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Someplace To Go By Maria Testa,

  • Title: Someplace To Go
  • Author: Maria Testa
  • ISBN: 9780807575246
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Davey describes how he spends his time after school trying to keep safe and warm until he can meet his mother and older brother when the shelter opens at eight o clock.
    Someplace To Go Davey describes how he spends his time after school trying to keep safe and warm until he can meet his mother and older brother when the shelter opens at eight o clock

    One thought on “Someplace To Go”

    1. This story is about a young boy named Davey and how he copes with being homeless I thought that this book was good and definitely a reality check This young boy is homeless because his mother lost her job awhile ago and now they have to sleep at a shelter This book covers what he does on his spare time while he waits for the soup kitchen to open and how he feels While reading the story the colors and illustrations really set the mood and tone I could tell that the author and illustrator really w [...]

    2. Someplace to goThis is a different kind of children books Because the main theme is a boy named Davey how to spend the after class time In most books, there are many happy, funny, and fantastic plots But this book is so different that it focus on loneness I think there is no person wants to live alone in this world And no parent wishes their children live alone in the future or feel any loneness For many young children, the first happiness thing for them is finish class in every day Because afte [...]

    3. Someplace to Go by Maria Testa is a heart wrenching story about a young, homeless boy The book itself is fairly plain in design The end pages are white and the full bleed images inside the book are watercolor with mostly dull and dreary colors This definitely portrays the mood throughout the story, as it is anything but cheery and fun The story follows a young boy after a day of school Him and his family sleep at a homeless shelter due to the fact that his mother lost her job Unfortunately, this [...]

    4. Someplace to Go is a hard story about a young boy whose family is homeless The story addresses homelessness and how lonely and isolated these people can feel It also briefly talks about all the horrible things that happen on the street The illustrations do a great job showing the emotion of the young boy and capture the mood of the story The full bleed illustration makes it feel like the reader is in the story giving it of a real feeling.

    5. Interesting children s story about a homeless family What a little boy must do in order to stay warm and get food on his own before he can meet with his brother and mother at the shelter when it opens several hours after he is released from school Would be eye opening for children or adults Great for diversity awareness.

    6. This is a book about a boy and his family trying to find work and a place to live He and his brother go to school and he has to separate from his family until the end of the day when they meet up at the homeless shelter.

    7. Vivid portrayal of what it s like to go to school and go to the homeless shelter where you live at the end of each day.

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