[E-Book] ☆ The Whispering Gallery | BY ✓ Mark Sanderson

The Whispering Gallery By Mark Sanderson,

  • Title: The Whispering Gallery
  • Author: Mark Sanderson
  • ISBN: 9780007296811
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • On a sweltering day in July 1937, reporter John Steadman is in London s St Paul s Cathedral waiting for his girlfriend But romance is pushed aside when he witnesses a man falling to his death from the whispering gallery, killing a priest in the process Did he jump or was he pushed
    The Whispering Gallery On a sweltering day in July reporter John Steadman is in London s St Paul s Cathedral waiting for his girlfriend But romance is pushed aside when he witnesses a man falling to his death from the

    One thought on “The Whispering Gallery”

    1. This is an odd book The storyline is interesting enough but it seems to lose pace and interest in itself at times Some of the details are horrific I can t go into detail without spoilers but people s responses to them are banal There are also anachronisms which jar and the ending was contrived and unbelievable Also, people in this period appear to believe strongly in other characters giving their word that they won t go to the police, break a confidence, etc with alarming gullibility I felt that [...]

    2. This was a good page turner The story telling was a bit clunky in places but I really liked the 1937 setting in London A good three stars.

    3. There are aspects of this series I like, such as the period atmosphere of pre war London, and the complicated relationship between lead characters, maverick newspaper reporter Johnny Steadman and his best friend since schooldays, PC Matt Turner On the other hand the novels rely on sensationalist plot lines and revel in gruesome sexual violence that is depicted with a salaciousness I find disturbing, verging on torture porn The writing can be a bit clumsy, with a tendency to tell rather than show [...]

    4. Could have been a better book The story is good enough but some irritating writing interfered with the enjoyment An obsession with irrelevant detail does not make for atmosphere and it is certainly not Dickensian as it aspires to be William Mc Gonnegal like.What irritated me most me most were anachronistic expressions such as what bit of don t you understand Having done some extensive research I googled it it seems that the first sightings of this format were in the US in the 1980s For a book t [...]

    5. A satisfactory period thriller primarily concerned with weaving a grisly plot to keep the reader turning the pages If you like to think that you know your way around London you may enjoy following the routes that main character Johnny Sanderson describes in detail as he makes his way around London on the trail of a crazed criminal but if not I suspect you won t find his itineraries quite so interesting The plot is very sensationalist much like the stories Johnny s bosses at the tabloid he works [...]

    6. Maybe I read this too quickly but the pace seemed off and the structure of the Kindle edition threw me than once with paras bumping into each other when they were really separate sections Added to that, the lists of street names sometimes seemed like the point of the book There s a good story in here struggling to get out and the I think about the book the I realise I might be being unfair to it.

    7. I was drawn to the cover, but as they say never judge a book by it s cover Anyway it s a good book but just not my style John is a journalist who is waiting for his girlfriend when a man falls from a gallery and on top of a priest killing them both A few days later he starts to receive grim packages What really happened in the gallery that day And why are these packages coming to him

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