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Yokai Attack!: The Japanese Monster Survival Guide By Hiroko Yoda Matt Alt Tatsuya Morino,

  • Title: Yokai Attack!: The Japanese Monster Survival Guide
  • Author: Hiroko Yoda Matt Alt Tatsuya Morino
  • ISBN: 9784805312193
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • Yokai Attack is a nightmare inducing one stop guide to Japan s traditional monsters and creepy crawlies.Yokai are ethereal sorts of beings, like ghosts, nearly always encountered at night everyone has their own take on how they might look in real life and what sorts of specific characteristics and abilities they might have This book is the result of long hours spent porYokai Attack is a nightmare inducing one stop guide to Japan s traditional monsters and creepy crawlies.Yokai are ethereal sorts of beings, like ghosts, nearly always encountered at night everyone has their own take on how they might look in real life and what sorts of specific characteristics and abilities they might have This book is the result of long hours spent poring over data and descriptions from a variety of sources, including microfilms of eighteenth century illustrations from the National Diet Library in Tokyo, in order to bring you detailed information on almost 50 of these amazing creatures for the first time in English.Illustrations, created by the talented Tatsuya Morino, detail the potential appearance of each yokai Alongside each illustration is a series of data points, with each yokai s significant features at a glance especially handy for any potential close encounters.Yokai Attack will surely convince you that Japan s tradition of fascinating monsters is a long one yet far from being history.Together with Yurei Attack and Ninja Attack , Yokai Attack is the last guidebook to Japan you ll ever need.
    Yokai Attack The Japanese Monster Survival Guide Yokai Attack is a nightmare inducing one stop guide to Japan s traditional monsters and creepy crawlies Yokai are ethereal sorts of beings like ghosts nearly always encountered at night everyone has

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    1. I ll admit, I was a little worried about this one.I d heard the author talk on the Monstertalk podcast Flipping through the book ran through some alarm bells I remember a long string of monster books written with poor research and jokes that Mad Magazine wouldn t stoop to, and the art style made me wonder if this was a new one in that vein.Instead, I found an excellently researched, well written, beautifully illustrated guide to Japanese folk monsters.The Three Buttholed Turtle Man Coming to a M [...]

    2. Yokai attack I honestly had so much fun reading this book I ve recently been on a bit of a traditional Asian mythology flex So I got this book The book, it s self is very fun with bright pages packed full of art and history and tell you about the different Yokai s supernatural monsters There s all kinds of crazy Yokai in this book For me personally the reason why I love Yokai is the crazy art depicted of them from the Book of the 8th century Kojiki, Record of Ancient Matters The art always fasci [...]

    3. some typical yokai like tengu, kappa, snow woman were includedand modern ones too, Hanako in the Toilet and Slit Mouthed Woman, those evil spirits and monsters from urban legends of modern japanof course it s not overall covered, but it s good and interesting anyway

    4. Yokai are everywhere What will you do if you encounter one This book is a great field guide that gives you specific advice on how to survive a Yokai attack

    5. Yoda, Hiroko Alt, Matt, Yokai Attack The Japanese Monster Survival Guide Tokyo, Tuttle Publishing, 2008 nonfiction Yokai Attack is part of a series by Yoda and Alt which also include Ninga Attack and Yurei Ghost Attack Yokai is a kanji in Japanese for bewitching and mysterious Yokai are part of classic Japanese folklore and are given a refreshed update in this compilation Creatures are broken into categories such as ferocious fiends and gruesome gourmets The book introduces the concept of yokai, [...]

    6. When s the last time you asked yourself, Gee, how do I keep my home safe from the Bathtub Licker Not recently, you say And yet to a Japanese child, the mention of the name Akaname evokes the image of a large, red, demonlike creature with a long tongue and glaring eyes, that hides in the bathroom at night Aren t you glad you were warned Then thank your lucky stars you re buying Yokai Attack The Japanese Monster Survival Guide.The detailed descriptions provide everything you ll need when faced wit [...]

    7. Fun illustrated overview of Japanese preternatural creatures.Just the title is a bit overselling Most of the y kai aren t really aggressive They won t attack you unprovoked or at all.The Azuki Arai may sing about catching humans to eat, but they never harm anyone.On the other hand, if you want to be on the safe side, you may want to bring along a bottomless ladle, so the Funa yurei can t bail your boat full of water when you meet them.

    8. Brilliant A guidebook to Japanese spooks along traditional lines than Sadako, say that s written with humour Illustrations within perfectly capture the personalities of the monsters, and they re ranked from incredibly dangerous to wimpy as hell If you re interested in Japanese mythology and folklore, this is a worthy read, presented in a fun way.

    9. A visually appealing, easy to read field guide to yokai, those pesky Japanese supernatural creatures I was somewhat disappointed that shirime was not included Maybe in a future edition A shirime is basically a man creature with an eyeball shining out of its bottom.

    10. It was the best book I read on the subject It had plenty of information and pictures that were wonderfully drawn Loved it

    11. Kojiki Record of Ancient Matters mononoke bakemono yokai yokai Yurei 1776 Gazu Hyakki Yagy karuta chihayafuru DR.Enryo Inoue yokaigaku yokai ology study of monsters lafcadio Hearn Yakumo Koizumi in ghostly Japan 1899 Kwaidan 1903 Kunio Yanagita Tono Monogatari 1912 1960 Shigeru Mizuki GeGeGe no Kitaro A Wild sheep chase Yamikuro Infra Nocturnal Kappa xD Attack Yokai Attack If you are an English speaker and wondering about the context of this post, i recommend you to buy [...]

    12. Muy cuqui y divertido La informaci n que ofrece sobre cada uno de los yokai es muy interesante y detallada

    13. It s not easy being into world mythology and legends when there are very few books on whichever stories and characters you want to learn about written in the language that you comprehend For me this has proven especially true when it comes to researching the lore of the creatures indigenous to the Japanese myth base, a group collectively known as Yokai, a name derived from the written form of the words otherworldly and weird I ve was made aware of these spooks and monsters through years of absor [...]

    14. Buku ini bisa dibilang merupakan buku pintar yang khusus membahas dunia youkai siluman, makhluk halus, jin di Jepang Setiap youkai diulas secara mendetail, bahkan sampai memiliki data data khusus Pengarangnya adalah sepasang suami istri beda negara, Matt Alt dan Hiroko Yoda yang sepertinya punya pengetahuan banyak seputar dunia ghaib Isinya diulas dalam bahasa inggris, jadi kamu yang tidak bisa nihon go tidak perlu kuatir.Yang membuat buku ini semakin menarik, adalah desainnya yang seolah olah a [...]

    15. Instead of calling this a guidebook the authors billed it as a survival guide Interesting device to get into what s essentially a short encyclopedia of yokai or what can most closely be translated as monsters Though the authors are quick to explain it s a word that should stand on its own Like sushi or toque for us Canadians Yokai Attack is an interesting way to take a quick look at some of the folk creatures of Japan Some parents may even want to borrow a few to keep the kids on the straight an [...]

    16. A pop culture look at traditional Japanese spirits A nice little book for anyone interested in the cultural characters that show Japanese anime and other pop culture movies The book has different categories for the creatures Each entry has modern interpretations of the creatures as well as 18th or 19th century drawings of the myths There s also a pronunciation guide and a brief description of the create Also what to do to avoid the creature.

    17. Wonderful survey of Japanese urban legend mythological monsters demons ghosts spirits Scholarship is good, with references to the classic Japanese works on spirits authors are in Japan, and speak Japanese Pictures aren t scary, but some of the text might creep out younger readers A very good introduction, and of particular interest to J horror fans many of the tropes that you ll see in the Grudge and the Ring etc, are very traditional in Japanese culture.

    18. I knowyou may be thinking why 4 stars for a book on Japanese mythical monsters Although the tone of the book is cheeky rather than scholarly, it has a lot of monsters and accompanying illustrations, including old woodblock prints It reminds me of the old Dungeon and Dragons monster manual, but with Japanese monsters and no mention of hit points.

    19. This is a great book to have lying around the house I wouldn t say it s something to sit down and read cover to cover But I found it great fun to pick up and read for a little while, learn a bit about the monsters of Japan and have new material for my nightmares The illustrations where great and the inclusion of old woodblock prints of the beasts was great Loved it

    20. It s a fun way to get acquainted with the various characters of Japanese mythology If you want to know what s going on in anime or manga, as the old saying goes, you can t tell the players without a program.

    21. This book is EPIC and so much fun The art is good and the writers have done their research Not for cultural anthropologists, but any casual fan looking for some quick info will dig this book.

    22. Muy entretenido y bastante detallado He visto varias peliculas de youkai, leido mucho manga con monstruos tradicionales y conozco otros de varias otras fuentes, y est n casi todos ac Mas algunos nuevos y algun material extra por si uno quiere investigar.Las ilustraciones son graciosas como las notas al pie y me gust que incluya ilustraciones tradicionales es decir, antiguas , demostrando que los japonenses tienen un folklore monstruoso y bizarro incre ble para el resto del mundo Gracias Lau por [...]

    23. This book provides a look at some of the monsters that inhabit Japanese folklore Most of the major creatures are featured Be aware that this is written as a humor book, so if you re looking for something serious, this is not the book to get As someone who has read several books about Japanese folklore, there wasn t much new here However, if you don t have any exposure to this topic, this is a good place to start.

    24. This is a nice bestiary It doesn t go super in depth but bestiaries really aren t meant to and the writing feels like it s trying a bit too hard sometimes, but otherwise, it s very enjoyable I feel like the categories the yokai were put into were a bit of a stretch, and I m honestly not sure why the traditional categories couldn t have been used, but all in all, that s a minor quibble.The illustrations are very nice, especially when displaying yokai in a modern setting I also really enjoyed th [...]

    25. Fascinating look into yokai, Japanese culture, stories and legends The origin stories of some of the yokai was also interesting But my favorite part was seeing how deeply these yokai impact the culture of Japan yokai are prevalent in artwork, card games, movies even mascots Several of the games I play, like Culdcept have yokai inspired creatures Miyazaki s Spirited Away was clearly influenced by coming from a culture with yokai legends Just to name a few things This book is beautifully done, and [...]

    26. Very fun light reading with amusing puns and and jokey text, but also great illustrations and pictures, linguistic notes, and some fairy tales Sometimes some of the entries seemed pretty poorly researched the akaname is described as being harmless, but according to what I have read, the akaname has venom in its saliva, so if it cleans your tub with its tongue, you are in trouble The tanuki is also described as being completely harmless, but one of the most popular fairy tales that feature tanuki [...]

    27. A fun introductory into the world of Japanese tales and stories, Yokai the Japanese word for demon or monster Attack is a survival handbook for when you encounter these bizarre beings Heavily illustrated by both ancient drawings and their modern counterparts, readers will get a glimpse of the various types of bogeymen, critters and creatures that enrich the shinto sm based folklore of Japan Fun and easy to read, filled with humor, this survival guide might just be the difference between life and [...]

    28. Amazing Yokai Attack is a wonderfully illustrated guide to all kinds of creepy, bizarre, cool things found in Japanese folklore The book is well researched, with sources documented, but easy and fun to consume Great for adults and teens I recently learned the authors and illustrator have published two other books and I have already ordered all three books for my library.

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