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The Open Space of Democracy By Terry Tempest Williams Mary Frank,

  • Title: The Open Space of Democracy
  • Author: Terry Tempest Williams Mary Frank
  • ISBN: 9780913098639
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • Terry Tempest Williams presents a sharp edged perspective on the ethics and politics of place, spiritual democracy, and the responsibilities of citizen engagement By turns elegiac, inspiring, and passionate, The Open Space of Democracy offers a fresh perspective on the critical questions of our time.
    The Open Space of Democracy Terry Tempest Williams presents a sharp edged perspective on the ethics and politics of place spiritual democracy and the responsibilities of citizen engagement By turns elegiac inspiring and pass

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    1. This is a quick read, of a journal than a novel, written from her experiences traveling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, at home in Castle Rock Utah, and visiting with Congress in D.C Williams is always a good author to turn to when I need to re affirm my commitment to a strong value of wildland conservation and education She always delivers inspiration and hope, when so much of what is going on in politics makes me want to bury my head in the sand, plug my ears and go la la la la I admi [...]

    2. A stunning book that TTW wrote during the Bush administration, post 911, but that seems every bit as relevant today in the Trump era I loved this book, and it reconfirmed for me as if I needed it what an amazing writer and thinker she is.

    3. I passionately enjoy Terry Tempest s writing She can put into words certain emotions and gut feelings that may be difficult for others to articulate She intertwines personal experience with political policy, enduring histories, and conservation activism of the last many decades, creating a narrative of American open lands policy and recent developments and regressions This book consists of three of her essays published in Orion, all interrelated, all focusing on her concept of the open space of [...]

    4. Terry Tempest Williams is one of my heroines, both as a person and an author This book is very much about her commitment to democracy, on all levels, as she explains so well It is a series of essays with the common theme of democracy from different angles I am inspired by her commitment to her beliefs, to dialogue, to experiencing the world directly and intensely.

    5. Terry Tempest Williams delivered one of the most incredible speeches I ve ever listened to, last Fall at the SHIFT festival in Jackson I ve been wanting to read her work ever since and before This book was maybe not the best place to start sort of a random compilation of essays but it s all good stuff Of most interest reading her feelings of despair during the W administration, compared to our feeling with Trump now You can tell it kind of felt like it was all over then and I remember protesting [...]

    6. Odds are, I should love nearly everything Terry Tempest Williams writes Her words are precise and unexpected, her descriptions of landscapes magically alive I admire her commitment to wilderness and the natural world, and share many of her political and social values And yet, I find her books almost impossible to read Paragraphs unspool, sentence by gorgeous sentence Scale cannot be registered here in the Arctic in human terms It is geologic, tectonic, and planetary Stegosauraslike ridge lines f [...]

    7. Excellent and quick read Here are some favorite quotes How do we engage in responsive citizenship in times of terror Do we have the imagination to rediscover an authentic patriotism that inspires empathy and reflection over pride and nationalism From a commencement address Williams gave at the University of Utah in May 2003 p.7 The human heart is the first home of democracy It is where we embrace our questions Can we be equitable Can we be generous Can we listen with our whole beings, not just o [...]

    8. I have made no secret of my love for Terry Tempest Williams, not just her writing, which is peerless, but her politics as a naturalist This small volume is a pure treasure It includes her Commencement Address given at the University of Utah she is a Mormon , on May 2, 2003 That alone is worth the price of the book The second section is Ground Truthing, which is to walk the ground that has been surveyed by either aircraft or satellites to confirm the truth of what is actually happening on the gro [...]

    9. 4.5 starsI love Terry Tempest Williams writing Her sparse descriptions are poetic in their brevity and depth What she writes sticks with me to be turned over and savored or considered again and again.Her descriptive ability feeds my senses and my soul Her ideas resonate, yet still cause me to reconsider what I feel Her passion encourages me with hope it is contagious Her ideas of democracy whether you agree with her foundation or not need to spread in this divided political climate.After reading [...]

    10. In my opinion, the author demonstrates an unwillingness to form a community with anyone outside of a very small group of people, which undermines her argument She gives evidence of her isolationist tendencies, such as moving to a remote town and getting upset with the other locals when there is a threat of people moving to town she seems to want to engage in civic discourse, but only on her own terms Additionally, there is a possessiveness about these lands that is somewhat troubling It never s [...]

    11. At this time when the political climate is so tense and disparaging, I figured a re read was in order TTW is an absolute favorite of mine More specifically, THIS book is the best of all, hands down It s a quick read and full of inspiring thoughts and provocations My paperback copy is highlighted and noted in and beaten up so badly that it is like picking up a journal from years back that I can read into my past thoughts and emotions with deep clarity and insight into my emotions at each reading, [...]

    12. I loved the first section of this book I found myself highlighting so much, white out for what I didn t want would have been easier Great stuff that I m still mulling over and thinking about, and that I will be using in my classroom this year She inspired my long dead sense of democracy The second and third sections were beautifully written, and important to her point, but a little too transcendental for my taste, which is why I bumped it down to 4 stars.

    13. There are books that put into words thoughts that you have but haven t been able to articulate and this is one of them for me Essays about the authors belief of what true democracy should be She s a conservationist environmentalist and her prose are wonderful when describing parts of the Arctic Refuge I realize that not everyone will agree with her but she puts forth her ideas in an almost poetic way.

    14. Terry Tempest Williams passion for preserving and protecting the environment mirrors my own interest in the environment She writes intelligently and eloquently about the ethics and politics of nature and wilderness and our obligation to be engaged with the landscape and to be aware of issues affecting humans, animals and the environment As always, she offers much to think about and at the same time, writes with poetic simplicity.

    15. I ve read this and Refuge and am always touched by the beautiful way she puts words together I used this book this semester, but heard from the press that it went out of print Is this true I wouldn t think that any of her work would be relegated to the remainder bins She inspires and addresses problems in ways that are meant to move people to action.

    16. Beautiful reflective activism Williams has a lovely way with conveying her thoughts concerning the soul of democracy, environmental justice, and hope for our national culture You come away after reading this with wanting to be a actively engaged citizen.

    17. The first essay was 5 star worthy but the other two essays weren t quite as good hence the 4 star rating.Excellent excellent excellent first essay, tying the American ideal of democracy to America s wilderness It s not necessarily a ground breaking idea, but the wording is genius.

    18. Ms Williams speaks the words of protection for our wild surroundings Places and things we humans destroy in our quest for .The books she writes come from deep within her.If you have a chance to listen to her speak don t miss it Just the sound of her voice conveys her passion.

    19. Terry Tempest Williams never disappoints me Even though this is an older book, Tempest s ideals about the relationship between open spaces and democracy ring true today A good read for anyone who enjoys reading a good description of nature, activism, or the environment.

    20. I liked this book so much that when I got to meet Michael Franti at a show in Aspen, CO I gave him my only copy, which happened to be in my bag I had just finished it and was on my way to the desert.

    21. This book was great Various essays related to democracy, conservation, beauty, and communal activism The author is Mormon and from Utah Her emphatic essays about our social and environmental responsibility are refreshing and encouraging.

    22. Oh, I loved this I love pretty much everything Terry Tempest Williams writes, but this book was particularly timely for me Her essays are beautiful and important.

    23. Love her writing This was written shortly after 9 11 and is just as poignant today with the election coming Listen to the land and you ll know what to do.

    24. A must read for those seeking a centering in times of dissonance as we look for a way to protect wilderness.

    25. The most facinating book I read in my Environmental Citizenship class at Northland College, Ashland WI I felt a connection with Williams beings I grew up, like her, in Utah Mormon culture.

    26. This book helped restore my belief in the democratic process and rejuvenated my artistic process and the desire to help change the way we use and interact with our in environment.

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