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Before the Fire By Lauren Kate,

  • Title: Before the Fire
  • Author: Lauren Kate
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  • Page: 389
  • Format: ebook
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    One thought on “Before the Fire”

    1. Yeah, of course Luce works with cars She s clearly really smart and full of hidden talents Is she a rocket scientist too Her car enthusiasm was really obvious in the books Ugh.EDIT HAHAHA i misread Fallen Shorts Series as the Fallen Short LOL that would so explain the series.

    2. This one was good I did not know that Luce had a regular job fixing up cars It was also great to see the events leading up to the fateful party.

    3. Someone else pointed out in a review that Luce s apparent love of motor vehicles wasn t evident at all in the Fallen series I agree with them Although, considering what we know happened to Trevor if it wasn t for her part time job at the car shop thing, I don t think Luce would have gone to the party , I don t think Luce s avid interest in cars would have continued on afterwards So, actually, I liked this insight into life before Fallen

    4. well that really was an after thought you think a family that had been so important to you would be mentioned at least once in the series and since when is luce so into cars that should have been mentioned too, especially when they went back into time, she could have seen the cars right when they were made i mean, i liked it but it was too much of an after thought.

    5. I actually don t even remember that much of fallen, it wasn t that great story, but knowing now that Lucy had a thing for cars i definitely didn t see that one coming, sometimes short stories are really fun reads, this one was too short so there isn t much to say about it.

    6. She s a part time car mechanic enthusiast Really Doesn t fit the character for me and her thing for cars was not evident in the fallen book, though the story reveals part of her daily activities which does not include her personal problems or whatsoever, i think this thing about cars and the Pisani family was only a one time moment for her but I quite find it good since this was normal happenings before she even met all the angels.

    7. This is a short extra from the series Fallen which tells of Luce s part time job at a garage during the school years she attends Dover It is cute and heartfelt but it has been so long since I read Fallen that I can t remember if this short provides me with any ah ha s with the story it tells.On a personal note, I used to have neighbours by the name of Pisani so this Pisani family reminded me of them although the ones I knew had 1 son and 1 daughter instead of 3 sons.

    8. So Luce worked for the Pisani s during the summer Mr P and his 3 sons were like family to her They re really sweet and gave her a gift a bike, before she left, which they were going to fix up so it d be ready for her when she got back for the fall And then there s her crush on Trevor P And the party she decides to go to after all with Callie.

    9. Nothing really big happens in this little story but it is kinda interesting to see how Luce was before she met with Daniel and the rest of the angels I didn t really expect Luce to be like this but I like it, it sounds like a good life she had before Fallen happened and I wouldn t mind to read about it.

    10. I agree with other reviewers that Luce s love for cars was not nearly apparent enough in the actual series to make this story really make sense that being said, I actually enjoyed the story and the look at Luce s life before the incident occurred.

    11. The second short from the series which takes place before Fallen even begins Unlike the first short, I did not really find anything interesting in this short and feel that the two stars I gave was generous.

    12. Liked the first short story better, it was interesting.So Luce works on cars and she goes to a prep school.but when was this Was this the same year as the fist short story or was this from one of their previous lifetimes I m now torn if I want to read the series or not.

    13. Me gust Mucho, aunque me hubiera encantado conocer a estos chicos antes, sinceramenteLauren Kate, Por qu no me los hab as presentado

    14. not what I expected out of Luce who knew either way, I think it s lovely that she felt safe around some people poor girl didn t know what was coming for her.

    15. Quite liked this one, but don t remember anything about Luce being interested in working on cars and also interested in motorbikes.Maybe I have just forgotten that, or wasn t it mentioned before

    16. Fallen has so many short stories, it s kind of ridiculous but awesome Nice to get insight into someone else s POV.

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