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The Power of the Parasite By Jennifer L. Holm Matthew Holm,

  • Title: The Power of the Parasite
  • Author: Jennifer L. Holm Matthew Holm
  • ISBN: 9780375843914
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • Introducing Squish a hilarious, action packed graphic novel series from the award winning creators of Babymouse Filled with superheroes, comics within comics, and gross out science, Squish is perfect for fans of Dav Pilkey s Captain Underpants, Dan Gutman s Weird School, and Jarrett Krosoczka s Lunch Lady School s out Everyone s favorite amoeba is headed to summer camp Introducing Squish a hilarious, action packed graphic novel series from the award winning creators of Babymouse Filled with superheroes, comics within comics, and gross out science, Squish is perfect for fans of Dav Pilkey s Captain Underpants, Dan Gutman s Weird School, and Jarrett Krosoczka s Lunch Lady School s out Everyone s favorite amoeba is headed to summer camp But instead of SUPER AWESOME FUN, Squish s summer is turning out to be SUPER AWESOME TERRIFYING For one thing, Squish can t swim And to make matters worse, his new camp friend is a Hydra scientific fact A hydra s tentacles can paralyze you Will Squish sink or will he swim this summer And what s up with Pod and black holes anyways Find out the answers to these questions and in the super spectacular adventure, Squish 4 The Power of the Parasite Summer reading has never been so slimey Yowza You can draw comics, too Look in the back to find out how to draw one of the Squish characters Also includes instructions for a sensational science experiment you can do at home Shazam Here s what people are saying about everyone s favorite amoeba New York Times An energetic, good hearted escapade, one that young readers will enjoy Starred Review, Kirkus Reviews Hilarious If ever a new series deserved to go viral, this one does The Bulletin A perfect mix of writing that is simple enough for early readers but still remarkably snarky, clever, and entertaining Kids will soak up the humor, tidbits of science instruction, and adventure.
    The Power of the Parasite Introducing Squish a hilarious action packed graphic novel series from the award winning creators of Babymouse Filled with superheroes comics within comics and gross out science Squish is perfect

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    1. Squish is fast becoming a favorite of mine I think the emphasis on making good choices when faced with difficult situations is a great addition to an already fun character Additionally, the narration arrows are quite funny.

    2. The story Squish by Jennifer L Holm tellAt swim camp, Squish s new friend Basil helps him avoid learning to swim with pranks that sometimes go too far, but the comic book exploits of Squish s idol, Super Amoeba, help him deal with Basil and conquer his fear.

    3. Squish s summer is off to a rough start When forced to pick between swim camp and ballet camp, he chooses swimming only to find out his best friends Peggy and Pod are enrolled in ballet camp instead Squish reluctantly trudges off to swim camp.While the other amoebas at the pool are having super awesome fun, Squish is not The pool staff don t even have his name right They think he is Squash not Squish While other little amoebas splash and swim, Squish sticks to pool ledge as he remembers what hap [...]

    4. The whole Squish series by Jennifer and Matt Holm is fun, but Squish 3 is super awesome fun It s summer vacation and while his friends attend ballet camp Pod has other motives for attendance including disrupting the universe vs learning to spin on his toes Squish must attend swim camp at the insistence of his mother who reminds him that amoebas should know how to swim as they live in ponds an important scientific fact offered early on in this work.But getting in the pool could be one of Squish s [...]

    5. Squish The Power of the Parasite by Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm is a children s graphic novel that tells the story of Squish an amoeba who is reluctant in attending summer camp where he is to learn to swim As Squish once had a tragic experience in learning to swim he is sticks to the side of the pool ledge while all the other campers seem to be having a blast swimming It is at this camp where Squish meets Basil who challenges Squish in choosing right from wrong as he pushes fun a bit too far [...]

    6. In this 3rd installment of the popular Squish graphic novel series, Squish joins a swimming class and makes a new friend, Basil, who is a poisonous hydra Instead of the Super Awesome Fun he planned, Squish finds that swimming and friendship are scarier than he predicted I cannot wait for Squish 4 this fall My students love Squish

    7. This book has Nerdy winner written all over it The best Holm GN so far Can t wait for the book to come out My fourth graders NEED this book and the lesson they will learn from reading it.

    8. This book is called Squish by Jennifer L.Holm.The story in this book is about Squish and his friend Basil.Squish is an amoeba,Basil is an hydra,his tentacles can paralyze prey and his body can grow back again.In the beginning of the story,Squish s mother let him go to swimming camp because they get a summer vacation.But Squish doesn t like swim,so he go to bathroom for read cartoon book.Suddenly Basil see him and that book,and he said he also like the book.They talk a lot so they be come friends [...]

    9. Squish by jennifer L HolmThis story is about a thing call squish , he went to swimming camp and meet a friend cell Basil they don t want to swim at the end the basil mischief squish and squish must dance so he get basil into his stomach

    10. It s talk about Squish make a friend Basil.And Basil teach him how to tease the other the beginning, the Squish think it is very funny.but in the end, Squish know how terrible it is.And Squish let the power to take the Basil out.

    11. This series is just cute and funny I like the mix of a comic within a comic, science and drawing lessons Who knew ballet could be so deadly

    12. The Power of the Parasite is the third book in the Squish series by Babymouse creators Jennifer L Holm and Matthew Holm In this episode, Squish, a pond dwelling amoeba, is sent to summer swim camp because his mom thinks amoebas who live in ponds should know how to swim While sitting on the sidelines, too scared to actually get in the pool, he meets a hydra named Basil Squish and Basil share a love of Super Amoeba comic books, which Squish reads in every volume of the series so far, and they laug [...]

    13. This book is a good book It talk about an amoeba his name is squish, he go to the summer swimming camp But he doesn t no how to swim, he find a friend with him And they not swimming everyday His friend s hands can grow again after it s broken, and it has electricity Squish think his friend is cool And they make fun on other ones The last, squish think it no fun at they make fun on other people s body So he doesn t play with his friend He go to learn swim And his friend had some consequence.

    14. I ve been hearing about Jennifer L Holm and Matthew Holm s work in comics for kids for years, but I never read anything by them until the Cybils pushed me into it I m happy my panelist duties pushed me into it, because I absolutely love the Squish series.In THE POWER OF THE PARASITE, our intrepid hero the amoeba Squish is forced to go to swim camp by his mom The other choice was ballet camp While Squish makes several jokes about it, the text and other characters point out that ballet is pretty c [...]

    15. This is the third book in the Squish series by Jennifer L Holm and Matthew Holm Our youngest ripped through the Babymouse series in no time and while we re waiting for the next book in that series, she decided she wanted to try out this one.I may just be a boring old middle aged lady, but I think that the story in this book isn t nearly as compelling or charming as the Babymouse stories In fact, the characters are pretty irritating and flat But our youngest really liked them, and she s eager to [...]

    16. Story 5 starsArt 4 starsIn this third installment of the Squish series, Squish goes to swim camp and makes a new friend But when this new friend, who happens to be a hydra, gets carried away with pranks that are hurtful to others, Squish must make a decision Friendship dynamics are so relevant for the targeted age group as children pull away from their parents, they must navigate the muddy waters of peer pressure Not all children can do this as well as Squish, who shows remarkable courage in thi [...]

    17. While Pod and Peggy are off at ballet camp, Squish is stuck at summer swim camp He doesn t want anything to do with the water after a previous terrible experience, but the conselour is annoyingly perky and keeps encouraging everyone to have super awesome fun Luckily, he meets a friend who also doesn t want to swim, Basil, and the two try to avoid swimming and read comic books instead Squish is also reading about his favorite comic superhero who has taken on a sidekick who has some evil tendencie [...]

    18. Squish No.3 The Power of the Parasite hits stores tomorrow and it is another perfect installment in the funny, smart, loveable series Squish is an amoeba who is nervous to go to Summer camp He must choose between swim camp and ballet camp and his friend s have all chosen ballet camp He s scared to swim and meets a new friend Basil, who is also afraid to swim and makes Squish laugh It doesn t take Squish long to realize that maybe Basil isn t exactly who Squish thought he would be Sections of the [...]

    19. Squish The Power of the Parasite by Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm is a book targeted for third graders This unique graphic novel is fun to read and is also educational with random little facts The book is about a parasite who is about to start his summer Squish, the parasite is terrified though because his parents have enrolled him into a camp for learning how to swim and Squish hates swimming Luckily Squish meets a couple new friends to get him thru his summer By the end of the book Squish soo [...]

    20. School is out for the summer and everyone is signing up for summer camp Squish s mom signed him up for swim camp while all his other friends are attending ballet camp Learning a few lessons from his favorite superhero Sal the super amoeba and his new partner Parasite, Squish learns that standing up to others isn t always easy Squish overcomes his fears at swim camp The Power of the Parasite is appropriate for ages 7 Grades 2 While reading this book I became a little confused between the story of [...]

    21. Squish is off to swim camp for the summer Both his friends went to ballet camp, though, so he s all alone And, water is pretty scary Squish meets a hydra named Basil who also doesn t want to swim He s excited he s found a friend But after a few days Squish starts to realize some of the things Basil thinks of funny are actually not nice What should he do Thankfully, his favorite comic superhero Super Amoeba is having similar problems with a new sidekick named Parasite, and Squish decides to follo [...]

    22. Review of an advance copy This summer, Squish had 2 options swim camp or ballet camp Squish opted for swimming, but Peggy and Pod chose ballet camp So Squish is on his own at swim camp and he also seems to be pretty scared of the water Luckily, he makes a new friend Basil right away But Squish realizes that while his new friend is funny, he can also be a bully So Squish has to be like his hero Super Amoeba and do what he thinks is right even if it s not the coolest thing One of my favorite thing [...]

    23. Time for summer vacation hooray That is until Squish is forced to choose between two summer past times learning to swim, or learning ballet Neither of these sound remotely enjoyable to Squish who would rather lay around reading comic books all day But out of those choices what else is an amoeba to do Out of the Squish books this one was my favorite so far I liked that Squish was flawed, saw he was making bad choices, apologized for his actions and did better These books are candy for even the mo [...]

    24. I thought this was a fun graphic novel with a decent story and good message that came a bit close to didactic but didn t cross over my threshhold I do wonder if the authors artists consider not making the characters gendered Since amoebas don t have sexes, it seems a bit artificial and unnecessary The art was loose but still clear I liked the difference between the comics that Squish is reading and the story, although at first I was a bit confused I think it s really the silly asides that help k [...]

    25. It s summertime and Squish is going to swim camp He s not super jazzed about it, but he makes a friend Meanwhile, in Squish s comic book, Super Amoeba has landed a partner When both new friends start showing their bad sides it s up to Squish and Super Amoeba to make some tough decisions A fun, quick read, combining science, summer, and the realistic drama of friendships recommended for grades 3 5.

    26. This graphic novel is the perfect book for kids who are reluctant to read The story of an amoeba during the summer, who attends swimming camp while his friends are at ballet camp, is funny and can definitely keep the reader s attention The pictures to the comic like book, are black and white with some lime green The green in used to have parts of the illustration stand out I thought this graphic novel was enjoyable and witty the amoeba will keep you coming back for

    27. It s summer vacation and Squish finds himself having yo face his fear of swimming camp His friends are at ballet camp which is treated as extremely hardcore which was awesome but he meets a new friend named Basil, who is a fun time until he starts going too far Super Amoeba finds himself in a similar situation Once again, loved it, and I also love the acknowledgment that sometimes parents give kind of useless advice

    28. Loved reading this wonderful graphic novel Hilarious as always, love the partnership between Jennifer L Holm and Matthew Holm Also, this book feels even special since I won it in a contest from Mr Schu I loved how in this book ethics came in knowing how far is too far, why you don t need to stick with a friend if you don t agree with what what they are doing, and how comic books within comic books rock.

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