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Left to Love By Jolene Betty Perry,

  • Title: Left to Love
  • Author: Jolene Betty Perry
  • ISBN: 9781477548363
  • Page: 462
  • Format: None
  • Leigh s life is shaping up to be pretty perfect.She married the father of a little boy she fell in love with They live in a nice house, on a quiet street, and her hobby of a sewing business is keeping her busier than she ever imagined She s back in touch with her brother who she hasn t seen since she was a child, and her new husband has an in for his dream job when heLeigh s life is shaping up to be pretty perfect.She married the father of a little boy she fell in love with They live in a nice house, on a quiet street, and her hobby of a sewing business is keeping her busier than she ever imagined She s back in touch with her brother who she hasn t seen since she was a child, and her new husband has an in for his dream job when he graduates in the spring.But when her small symptoms begin to lead up to something big she has to face the shattering realization that her cancer is back.Leigh struggles with her new marriage, her faith, her desire to adopt the little boy who calls her mom, and the strength to keep fighting for her life.
    Left to Love Leigh s life is shaping up to be pretty perfect She married the father of a little boy she fell in love with They live in a nice house on a quiet street and her hobby of a sewing business is keeping

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    1. Three things I like 1 There s Brian he and Noah end up in the same room, which was one of my favorite scenes to write.2 Leigh has only SLIGHTLY grown up.3 I had to dig deep for this DHere s a coupla quotes We didn t talk after that Sometimes there s so much to say that no one knows how to start I married the perfect girl I married the girl who could have done so much better and took me anyway I married a woman who inspires me to be the best version of myself just by being her I feel lucky every [...]

    2. After reading The Next Door Boys I became a fan of Jolene Perry When I realised Left To Love had been put online to purchase I picked up a copy straight away and dove straight in Since this is a review of my own book then I have fit it into my reviews for publishers, which is why its only just being put up now, months after publication This review is also hard to write as it s a subject matter very close to my own heart, and already my eyes are welling up.Leigh and Brian are married and Left To [...]

    3. My parents were the only people in the world who always left their keys in their cars, and yelled out about doing it.It s such a simple story But it made me feel I felt the heartache and the laughs and the bitter sweetness of Brian and Leigh s life I really loved the happy relationships in this book There s a strong focus on family, friends, and unconditional love So much so that it overcomes the depressing plot and makes for a really gorgeous read Leigh s family don t allow her to wallow in her [...]

    4. This is what I love about reading books such as this one It simply teaches you lessons that changes the way you look at life forever.You know the feeling after reading a good book and it leaves you in state of book hangover that you can t move on You stop and stare at nothingness then you ll have this realizations about everything you got from that book How it changes your perspective about every side of life and death Leigh Tressman, a young prayerful woman After months of diagnosis and treatme [...]

    5. Let s say this is such a special book for me.After The Next Door Boys comes Left to love.Leight finally married his soul mate and they are living happily ever after, however Leight bad luck seems to be hounding her view spoiler That s when the cancer takes over her again and she has to start fighting it AGAIN hide spoiler.I must admit that with this one I cried a lot and than that.But at the same time it was really sweet I should say that this is the kind of book which makes you feel grateful , [...]

    6. OMG where to begin with this book LOVE LOVE LOVE Fitting huh Where to begin It starts off in quick transition It had been a while since I read the first one The Next Door Boys, and it hit a rough transition through the books That only lasted for the first few pages though Once I got into it I couldn t put it down This book made me so emotional, especially with Leigh She hits so many curve balls in the stages of her life She is now a wife, has a step child and is fighting for her life, recovering [...]

    7. I will forever look up to Leigh and the type of person she is I will always strive to be just as good Holy cow and Brian is just amazing And cute little Nathan The whole book my heart was tearing and pounding and i was crying out of sadness and joy and a desire so big i never thought possible I Love This Book.

    8. Unlike other stories with cancer patients, i felt scared with Leigh s character rather than pity I just can t imagine how tough and difficult her situation is How the pain was described scared me But Brian and Nathan,tho They were the best Brian was perfect and Nathan was so adorable Joseph s talk with Leigh hit the right spots and realizations that was my favorite part.

    9. This is a MUST READ if you ve read The Next Door Boys and if you haven t read The NDB, then I recommend that one as well Both beautiful and heart wrenching, I loved this book It was a one sit, box of tissue read that made me think about what it really means to love someone.

    10. Left to Love Next Door Boys 2 by Jolene B Perry Leigh seemed to have her happily ever after She married Brian, the guy of her dreams, started her own sewing business thanks to her new husband s computer skills, and got to be a mother to Nathan, Brian s son, who she loved like he was her own child All of these things came to an abrupt and devastating halt, once Leigh realized she had been experiencing symptoms her cancer was back Now, with her new family, she had to battle her cancer again Leigh [...]

    11. I loved The Next Door Boys and when I found out that author Jolene Perry had gone ahead and self published its sequel I was all over it Bought it about 2 minutes after I realized she d done that I pretty much knew where this next book was headed You could make a good guess If it didn t go this way, I would have been surprised It called for it It was the natural progression of things While I did enjoy it, there were several moments that I felt it needed a much bigger punch It felt monotonous for [...]

    12. Again Jolene has me hooked from thee very beginning, she really is a great writer and I can only imagine what it took her to write this book The second book in the series and it was pure emotion We are back with Leigh and she has finally gotten married and is in the process of adopting Nathan, only to find out that she s just not feeling as great as she should be.The cancer is back, and this is where our story begins It s always sad to read about sickness but when it happens again to someone who [...]

    13. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFLeft to Love, the follow up to The Next Door Boys, was another beautiful story by Jolene B Perry The first novel in this series, The Next Door Boys, is about Leigh s journey to live a normal , cancer free life After battling cancer for a couple of years, Leigh finally has a chance to experience college, boys, and living on her own At the beginning of the second novel in the series, Left to Love, Leigh is in a grea [...]

    14. Review originally posted at offtomyworld 2012Sadness Tears Yes, there were some Happiness a lot Hope Plenty Love overflowing These are the feelings and emotions that stood out reading Left to Love, the continuation of The Next Door Boys by Jolene Perry.I looked forward to what would happen to Leigh and Brian s love story and I was so happy of how it continued but I wasn t prepared to the events that transpired next I felt sad and scared for Leigh because for how long did she try to step out of t [...]

    15. Book 2 this book picked up not long after where The Boys Next Door finished up Leigh is barely married now to the man she fell in love with Brian and is living her dream life being a wife and mother to his son Very shortly after the wedding, she starts to notice the symptoms her cancer is back.What a heart tugger There were a couple of things that bugged me if she s gone in for an appointment not long before the wedding, how could the cancer of come back so quickly and be at the stage it s at I [...]

    16. Days after the wedding, the cancer is back How will Brian and Leigh handle going through treatment The doctor decides to fight harder so her days of feeling half way decent are less than the first time around.Leigh thought she had life good She s married to the love of her life, she s getting orders through her online store, and things couldn t be much better Brian has to learn how to get Leigh to accept his help He s working on getting the new job going in Seattle, without going very often, and [...]

    17. I was torn in this book.I really liked the beginning and it was nice to see Leigh s happiness blossoming with her new life Unfortunately, it had to get its share of obstacles and struggles Even without reading the summary I knew it d be the cancer again, and I was so worried for Leigh.It was cute to see her have a friend but I already knew that Andy wouldn t get the chance to survive When I went through the following chapters, I actually wondered if Leigh would survive or not, if she would let B [...]

    18. Left to Love was amazing I was so glad that there was a sequel after reading The Next Door Boys and this was even better than the first Brian and Leigh are amazing characters Both have pasts that connect them and bond them together I loved reading about their life together They have struggles that most newlyweds don t have to face Jolene B Perry does an amazing job on this book The characters are so real You can feel the pain and heartache that Leigh and Brian feel You ll shed tears with them Yo [...]

    19. I enjoyed The Next Door Boys so when I saw that this sequel was available as an e book I was excited to read of the story This was a serious book In that it focused on the reality of cancer and chemo rather than the recovery as in the first I admit I got a bit frustrated with Leigh several times while at the same time realizing what a terrible situation she was in It had a good message about allowing those who love us to help in difficult situations and working through trials together.

    20. Really it s a 4.5 stars from me I bawled all day reading it much like I did the first and I loved it in some ways but still felt that so many of the issues that were brought up within the frame of the narrative were in the long run still unresolved Certain things were assumed we understood timeline wise instead of informing us so I was left questioning, etcbut overall a nice, fun, heartwarming story that also breaks you inside a bit as well.

    21. This book made me cry, especially after Andy died and when Leigh gave up, and it also made me laugh mostly at Nathan However, I thought the first part of the book was so repetitive Leigh is sad cuddles Brian REPEAT And I also thought maybe too much of the book was devoted to Leigh sulking about her cancer However I will say that I loved both the first book and this one, and that I cried soooo much It was a really deep, but fairly quick read.

    22. Really want to read what happened next and was glad to catch up with Leigh But I have mixed feeling about the book It is a little story in fact it was very serious and at times extremely sad Although there was a happy ending Rating it a 3.5 since I hate to read books that make me cry as much as this one did.

    23. i usually don t write reviews but this one to fantastic to pass up i don t know the last time i cried so much in a book these two books have opened my eyes to a whole different world love and heartache and acceptance and learning that you can lean on the people you love when you need them the most.

    24. 3.5 starsIf you are expecting a light read, then Left To Love is not for youI was hopeful that this second book we would get to see Leigh finally happy, married, living her fullest and doing what she loves well, we got to see a little of that but not for long.It s heartbreaking seeing Leigh pass for what she s going throughNot an easy read

    25. WOW I was an emotional wreck through this whole book I adore Leigh I freaking love Brian Everything was so realistic it made me cry like a baby, lump in my throat and all But the hope, the inspiration and the way love pulled everyone together made me smile through all the tears Fantastic job by Jolene Betty Perry

    26. I liked this than I thought I would, for a book where the main character is sick 90% of the time I can t even imagine having to deal with something this serious in a new marriage I don t think I would handle it well.

    27. Really enjoyed this book Lots of emotion and great clarity when it comes to be blindsided by fear I m really enjoying watching all the characters grow and learn Awesome sequel Can t wait to see how it ends

    28. I did not realize that it was the second book in the series, but I read most of the beginning anyways It did not interest me enough to make me want to finish this book nor did it interest me enough to pick up the first book It was a disappointment.

    29. I did like this one better than the first There is something about the main character that I didn t really like I tried really hard to love her Brian on the other hand I loved his character It was an emotional read and really showed what it would be like for your spouse to go through chemo.

    30. This sequel to Next Door Boys tackles some weightier topics and has a serious tone Overall, I enjoyed it than the first, although there were a few editing issues and a few disconcerting jumps in time A quick read.

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