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The Reading Promise: 3,218 Nights of Reading with My Father By Alice Ozma,

  • Title: The Reading Promise: 3,218 Nights of Reading with My Father
  • Author: Alice Ozma
  • ISBN: 9781444715262
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Alice was in fourth grade, she and her father made a promise to read aloud together for 100 consecutive nights Upon reaching their goal, they celebrated over pancakes, but it was clear that neither wanted to let go of their reading ritual So they decide to continue The Streak for as long as they possibly could.
    The Reading Promise Nights of Reading with My Father When Alice was in fourth grade she and her father made a promise to read aloud together for consecutive nights Upon reaching their goal they celebrated over pancakes but it was clear that neith

    One thought on “The Reading Promise: 3,218 Nights of Reading with My Father”

    1. I loved the concept but intensely disliked the book I am amazed people thought it was well written, because it felt like a little kid trying to write an adult book I found the language stilted and conversations unrealistic In spite of spending every night reading together, I never felt any warmth or affection between them There were some hints about a very troubled childhood, including a suicide attempt and abandonment by her mother But, that is barely mentioned In fact, the father is so clueles [...]

    2. This should have been a great book A librarian dad and his daughter promise to read together every night and do so for nearly 9 years The problem is these are two very odd people that I didn t enjoy spending time with Dad oscillates between being clueless he didn t notice that his wife left him on Thanksgiving because he was too busy raking leaves and buddy buddy with his daughter When he arrived home from his father s viewing at the funeral home, he complained to his eleven year old daughter ab [...]

    3. Here s an aphorism that needs to be debunked Being a frequent reader does not make you a better person all that this book proves is that being a frequent reader makes you well read You will still suffer the same dysfunctions the non reading public suffers, but maybe you can quote Dorothy Parker every once in a while for solace I m on the bus with the need to read with and to your kids, and a lesson in endurance and loyalty to the cause goes down nice and easy But author Ozma spent so much time [...]

    4. This is a wonderful book Some of the chapters were laugh out loud funny A couple times, as I was reading while Ellie nursed, I looked down to find that she had stopped nursing and was laughing along with me As a lover of books and reading, this book hit almost all the right notes for me Her last few chapters after The Streak ended were not as compelling But other than that, a great book.As a teacher, I read out loud to my students a few times a year I usually read them Pippi Longstocking because [...]

    5. Full disclosure I didn t actually finish this book I made it through 9 chapters 85 pages Then I skimmed forward through the rest of the book and found of the same, which caused me to close this book and accept defeat I was done in by an excess amount of earnest precious and precociousness.The problem here is that the title and subtitle promise one thing but the book delivers something else If you ve seen other of my reviews of books about books, it s clear I love this genre This book is really [...]

    6. I adored this book It s as simple as that When I taught Freshman Writing at a local university, one of the required assignments was a personal essay This was, without fail, the hardest assignment of the semester and a challenge to teach Alice Ozma, in my opinion, has perfected the art of the personal essay Her tone is endearing, fun, and clear I appreciated that I felt like this was just her normal writing she wasn t putting on airs or trying to write something she isn t This charming series of [...]

    7. Most of us will agree there s something magical about reading It s why when a lot of us who are bibliophiles hear that reading is declining and each year, we are a bit saddened by this news Many of us may wonder what we can do about it and how we can inspire the next generation to continue the love of reading we have.Alice Ozma and her father James have one idea When Alice was in the fourth grade, the two made a vow to read together each night for 100 days After that success and over a victory [...]

    8. I love reading and it started in my childhood from my parent s sharing their love of books with me I can t wait to read Ozma s story.3 22 11 Read this book in one day I LOVED it I m a little prejudiced as I share her love of reading I thoroughly enjoyed learning of the books she read and how they affected her life, but it was how she told her story that made the book so enjoyable I loved reading her memories of childhood and of her relationship with her father whom she read with It was an endear [...]

    9. tammydotts.wordpress 2011 Once upon a time, a little girl and her father wanted to know if they could read aloud for 100 nights in a row When they reached that milestone, they decided to keep going Eventually, when the little girl went to college, the nightly reading stopped after 3,218 nights.The Reading Promise My Father and the Books We Shared by Alice Ozma uses those nights of reading as the frame for an episodic memoir that covers life in the Bronzina household from when Ozma is in the thir [...]

    10. a cute memoir by a young woman whose father read to her almost every night until she went away to college when she was nine years old, they decided to try to make sure they read every day for 1000 days, which expanded to nine years the author s father was a librarian in an elementary school, so he had a passion for children s literature together, they read a mix of classics newer books that he was screening for the library s collection there are some funny stories about the lengths they went to [...]

    11. This book really touched me It brought me back to when I was a kid and my father was the one who read to me all the time and took me to the library Books were very important to him and he was often reading as many as 7 or 8 at a time I got my love of reading and books from him and I couldn t be grateful The Reading Promise is the story of a single father and his daughter who read together every night or day, if that s how things happened to work out that day from the time she was 9 till she lef [...]

    12. The concept of The Streak, and anything that promotes reading to kids is great Reading to your own kids is surely a marvelous thing I m glad that Alice Ozma has been able to tell this story She seems to have turned out pretty well despite her extremely messed up childhood.However, no matter how many times she tells the reader what a great dad she had, I still don t believe her I m glad that she and her father found a way to connect through books It s a shame he didn t have any other way of conne [...]

    13. Well, two stars might be a little harsh, but I was just disappointed in how this book turned out I LOVED the idea of it A daughter writing about how her father read to her every night without skipping any from about age 9 until she left for college I was excited because I m one of those nerdy people who like reading books about books , and since I have children of my own I feel very strongly about the importance of reading aloud to your children However, there was very little about the actual re [...]

    14. From my book review blog My three year old, Lilah, promises me several times a day, I ll always be your baby I believe her I ve read Love You Forever I know that when she s 37 I ll still be crawling across the floor to her at night My five year old, Benjamin, recently told me that, of course, I d be able to take care of his kids when he grows up After all, we ll be living in the same house I believe him, too he will take pity on me in my dotage and bring me into his home That kid walks with his [...]

    15. The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma is the memoir of a very special activity shared by her and her father, Jim Brozina Alice s father read to her every single night, without fail, for nine years From the time Alice was in 4th grade until the day she left for college They called it, The Streak In the memoir, Alice recounts the books they read, and the difficulties they encounter trying to keep the streak alive during nine years of reading She also relates other difficult situations that come to pas [...]

    16. Cute concept, poorly written It s a memoir I was expecting an account of childhood stories books, etc The author s life isn t interesting enough for me to get invested The most important event in her life is that she and her father were so devoted to their reading together, that their reading promise spanned years Yes, I find that a huge accomplishment, to set out to reach a long term goal and meet it However, do I feel it s enough to carry an entire book Not so much I find the writing mediocre [...]

    17. One of my favorite books this year Alice Ozma and her dad, Jim Brozina decide that Jim will read to Alice Kristen at this point, don t be confused all becomes clear each night no matter what This becomes The Streak and is unbroken for at least nine years Proms, sleep aways, Hell, and high water all notwithstanding That is a premise of the book, the joy is in the unmitigated love with which Alice relates the years of The Streak, selecting moments in time to share with us Utterly charming, and at [...]

    18. I have often said that one of the greatest gifts my mother has ever given me is teaching me to read and encouraging a love of reading in me Through reading, possibly than any English or writing classes, I learned how to write I learned how to speak I learned how to slow down, how to stretch my mind I learned how to learn.We never had a reading streak like the author of this book had with her father, but some of my favorite childhood memories involve my mother reading aloud to my sisters and me [...]

    19. A memoir by a young woman whose claim to distinction is that her father read aloud to her, for a minimum of ten minutes, for 3,218 consecutive days.The Reading Promise was a book I was politely interested in when I first heard of it, in the way one is when one is clearly the target audience for someone s literary efforts I dutifully put it on my to read list, and yet felt hardly any urge to rush out and track down a copy Basically, I thought it would boil down to banal and obvious sentiments abo [...]

    20. I have to agree with another reviewer s words, I loved the concept but disliked the book The beginning had me hooked and the end was touching and inspiring, but I struggled to keep reading through the middle I m not sure yet why, but I think it has something to do with liking the story but not liking the writing There was this unshakable feeling that the author was exaggerating or elaborating but trying to pass it off as 100% nonfiction I m not usually a prude when it comes t blending fact and f [...]

    21. I picked this book up at the airport to distract me during my four hour layover It served that purpose quite well The title of the book is misleading though not specious The author clearly has an ardor for books and feels that they were a catalyst to the development of the strong bond that she and her father share We are introduced to the books through opening chapter quotes that allude to the content of that section However, the focus of the chapters is to retell some important transition stage [...]

    22. Ever since reading 84, Charing cross last year I ve been looking for books about books I hit jackpot with this one Absolutely loved the underlying themes of parental love, single parenting, a voracious love and a healthy appetite for books and all things literature I did wish some places had slightly tighter editing but I could not but fall in love with the structure and the not quite mature author writing.

    23. Great message glad to see that this book is touching many lives We should all be so lucky as to have a school librarian, teacher, parentso committed to reading to children.

    24. two star rating equals It was OK and not as negative as most two star ratings Years ago, I would have gobbled this book up, I think But now, twelve years after homeschooling four kids for twenty years, I ve just moved on down the road Younger, especially homeschooling, mothers will find this book somewhat encouraging, I think.You can bank on these two quotes in the Foreword from the author s father If you have been read to as a child, you are much likely to read to your own children when they c [...]

    25. It was ok Indeed Once in a rare while, one will come across a book and realize, not too long into reading it, this would have been a great essay We don t find any mention of reading promise until the last page of the work it was a Streak, not really a Promise In the midst of what seems like a rather disappointing life, a father and daughter start reading books aloud he to her for almost a decade The premise of the book is, of course, its appeal, but it s not really about the books they shared In [...]

    26. In a time when fatherlessness is growing at an alarming rate In a time when technology and standards based testing threaten to steal the joy out of reading for children all over America, this book is a ray of hope Alice Ozma, named by her father after two of his favorite literary heroines, writes this series of vignettes to chronicle The Streak, a promise she and her father made and kept to read together every night for 100 days When the reached 100, they stretched their goal to 1000 nights, and [...]

    27. Alice Ozma s The Reading Promise My Father and the Books We Shared is essentially, charming Although, as Ozma admits in a blog post she recently wrote, the book might be a bit misleading to a reader expecting a book solely about the books Ozma read growing up The novel does make note of the books her father read to her as a child, but it is so based around Ozma and her father s relationship, and the ups and downs of growing up, whatever age you might be My biggest criticism is the author s rela [...]

    28. Es un libro narrado en primera persona por la misma autora Alice Ozma en donde te cuenta muchisimas an cdotas y recuerdos que tuvo con su padre durante su infancia y lo que lleva de vida Los libros que le mos juntos es un libro sobre libros y la importancia de la lectura.Nos recuerda que un lector, a parte de que jam s jam s jam s debe de dejar de leer, tambi n debe de tratar de que no se pierda esa costumbre en las nuevas generaciones.

    29. This was a sweet book about Alice s relationship with her father I enjoyed reading it, but I wouldn t read it again It was a little bit plotless and it reminded me of Sweater Quest My Year of Knitting Dangerously in a bad way Both of these books are about an achievement which is impressive, sure, but probably not impressive enough to write a book about.

    30. It s a Small WorldOn 8 July I attended a Toastmasters meeting an hour away from home I was early and we had a ton of guests that evening Most of the regular crowd was running late I began speaking with some of the new folks One of the guys upon hearing I live in Millville mentioned a book he had just read from a girl from Millville I think he was incredulous that I was unaware of the book He joined our group that evening On my way in at the next meeting, he approached me and gave me his copy of [...]

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