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Aurelian By Aaron Dembski-Bowden,

  • Title: Aurelian
  • Author: Aaron Dembski-Bowden
  • ISBN: 9781849701068
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After the destruction of Monarchia and the Emperor s reprimanding of the Word Bearers Legion, the primarch Lorgar spent many long years searching the stars for the universal truths of the cosmos when he finally came to gaze deep into the Eye of Terror, with grim inevitability he found that the Eye stared back Now, guided by the daemon Ingethel, he undertakes a spiritualAfter the destruction of Monarchia and the Emperor s reprimanding of the Word Bearers Legion, the primarch Lorgar spent many long years searching the stars for the universal truths of the cosmos when he finally came to gaze deep into the Eye of Terror, with grim inevitability he found that the Eye stared back Now, guided by the daemon Ingethel, he undertakes a spiritual journey into the heart of Chaos itself and sees that the entire destiny of mankind and the Imperium could rest upon just a few nexus events As the Great Crusade burns itself out in treachery and deceit, Lorgar weighs the cost of his ambitions, and sets his course for eternal damnation.
    Aurelian After the destruction of Monarchia and the Emperor s reprimanding of the Word Bearers Legion the primarch Lorgar spent many long years searching the stars for the universal truths of the cosmos when

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    1. A well written novella about Lorgar Aurelian s falling from grace and his pilgrimage into the Eye of Terror not shown in The First Heretic, set after the events of Fulgrim.A very good story about Chaos full of hints to the future of the HH saga, and the ending sets the stage for Aaron Dembski Bowden s Betrayer view spoiler Lorgar s battle against the herald of Khorne was epic, seeing the Crimson King again and his new path toward corruption was a blast, but not liked much how the Primarch of the [...]

    2. What did Lorgar see in the Eye of TerrorThe novella actually has two parts, and the first part middle of the book is the Pilgrimage of Lorgar.This part is a hugely interesting read for everyone that like to muse on the nature of Chaos, The Primordial Truth And again, you see that the Warp screws everything up.The second part however start and ending of the book is about Lorgar coming to age strength after the Dropsite Massacre on Isstvan V Together with his fellow traitor primarchs And he doesn [...]

    3. This novella is the story of Lorgar Aurelian, the leader and Primarch of the Word Bearers Space Marine Legion They are and were the very heart and many believe the reason for the traitorous Horus to turn upon the Emperor and embrace the Ruinous Powers Aurelian depicts the enlightenment of Lorgar and the powers and influence he brought to bear to push Horus over the edge It depicts the interaction of the Daemons of the Warp, in form as gods for the traitor legions Lorgar was and appears ever immu [...]

    4. I admit, I had my doubts about this novella when I first heard they were releasing it However this novella ended up being one of the best stories I have read in the Horus Heresy collection Where some of the other novels present the primarchs poorly, this one presents them magnificently.This was a wonderful read and fits well within the history of the 40k universe It presents a better view of the primarch of the Word Bearers than The First Heretic does and provides closure for that story It expla [...]

    5. I m giving it 4 stars because I love ADB s work, and I think that trying to explain this small chunk of 40K history in a short story was probably challenging without making it too detailed and thus too long It didn t feel like it lived up to the hype that made me hold off on reading it until now there were no major revelations, and the ending didn t wow me like a lot of other books in the HH series Still, it s solid writing, and a fast, enjoyable read.

    6. I read this book during a rather dark time for me My best friend had recently passed away suddenly for no apparent reason at that point and this was his favourite book I borrowed it from his parents, and asked ADB if he would be so kind as to sign it for him He went far and beyond this, giving me a personalised limited edition to go with my friend, and signing the original copy for me so I could give it back to his parents I will always be grateful for this I just wish my friend had been alive t [...]

    7. Aurelian is a truely landmark novella that in my oppinion has set the standard for all Horus Heresy novellas This tale expertly told by Aaron Dembski Bowden can be roughly split into two partsThe first and most crucial part of this story continues a plot line started in the novel The First Heretic This part of the story concerns Primarch Lorgar s travels within the Eye of Terror with his daemonic guide Ingethel the Ascended Walking through the shattered ruins of the fallen Eldar empire and teste [...]

    8. Aurelian is focused on the Pilgrimage of Logar I m in love with the way chaos in displayed in the warhammer universe and especially in this book You get some backstory on the birth of Slaanesh and the descent of the Eldar Additionally, you get to experience visions of mankind and other primarchs from the not too distant future I would suggest you read this book after you have read Fulgrim, since his storyline is revisited view spoiler Logar is probably the most sane of all the fallen primarchs a [...]

    9. I ve been waiting quite long to finally read this book, as I had originally missed the limited edition I must say, it was well worth the wait Aurelian is an excellent little novella that illuminates much of Lorgar s path to Chaos An enjoyable read But then, I m a pretty big Word Bearers fanboy, so take that with a grain of salt I ve always found Lorgar to be one of the fascinating primarchs and I m glad he finally gets the Black Library attention he deserves with this book.The story s well done [...]

    10. Aurelian is, far and away, the single greatest story published within the overarching series of the Horus Heresy It is so good that I read through it in a single sitting, and have gone back and re read it at least half a dozen times in the year since It focuses entirely on the character of Lorgar, Primarch of the Word Bearers, following his journey into the Eye of Terror many years pre Heresy, and his reactions after Isstvan V to learning that Fulgrim has become possessed It grants him some bril [...]

    11. The first 40K Novella I ve read so far that actually feels like worth the money asked for it Gives off a huge urge to rate it 5 stars but I m trying to be careful with that.The story is part a hidden chapter from within and just after the events of The First Heretic the parts in story that really felt like missing when reading the book.In my case, I read this book after having read all the Horus Heresy series up to Vulkan Lives.Keep up the good work Mr ADB Aaron Dembski Bowden

    12. The trilogy that opened the Horus Heresy revealed the Word Bearers were the source of heresy, but we don t know why they chose to rebel This book does not answer that question Instead, it shows how Lorgar Aurelian, primarch of the XVII Legion, gained the favor of the Chaos gods.Once upon a time, Lorgar, the Urizen, asked his brother Magnus, the Crimson King, to tell him the secrets of the Great Ocean Magnus refused Now in orbit around Istvaan V after the Dropsite Massacre, after Lorgar has learn [...]

    13. Truly an amazing novella.This title can be read right after you read The First Heretic by the same author And if you ve not read The First Heretic , then shame on you it s a damned good book Aurelian does a very good job of showing Lorgar s turn to Chaos while he walks amongst the Eye Without spoiling anything let me just say that I loved this, read it in two sittings had to work and loved the entire thing If you start it, chances are you ll read the whole thing in one go it also adds a nod to A [...]

    14. Sublime, Simply Sublime.excellant work from BL and especially ADB, I have really enjoyed his work but this follow up to First Heretic completes the picture of Lorgars progress and importantly his growth in being the feeble weak brother to the main Instigator in this betrayal I simply adored the way he s portrayed here and this is probably one of the better primarch portrayals in the series, and just goes to demonstrate the level of talent and confidence ADB has in his writing.From the opening c [...]

    15. Except for the fact the story just ENDS abruptly with no apparent rhyme or reason, I REALLY enjoyed this I got shades of Ozymandias, Charles Dickens, and a few other classic pieces of work throughout the work Once I realized like 80% of the way through that Logar s last name is Aurelian, that helped a lot, also This story has one of the best explanations for the warp I ve seen so far is this canon I don t read any of the rulebooks, just the fiction Great stuff, and WAY better than the little I v [...]

    16. Damn this novella is amazing We get to see what happens during Lorgar s Pilgrimage in the First Heretic, and how much his character has changed Truly amazing work, his duels with the Gods was great fun, and the riddles of the fate weaver were awesome.I liked getting to see into the traitor Primarch s thoughts though, what with Horus, Magnus, Fulgrim, Angron, and Lorgar all playing fairly major parts And it has been almost 12 novels since Fulgrim has graced my reading

    17. I wished I read this before reading Betrayer or Angel Exterminatus sadly it wasn t available to us peasants in Australia as it gave that little bit insight to the events that lead up to these two books.It was a great read and gave some detail into Lorgar s quest for the truth.

    18. I m liking the efforts to making the grandests of psychopaths sympathetic The readers know how they re all going to turn out ie dead or ascended into daemonhood yet I find myself wanting to learn about them For the fans, this is a great series.

    19. For who those who enjoyed The First Heretic and Betrayer This is a great read Personally loved it, although the 27 bucks I paid for it did feel a little much Lorgar made it very much worth it though.

    20. Brilliant, a little short story that finally starts giving some of the big answers this series has been generally shying away from Weird that they put so much into this hard to obtain short story however, and not into the mainstream novels.

    21. spoilers Verrrry short, but worth it for some great insights into the traitor primarch s relationships, plus Lorgar executes an avatar of Khaine AND takes on a greater bloodthirster.win.

    22. Finished in a rather strange place, but over all, a reaql good read I would place it between Deliverance Lost and Know No Fear

    23. If you have prior knowledge of 40k this will be great If not you won t get what is going on.Prose actually good.

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