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Colour Bar: The Triumph of Seretse Khama and His Nation By SusanWilliams,

  • Title: Colour Bar: The Triumph of Seretse Khama and His Nation
  • Author: SusanWilliams
  • ISBN: 9780141026138
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sir Seretse Khama, the first President of Botswana and heir apparent to the kingship of the Bangwato people, brought independence and great prosperity to his nation after colonial rule But for six long years from 1950, Seretse had been forced into exile in England, banned from his own country His crime To fall in love and marry a young, white English girl, Ruth WilliamsSir Seretse Khama, the first President of Botswana and heir apparent to the kingship of the Bangwato people, brought independence and great prosperity to his nation after colonial rule But for six long years from 1950, Seretse had been forced into exile in England, banned from his own country His crime To fall in love and marry a young, white English girl, Ruth Williams Delving into newly released records, Susan Williams tells Seretse and Ruth s story a shocking account of how the British Government conspired with apartheid South Africa to prevent the mixed race royal couple returning home But it is also an inspiring, triumphant tale of hope, courage and true love as with tenacity and great dignity Seretse and Ruth and the Bangwato people ovecome prejudice in their fight for justice.
    Colour Bar The Triumph of Seretse Khama and His Nation Sir Seretse Khama the first President of Botswana and heir apparent to the kingship of the Bangwato people brought independence and great prosperity to his nation after colonial rule But for six lon

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    1. Imagine that your love affair causes international crisis But your man still stands by you He is exiled from his country, disowned by his closest relative but still refuses to let you go Now, that s true love I am not big on non fiction but this was really good Where did men like that go I am not even asking a guy to abdicate for me, just flowers every now and then would do.

    2. Sono molto contenta di aver comprato questo libro e anche che ne abbiano fatto un film, senn chiss quando mai sarebbe arrivato in Italia.Whatever incredibile la storia di Seretse Khama e di sua moglie Ruth, una coppia esiliata dal territorio del protettorato del Bechuanaland futuro Botswana per motivi razziali non per desiderio della popolazione indigena, ma del Sudafrica, a cui il governo britannico non ebbe coraggio o forza di opporsi La loro colpa amarsi pur avendo la pelle di colore diverso, [...]

    3. I might have rated this book a three star because I think the story could have been written better, but I erred on the high side because the story itself is incredibly compelling and is one that should be read by anyone interested in Africa In many ways, Sir Seretse Khama seems to be the Nelson Mandela of Botswana At a minimum, I would hope that his story would be as well known as that of Mandela Both men are very inspirational and both give one hope for the Continent.

    4. This book made me angry, in the best possible way Susan Williams recounts the lives of Ruth Williams, a middle class woman from London, and Seretse Khama, heir to the throne of the Bangwato tribe in Botswana, and the extraordinary tale of what happened next after they married in 1949 Despite the fact that it should have been a private affair, and that Seretse was overwhelmingly proclaimed Kgosi king by his people, it was seized upon as a hated incident by the apartheid regime of neighbouring Sou [...]

    5. Fantastic account of a Botswana icon Our patron saint of this country Botswana royal and first president of the republic , and a symbol of racial equality in Colonial Africa This book will make you understand the meaning of the words patience and perserverence , and does a fantastic job of shaming Colonial Britain, exposing the absolute madness and obscene lengths they went to to try and appease Apartheid South Africa during the 1950s And love triumphs over all

    6. Really interesting book which uses the love story between Ruth and Seretse as a window into a broader story about imperialism and the right for nations to rule themselves.

    7. Brilliantly written historical analogy of Seretse and Lady Khama, though very little is said about Ruth in this installment.Well researched bio of Sir Seretse Khama Heavy on details, timelines and the sheer number of people involved in halting Seretse from his heirloom to creating an independent Botswana was overwhelming.Susan must have gone through millions of archived documents just to get an outline of this story So many people, white people, hell bent on destroying Seretse and Ruth s life to [...]

    8. Colour Bar tells the true story of Seretse Khama, heir to the throne of the Bangwato tribe of Botswana, and the struggles he faces after marrying a white woman, Ruth Williams This is a fascinating and frustrating story, which deserves to be widely known However, although meticulously researched, I felt that the story could be told in a better way than it is here I found Colour Bar to be a slow read, the tone of which seemed to miss both that of narrative fiction and serious non fiction.

    9. Interesting, informative, absorbing and shameful The roots of racism run so deep, are so hurtful and dysfunctional that one despairs A well researched historic account of sinister and cruel events A must read but prepare for distressing emotional reactions to the account Perhaps the film portrays a positive side to this sad past.

    10. Very enjoyable It filled out the political information better than some of the other sources Also having been written later, can give a better idea of how things turned out The reading flows pretty smoothly.

    11. Reading other people s very positive reviews of Colour Bar The Triumph of Seretse Kharma and his Nation , I m left shaking my head and wondering if we ve really read the same book Colour Bar is work of such plodding, stodgy, tedious prose that I really want to throw my Kindle in the air and rejoice that I m finally released from the responsibility of dragging myself through it.There s a big difference between great lives and great books Seretse and Ruth Kharma were people who changed the world n [...]

    12. Cari lettori, oggi voglio parlarvi di A United Kingdom di Susan Williams, romanzo uscito lo scorso 26 gennaio, da cui stato tratto l omonimo film, uscito qualche giorno fa e diretto da Amma Asante.Siamo alle prese con un romanzo storico che racconta con estrema accuratezza la storia d a di Seretse Khama, futuro erede del suo paese, il Bechuanaland il Botswana di oggi , stato del Sud Africa, con Ruth Williams, giovane ragazza inglese.Il libro racconta delle difficolt che Seretse e Ruth hanno dovu [...]

    13. Takes a while to get into, and a pen and paper is handy to make sense of who s who in the early chapters, but this is a wonderful insight into a unique African country, and beautifully illustrates why Botswana is a rare gem in a continent with so much hardship A remarkable story of a courageous couple with inspirational integrity.

    14. An amazing book, fascinating story, thoroughly researched and well told An account of the life of an extraordinary couple, caught in political challenges A lesson on courage , patience and forgiveness It took me a month to finish only 330 pages, was not a bit boring , just lots of stuff to digest I couldn t give it less than 5 stars, would be unfair really

    15. Powerful narration about the life and struggles for Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams.It tales the story of love,prejudice and pride.Through think and thin they stood and never allowed the prejudice of the people to break their spirit.I good read indeed i would have loved to give it another half a star i feel it deserves it.

    16. The true love is unconditional Seretse was a great man He wasn t a coward Imagine at that time a black man standing against the British Colonialism and South African apartheid in pursuit of true love Seretse s death is a great loss to Botswana, Africa and the rest of the world.

    17. what an excellent book very well written and insightful, not at all a dry history book, but written with love and respect looking forward to the film at the end of November

    18. Got about half way through when I had to return it Easy to read was was enjoying it, easier to see the film which I did.

    19. The quote All marriage is an experiment It is not the race, or races of the couple concerned, but the couple themselves Lady Ruth Khama to a reporter2nd quote Seretse and I are one race Colour doesn t enter into it It never has Lady Ruth Khama to a different reporter a year later I came into Colour Bar without having seen United Kingdom and uneducated in the history of Botswana and her people.What intrigued me was the relationship between Seretse and Ruth and their love What I got out of this no [...]

    20. This book explains the personal struggles of one of Africa s most respected citizens Seretse Khama who led his country to independence amid racist policies and governments in the latter half of the 20th century It s easy to feel bogged down by details set out through the author s massive research efforts, but the human story shines through Alexander McCall Smith s books on Botswana engendered my interest in Seretse Khama, and this book explains why Khama is still an icon of democracy and fairnes [...]

    21. This should be a five star review really but I couldn t give it the full amount just because of how long it took me to read I think the start of the book just seemed a little too repetitive and therefore it took me ages to even reach the halfway point But what an amazing story Powerful and poignant, and a complete surprise that I had never heard of Seretse Khama even before reading this book an amazing man with an amazing story which everyone should hear about.

    22. Informative book on th history the decolonization of what is now Botswana and the role that the marriage of Seretse Khama to his British wife Ruth played in that country s history If you saw the movie I suggest reading this book as it provides a highly detailed account of what took place between Britain, South Africa, and Seretse s homeland.

    23. This was an inspiring and distressing read, especially since we are living in times where this insidious reality has not been completely erased and or rejected The trajectory of their story took me through a gamut of emotions much of it feeling very personal Ruth Seretse s stouthearted relationship has left an indelible mark on my Soul encouraging me to live ever valiantly.

    24. A King for from bechuanaland studying in Cambridge meets a young English woman, and they marry England and South Africa use this biracial marriage as a whip to beat the bogwato tribe and other countries in the protectorate Really disgusting to observe the blatant racism of the Time, and to this day, this crap happens.

    25. This is one of the best books I ve read this year Well researched, well organized, written with objectivity Tells the compelling story of a man and a woman who changed the world with kindness, faith and love.

    26. An amazing, powerful, and yet sad story Seretse and Ruth Khama s victory over the racist Empire was hard fought and yet done so well Two very brave people who never lost sight of their goal, or what was good for their people.

    27. After seeing the movie A United Kingdom I knew I wanted to know about this factual story The book was pretty technical, but full of insight into how the marriage of these two individuals was impacted by the politics of Great Britain and South Africa.

    28. An outstanding history of the creation of Botswana, the lifting of the colour bar in Africa and the steadfast relationship between Sereste Khama and Ruth Williams A must read.

    29. Very interesting read, but somewhat confusing It would have been beneficial to have an explanation or chart showing the various government organizations and the people heading them up.

    30. Informative and emotional.An interesting and heartfelt journey through this period in the world s history explained from the trials and tribulations of the couple s lives.

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