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Knee Deep By Jolene Perry,

  • Title: Knee Deep
  • Author: Jolene Perry
  • ISBN: 9780983741886
  • Page: 260
  • Format: ebook
  • Shawn is the guy Ronnie Bird promised her life to at the age of fourteen He s her soul mate He s uptight every day, but it s not his fault His family life is stressful, and she s adding to it She just needs to be understanding, and he ll start to be the boy she fell in love with She won t give up on someone she s loved for so long Luke is her best friend, aShawn is the guy Ronnie Bird promised her life to at the age of fourteen He s her soul mate He s uptight every day, but it s not his fault His family life is stressful, and she s adding to it She just needs to be understanding, and he ll start to be the boy she fell in love with She won t give up on someone she s loved for so long Luke is her best friend, and the guy she hangs with to watch girlie movies in her large blanketopias He s the guy she can confide in before she even goes to her girlfriends, and the guy who she s playing opposite in Romeo and Juliet Now her chest flutters every time he gets too close This is new Is Ronnie falling for him Or is Juliet The lines are getting blurry, but leaving one guy for another is not something that a girl like Ronnie does Shawn s outbursts are starting to give her bruises, and Luke s heart breaks as Ronnie remains torn While her thoughts and feelings swirl around the lines between friendship and forever, she s about to lose them both.
    Knee Deep Shawn is the guy Ronnie Bird promised her life to at the age of fourteen He s her soul mate He s uptight every day but it s not his fault His family life is stressful and she s adding to it She just

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    1. 3.5 Stars Took my breath away I was initially a bit hesitant to read a book majorly focused on abuse a subject such as this normally leaves me with an uneasy feeling But the way Ms Perry flawlessly tackles this delicate subject using a soft touch to convey a firm message, left me in awe The story begins at the birth of the abuse and progresses from there Shawn was Ronnie s childhood love her destiny, and she couldn t imagine life without him As Shawn s behavior becomes threatening, Ronnie starts [...]

    2. This book is way personal than I intended for it to be, and I m a sucker for stories that involve best friends having a chance at .Luke, and his floppy hair, raggedy shorts, and juvenile T shirts is one of my favorite, favorite book boys.

    3. I m never keen on picking up books dealing with sensitive subject matters such as abuse, I usually have a tough time stomaching them but also the last one I read which focused on this subject didn t work out for me So you re probably wondering why did I decide to pick another one up so soon When I first came across Knee Deep I actually didn t look at what it was about I completely fell for the cover, also my last book by Jolene Perry I d surprisingly enjoyed so I d really wanted to read of her [...]

    4. FABULOUS I speechless What a Breathtaking story This was written with such clarity, everyone, at any age should read this book I could not put it down Thank You Ms Jolene

    5. He s it for me, Luke Luke s face falls He can t be It can t be possible for someone like him to get someone like you What if the person you were supposed to love and be with forever, changed for the worst This is exactly what happened to Ronnie Shawn and her are supposed to be together forever She promised herself to Shawn when she was 14, and now that she is about to graduate she can t be excited to start the future with Shawn But things don t always work out how we plan Shawn is getting angry [...]

    6. We all know it s Shawn and Ronnie forever.Shawn and Ronnie have been in love since they re twelve years old Shawn is Ronnie s first kiss, first love, first boyfriend, and first everything Shawn was once the sweet boy who prepared Ronnie a very special picnic because he said the coolest girl in the world needs the most perfect spot for her first kiss Ronnie believes that twenty years after, she would still be with Shawn, in love.This is their senior year and Shawn starts acting weird He is easily [...]

    7. Four Stars A compelling read that focuses on a difficult topic Ronnie is excited to start her senior year She has two wonderful best friends, Mindy and Luke, and best of all the boy she has been in love with she was twelve moved back last winter and they are so in love and happy At least, that is what she tells herself Yet, things haven t been perfect lately with Shawn He has been moody, distant and they have been fighting She blames the situation on the added pressure he is experiencing at his [...]

    8. I wanted to write a simple answer to the question you didn t like Ronnie , but I ended up with than a comment Keep in mind that this is not quite a review, just some thoughts that came to my mind.I am not too familiar with this subject thank God so I saw all this through my own eyes instead of Ronnie s, but as much as this girl kept arguing with herself, she always found some excuses for her boyfriend, which yes, it seems pretty realistic the problem was that she never made it clear to him that [...]

    9. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFKnee Deep is a beautiful coming of age novel about love, abuse, and self discovery It s intense and gut clenching, but it s also light and sweet It s a great balance of dark of light.Ronnie has been in love with Shawn since she was fourteen, and she is convinced that she is going to spend the rest of her life with him He is her forever Lately, Shawn s been stressed, tense, controlling, and forceful, but Ronnie kno [...]

    10. I ve really hit the jackpot with Knee Deep I have been getting quite restless with the amount of repetitive contemporaries i ve been reading lately and was dying to read one that just emotionally affected me, and Knee Deep was the one I always say how I always look for the realistic aspect of contemporaries The story revolves around the beginning of an abusive relationship and how the female protagonist is in denial and can t admit to herself that her boyfriend, her childhood sweetheart, would d [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this All though the story is tackling some very mature subject matter physical and psychological abuse in a relationship for a YA book, the writing was not overly depressing or overly emotional It wasn t a slap in the face, or a wake up call for civilization that screams WAKE UP PEOPLE ABUSE IS ALL AROUND YOU AND YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT like some other YA books can come across as This just seemed realistic than that to me A caring, sweet teenage girl who comes from a [...]

    12. I know I probably said this last time, but how is it, that this amazing author is not published Her books are amazing and so down to earth Her characters have pivtol points in their lives that leave the reader breathless and wanting .Abuse in a relationship is so hard to get of You make excuses for the person, covering up all of their bad deeds This is why I am glad for books like these that address the issue head on Ms Perry writes such a signifcant point in the story I love the way she builds [...]

    13. A Huge THANK YOU to Nicole at Tribute Books for allowing me to be a part of this great tour Knee Deep grabbed my attention a few months ago when I saw the cover reveal I said man this book is something I need to read when it comes out The cover just screams READ ME READ ME.Knee Deep is a story of love, friendship and consequences of loving the wrong person This story shows you the consequences behind actions made in haste This is a must read for all teenage girls When a girl loves hard she loves [...]

    14. While not the type of book I usually read, Knee Deep really piqued my interest I had signed up for a spotlight post with an excerpt and after reading it, I just wanted And I wasn t disappointed It brought about some strong emotions and really left an imprint in my thoughts I ve never read a book about abuse situations before, usually keeping away from realism in the books I read, but I just felt compelled to read this one I really enjoyed Jolene s writing style It was simplistic and made for a [...]

    15. I really enjoyed Knee Deep and can t wait until it comes out and so everyone else can get a chance to read it too Luke is one of my favorite book boys of the year I love nothing than the nice guy I guess that s what floats my boat and he is that He s not some doormat, though But he s a friend first to a girl who needs a friend than anything.I started this book while I was sick, thinking I d read a little here and a little there to pass the time, and ended up reading the entire book in one sitt [...]

    16. I actually really liked it I think it portrayed all the confusing feelings very well Like the guilt and feeling like it was your fault and your responsibility to do better and make things easier for the abuser is very on target especially for an abusive relationship at such a young age I loved the end view spoiler I was so pissed that Luke would just leave her like that Even if he thought she needed space To be so cold after he found out what happened to her Then to get the e mails at the end OM [...]

    17. Author Jolene Perry Published By Tribute BooksAge Recommended YAReviewer Arlena DeanRaven Rating 5Blog For GMTAReview Knee Deep by Jolene Perry was a very emotional, heartfelt, wonderful, direct and easy read This author was able to show the abuse that was touched by Ronnie only to be seen from the very start of this read The girl Ronnie Bird was thought to have had it all parents, friends, doing OK in school and most of all e love of her life But was this all really true Shawn had been Ronnie s [...]

    18. Because sometimes all we need is somebody to sit in silence with Can you possibly let go of someone you love for a very long time Would it make you a bad person for wanting to let go when he needs you the most Are the bruises and hurts worth it I like this book, and it took me a while to finish it because a lot of books came up in between, but I m glad I did Jolene Perry made a very beautiful novel A very sensitive topic was threaded carefully She did not overdo it that you might want to close t [...]

    19. Shawn is a typical teenage girl with a typical crush She has been in love with Shawn since forever, and just because he s changing doesn t mean she is going to stop loving him Luke is her best friend, but why does she feel so different around him than she used to.I was very wary when I started to read this book Violence against women is a very touchy subject, and I was worried that this book would fall apart if handled wrongly But I didn t need to worry, for Jolene Perry knows exactly what she i [...]

    20. Knee Deep is all about immersing oneself than one can take and there is only one driving force behind it the fear of letting go When I started reading Knee Deep, I never thought it would be such an emotional ride for Ronnie, Shawn and Luke To see Ronnie mature emotionally was a very unlikely experience for me as it gave me insight into the reason for staying in relationships that end up bringing one down.It s hard to break out of one s comfortable zone and Ronnie taught me how difficult it coul [...]

    21. Review Wow That is about all I can say Favorite childhood book shout out Lily s Purple Plastic Purse Anyway, I m serious though This book was awesome It was a really nice story and sweet, but it also touched some very important issues in today s world I loved how Jolene incorporated all of the aspects of a good love story, but also of pain and forced indecision Cover Frankly, the cover creeped me out a little The way the girl stares at you just gives me the shivers However, I know why they call [...]

    22. Ronnie is convinced that Shawn is the boy she s meant to spend the rest of her life with, even when he begins to prove himself unworthy of the role She convinces herself that he s the same boy she fell in love with when they were kids, even though their lives begin to travel down two separate paths Will Ronnie know when to walk away, or does she love him enough to put herself through anything When their relationship begins to move too fast for her comfort and Shawn begins to pressure her, Ronnie [...]

    23. Wow Oh Wow This book had a lot elements than I had been expecting It was written beautifully and held a great way to ease the reader into the story The flashbacks throughout Shawn, Luke and Ronnie s childhood made a very important impact on the reader to actually see how the three friends had mingled with one another in their younger years.Shawn and Ronnie together actually seemed kind of perfect, like a dream come true You can tell that Ronnie has true love for Shawn and is willing to look pas [...]

    24. Does loving someone mean losing your inner strength Knee Deep by Jolene B Perry is the second book I ve read by this author, and I adore her writing I read this in a day Senior year, the last year in high school which is suppose to hold all these options for students, their last year of high school Ronnie and her friend Mindy each year set a goal of what they plan to accomplish that year in their notebooks of firsts However as Ronnie sets out to try out for the school s play with her best guy fr [...]

    25. What a fantastic story So heartbreaking and real Loving someone is easy, especially if you ve known them like forever Letting go is hard,and finally when you take a deep breath and exhale, there s that big, bright light at the end of the tunnel.Like the previous books I ve read written by Jolene Perry, this one had me turning the pages, experiencing the MCs conflicts, emotions and her life.Ronnie and Shawn have been in love for a while now, and to Ronnie, their love is meant to last forever Late [...]

    26. Ronnie is happy with herself.e has a great father,a ok mom,her friend mindy who she shares every secret with ,her BF luke with whom she can have a movie marathon in a bundle of blankets and have chocolate popcorn and have best fun and most of all.awnher beautiful boyfriend Shawn.But life isn t that perfect when she realizes shawn is changed,,he s aggressive and gets angry for every small thing she does.d she doesn t know what her fault is in it it really her She trieso hard patch up their relat [...]

    27. I got way then I expected out of this book I enjoy sweet YA romances even without a deep seeded plot line with lots of life lessons, but when you can add all of that in, it really just blossoms into something amazing This book really should be read by all females in high school I believe it would empower them to not feel pressured into doing things they don t want to and to be able to notice an unhealthy relationship It s easy to be blinded by love when your that young, but hopefully with the r [...]

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