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Love in excess; or the fatal enquiry By Eliza Haywood,

  • Title: Love in excess; or the fatal enquiry
  • Author: Eliza Haywood
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eliza Haywood 1693 1756 was one of the most successful writers of her time indeed, the two most popular English novels in the early eighteenth century were Robinson Crusoe and Haywood s first novel, Love in Excess As this edition enables modern readers to discover, its enormous success is easy to understand Love in Excess is a well crafted novel in which the claims ofEliza Haywood 1693 1756 was one of the most successful writers of her time indeed, the two most popular English novels in the early eighteenth century were Robinson Crusoe and Haywood s first novel, Love in Excess As this edition enables modern readers to discover, its enormous success is easy to understand Love in Excess is a well crafted novel in which the claims of love and ambition are pursued through multiple storylines until the heroine engineers a melodramatic conclusion Haywood s frankness about female sexuality may explain the later neglect of Love in Excess In contrast, her accomplished domestic novel, The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless, has remained available Love in Excess and its reception provide a lively and valuable record of the challenge that female desire posed to social decorum For the second Broadview edition, the appendix of eighteenth century responses to Haywood has been considerably expanded.
    Love in excess or the fatal enquiry Eliza Haywood was one of the most successful writers of her time indeed the two most popular English novels in the early eighteenth century were Robinson Crusoe and Haywood s first novel L

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    1. Panting and misspelled, Love in Excess is easy to roll your eyes at But I think it deserves It was a blockbuster smash when it was published in 1720, as popular as Robinson Crusoe It influenced Samuel Richardson and it s much fun than his work It was written by a woman and shows women who have their own sexual agendas It s not great, but it s a good time.The bodice ripping plot follows the exstatick ruiner Count D Elmont, so pretty that knickers fly like John Woo s doves in his presence, throu [...]

    2. Eliza Haywood is perhaps best remembered for the caricature Alexander Pope provides of her in his satirical poem The Dunciad Haywood is the prize for the victor of a literal pissing contest The loser receives a chamber pot, though it s clear that Pope didn t see a huge difference between the two prizes Love in Excess was widely read in the 1720s but much of the British literati vehemently dismissed it as trash You get the impression that the cover of its modern day equivalent would have Fabio on [...]

    3. This book taught me that chapters are awesome and that I take modern text formatting way too for granted.

    4. If you think current romance novels are nuts, you ll change your mind after reading this Yes, the men are trash, but the heroines are interesting I wish it they had depth and the period in which Haywood lived was less terrible.

    5. I hate this book from start to finish I still can t believe I had to read it for class, and not a single lecture addressed the violent sexual terrorization the main character afflicts on his ward, a young adolscent girl Instead the lectures focused on his love for her, and explaining the qualities of a redeemable rake Unbelievable.

    6. This book sucks Don t read it It s almost worth avoiding classes which prescribe it The language is about as dense and tangled as Count D elmont s pubic hair, and what s worse is that the often self conscious narrative style makes no attempt to be succinct This is an apparently deliberate device to support the novel s concerns of interchangeability of particularly female characters, but which complicates readability and drags out the text even longer A word of the wise look up plot line and key [...]

    7. I just finished reading Part the First of Love in Excess This novel takes a lot of intense focus or at least it did for me because of the 18th century language and spelling I did, however, find that it held my attention much better and was enjoyable to read that most other 18th century novels that I ve read It focuses a lot on the ideas of duty and desire in romantic relationships Should I marry for love or should I marry to create a strategic partnership that will benefit my family That is the [...]

    8. Number 17 of 1001 Books you must read before you die Eliza Haywood s book was one of the most popular novels in its day, competing with Defoe s Robinson Crusoe It tells the story of Count D Elmont and his quest for romantic and fulfilling love On his way he ravishes one woman, whom he mistakenly thinks is writing him love letters, marries the woman who was writing him the letters, but whom one he doesn t love, and falls in love with his ward He attempts to seduce the ward and ends up causing jea [...]

    9. What I learned by reading Love in Excess by Eliza Haywood Ultimately, that I am going to hate the 18th century English novel.Characters, in my first two experiences with the 18th century English novel which is a course I m currently taking , are completely and utterly without depth They serve no purpose The book is entirely about desire, and how men are able to follow their desires without consequence, and if women chose to follow their desires they are branded as whores Chastity is valued, and [...]

    10. So I just finished reading this book today.This was reading material for a class on 18th century lit I was interested to discover that this book was wildly popular in its day and curious as to why it faded into obscurity after the author s death Upon reading it, I came to the conclusion that it wasn t as timeless as other books that have stayed popular Perhaps it was the characters, most of whom I found unrelatable to the modern reader and either uninteresting, worrisome or just plain silly Coun [...]

    11. University of Saint Thomas Graduate English The Rise of the NovelThe beginning of this book, although full of rambling long sentences and hurried paragraphs, was quite addicting, as I would imagine a modern love story to be I don t really read romances By book two, I started to get tired of the dramatic love triangles and pages upon pages of men and women arguing as to whether they should sleep together or not I skimmed the third book, because basically it was just full of men wanting to hump la [...]

    12. Haywood s novel was as popular as its contemporary, Robinson Crusoe, but its outrageous exploration of female sexuality caused the novel to fall into neglect in later conservative times.It shows how very rudimentary the novel form was at the time it commits just about every error that first novelists are now enjoined against, including pages long paragraphs But it was tremendously influential.

    13. Amatory fiction at its finest Okay, I haven t read a lot of amatory fiction But, if you re not sure about it when you start it, it gets better and better as you go And there are plenty of steamy almost sex scenes, woo

    14. This book was difficult to get into but worth it in the end The spelling was irregular but her writing is quite charming And despite a heavy romantic layer, there are some real proto feminist kernels in this text.

    15. It was quite an involved story and a bit hard to keep the characters straight at times I didn t care much for D Elmont and his cavalier attitude, but I suppose that s the point of the story Overall, I enjoyed the writing style and use of language and am glad i got to read this classic.

    16. Gawd damn, I hated this book With every passing page, I wanted to stab my eyes out and even rolled my eyes as I turned pages or with new plot twists there were done in an amount of times that is not a compliment to the story or author There were even parts where the characters were saying to eachother how they were sorry that their story was taking too long to tell and that the recipient character of their story was probably getting bored and I thought, YES Like me Blah blah blah I heard myself [...]

    17. I was expecting a far juicy tale to begin with, hearing as this was the most scandalous book ever to be published and how it was a best seller of the 50 Shades of Grey format back in it s day Safe to say it was probably quite scandalous for it s time, especially as the blurb points out, since it depicts not only the lust of men, but also, and perhaps especially of women Here women, and men, rave, sigh, cry, faint and go mad with love It is indeed Love in Excess Yet all the time Haywood remain s [...]

    18. Modern formatting, I will never again take you for granted I don t enjoy stories like this I prefer a narrative with characterisation, well paced and given to dialogue, but I have to view this novel through the lens of its time, so alas All things considered, it wasn t bad If this is the Fifty Shades of Grey of its time, then wow, that was immensely tame It would be delightful if I never had to happen upon a sex scene graphic than what was written here Which wasn t graphic, at all Description [...]

    19. I came to this shortly after reading The Princess of Cleves , and groaned inwardly at the thought of another dreary 18th century soap opera of simpering heroines and bodice ripping French aristosbut Mrs Haywood is much readable than dreary old Madame La Fayette There is plenty of excitement to keep one turning the pages abductions, elopements, near rapes, secret assignations, lovers hiding in the shrubbery, sexual ambiguity inspired by a bit of cross dressing, etc etcd there is even a bit of ch [...]

    20. defoe crusoe haywood love in excess Count D elmont is so attractive women all women lose their minds, burn all social bridges, swoon, rip off their clothes, die of love sickness at his sight He is basically the ark of the covenant It s about as realistic as all the Crusoe s convenient commune of one desert island Yet perhaps the realism is in the radically asymmetrical power men in this early 18th C narrative wield over women and the expression of a relative taboo female desire The psychological [...]

    21. Unfortunately I could not find a reprinted text online, so had to read off a pdf d manuscript which, with the lack of paragraphing, modern grammar, spelling and the letter s looking like an f , made this quite an elongated read I also get very bored with this genre of book which usually runs along the lines of, girl sees boy and fancies him so madly she will die if she doesn t have him Unfortunately, he is looking at another girl 1st girl selfishly tries to sabotage the relationship so that she [...]

    22. As I read this book, I went back and forth between really liking it, and reallywellt At times it s hard to remember that the syrupy sweetness and the highly unlikely impossible coincidences in the book are supposed to be satirical Characters that you despised in one part of the book become heroes in others Rendezvous and chance meeting become so utterly chance that they defy belief And then there s the never ending web of familial and romantic relationships that double back and cross over each o [...]

    23. A little bored of the love triangles in the first two parts D elmont was silly and not very interesting Alovysa a self loving harpy and Meliora too good by half but the third part That was romantic and excessive and ludicrous and utterly wonderful Loved it It made me laugh in it s excessiveness, but it made me feel the agonies and ecstasies of the love I had a happy tear in my eye and lump in my throat, whilst marvelling at how daft it all was.The end was total tonal whiplash the best character, [...]

    24. It does Eliza Haywood an injustice to review Love in Excess in the same way I would another novel written in the nineteenth, twentieth, or twenty first centuries She had no convention to rely on she needed to create the convention Her love triangles may feel tiresome only because we have all already encountered hundreds of books, movies, stories, songs, and television shows which revolve around this overused plot structure.I only read Part the First of Love Excess, but I can understand why it wa [...]

    25. This is one of the earliest examples of a novel in English, but it is really of a romance novel hybrid, and frankly, quite ridiculous It is dramatic to the point of farce, and for that fact alone is pretty entertaining The conversations between the characters are highly stylized and belabored very courtly One of my favorite passages is something like, And henceforth I shall count no hours happy except for those which may be of some service to you The spelling and punctuation is often strange, a [...]

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