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Daniel in L.A. By Lauren Kate,

  • Title: Daniel in L.A.
  • Author: Lauren Kate
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 122
  • Format: ebook
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    Daniel in L A None

    One thought on “Daniel in L.A.”

    1. Daniel s in the City of Angels I might sound stupid but please be patient with meill haven read the actual series is Sword and Cross in LA I m getting to stitch the novellas together and figuring out the timeline Now I m getting somewhereis happened just before he went to Sword and Cross I thought fallen angels don t have wings anyI was proven wrong And there are also parole officers that they call as Scales.Omg, please prove me wrong againrty at the Valley, where was Luce s party when she oblit [...]

    2. This short story was quit interesting I have been wondering how Daniel lived while he didn t get to see Luce and this gave an answer to it and even showed a bit of Shelby I have been interested in her since she isn t as much in the picture as some others in the Fallen books and you just don t know that much about her This gave a bit information and I wish there was a way to learn about her.

    3. So Daniel was hiding out in L.A determined to break up his Luce s pattern of falling in love then her dynig every time He meets Shelby, a daughter of his friend, Sem They go out to this party, where the cops bust them Sophia sends Daniel to Sword Cross the reform school, which is how he ends up there, I guess.

    4. well that was bummy so again, if daniel was so close with sem, why didnt he mention it in the book and if he had previously met shelby, why didnt he say so when he met her again at school and since at school, she obviously knows shes a nephilim, why doesnt daniel tell her that her father was sem JUST WHY haha

    5. For a 10 page short, this was actually the most interesting of all the shorts in this series More thoughts on this short and the others will appear on Elfie Books blog soon Check the Lauren Kate page on the blog for reviews and thoughts of the shorts and main books elfie books

    6. Daniel I am hooked because of you Just kinda wondering why in the fallen book they didn t mention anything about Sem What happen if he was real close to her Quite a handful Daniel stealing a shopping cart what for hahaha I hope to get to read about Shelby soon.

    7. In my opinion this story has a lot of potential and was just too brief I was intrigued to learn about Daniel and Shelby s relationship, Sem and how exactly Daniel allowed Miss Sophia to take him to Sword Cross because he doesnt seem the kind to do something against his will

    8. A quick segment on what Daniel was doing when he was trying to avoid Luce Interesting but a little boring

    9. A peek into Daniel s life before Sword and Cross Interesting to see how he lives while trying to avoid Luce Also, interesting to see a nephilim.

    10. Interesting to see what Daniel was up to and how he tried to avoid Luce this time around Also to see how Shelby ended up at Sword Cross.

    11. This was a real intresting read i was always intrested in how Daniel and Sibe meet i dont think thats her name Any way yeah good to understand his past .

    12. This one was pretty good Again these are really really short, but this one had some interesting information to provide that certainly sheds some light on the main storyline I liked it.

    13. A cute little Fallen short So glad I can still read a little about this book even though the series ended a while ago This truly is one of my favorite series.

    14. So far this has been my favourite Fallen Short StoryIt actually contributed with some new information about Daniel, Shelby, and their relationship.

    15. Fallen has so many short stories, it s kind of ridiculous but awesome Nice to get insight into someone else s POV.

    16. I always love the extra, it s great to see what each character go through and what they think I found this extra on scribd doc 51797053 Co

    17. And we finally find out what happened between Shelby and Daniel But it was nothing bad, as I originally thought when I read torment

    18. I thought it was really clever how Lauren Kate intertwined Shelby and Daniel and explained why he was at Sword and Cross.

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