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30 Pieces of Silver By Carolyn McCray,

  • Title: 30 Pieces of Silver
  • Author: Carolyn McCray
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Christian suicide bomber John the Baptist s bones inscribed in ancient Greek A dark secret carried from the foot of the crucifixion Can science solve the world s greatest mystery
    Pieces of Silver A Christian suicide bomber John the Baptist s bones inscribed in ancient Greek A dark secret carried from the foot of the crucifixion Can science solve the world s greatest mystery

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    1. Wow, I gave a book only one star yet I read the whole book I didn t like the book, but it had nothing to do with the advertised controversial view on biblical history I didn t like the book because it was not believable in the actions taking place The action was so outrageous it was not believable Not even for an author to take some literary license, yet this one took out the licensing bureau I was in the military and I have lived overseas There are gun battles with this book, explosions, car ch [...]

    2. This work of fiction had everything that keeps a book exciting I kept following the characters every step of the way The archaeologists were getting deeper and deeper into the mystery of the bones With a betrayer in the midst, you begin to suspect everyone I was right with Rebecca but I had total understanding of Brandt s objections, but I stayed curious to see where the story would lead It was such a fever pitch story The premise was unique and really made me think I loved the caves, temples, g [...]

    3. I didn t finish this book because it was awful Not only did the authors editor screw her over by not sending the book back for a rewrite or fixing the horrendous grammatical and spelling erros, but the author also fails to bring anything to the table besides trite cliches and ignorance about many topics in the book She fails to understand physics and by that I mean the laws of nature as well as the way that bombs explode and language languages that include clicks are pretty much only Swahili and [...]

    4. Ridiculous Someone has devised a plot sillier than Dan Brown s and told it in comic book fashion but with no credibility at all.Verisimilitude That s what makes stories work Whether science fiction, romance, thriller or western, there is an unwritten contract between author and reader that, at some level, the story makes sense This one does not I can t believe I read the whole thing.I noted two pages of errors Some of which are A squad of American special ops goes off radar for four days, leavin [...]

    5. I recently purchased this book as I was intriged by the plot I found a comment From the opening explosion at the base of the Eiffel Tower uncovering a trove of skeletons to the final scenes throughout Italy, the story involves a search for the remains of Jesus Rebecca Monroe is saved from the clutches of a snake by Sgt Brandt and his special ops team deep in the Ecuadorian jungle This begins a roller coaster ride.I started the book hoping to enjoy it as much as I did Dan Brown s novels but only [...]

    6. I picked 30 Pieces of Silver up because it s in my genre and the premise was intriguing I start reading with the view that the book will be 5 star and then deduct a star or two or three as I read By page ten of this book it had already dropped 1 2 of the first star due to a lack of verisimilitude In the jungle, surrounded by natives, the book s heroine, Dr Rebecca Monroe, is tied to a stake with a thirty two foot anaconda tightly wrapped around her from ankles to neck She is saved by a group of [...]

    7. For fairness of this review, I am a Christian.This is another novel about the search for the bones of Christ my all time favorite is A Skeleton in God s Closet I enjoyed the action and the twists along the way, thus the reason for 4 stars.Do I believe Jesus died and rose again Yes, I do That is the core of my faith as a Christian Does reading this novel challenge my faith Not at all I know it s 100% fiction and I read it as such and enjoyed it as pure fiction should be.I will not give away the m [...]

    8. 30 Pieces of Silver is a very controversial religious thriller The style is a bit similar to the DaVinci code in that the characters are on the search for controversial religious relics, and a secret society does not want the relics found That s it for the similarities though 30 Pieces of Silver is very much it s own story The premise in 30 Pieces of Silver is forensic archeology natured, and definitely unique The novel blends a touch of romance, action adventure, and dangerous situations togeth [...]

    9. OK, to be fair as a piece of writing it was probably a 2 star than 3, but the deliberately provocative idea appealed to me brave or just seeking publicity, doesn t much matter as it is a great story to play with Lovers of action stories and mysteries will enjoy the speed of this one it lacks the long, boring exposition explanation that Dan Brown uses excessively in The Da Vinci Code The end is unexpected but in keeping with the story up to that point nice touch.There was obviously some research [...]

    10. Life is too short to read inane books.I was interested in this book because in the review, this is compared to a Dan Brown novel I thought this could be fun.This is not Dan Brown At least his plots, if not possible, at least they are plausible and clever.This was like reading a Rambo movie I should have know it was going to be ridiculous when the book begins with the main character about to be squeezed to death by an anaconda in the jungle, only to learn that she was participating in some kind o [...]

    11. I read this book under the assumption that anyone could knock off a Dan Brown book c mon, they re not THAT wonderful , so why not read the one that cost 3 on Kindle It leaves a sour taste in my mouth to realize I was wrong Regretfully, I must admit that Dan Brown has an x factor that turns a book into a page turner, and that McCray just couldn t duplicate it.If a Dan Brown Novel Checklist existed, McCray would have had full page of marks controversial religious theme and the chase for its ancien [...]

    12. There s something self involved about a novel that bills itself as an extremely controversial historical thriller While Carolyn McCray s mediocre novel will probably appeal to fans of the genre, it also ends up as a lot less than what it aims for Like Dan Brown s ubiquitous Di Vinci Code, 30 Pieces of Silver draws inspiration from the gnostic gospels i.e the Gospel of Judas to present an alternative history of Christianity that undermines the central tenants and truth claims of the Church In McC [...]

    13. 30 Pieces of Silver was a lot of hype about nothing It really went on and on in place I have read than my fair share of religious historical fiction espionage, so I have a great deal to compare to this book.As a former religion teacher, one of things that bothered me most is the lack of scriptural accuracy Judas and Jesus did not grow up together Judas was the only one of the original 12 that was not from Galilee Paul was not one of the original 12 Paul was part Roman and Hebrew His conversion [...]

    14. I would have stopped reading this book before I reached half way had it not been for the reasonably intriguing premise that the bones of Jesus might be found However, I hate stories involving improbable heroics and lucky escapes, and after the first couple, I had had enough The idea that super human military dudes will simply always prevail, and be able to buy or steal everything they need, and be able to travel at super speeds from one location to another, and be able to take on any disguise th [...]

    15. Mixed emotions about the book The action scenes were a little too over the top, I suppose, but the story did move right along The best part, to me, was the flashbacks to the story of Jesus and Judas told in modern language which read like a novel I didn t find the book to be all that controversial, but the unorthodox ideas of what actually happened at and after the crucifixion of Jesus were fascinating.

    16. There were issues that I couldn t get past I didn t find the story to be sacrilegious as some extreme reviewers have mentioned um, it IS fiction , but the desire to solve the mystery wasn t strong enough to overcome the other issues Others have really liked it but it wasn t for me, unfortunately.

    17. Full video review here mysterythriller 30 pieces oAs usual, I m a sucker for any book with remotely religious connections so I couldn t resist this bestselling Kindle thriller The book starts with a prologue in Jerusalem with the pain of the crucifixion and a witness who feels responsible, and then we jump to the present day straight into an explosion that rocks the Eiffel Tower in Paris and uncovers ancient bones.The pace stays fast and furious as the action cuts to genetic anthropologist Dr Re [...]

    18. This is the first book I have ever read that came with a warning Warning Before you purchase this book please be aware that 30 Pieces of Silver is an extremely controversial religious historical thriller Too controversial to be published in hardback Please do NOT purchase this book if you were at all disturbed by the DaVinci Code or The Passion of Christ s revelations.I like both of the books mentioned in the warning so I read this too and really enjoyed it Remember folks it s FICTION The book i [...]

    19. This is very much a knock off of The Da Vinci Code It s fast paced but there are so many plot inconsistencies and impossible coincidences and occurrences that it just became laughable It had an interesting premise and it moved quickly enough to hold my interest just long enough to finish it but I won t be reading any from this author.

    20. I like to refer to March 14, 2012 as my anniversary date with Ms Carolyn McCray On this particular day, I was going through bookbub page of free books Low and behold a particular book caught my eye, 30 Pieces of Silver, by Carolyn McCray What caught my eye besides FREE, was the sticker that was on the cover Her book had the Mark of Excellence sticker pasted on the cover So, in my mind, I m thinking, if she got a MOE sticker, then someone thinks this a good book mm, I ll get it Next thing you kno [...]

    21. Have you ever had a book that made you angry I mean, just totally pissed you off in the end Well for me, this book did it And I had such high hopes First off, it was recommended in the synopsis both here and on by James Rollins, an author whose books I really enjoy And on , it states this book is an extremely controversial religious historical thriller Too controversial to be published in hardback Please do NOT purchase this book if you were at all disturbed by the DaVinci Code or The Passion of [...]

    22. It was a great concept in a not so awesome book The book started off bad and got better as it went along but it was never great Too many mission impossible scenes with absolutely unbelievable outcomes for a team of 4 and two nutty professors I ve read other thrillers with possibly ridiculous action than this but that still sound believable No one in the planet can have the luck these did, which was completely fine but boring and predictable Once you read the first 5 page fight scene you already [...]

    23. This book belongs on the shelf next to Dan Brown s the Da Vinci code and Angels and Demons This involves the types of secrets that if revealed could destroy the foundations of faith for much of the world and secret societies that have worked for centuries and sometime against each other to keep the secrets hidden from the world The action starts in our time with a bombing at the Eiffel Tower, which turns out was to destroy some artifacts buried under the site of the tower centuries prior to the [...]

    24. There s a standing joke in our house that I only read book with pictures of a red cross on the front Things like Secret of the Templars, The Templar Code etc It s true, I do have a soft spot for religious conspiracy thrillers ever since I read the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.30 Pieces of Silver is only like the Da Vinci Code in the broadest sense in that it deals with a religous conspiracy and a secret society determined to keep it secret at all costs, even if that means murder and mayhem It s ac [...]

    25. 30 Pieces of Silver by Carolyn McCray was a Kindle book I picked up because it was on sale at Usually the freebies and low cost books are hit or miss and this one turned out to be a hit Rebecca Monroe is a scientist with a goal But her goal becomes secondary as she is drawn into the search to find the bones of the disciples of Jesus Hoping the discovery will aid her in her mission to confirm what she calls the smart gene she reunites with an old mentor and lover In the course of her adventure sh [...]

    26. I liked this bookI m not sure what I had been expecting, and I didn t buy into all the controversial smoke that the PR was blowing, but I figured it was free and sounded kinda interesting so hey why not I liked the Robert Langdon novels and that type of mystery thriller in general so I figured I give it go.The plot was good, if a little over the top at times It kept moving and just when you thought you figured out a number of things, a new twist appeared A couple problems were that there were so [...]

    27. Despite the fact that the author can decide if she wants this story to be Dan Brown, Clive Cussler, or Indiana Jones, I m ok with the adventure part barely The characters are absolute cliches and mostly annoying ding dong Lochum s dead The romance implausable Danielle Steele anyone fall deeply in love in 24 hours, blah, blah Oh, and in the middle of hot sex, she gets a clue to what they are looking for, and they just hsppily drop everything to continue the mission Hilarious.No What I really have [...]

    28. The best I can say is it was interesting I can see how the religious people could be upset with some of her ideas, but being a Pagan to me it was of a Clue type, This is how it COULD have happened It s just the author s idea of what might have happened during the Crucifixion The problem was that the idea of the story was believable then the action Think of Dan Brown meets James Bond, directed by Jon Woo, staring Sty Stallone There is only some much I can believe They get attacked by every mean [...]

    29. A warning first after reading reviews for this book This book is fiction It makes no claims that any parts of it are non fiction If you can suspend your disbelief cast aside any firm religious beliefs you have about the Crucifixion, and you can read a story about the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ without getting angry that it tells a different tale than the one in the Holy Bible, then I highly recommend this story.The pace is fast The reader is dropped in medias res , smack dab in the middle of ac [...]

    30. Contrary to the reviewer author James Rollins review of this book, Dan Brown s crown is not up for grabs, especially by Ms McCray Purchased a new eReader and this was my first purchase Really went out on a limb and paid 3.00 to Good thing it didn t cost any than that A rather sophomoric attempt and not even close to a Dan Brown thriller that it tries to emulate The book did, however, afford me the opportunity to become comfortable with the ebook and its cool features At times I found myself sub [...]

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