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Dialogues By Gilles Deleuze,

  • Title: Dialogues
  • Author: Gilles Deleuze
  • ISBN: 9780231066006
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gilles Deleuze examines his philosophical pluralism in a series of discussions with Claire Parnet Conversational in tone, this is the most personable and accessible of all Deleuze s writings, in which he describes his own philosophical background, relationsbips and development, and some of the central themes of his work.
    Dialogues Gilles Deleuze examines his philosophical pluralism in a series of discussions with Claire Parnet Conversational in tone this is the most personable and accessible of all Deleuze s writings in which

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    1. Finally A totally readable Deleuze book But even though this is the most readable Deleuze book I know with the possible exception of Pure Immanence , it still took me a whole damn month to read 148 pages 148 pages In a month There s a little bit of all of Capitalism and Schizophrenia A Thousand Plateaus in this book But I want to talk about how this work effected me on a personal level, both because that is ultimately what Deleuze wants, and that also, to me, should be the end goal of philosophy [...]

    2. in this series of edited conversations there is an interesting defence claim of essential empiricism , that seems to me to include the things themselves of phenomenonology basically, this is that thought should start with immediate experience and not abstraction, thought should be basic, not theory, not framework, not grand totalizing concepts of the One or the Subject but some recognition that these are construction or lines of flight great intro from deleuze himself

    3. Como todos los libros de Deleuze, su lectura es dif cil, pero f rtil No solo su capacidad cr tica, o sus an lisis como el del psicoan lisis son de una perspicacia y hondura dignas de ser comprendidas Adem s, su forma de expresarse, su ser un extranjero en la propia lengua nos enfrenta a una forma novedosa, incluso veinte a os tras su muerte, de conceptuar, de pensar, y por tanto de hacer filosof a Como algunos libros de Nietzsche o Heidegger, el comentario es casi aqu una traici n al esp ritu, u [...]

    4. Deleuze and Parnet s Dialogues is a fascinating collection of intriguing thoughts, ideas and questions coming together The blurring of lines between the two partners in dialogue makes it an especially interesting conversation At times Deleuze truly reads like poetry, the sentences flowing and floating, like lines meeting and crossing, weaving into eachother like the threads of fabric I found especially his notes on lines, geography of bodies, couplings, connections, the anorectic, and mechanisms [...]

    5. Come mai cos poche recensioni Bench tutte favorevolissime, non compongono lo zoccolo duro di deleuziani convinti che mi aspettavo di trovare qui O forse sono io che esagero con le mie cinque stelle che potrebbero tranquillamente salire a sei o sette, se solo fosse possibile Mass , in fondo questo libro non mi ha cambiato la vita Per per quanto mi riguarda ha cambiato, in modo tanto repentino quanto drastico, il mio modo di leggere e di rapportarmi alla letteratura Penso soprattutto alla seconda [...]

    6. A slim text that took me about two months to finish reading, though I don t consider myself anywhere near done with the text or what it sets forth I feel I could say so much, but instead will cite the passage that truly distills what Deleuze is after and which reads to me something like prayer extract from the event that which is not exhausted by the happening, to release from becoming that which will not permit itself to be fixed in a term.

    7. Watched L Ab c daire de Gilles Deleuze, which I am led to believe is the video footage from which this series of dialogues stems from Most odd and brilliant creature, this man My initial impressions marked his apparent oddness, aloofness, and obscurity, but this blossomed into an awareness of his intense joy and lucidity after I became familiar with his work.

    8. Although this is not necessarily the best place to start as an intro to Deleuze I d recommend Negotiations , this interchange between Deleuze and a former student provides insight into a lot of the concepts preoccupying him them in the mid 1970s, as he and Guattari were in the process of preparing vol II of Capitalism and Schizophrenia, A Thousand Plateaus.

    9. Deleuze felsefesi i in derleyici, toplayici bir kitap Tabi bir giris kitabi diyemem I ine dalip tekrar tekrar d nmeli bir s ylesi kitap.

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