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The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg By Scarlet Hyacinth,

  • Title: The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg
  • Author: Scarlet Hyacinth
  • ISBN: 9781610349642
  • Page: 207
  • Format: ebook
  • Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, werewolves, shape shifters, sex toys Snack or sweetheart Definitely sweetheart Or so werewolf Liam thinks when he meets swan shifter Shiloh Shiloh is everything Liam s soul yearns for, a gorgeous, feisty spitfire who turns his blood into flame and makes his entire being sing But Shiloh is reluctant to Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, werewolves, shape shifters, sex toys Snack or sweetheart Definitely sweetheart Or so werewolf Liam thinks when he meets swan shifter Shiloh Shiloh is everything Liam s soul yearns for, a gorgeous, feisty spitfire who turns his blood into flame and makes his entire being sing But Shiloh is reluctant to believe in Liam s good intentions.Shiloh has been searching for The One for as long as he can remember In his quest, he made several mistakes, and now he is reluctant to believe again, especially in a wolf After all, wolves prey on his kind How could he possibly entrust his heart to one As they struggle through misunderstandings and try to build a relationships, a third member joins their little family a mysterious swan egg abandoned in front of their door Will it strengthen Shiloh s bond with Liam or will it separate them forever
    The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance M M werewolves shape shifters sex toys Snack or sweetheart Definitely sweetheart Or so werewolf Liam thinks when he meets swan shifter S

    One thought on “The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg”

    1. I never got into this book and kept putting it down a lot It wasn t as entertaining as the first one and I never liked Shiloh the cuckoo bird Swan view spoiler Warning WTF Moments I remember, they have large and small plot spoilers WTF moment number 1 Shiloh the Swan thinks about how he is tired of being slutty and how no one notices what s below the surface so he isn t going to be a slut any Moments after that thought he meets Liam Then a minute after meeting Liam, a complete stranger he just d [...]

    2. This book was so adorable and cute I LOVED IT Very different for book 1, doesn t have angst, or it is sad It was so lovely how they look after the egg I know Shiloh behaved like a real slut in his past But, he redeemed himself beautifully He had some issues, that with the help of Liam were solved without to much hassle I love books like that, no drama and the issues were fixed nice and quick Liam was the most fantastic character, I love him.s I know, again I m falling for a gay guy But you can t [...]

    3. This second book in the series is as much fun as the first Adding the complication of children, and how to deal with actually hatching an egg between a swan and a wolf is as hilarious as it sounds except it also made me think about taking that a step further and applying it to humans Then it becomes obvious that this is of a fable it is really talking about acceptance and dealing with differences between humans.Shiloh, the swan shifter, is a bit of an odd creature Definitely at a loss for what [...]

    4. Another cute book in this series It s definitely not as silly as the titles suggest Shiloh is a swan shifter, Liam a wolf Again the most unusual of mates And things get complicated by both of their pasts.One thing I am starting to truly love in these books The author is taking care to actively portray the instinctive characters of the animals that are the second form as it s called in the series for these guys I find that an extremely nice touch and one that makes reading them even interesting [...]

    5. Their are quite a few WHAT moments as others have stated But it seems a lot of books seem to have of them lately.One of my biggest was Shiloh forgave his parents too easily After the way they showed up the way they did and thought the worst sorry, I would Not be that forgiving so soon.

    6. Shiloh is a sweet But Also loved Liam he knew what he wanted since the start and never let his mate down cute

    7. I liked this a bit than The Lamb Who Cried Wolf Mate or Meal 1 as there was less overt mention of cannibalistic practices so I could pretend it was merely a species issue between different shifters I m sensing a trend towards instant fatherhood in these books forget enjoying a honeymoon period after mating and get straight into parenthood I liked Shiloh s insecurities and look forward to reading the presumed squirrel wolf mating in the next installment.

    8. Cute book Shiloh is a bit flighty Liam is waaaay to forgiving I liked the underlying theme of acceptance of everyone s differences Liam is wonderful when the egg just shows up Shiloh should have guessed who did it Overall I enjoyed the tale.

    9. Originally posted at whippedcream2 201I can t think of a interesting story than one about a wolf hatching an egg Not just any egg but an abandoned swan egg, which would normally mean dinnertime for a wolf Yet, with his partner by his side, Liam swears to protect the innocent baby from himself and the other predators who may be looking to sneak it away.Shiloh and Liam make one dynamic duo Liam may be the wolf and predator in the relationship, but Shiloh is as fierce as they come He has the heart [...]

    10. 3.5 stars.The Mate or Meal series by Scarlet Hyacinthis a unique twist in the paranormal shifter trope Pair together two unlikely animals and see if they fall in love or kill each other In The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg, the pairing is a werewolf and a swan.Shiloh is a shy, introverted swan shifter looking for true love In the past, he s had an idiot ex boyfriend who abused him Enter werewolf Liam At first Liam doesn t know if he can control his wolf urges and not eat the little swan, but the bond [...]

    11. I really liked Liam, but I thought he deserved better than Shiloh Shiloh was just plain cray cray view spoiler yelling about being a whore, sucks Liam off within minutes of meeting him, yelling at Liam telling him he ll probably eat his swan egg, punches Liam in the face because he wants him happy, etc hide spoiler I can NOT get the picture of a wolf curled up next to a swan egg out of my head Totally adorable.I said this before, but I LOVE all of the different shifters in this series Wolf, swan [...]

    12. 3 1 2 stars Without the eroticism and violence, Scarlett Hyacinth s THE WOLF WHO HATCHED AN EGG could easily have been a children s fable However, there is quite a bit of m m sex here as well as abandoned babies, bureaucrats, stalkers, murderers, revenge, mutilations, and whorish behaviors, so this is definitely not a tale for the little ones This book is a thrilling drama that may be a bit silly at times but is overall a story of a couple overcoming tremendous odds to be together and build a fa [...]

    13. Kept skipping some scenes, plus I never warmed up to Shilohgggghhhhh he was totally annoying Some parts of the plot was jerky, like the author was driving and kept hitting brakes, and I missed a few in mu opinion key parts of the story.oh well Sorry but doesn t compare to the 1st one As I saw in a another review I too need a WTF shelf lol

    14. typical Scarlet Hyacinth serial romance nothing fantastic, nothing so bad it can t be finished what is typical Scarlet Hyacinth imagine a shorter harlequin romance but with no ta see, i was going to write no surprise pregnancies, but yeah out of sheer laziness, i will be using this as my template for all serials by UNLESS motivated otherwise by markedly good bad writing Scarlet Hyacinthjoyee flynnsunny daylynn hagenstormy glenncarol lynnegabrielle evansi d apologize, but i m not sorry.

    15. I liked the first one better if I imagine there is no cannibalism, just hate between different shifters Nice to see improvement, pack elder finally decided it s not nice kill and eat other shifters Say no to cannibalism D view spoiler It was very close to kidnapping Swan just decided to keep the egg, without any thought that maybe it was stolen from someone It felt as he wouldn t have given it up even if it was taken from rightful parents hide spoiler

    16. Por qu lo he vuelto a leer Simplemente porque me encanta la idea de que un Lobo cuide de un huevo.La relaci n, en principio, tan dispar entre Liam y Shiloh hace que sea una novela donde lo que en realidad importan los sentimientos y mas que las acciones que stos los obligan a hacer Lo mejor de todo es que no hace falta leer las otras partes de la serie para poder estar al tanto de lo que pasa en este mundo.

    17. After jumping around the series, I have finally gone back to the beginning and continued from there.This was a cute read I really like how the author brings out the animal characteristics in each person It ties in well with their human personalities.The story didn t flow quite as smoothly for me and certain developments in the storyline felt rushed.All in all, a fun read.

    18. I would have given it 3.5 stars all because Shiloh was pretty stupid a lot of times Liam was perfect though plus the fact that Brody and Carson along with the kids are still there made it really enjoyable for me.

    19. Maybe it was because I read this RIGHT after finishing book 1, but to me this was just one big HUH and read too similarly to the first book I thought the characters in this one and their problems with each other were just all over the place.

    20. Ok, I will admit there were a TON of grammar issues and, yes it was a bit distracting but, I DON T CARE This was a cute, short read that I totally enjoyed and I plan to continue on with this series in the very near future

    21. En esta segunda historia hay mucho m s drama que romance, pero sin embargo la historia engancha bastante por la hermosa relaci n entre el cisne y el lobo Deja muy buen pie para la tercera parte

    22. Interesting premise, but I couldn t really get into it I did finish it, hoping it would get better, but it didn t and it was a chore.

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