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I Thirst for You By Susan Sizemore,

  • Title: I Thirst for You
  • Author: Susan Sizemore
  • ISBN: 9780743467438
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • No one sets fire to the page like Susan Size In her sensual new vampire romance, an unsuspecting mortal is embraced in darkness and passion He appears out of the dark desert night a huge, dangerous stranger who sparks desire and fear in her like she s never known Josephine Elliot knows only that her captor s name is Marcus Cage, and that he s on the run ButNo one sets fire to the page like Susan Size In her sensual new vampire romance, an unsuspecting mortal is embraced in darkness and passion He appears out of the dark desert night a huge, dangerous stranger who sparks desire and fear in her like she s never known Josephine Elliot knows only that her captor s name is Marcus Cage, and that he s on the run But who is chasing him, and why Is Marcus protecting her by taking her hostageor is he planning to use her to buy his own freedom And why, above all, is she so inexorably drawn to him, body and soul Marcus is overwhelmed by his thirst for Josephine and instantly recognizes her as his soul mate Desperate to evade enemies intent on destroying him and his kind, Marcus has no choice but to take Jo on the run But when she unwittingly betrays him to his enemies, both are thrust into mortal danger Can their newfound love survive her deceit and spare them a dark fate Or will their insatiable desire burn for eternity
    I Thirst for You No one sets fire to the page like Susan Size In her sensual new vampire romance an unsuspecting mortal is embraced in darkness and passion He appears out of the dark desert night a huge dangerous st

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    1. Opening Line Two things pain can do for you sharpen you up or dull you down It never does anything for your mood I m pretty certain this was a case of the right book at the right time And I say that because I ve read some highly rated books lately that for whatever reason I ve struggled to get through and yet couldn t put this one down It might just be that I haven t read a paranormal vampire romance for ages and I welcomed the change from NA, YA, erotic shades of grey and romantic suspense, or [...]

    2. I liked this book up until the heroine told the hero, You complete me Give me a fricking break, that has to be one of the sappiest sayings ever Note to future authors Never say you complete me , or if your book is medieval, don t use saucy wench I swear the next Scottish or Irish book I read that starts out with saucy wench , I m starting a drinking game and am going to do a shot for every time it s said I plan to be thoroughly drunk by page 100.Okay, beyond what I just wrote, I loved the beginn [...]

    3. Slight Details I don t have much invested in the Prime series, but I found I THIRST FOR YOU to be a great in between book I love how strong and different these Prime vampires feel from other vampire books Prime vampire, Marcus Cage is running from scientists who want to find the answer to immortality, after escaping from their clutches Weak, he searches for his bond mate, who will heal him faster, and finds Josephine Jo Elliot Jo is struggling to recover from injuries as well as guilt after pilo [...]

    4. A great series if you like the sexual strong male characters and their equally strong minded mates For those who like vampires and romance will not want to put the book down Marcus Cage is running from his captors in the Arizona desert when he stumbles upon Josephine Elliot who is camping there Jo is a pilot struggling to cope from a crash that killed five passengers The physic connection brings Marcus to Jo his breed mate There is a lot of action in keeping one step away from Marcus abductors a [...]

    5. I know this book is a bit old for me.but it s REALLY good Susan Size is a good author and I love the way she portrays vampires She s also pretty creative with the bonds between Primes and mortal women She s very vivid with vampire sex I might add It s not so much porn as a work of art I many of her books it s a beautiful and sacred thing.

    6. Marcus Cage is a Prime who just recently escaped from a privately held compound where they conducted experiments on him to try to learn the secret to immortality He s fortunate when he s out, prowling the night, that the woman he comes across camping in the desert is his soul mate, because now he has a food source and he can keep her with him Josephine though is not quite so appreciative of being kidnapped She s also not sure about the guy since he keeps biting her and acting strange but she nev [...]

    7. Pilot Josephine Elliot was camped alone in the desert, treating her guilt over a plane crash that left people dead with liberal solitude when abused escapee Marcus Cage thundered toward her like a runaway train with his captors on his heels Recognizing Jo as his mate Marc also felt her empathic power, panic and fear Marc eased his feeding for Jo, she was his mate and her blood was his survival.Marc enthralls Jo as he seeks shelter to regain his strength and elude his captors Fearing rape, Jo can [...]

    8. Not my cuppa I hate mystical bonds, all the excuses so you don t have to write a romance There was no reason for the love story nor for her idiocy honestly.Possibly an ok book but I wasn t in the mood and skipped a lot Ergo the one star.

    9. Marcus, of the Family Caer not the Clans, which are human protectors than the Families, but otherwise have the same, with strong feelings of familial obligation, of tradition, of self control and honor Josephina, daughter of a police woman, pilot like her father, uses her talents to bring people to safety in emergencies a psychic, reading people s feelingsMarcus, betrayed by his spec ops partner, captured and experimented on by an old, rich man who wants the secrets of his immortality escapes i [...]

    10. Well, as the series goes, these seem to be getting marginally better I just hate the fact that I am going to hit 5 and have to re read it since I now have so much background knowledge I guess I am a little used to each book in a series re telling me just enough so I don t feel lost in case there is significant time elapsing between reading the latest in a series and the previous or if, like I did here, I start out of order by accident or otherwise.Here we have Jo and Marcus who we see a little [...]

    11. I don t know why I haven t heard of Susan Size before Her novels aren t all that bad, there actually quite exceptional This novel in particular had me jumping up and down with joy I don t get to read many novels that involve a kidnapper kidnape romance and this is exactly what I got It certainly didn t disappoint me and I m only sorry that i hadn t read it any sooner I read this novel in no time, because of how good the story s plot was The characters went so great with this novel that it s almo [...]

    12. I read the first book in the series, I BURN FOR YOU, in August 2010 At that time I had really gotten into the whole vampire paranormal genre, but other than the Anita Blake books, almost all of what I d read had been lighter fare, chick lit type or bordering on chick lit I BURN FOR YOU was a darker than I was used to and took a little bit for me to get into The mythology behind the vamps in this world was also convoluted and confusing than I was used to I don t really remember much about that f [...]

    13. I finally read it, and enjoyed it as much as I Burn for You, in fact I am going to see if there are than just the first three I have the next one, Hunger for you, and have started it all ready Beware the spoilers that start below So this is the story of Marcus Cage, a renegade vampire who is being hunted by mad scientists intent on discovering the secret to immortality He has escaped, and runs hunts down our heroine, Josephine, known as Jo, although our guy calls her by her full name She is an [...]

    14. Unbelievably surprising, in a good way.I think I have a thing for paranormal romance, they linger for longer periods of time when I am done with the story loved it

    15. This was a straight up story No depth, except when Jo Marc talked to each other Every action happened and that was it It was also VERY predictable because it was Example Jo is a pilot, she notices a plane That s all you get at first They try to escape Marc suggests a humveeGood GOD Oh The plane, I forgot really in 12 hrs You are a pilot DUH Predictable This happens throughout the story.My quirps NO SURPRISES The cover for 1 I mean for real This is a curly haired then shaved bald guy and a blonde [...]

    16. This book in this series wasn t quite as interesting as the others book i have read in this series but it was still a really thoughtful book I mean its good that she changed it the same old story line from vampire loving human girl to a new story line a genetically experiment vampire that escapes the lab and finds a human girl he falls in love with They got on this like wild escape to escape the lab s evil hands just to study them both Although the main characters disliked one and other at first [...]

    17. I had this book for about 10 years now So I ve read this a few times I do like it but found Jo really annoying She was so ignorant when it came to Gavin manipulating her She s supposed to be empathic or whatever Conveniently, at the time she couldn t read Gavin s thoughts Really Did she not think it was weird that a stranger was holding her against her will in a guarded place though Whereas with Marc, she HAD the chance to leave him, but she chose not to That was her own trust She should have fe [...]

    18. I ve read a couple of Susan Size s Vampire novels and they seem to have the same premise I wish the novel s varied a little bit , but I still enjoy reading her books I love reading books about men on the brink of being lost who inevitably come back because of the love of a good woman When Marcus escapes a testing facility the last thing he thought would happen was that he d find his lifemate Still, even though he s found her at the worst possible time, he s not about to let her go unless it s fo [...]

    19. This was the very first romance novel I read, and got me hooked on romance This is a verylling book When i first read the description, I must admit, I was very intrigged with the plot.I must admit, that if a man or anyone for that matter came out from the darkness in the middle of nowhere in the desert and claims to be a vampire who has escaped from a lab with mad scientists, I too, would have thought him mad But the thrill of the chase, the mystery of one very fast, big, scary and of course, we [...]

    20. The second book in the vampire series Primes.Everything about this book was structured and paced perfectly, like ocean waves crashing on the beach, it kept your emotions rolling along and on the edge wanting to know what happens next Plenty of sex and sexual tension throughout A small hint of Primes background was given of their society groups letting you know the types Clans, Families, Tribes This time around you get of a sense of the characters and have of a connection to them I can say two [...]

    21. If you like the on the run theme, this Vampire Romance is one of the best out there The world building is excellent, creative, and compelling Josie is great heroine and watching Marcus fall in love is great stuff If you love Vampire but are sick of the same old same old, try this series This book can be read as a stand alone though This love story has humor, action, well done sexy times, and a couple you really want to have a happy ending A really fun and original book with a set of themes that [...]

    22. I Thirst for You is a great paranormal romance that delivers some action and adventure as well This is the first book that I read by Size, and I really enjoyed it and hope to read by this author This book is part of a series, but I was able to follow things just fine so it can be read as a stand alone Size does a great job at developing both of her main characters and also sets up a hint of a character that I am assuming appears later in the series in a later book which I always enjoy getting a [...]

    23. This book is better than the first in this series and took me by storm from the beginning I loved these two characters and how they healed each other s brokeness I highly recommend this book and it is so deliciously uncomfortable because he is her kidnaper She keeps trying to get away but still wants him because he is one of the only people to truly see her all the way through Marcus is wonderful to read because his thought processes are so interesting He thinks so methodically but then he broke [...]

    24. I actually didn t read the first book in this series before I read this one So the change of characters was a good thing because it felt like I was reading a book that stood on it s own I loved the whole concept of the storyline, it seemed orginal, well to me it did I also loved the kind of childish bickering that occured between the main two character.I thought this book was well written, entertaining and contained everything the paranormal romance genre could ask for

    25. It only took me up to 3 hours to read I Thirst For You The font is huge making the book look bigger than what it is This is the first Size Vamp book I ve read and will probably be the only Predictable and just plain ol meh, it just needed something to make it a keeper Character development Maybe I will give that it had just enough to keep me reading I did finish it after all Otherwise, one big Snoozefest

    26. This was an intense emotional read The darkness of this novel surprises me because of the violence and hostility that pours out.We have a man who has been abused and experimented on We have a woman who was broken do to her job It is obvious these 2 people need each other it is just unfortunate how it plays out.I am fully appreciative of the story line and characters.

    27. I found this series when cleaning out my paper books now that I have an ereader This reminds me why I love Susan Size so much Excellent In this Marcus, on the run from some bad guys, takes Jo against her will and recognizes his Bond Mate Jo is drawn to him against her own better judgement and falls for him Eventually she betrays him and it s up to Marcus to save their lives.

    28. This book in the series was better than the last I think this author likes a bit angst in her stories than I like but I enjoy the build of the plot and the characters passion Her world of vamps is different and interesting.

    29. This book is almost like the book i burn for u but its like deep i guess u can and i also think that the author did a good job of writting both books but in a way that they would both be differentgotta luv this book alsou people should also read this too.

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