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Buried By Marissa Farrar,

  • Title: Buried
  • Author: Marissa Farrar
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Four years after the horrific murder of her husband, Serenity is living a new life and finally putting the terrifying events behind her Though now a stronger person, her heart craves the vampire who gave her the strength to change her life Desperate to forget Serenity, Sebastian hides away in the underground tunnels of Goreme, Turkey, and has thrown himself into an existFour years after the horrific murder of her husband, Serenity is living a new life and finally putting the terrifying events behind her Though now a stronger person, her heart craves the vampire who gave her the strength to change her life Desperate to forget Serenity, Sebastian hides away in the underground tunnels of Goreme, Turkey, and has thrown himself into an existence of darkness and blood But rumours are abound of something unnatural existing, something with the strength of a vampire but can walk in the light.And a murderer is on the loose in Angeles Forest, someone who is killing with the ferocity of a beast The killer is moving closer and closer to the city, searching for somethingThe Serenity Series The Vengeful Vampire Alone Buried Captured
    Buried Four years after the horrific murder of her husband Serenity is living a new life and finally putting the terrifying events behind her Though now a stronger person her heart craves the vampire who g

    One thought on “Buried”

    1. Completely captivating and terrifying at the same time While completely freaked out at the freak monster that is Jackson I was and am terrified for serenity I hope you know while loving the book, I am not too happy about the ending I am so glad the third book is out, I already downloaded it because I am pretty sure I would have been screaming to find out what happens next if it hadn t been out Buried had me biting my nails, sitting on the edge of my seat, wanting to run and cover my eyes and yet [...]

    2. I think I preferred this to the first book in the series I simply could not put it down The characters were stronger this time around, having grown from the events of the first book followed by four years alone.Serenity not has her dignity back and a daughter to raise and is not just the little door mouse that Sebastian left behind four years ago after he saved her She has spunk now, a vitality and strength that was lacking, for obvious reasons in the first book This was a great story of overcom [...]

    3. I read this one on the tail ends of Alone Immediately downloading it after reading the first book and very eager to find out how life would go for Serenity and Sebastian Once again I enjoyed the story and how Serenity had to deal with her abusive past Marissa did a great job of keeping the emotions real about how a victim might feel should this happen to her I could feel Serenity s tension and pain The writing was again very smooth and well edited I do have to admit to sitting my my jaw hanging [...]

    4. Fantastic follow up to Alone Absolutely gripping the tension had me practically holding my breath at times as well as gasping at the horrific killings Brilliant cliffhanger ending had me immediately turning to Book 3 in the series Captured.

    5. I love these series Book 2 Wow Just what I would expect from an ex, lolololol Now on to book 3 These are so good I don t want to take time to review them Just go to the next

    6. Love Sebastian and Serenity This book is kind of out there but if didn t go out on a limb there would be no plot Elizabeth s character is great also I m ready for book 3

    7. I liked this book better than book 1 Like others, the whole abuse thing with the woman putting up with it just isn t my thing and I never could understand anyone thinking that they had to put up with that This book picks up with Serenity having Sebastian s daughter, and Jackson coming back from the dead as something horrible and killing people, with only one thing on his mind Serenity back This brings Sebastian back into her life, pretty much picking up where they left off I didn t agree with hi [...]

    8. The story of Serenity and Sebastian continues in this second in the series Four years has passed since the end of the first book and life has changed for both of them They face a nightmare situation and be warned the ending leaves the story unfinished but wonderfully sets up for the next book.The characters were all credible, the impact of domestic abuse on the victim very real, the relationships, friendships and romance beautifully portrayed showing the downs as well the ups, the bitterness and [...]

    9. It is four years later and Serenity and Sebastian have a four year old daughter Elizabeth Sebastian however, doesn t know about her existence After leaving Serenity, he hid himself away in the caves of Turkey fighting his own demons caused by his broken heart That is, until he hears rumours about a new type of vampire that can walk in the sun and whose stomping ground is Serenity s neighbourhood He makes his way to America as soon as he can to reassure himself that Serenity is safe It quickly be [...]

    10. Another amazing read in this the 2nd instalment in The Serenity series.Carrying on from Alone it is now four years later, and after all the stresses of her life four years earlier including a life changing experience that Serenity would never have imagined, she is now a much stronger woman But her life is about to be turned upside down yet again, the question now is Serenity strong enough for what lies ahead I m loving this series, book 2 like book 1 is well written and keeps you wanting I love [...]

    11. I did very much enjoy this book and the first book I was bummed it ended where it did I might get the next book, probably will so i can see what happens to Serenity now that Jacksons got her The stories werent real action packed or anything, and there is no real heroinet anyways I would reccomend the books to others, it is a good story, the first book really drew me in with all the physical abuse Serenity was taking from this pig of a husband Then trying to hide it from her job and neighbors, sh [...]

    12. Now when I read Alone, it wasn t until the last 1 3 of the book did I actually like Serenity The person she becomes in that book, is the person she is in Buried So immediately I was drawn in to this new story Its hard to review this book and not give spoilers So I ll just say there were lots of surprises in this book that I never saw coming Its a great read, that leaves you begging for I might have thrown a minor tantrum when I reached the last page and I realized that I had to wait for the 3rd [...]

    13. This book was just ok for me However, I d like to say that I can see why it has some good reviews The characters are pretty good The plot line has a lot of action and suspense I have read both 1 and 2 in the series so, obviously it kept me interested enough to keep reading So, to this book, I think I have to say s me, not you I just cannot get into vampire books and should probably just give up and stop trying Truly, there was nothing really wrong with this book I just couldn t connect, which is [...]

    14. Wow I was so not expecting that This is an unbelievably good followup to Alone Its dark, intense, gripping and scary Whilst the ending was brilliant in one way as i didnt see it coming but on the other it was way too unresolved Luckily i have the third book and have already started it.Sebastian continues to be simply gorgeous I feel he needs to have a tv series Serenity was so much easier to like.With the exception of being not so keen on a totally unresolved ending, this book has me believing t [...]

    15. I was given this book in return for an honest review.I loved catching up with Serenity and Sebastian Although it was a shock to find out she had a daughter with Sebastian This was a fantastic story and I loved how Jackson came back as a super strong other being He would be a fantastic bogey man I cannot believe how the story ended the way it did I can t wait to read Where the dead live to find out how Sebastian copes with being a Dad and whether or not he manages to find and save Serenity

    16. The Serenity series gets better and better with each book Buried had a lot twists and tricks than the first novel in the series and it kept me enthralled as the story wore on The characters keep getting better and stronger and the love story grows and changes as time wears on This one ends in a HUGE cliffhanger that will have you clicking download now on the 3rd book in the series

    17. Book 2 finds Serenity four years later and she is a survivor I love that she has grown She has grown both stronger mentally and physically and mentally She is building a life for herself She s not free of her ex husband though He still haunts her and Sebastian returns to her life There is a major cliff hanger at the end of this book This is a great series.

    18. Serenity is given a special thing by Sebastian of which he doesn t know as he off hidding from her but come back as her dead hubby after heroppps and he find out about this something serenity not ready to tell him Good read so far but disappointed he left her she is heart broken but still in love with the idiot.

    19. Predictable but interestingThere had to be a a child Jackson had to come back a real monster And of course Serenity will lose her memory But as predictable as the story is, Farrar is a pretty good writer Now if only she had proofreaders who were competent

    20. This is the sequel to Alone and is such a good read I would say that it is horror than romance It is fast paced and an absolute page turner Highly recommended Can t wait for the next in the Serenity series.

    21. Book 2 was better than the first Good plot development I m enjoying the characters a bit , though I m not crazy about the female protagonist, Serenity The book ends with a cliff hanger that left me eager to continue on to the third and final book of this series.

    22. I liked this book better than the first Marissa s writing ability was much improved in her descriptions and in the cliff hanger.

    23. Better and betterThese stories are great A page Turner Could not put it down I love vampire stories, you won t be sorry for reading this series.

    24. O.M.G This story just keeps getting better and better I am hooked It is 3 40am and I have to start book 3 and read a few chapters before I will be able to rest Amazing

    25. ExcellentThis second book in the series is way better than the first one, that should tell you it s fantastic Never a dull moment in this story, can t wait to read the next one.

    26. this one was my favorite I just cannot get enough of the fact that I get so rapped into the story that it is over and I am waiting on the next book.

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