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Daniel's First Sighting By Lauren Kate,

  • Title: Daniel's First Sighting
  • Author: Lauren Kate
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 489
  • Format: ebook
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    Daniel s First Sighting None

    One thought on “Daniel's First Sighting”

    1. The lead up to Daniel and Lucinda s meeting for the first time in this life time, this time from Daniel s POV If you want a tortured brooding hero, look no further He makes Edward Cullen look like a ray of sunshine Really enjoyed this as I found Daniel a very difficult character to get a grip on in the first two books they are all from Lucinda s POV and her issues with his erratic behaviour it was nice to see things from his end.

    2. I wish Lauren would publish these shorts altogether in one book These are interesting and I enjoyed this one They are providing some interesting insight that makes of the original book Fallen make sense This one makes me want to go back to Fallen and re read it.

    3. This gives a little insight into Daniel and of course the question that burned at the time.why did he flip her off

    4. I don t know what to do about this series A part of me likes it, a part of me is confused by it, and a part of me can t wait to finish just so I don t need to read it any.While I do happen to like Daniel s point of view, I want to give the guy some lithium dude is in love with his sorrow.

    5. I always love the extra, it s great to see what each character go through and what they think I found this extra on scribd doc 51797053 Co

    6. A cute little Fallen short So glad I can still read a little about this book even though the series ended a while ago This truly is one of my favorite series.Also, I m glad to finally know what Daniel was laughing at the moments before he saw Lucinda for the first time in that lifetime, although, I was expecting a something little funny, but it s good to finally know, since you know, I always wondered.

    7. I was struggling to connect with Daniel in Fallen I really enjoyed being inside his head and seeing their meeting for the first time through his eyes She was the love of his life She was everything And he was cursed to destroy her There was nothing in the world to do but save her life and flip her off.

    8. Fuck you.That s my only response to all of these pointless Fallen spinoffs Lauren Kate, get yourself some writing lessons, get yourself some new idea already

    9. Well,I ve always loved Fallen and Daniel duh and this short story of him seeing Lucinda for the first time justahhhh I love them.

    10. Nice to see a little snippet of background ant the first sighting of Luce from Daniel s point of view I read this as an estory and there were a lot of spelling, punctuation and Grammer errors.

    11. What is this A fucking little short story about a conversation between Cam and Daniel My passionate hatred for this series is slowly growing and it can t stop If I keep writing, I will lose brain cells than I already have Despite being a short, it was boring and too many trees died for this I love shorts, and it s not difficult to make one as they don t need to have a plot, but this no.

    12. Definitely clears many, many things up from the first book Fallen Explains why Daniel s hostility towards Luce was so prominent, because he swore her off for what he wanted to be forever in order to protect her Also shows what really happened to Trevor that night everything burned and he lost his life.

    13. OMG I can t believe Daniel has to go through Luce s death over over again He doesn t want to get close to her this time so that she can live out her life An then there s Cam, whose always up to something And it was the first time Daniel saw Luce at Sword Cross when he flipped Luce off, so she would stay away from him

    14. i liked the interactions he had with the other characters like penny and roland although, wtf roland was someone he talked to a few times in the middle ages, they were knights togetherwerent they didnt say they knew each other well but mostly i liked how purely he loves her and how much it actually hurts him to not love her thats why i liked this.

    15. I thought this little shot was really good It explained some things that were not really explained and could only be explained from Daniel I love reading the same book from the other person s point of view and it was no different this time I wouldn t mind reading the whole book from Daniel s POV

    16. I have been wondering for a while what Daniel was thinking the first time he saw Luce again in this life of her and now I finally know it It s not surprising, kinda expected it to be like this, but still nice to have it confirmed and I enjoy every extra piece of Fallen I can get my hands on so it was nice to read.

    17. No idea about the series when I picked this novellaally did not read any book description but it got my interest.Fallen angel.rtals and mortals in the same schoola fallen angel who went back to heaven.enger angelagic love story violet glowing eyes and temporary coldness when Luce wherever she is needed Daniel than usual

    18. Really struggling to read any of the short stories every time I click the fallen saga links it directs me to a page where the page isn t in English, Spanish maybe I don t know but I would appreciate any help any one can give really frustrating

    19. So that s the first time he saw Luce again, Daniel and Luce really have this past thing i wanted to know Short stories are really helpful when you really wanted to know bits and pieces not included in the actual book So far, this is good.

    20. It s a sweet short story, how Daniel feels when he s close to Luce Even before he knows she s there, he can feel her presence, feel her energy and soul Lovely.

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