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The Forgotten Spurgeon By Iain H. Murray,

  • Title: The Forgotten Spurgeon
  • Author: Iain H. Murray
  • ISBN: 9780851511566
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • An incisive, historical and theological insight into the great 19th century Baptist, with emphasis on the doctrines that moulded his life and thought.
    The Forgotten Spurgeon An incisive historical and theological insight into the great th century Baptist with emphasis on the doctrines that moulded his life and thought

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    1. Spurgeon biographies abound Like those of many famous figures, they range from the multiple volume older versions to the abbreviated paperbacks tailored to appease the modern reader This one, however, as the title suggests, looks at the last of the Puritans from a unique perspective Instead of focusing on the details of Spurgeon s life, it explores the three crises controversies that significantly affected his ministry and accurately reflected his convictions.By its very nature this particular b [...]

    2. This book is a look at the controversies Spurgeon dealt with during his life It s not a biography, but since the three controversies Murray looks at happened at different parts of Spurgeon s life it is somewhat biographical It s very interesting to see how Spurgeon handled theological controversy and problems, especially since much of what was happening in his life has parallels with today I haven t read many other books about Spurgeon but was still able to understand and enjoy this one quite a [...]

    3. Note If you have no idea who British preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon 1834 1892 was, this review will not interest you in the least If, however, you are acquainted with CHS, read on While not claiming to be strictly a biography, this book is biographical in that it centers around what the author deems as the three great crisis s of Spurgeon s life listed on p 167 In summary they were 1 The prevalence of Arminianism which the author never bothers to define in late 19th century English pulpits Cha [...]

    4. NOTE You can download a free audio version here.The Forgotten Spurgeon isn t a biography, nor a must read, but still is a helpful and fascinating look at what might be forgotten about Spurgeon that is, major controversies and his perseverance Controversies centered around his Calvinism, his biblical view of evangelism, and for his biblical stance during the Downgrade Controversy It was also interesting to learn how Spurgeon s partnering with D.L Moody whose philosophy of evangelism was different [...]

    5. Murray has done such a good job with this So thorough I wanna go through every footnote and read the books he cites Such a solid job on the research The book basically focuses on Spurgeon s involvement in three major theological controversies throughout the course of his life Calvinism vs Arminianism as a young man in the 1850s Baptismal regeneration and anglo catholicism in the 1860s The Down grade controversy of the 1880sSuper helpful and clear The parallel s between Spurgeon s day and our own [...]

    6. In what way has Spurgeon been forgotten Simply this untold multitudes of Christians today have no idea the battles Spurgeon fought or the doctrines for which he stood For example, I know two Baptist historians authors and pastors, no less that have said to me with a straight face that Charles Spurgeon was not a Calvinist This is completely and utterly ridiculous Of course he was a 5 point Calvinist And anybody vaguely familiar with his writings and preaching beyond the soundbite tidbits thrown a [...]

    7. I loved this book It s an excellent traveling companion for many reasons, not the least of which it starts conversations On a flight back from San Francisco the woman sitting next to me asked me What s a Forgotton Spurgeon , which sparked a conversation that she may have not intended that lasted for than an hour and a half It s a theological autobiography of Spurgeon and is an extraordinary read for someone like myself that has been an avowed Calvinist for some time I learned some of the old th [...]

    8. This year I m going to be using the 2018 VT Reading Challenge to guide my reading choices, and I m going to be a little consistent than I was last year Last year, I picked and chose and found myself with about 20 books I never got to because they were too much of a stretch for me or boring This year, I m going to actually go straight through from start to finish so that I can make sure I actually hit all the categories Second time s a charm, right The first book on the challenge is to read a bi [...]

    9. I am constantly amazed by Spurgeon This book just adds to my amazement Iain Murray in The Forgotten Spurgeon seeks to reveal to the reader how the Doctrines of Grace Calvinism fueled the Prince of Preachers throughout the entirety of his ministry Murray seeks to show Spurgeon as a reformer and defender of truth in a day in age where evangelicalism was falling pray to Arminianism, liberalism, and modernism.

    10. While my biography reading on Spurgeon is minimal one other this one by Murray is great Taking a different approach Murray looks at the three controversies that surrounded Spurgeon s ministry and shows how Spurgeon was not only a great preacher but theologian who taught faithfully the doctrines of grace Many are unaware of this commitment of Spurgeon s since many Baptist today don t share his theological undergirding to their detriment.

    11. This is an absolute must read for ever pastor and elder and beneficial to all Not a biography, but dealing with three troubling periods of Spurgeon s life You may not agree with all the conclusions or thoughts of Murray s analysis, however it is thought provoking and makes me look very carefully at how we continue in church ministry today.

    12. I ve thoroughly enjoyed this biography, though the author insists throughout the work that this is really not a biography of Spurgeon per se, and was written to fill in the gaps that is often left out concerning the real Spurgeon that is contrary to the popularized image of Spurgeon according to the perception of mainstream Evangelical and some biographies out there In commenting about the deficiency of some of the biographies about Spurgeon, this work notes how some of the popular biographers h [...]

    13. This was a book that, even before I started reading it, I knew would probably be a good read And yet Iain Murray still blew my expectations with his masterful work on Spurgeon The reader of this book will not only be delving into the mind of one of the greatest preachers in church history, but will also partake in deep theological studies and learn much church history as well Though not a complete biography of the life of Spurgeon, the book presents such a thorough picture of Spurgeon s beliefs [...]

    14. Book ReviewBy Jason ScottThe Forgotten SpurgeonBy Iain MurrayCharles Spurgeon is one of the most well known and beloved preachers of the 19th century However, according to Iain Murray in this book, much of what Spurgeon stood for was either quickly forgotten or left out in the biographies that immediately followed his passing It seemed to me that the Spurgeon of the sermons which Murray had been studying was a forgotten man and the that I read the the conviction deepened Pg 4Spurgeon is often [...]

    15. After reading The Forgotten Spurgeon , one thought dominates my mind preach the truth, and do not compromise no matter what the consequences Walk alone if you must, but preach and stand for the truth, to the glory of God alone This was the defining motivation of Spurgeon s ministry Iain Murray does an amazing job of pulling together historical documents, letters and newspaper articles of Spurgeon, his friends and enemies, to draw a picture of the man as he was, and not as he has been mis charact [...]

    16. Not a biography in the fullest sense but a rather a look at the triumvirate of theological controversies Spurgeon faced in his lifetime 1 his stand for historic Calvinism while at New Park Street in the 1850s, 2 his involvement in the baptismal regeneration debate of 1864, and 3 the Down Grade controversy of 1887 1891 Spurgeon never sought to be antagonistic, but when truth was being undermined he valiantly engaged in contending for the faith once for all delivered to the saints Jude 3 In his co [...]

    17. A game changing book for me Murray s chapter on Spurgeon s two sided kind of Calvinism made sense of God s foreknowledge but also human responsibility Not hyper Calvinism which lays all emphasis on God s action nor Arminianism whch stresses the ethical requirement of human response but, like the rails of a railway track, two truths whch are not reconciled in Scripture and yet are insisted upon throughout A mystery to tempt humans to resolve on one side or the other Click Click so stimulating I f [...]

    18. I expected to enjoy this book, but I didn t expect to enjoy it quite so much It is not a thorough biography of C H Spurgeon instead, Murray focuses on the three major controversies of Spurgeon s ministry the Anglo Catholic controversy, the Baptismal Regeneration controversy, and the Down Grade Murray explores Spurgeon s stand on each, but he also reveals their effects on the landscape of evangelicalism in Great Britain after Spurgeon s death Through this book the author speaks out against the ne [...]

    19. This is truly a great work on Spurgeon.It is by no means trying to give a complete look at his life, but rather is focused at highlighting a few key controversies and aspects of his life that are often obscured in modern analysis of Spurgeon That is the stated goal of the book, and it suceeds at this.Even though it is limited in scope, as I have mentioned, it still does a pretty good job at painting a picture of Spurgeon as a whole.I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learn [...]

    20. A masterly survey of the three main controversies in C H Spurgeon s ministry true Calvinist vs hyper Calvinist and Arminian gospel preaching the Baptismal Regeneration debate of 1864 and the Downgrade Controversy of 1887 1892.Spurgeon is nowadays often praised as one of the towering figures in the history of the church, but the degree of resistance and contention he faced in his own lifetime for his unshakeable stance on Biblical doctrine is often overlooked This book provides an illuminating ac [...]

    21. The Forgotten Spurgeon was required reading in the Local Church Bible Institute that I was trained in It was the first book that I ever read on C.H Spurgeon the Prince of Preachers and it was also the first time I was introduced to the writtings of Ian Murray In my opinion he is one of the great Christian biographers of our generation.

    22. What a sobering and inspiring book Spurgeon was not only The Prince of Preachers , he was a courageous pastor who tenaciously clung to the Word of God alone without care for his own reputation A must read, especially for Pastors.

    23. The Lord has seen fit to hide this book from me I am 2 3 done and I just can t find it so I ve moved it to the read shelf and pulled in some new books to currently reading I ll have to finish Spurgeon s 3rd controversy the Down Grade when it turns up again

    24. Good book, particularly for recovering Arminians, but I struggle with the text a bit due to my lack of knowledge of church history It wouldn t hurt to have Wickipedia or some other resource nearby when you read this book.

    25. Great insight from Murray Great quotations from Spurgeon to explain where he really stood on issues, especially since almost all Baptists claim him as their man.Side Note I love Calvinism Spurgeon thru Murray has furthered my thinking in Calvinism and evangelism in particular.

    26. A look at Spurgeon s theology and ministry against the background of some key controversies of his time It is not a full biography, as the author clearly remarked, yet it provides a very illuminating account of one of the greatest preachers in the history of the church I highly recommend it

    27. This is my favorite Spurgeon biography Murray examines Spurgeon s conflict with Arminians, hyper Calvinsists, and modernists He also demonstrates how a robust and evangelistic Calvinism was central to Spurgeon s theology and preaching.

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