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500 Ways to Be a Better Writer By Chuck Wendig,

  • Title: 500 Ways to Be a Better Writer
  • Author: Chuck Wendig
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 369
  • Format: ebook
  • 500 WAYS TO BE A BETTER WRITER aims to provide novelists, screenwriters and other flavors of penmonkey with an avalanche of writing tips and storytelling tricks All of it greased up with whisky and bad language let that serve as your first and only warning this is a very NSFW book of writing advice.500 WAYS contains the following Prologue 25 Things You Should Know Abo500 WAYS TO BE A BETTER WRITER aims to provide novelists, screenwriters and other flavors of penmonkey with an avalanche of writing tips and storytelling tricks All of it greased up with whisky and bad language let that serve as your first and only warning this is a very NSFW book of writing advice.500 WAYS contains the following Prologue 25 Things You Should Know About Writing Advice25 Questions To Ask As You Write25 Reasons You Won t Finish That Story25 Things You Should Know About Endings25 Things You Should Know About Mood25 Things You Should Know About NaNoWriMo25 Things You Should Know About Queries, Synopses And Treatments25 Things You Should Know About Self Publishing25 Things You Should Know About Social Media25 Things You Should Know About Theme25 Things You Should Know About Writing Horror25 Virtues Writers Should Possess25 Ways To Be A Better Writer25 Ways To Defeat Writer s Block25 Ways To Fuck With Your Characters25 Ways To Make Exposition Your Bitch25 Ways To Plot, Plan And Prep Your StoryThe Life Cycle Of A Novel In 25 Steps Appendix 1 25 Sleep Deprived And Also Drunken Thoughts On WritingAppendix 2 25 Brief But Hopefully Potent Writing Exercises
    Ways to Be a Better Writer WAYS TO BE A BETTER WRITER aims to provide novelists screenwriters and other flavors of penmonkey with an avalanche of writing tips and storytelling tricks All of it greased up with whisky and ba

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    1. Chuck Wendig should be considered an inspiration to writers everywhere I have learnt so much about the way of the penmonkey from his teachings I found that every piece of brilliant advice he gave, also doubled as a massive confidence boost You re amazing Chuck While some people may not appreciate his hyperbole licious style of writing, I found that it kept the book both interesting and re assuring to receive writing advice from some who obviously knows how to do it well.I ll definitely read his [...]

    2. This is, if possible, even impeccable than the first There are now so many highlighted passages in the version on my Kindle the whole screen is yellow.Chuck Wendig makes me unafraid to take risks with my prose, and pushes me away from the bland and insipid There can be nothing better.I haven t tried the writing exercises yet, but I will be sure to whenever I am stuck or blocked.Long live Chuck Wendig and his inventively foul mouthed advice.

    3. I read this book quite slowly because I found that I needed time to a get over the crazy language overload you get in every single sentence and b let the information sink in and percolate At the beginning of the book, I was stuck on a particular scene and I was in complete avoidance, but something about Wendig s writing style really helped move me past the block.This book is not for everyone But I enjoyedso this worked for me What I think I liked most was the balance A lot of the advice I had he [...]

    4. Most of Mr Wendig s writing books were culled directly from his blog, and in this one at least, it s obvious, both in the profusion of his jokes and in the repetition of some of them, you know, if you want people to come back tomorrow, you have to hook them today On a day to day basis it works very well, but it felt a bit try hard to me here, which is a cryin shame, because dude knows his shit I m a grown ass woman, bro You don t need the airplane game to get me to eat.I read his THE KICK ASS WR [...]

    5. I loved this so much There isn t much I can say like read this book because you can tell by the title, it appeals to a certain demographic I have read a few books like this and this by far was the funniest I kept laughing out loud in public and it was embarrassing That aside, Chuck Wendig gives you all these tips of different aspects of writing but it is never YOU MUST DO THIS OMG It is of a here are your tips and I hope the help but if they don t cool It is worth a read if you want to be a wri [...]

    6. Great advice Some of it common sense, some I ve done this before and this is what worked for me , all presented in an awesomely conversational manner that s fun to read I know I ll read parts of 500 Ways as part of my preparation before every book I write It s that good It s that damn funny.

    7. Chuck Wendig s incomparable voice roars through the chitter chatter of online writing advice and pops your skull open, exposing your eager little brain to 500 tips that improve your writing Sure, you mutter, most of the advice in this book isn t new, and if you re a diligent, studious little penmonkey you ve come across it before but not like this.Covering aspects from theme, mood, exposition, plotting, characters and endings, to the problems of writing life writer s block, excuses you make, the [...]

    8. The profane Wendig is back with another tome divided into twenty rough sections of twenty five headings in each Each part has no than ten lines It is succinct, pithy and real And it s good advice.He starts off with the plum that there is all kinds of writing advice, but what really matters is what works for you He also suggests that reading and absorbing something that you later use from that novel you took time off writing to read, is also a kind of training He insists that you get help even i [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book, but I read it off and on over a few years I finished the last few sections in one sitting, just so I could finally mark up the sections I needed and be done with the book, and it really got grating at that point.Chuck Wendig s advice on how to write is second to none I found myself shaking my head at how exact he got some emotions writers go through His advice is a punch to the gut and well needed He s logical He has great ideas Even better, I laughed out loud over an [...]

    10. I adore Chuck Wendig s voice, and this book is chock full of good advice presented in a no nonsense and RATHER entertaining way Yes, there are plenty of expletives There s also a running joke about an orangutan named Orange Julius Both made me laugh.Two things bothered me First, the book is obviously a compilation of past blog posts and makes no effort to hide the fact The fact that it s comprised of blog posts doesn t bother me so much as the numbered lists get a little repetitive That said, th [...]

    11. If you like your writing advice to be full of strict rules on word usage and grammar, then this book is the Anti Christ.However if you re currently spinning your wheels trying to actually write a book rather than master the higher occult echelons of syntax , then this is the book you should seek.It s a humor filled profane romp that ll motivate you to stop reading endless books on how to write and actually write stuff.If writing a novel is a Rocky movie, then reading this book is the montage tra [...]

    12. I loved this advice book for writers it s funny and left me feeling highly motivated I can see myself dipping into it at different points in the future, to help focus me on editing, get over writers block or just for fun really I didn t read the self publishing section, purely because I have been there and done that already and don t want to do it again One warning though it s not for anyone easily offended.

    13. I adore Wendig s nonfiction He s gritty, real, and not afraid to tell you suck it up, buttercup Not in those words In words that are much brutally honest Words your best friends might not even tell you even if you re being a little whiny butt complaining penmonkey If you re wondering anything about writing, visit terribleminds Wendig s blog Or read his nonfiction.

    14. The writer uses a lot of sexist and vulgar language to try unsuccessfully to conceal he doesn t know much about how to write better.

    15. I love Chuck Wendig s books on writing I love that he kicks my butt and swears at me like the grumpy uncle while totally getting how tough it can be to be a writer and making me feel like he s in my corner anyway Many of his 500 Ways books are compiled from his blog posts, so I ve probably read a lot of the stuff in this book there as well in the past, but I m still glad to have them all collated in this book where I can re read them again whenever I want to, because the advice, the butt kicking [...]

    16. I love Chuck Wendig s blog Terrible Minds and practically devoured 250 Things to Know about Writing, but this book took a little longer Though I liked each section, I didn t think it was quite as useful at 250 Things Also since it doesn t have a table of contents, I have to remember all the categories in these books for them to be helpful over and over again I hate scrolling through the book wondering it a tip was on page 5 or 500 That said, I like Wendig s snarky voice and his tips always inter [...]

    17. This book, like the other better books, is fun to read Very NSFW NSFL but everything makes sense Chuck presents his ideas and writing experience in his voice and in an entertaining fashion This book works for anyone writing for publication, whether traditional or indie self pub And the price is a steal I like how the reader can link to extra material ie web content via the Nook So buy and read it already There are 2 after this one All are very good.

    18. I just LOVE Chuck Wendig He is seriously funny and sometimes a bit crazy He is not one to beat around the bush and if you cringe at strong language, better give his work a pass But his advice on writing is brilliant I want all my writing students to read at least one of his books on writing Check out his blog terribleminds ramble blog This is where all the books on writing start.

    19. This book will simultaneously empower and encourage you to be a writer and terrify you from writing ever again There s plenty of good advice here worth considering before you write And while you write And after you write I appreciate that Wendig goes beyond the act of writing itself and addresses the many other things a writer must do, such as queries, synopses, promotion, and so on Want to be a better writer Read this book.

    20. This is of the same from Wendig, clever, useful, writing advice expressed with humour profanity Not too much overlap with the previous books, I enjoyed this than 250 ways At the end there are some optional writing exercises that look interesting and I think I might have to give them a go.

    21. I humorous yet insightful point by point take on how best to write the good, the bad and ugly Brilliant Chuck made a potentially dry subject fun to digest and his colourful language made it sort of easier to swallow I ll be re reading this yep it s a keeper for reference and just for kicks

    22. Loved it despite the author s strange obsession with pants It s very witty and no nonsense book Every advice is sound, the insights are great The language is crude, but funny I laughed a lot, and thought a lot, thank you, author I recommend the book to those who want to write better and who are strong enough to not faint after seeing some bad words in print.

    23. 3.5 rounded up Solid, entertaining and informative, quick read the listicle format can get a little grating but I appreciated the advice Wendig had to offer, especially the stuff about not being what he calls a book racist it s an antidote to the tired mantra from the likes of On Writing that books are the only media one can and should consume in order to become a better writer.

    24. 500 ways including some writing exercises to improve your writing and to be a better writer in general Worth a read fast enough to not be a terrifying slog, easily readable, and entertaining Occasionally vulgar, but aren t we all

    25. Chuck is just brilliant Read everything he has ever written, then go over to his blog, terribleminds ramble blog and read that too For anybody who has ever written anything, or plans on writing anything You will be so happy you did.

    26. Once again, Mr Wendig informs and entertains Not for the faint of heart or anyone offended by swearing and gratuitous references to being sodomized, but for the rest of us, an amusing and enlightening read.

    27. The language won t be to everyone s taste, and I found it a bit tiresome after a while, but if you can get past that, and the sense that he seems to be writing to a male audience, then there are some great nuggets of advice

    28. For some reason Chuck Wendig s writing advice just really hits home with me I think it is just his laid back no nonsense in your face approach that just really appeals to me While the language might offend some people I think if you read past that you will see he give s real writing advice.

    29. Especialmente til para principiantes tal vez no demasiado novedoso para los que ya tenemos unos cuantos libros por el estilo a nuestras espaldas Eso s el estilo de Wendig no decepciona y sus ltimos 25 notas mientras traga tequila y cerveza no tienen desperdicio.

    30. There is no fluff in this book Lot s of cursing and imaginative language, but all in the sake of getting your blood pumping and your guts to show up, sit in front of your writing instrument, and write And if you can t write Chuck has the best section on how to overcome Writer s Block.

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