truly does it well.In this heartwarming story, Laura Townsend is the unsuspecting heroine who will find love in a very unlikely place Five years ago, Laura had a great life an exciting career, a boyfriend, and lots of friends Until she hit her head in a swimming accident, and obtained irreve [...]

    2. Ok, I m going to have to break down and admit that Catherine Anderson is one of my favourite authors I picked up the first six books in this series a few weeks ago I was tearing my room up looking for my Doctor Who Series 5 DVD set finally found it and picked this up off the floor I opened it to a random page and was immediately sucked in I couldn t even go back to the beginning, so I read from page 180 something to the end, then went back and read the bits I initially skipped I wasn t even both [...]

    3. Ho Mi Gosh When I read my first Catherine Anderson, I didn t like it When I read my second, I rolled my eyes and hated it My third was accidental, and the moment I read the name Coulter in the book, I screamed and read it, because I had it but I swore never to read another stOopid Catherine Anderson book again.And here we are I obviously NEVER learn my lesson.I picked this up because it s a love story wherein the heroine is brain damaged I m always interested in seeing how people handle unique t [...]

    4. 2.5 stars, rounded upEnd was ridiculous, complete with deranged lunatic showing up at the heroine s door At the beginning of the book, the heroine who has brain damage explains that her memory is bad when she s stressed, and she actually forgets her own name when she meets the hero So, I m thinking your stress level is probably pretty high when a deranged lunatic shows up at your front door with a knife and tries to kill you Nevertheless, the brain damaged heroine remembers all of her tai chi mo [...]

    5. Por algum motivo me quase imposs vel dar menos do que 5 estrelas aos livros desta autora Adoro os, sinto que todos me ensinam algo e acho at que s o terap uticos Em O Sol da Minha Vida acompanhamos a vida de Isaiah e Laura numa cl nica veterin ria Gostei bastante de conhecer o funcionamento da cl nica e tamb m das personagens e da forma como as coisas foram evoluindo entre elas Quanto ao mist rio presente no livro foi interessante e a minha suspeita mostrou se correcta Senti que este livro deu p [...]

    6. I m a speech langauge pathologist so the parts about the main character s aphasia were offensively under researched I kept screaming through out the book, Aphasia doesn t work that way, dingbat

    7. I actually read this book first over a year ago It was one of the first few non Nora Roberts romances I read After reading Bright Eyes and Blue Skies, I figured I d skim through it so I could catch some of the connections that I d missed the first time around from not having read the preceding books Instead, I pretty much ended up re reading the entire book.My Sunshine is a wonderful romance Anderson has a real knack for these kinds of stories It s a real change of pace to read about characters [...]

    8. The heroine in this story suffers from aphasia because of a brain injury many years ago Her name is Laura She has trouble speaking long words She has trouble counting She sees some numbers and letters backwards Despite everything, she has managed to live an independent life and hold a job.She has accepted that men will no longer be interested in her because of her speech problems She never expects to find love again.Enter our hero Isaiah a veterinarian with a warm heart that needs a good woman t [...]

    9. Oh My God Where the heck was I to not read this book much, much earlier I saw Catherine Anderson s books at the bookstores so many times and always think What cute covers those books have, but I never really paid any attentionuntil now It all started when I wanted to read novels with heroine who has some kind of disability So I came acrossed this book It s one of the most romantic and sweetest love stories I ve ever read in my whole life And I love every minute I spent reading this book Laura an [...]

    10. I loved this one I could not put it down over the past weekend Isaiah is the fourth Coulter brother to have his own story He and his twin, Tucker, have their own veterinary practice Laura has a form of brain damage that affects her speech, from an accident 5 years before Isaiah hires Laura to be a kennel cleaner in his office They start as friends and grow closer There is a mystery in the story I didn t have much difficulty figuring out the villain, but that s ok Catherine Anderson is very good [...]

    11. I liked the story however a few things were a huge turn off for me as a person 1 Vet wants to throw a puppy back outside on a busy street in the cold winter weather to die.2 The crap put in about how lucrative dog breeding is and how much money you can make Most GOOD breeders don t come out ahead they aren t about the money but bettering the breed After vet cost, show Cost, health certifications 3 Promoting back yard breeding and people that don t bother to get their animals fixed Free kitten ok [...]

    12. Another Coulter family novel that truely touches your heart Are there really strong loveing men with principals in this world You definately read about one here Isaiah is sexy and wonderful Definately someone you can dream about at night His sweet understanding and love for Laura is heart touching You will love this book and it will restore your faith in humanity.

    13. Adorei Adoro a escrita da autora e a forma como nos transporta para dentro dos seus livros e nos d a conhecer as personagens.

    14. This book has everything to be a great read, I even enjoyed it at the beginning But somehow it just didn t work for me I completely lost my interest somewhere in the middle and started to force myself to end it And even skipping through pages didn t help I gave up at the description of the Isaiah s and Hapless story I just couldn t stand it any She talks him into taking a puppy he obviously doesn t like knowing he don t have time for caring about a dog The pup destroys everything, did it suppose [...]

    15. 2.75 stars, rounded up I honestly do not see why everyone raves about this book It s in several BEST lists It s not bad, but not something I would recommend or re read A fairly trite story with some lovely bits It felt like an extra long Harlequin, and a mediocre one at that A little boring.I liked the unusual heroine, Laura She is a caring and strong willed woman with a language impairment called aphasia She applies to work for Isaiah, the local vet I enjoyed seeing Laura come into her own, get [...]

    16. I say this over and over but I love Catherine Anderson s books Once again she delivers a great story about Laura Townsend, an all around loved woman who suffers from speech impairment due to a diving accident, and Isaiah Coulter, a busy Veterinarian who has no time to take care of himself both of them with one thing in common, their love for animals Due to Laura s disability she s been unable to find a stable job so when she is hired as the Kennel Keeper at Isaiah s clinic she is happy to finall [...]

    17. First of all, what kind of a hole vet would tell someone to release a lost puppy back into the cold of winter What did he think was going to happen Would advocate docking of Rottweiler tails just because they would look weird otherwise FYI they don t Worst vet ever.Those quibbles aside, I picked up this book because it sounded like an interesting premise, but it annoyed me halfway through Laura is a bit of a too much, OMG she bakes, vicious dogs love her, she decorates The author writes her as a [...]

    18. This book was just ok A little trite, and nothing about it really grabbed me I was impressed with the author for trying to write a romance novel about a woman with brain damage THat part was pulled off fairly well, but overall an uninspiring writing effort.

    19. I liked it enough to want to read by Catherine Anderson The heroine has a accident 5 years that caused her to have a brain injury She gets a job at a vet office.

    20. Mais uma vez adorei o livro Estes irm os s o um m ximo P Em breve este livro ser lan ado em pt e aconselho a leitura, um livro muito rom ntico onde claro o amor vence todos os obst culos D

    21. Catherine Anderson has done it again This author has a gift for bringing wounded, imperfect people together and making us rejoice for their newfound happiness In this case, we have a bright woman with her entire future ahead of her, who suffers brain damage as the result of a head injury Five years later, Laura has come a long way, but will permanently suffer from partial aphasia, making speaking, reading, writing, and math difficult for her I admit that I knew nothing about aphasia before I rea [...]

    22. Although Catherine Anderson s books are a bit alike in some way, I still enjoy reading them very much I found that My Sunshine strayed a bit from the usual path of romance Like the author s note in Phantom Waltz haven t read that yet Catherine Anderson stated that most romance novels have all healthy characters, and I think that in My Sunshine having Laura to have a disability made her relationship with Isaiah even better, if even possible I loved as Isaiah s and Laura s love for each other prog [...]

    23. This has got to be one of my favorite Catherine Anderson novels The woman in this story, Laura Townsend, wasn t what I would call one of Catherine s regular gals she writes about Laura wasn t running away from an ex husband, or anything She wasn t helpless I really liked the fact that she didn t need Isiah to save her, but in fact it was the other way around When the inevitable split came up as they always do in these novels It wasn t because Laura felt she wasn t good enough, but what she heard [...]

    24. In the 6th installment of the Coulter Kendrick Harrigan series by Catherine Anderson, My Sunshine, she told us another heart warming contemporary romance to melt our hearts Five years ago, Laura Townsend suffered a head injury that impaired her to use language and abandon at brilliant career Now with her spirits held high, she worked at an animal clinic with Isaiah Coulter He filled her heart with longing Now it was up to Isaiah to prove to Laura that they belong together, while he would move he [...]

    25. I was on vacation at the beach when I picked this book up at souvenir shop, just looking for a quick read And man, did I pick a good one I loved this book so much It was a pretty good plot line, fairly interesting, and I just thought the entire thing could be summed up in one word adorable If you re looking for a quick, romantic, sweet read, pretty much anything by Catherine Anderson is going to fill that.

    26. A really enjoyable romance I was surprised shocked, even to discover that the heroine is brain damaged It was very well handled, though, in her own doubts, the hero s doubts, his brother s challenges, etc.But the story was interesting, the heroine s challenges believable, and the obstacles that the h h face well thought out This is one I d keep on my bookshelf to re read except that it s a loaner from either my mom or my sister bummer

    27. This was such a sweet story I loved that Isaiah and Laura were both so realistic I still cry every time I read it

    28. This book was sooo cute.loved the story and the characters of the Harrington clan You will fall in love with the characters and cry at times.Best book I have read in a while.

    29. 4.5 stars.This was one heart wrenching book Until I listened to this book, I must admit I never appreciate how much we take numbers and letters for granted in our everyday life Our heroine Laura suffers from aphasia after an accident, which means diminished cognitive abilities She has trouble recognizing numbers and letters and so everyday tasks like looking at signs, going shopping, paying for things become quite difficult Most of the time, she has to rely on strangers to help and also not to c [...]

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