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A Bed of Thorns and Roses By Sondra Allan Carr,

  • Title: A Bed of Thorns and Roses
  • Author: Sondra Allan Carr
  • ISBN: 2940011322310
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Nook
  • Set during America s Gilded Age, A Bed of Thorns and Roses offers a new take on the classic theme of Beauty and the Beast, following in the tradition of such well loved authors as Elizabeth Hoyt, Mary Balogh and Loretta Chase This bittersweet story takes the reader on a memorable journey where lives and hearts once thought irredeemably scarred are transformed by the healiSet during America s Gilded Age, A Bed of Thorns and Roses offers a new take on the classic theme of Beauty and the Beast, following in the tradition of such well loved authors as Elizabeth Hoyt, Mary Balogh and Loretta Chase This bittersweet story takes the reader on a memorable journey where lives and hearts once thought irredeemably scarred are transformed by the healing power of love.
    A Bed of Thorns and Roses Set during America s Gilded Age A Bed of Thorns and Roses offers a new take on the classic theme of Beauty and the Beast following in the tradition of such well loved authors as Elizabeth Hoyt Mary

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    1. Everyone loves a beauty and the beast story, right Ehh, that is usually true This one hit some high notes, but wasn t a winner for me It was a struggle for me to wade through the writing, which, although had some beautiful turns of phrases, was exceedingly verbose, almost to the point of repetitiveness Things were first shown, then told, then explained It was almost enough to make me stop reading, although I pushed through by skipping paragraphs, then pages.The characterization is very deep and [...]

    2. As a romance novel this book didn t work for me I am one of those people who thinks life can be hard enough, so I don t need read about it for entertainment This book is a different take on beauty and the beast Since there is no magic in this story the H transforms on the inside, but can t do the same on the outside The h is not really beautiful on the outside, but she is beautiful because of who she is.The reason I only gave it 2 stars is that the H h had horrible lives Some of the worst things [...]

    3. If you re in the right state of mind to follow two very tortured people misunderstanding each other s intentions over and over again and inadvertently wounding each other s hearts a tiny bit each time in the process this is the one It may seem repetitive at first, but every incident deepens the feeling of brokenness they experience It s kind of hypnotizing A maelstrom of self loathing and yearning for a personal relationship both have given up on.It helps that the protagonist s character is a bi [...]

    4. The main plot including both hero s and heroine s back stories was very much endearing If the story was only about them the rating would be a solid 4 stars Unfortunately, there s a car crash of a sub plot, it goes like this Hero s doctor saves his life GREAT We love Dr Garrick for the cuddly father figure he is view spoiler Dr G was in love with hero s mum ok, everyone has the right to a forbidden romance.Dr G 54 yrs old flirts with heroine s sister 17 yrs old ok, at this point just, no He s aro [...]

    5. I found this book totally by chance while browsing the shelves of a reviewer who had written a review that resonated with me I m so glad I did I ve always had a soft spot for the fairy tale Beauty the Beast and I ve read all the books based on it that I could get my hands on A Bed of Thorns and Roses had flown under my radar somehow though.It s a beautiful book It s not without its little flaws but I cannot give it less than 5 stars I was pulled into the story right away and I didn t stop readin [...]

    6. Having written my own novel based in the Cupid and Psyche vein, I ve truly come to appreciate a romance novel that breaks the typical perfectly handsome hero heroine mold Sondra Allan Carr does exactly that.Jonathan, her hero, is damaged not only physically but emotionally Her heroine, Isabelle s scars are invisible, but they affect her nonetheless She has grown up in what she thinks of as genteel poverty Jonathan is surrounded by wealth of which he wants no part.The two are brought together by [...]

    7. Her shame, she was certain, marked her in ways apparent to anyone who looked closely It had grown to her like a second skin I m a coward No Don t deny what we both know to be true Richard put his hand on Jonathan s shoulder You are worn down by your burdens Tired, not cowardly Jonathan shook his head He didn t argue the point Was it because he was too tired, or too cowardly Wow

    8. Absolutely magical Amongst the very best of the Beauty and the Beast re tellings I ve read I picked up the kindle READ did my daily tasks READ re charged the Kindle my electronic lover, my husband calls the thing now READ on tasks READ work READ quick quick Kids off to bed And then I READ READ READ and just couldn t put it down until I finished this novel.My eyes were blood shot red when I finally shut my lover , but I was extremely satisfied.Personally I loved the writing style, the philosophy [...]

    9. I thought I would love this but several things ruined it for me 1 The love story between Jenny who I hated and Richard Every minute spent reading about it was a waste of time Get back to the main characters please 2 The constant, constant misunderstandings between Jonathan and Isabelle.3 This book was way too long which is not usually a complaint of mine but all of that long, frustrating build up only to get a turn down the lamp at the end Seriously That s how you show the main characters finall [...]

    10. This book is definitely a major tear jerker I need to add one spoiler This story surrounds a brutal rape of a young girl, so if that is hard for you to handle I would not recommend this story However, it is also a story of hope and redemption and love Jonathan and Isabelle s story is a rendition of beauty and the beast Because of Isabelle s tragic and horrendous past she too struggles with her own feelings of beastliness The relationship between the two main characters was well developed and the [...]

    11. Forever It is the word, close to everything and as I say that always gets me I am a sucker for Beauty and the Beast, and this story s just a different version of the story, and liked it And Jonathanoh goshg

    12. The ending was depressing It made me wonder if they ever had kids.Sad kind of epilogue and totally prong for this book.s

    13. Rating 4 5There was something very sweet about Carr s take on the Beauty and the Beast story Her characters Isabelle and Jonathan were very likeable, both so insecure about themselves that they found it hard to understand each other Their misunderstandings happened frequently throughout the story, but there was nothing repetitive about them each misunderstanding felt realistic, not overdone for the sake of drama.I really enjoyed their conversations on the nature of truth and beauty I found both [...]

    14. This review is also posted on my blog allthedaysof This historical romance brings all our favourite elements of a love story together two emotionally scarred characters trying to find peace in each other s arms Sondra Allan Carr just overwhelms with her sensitivity in this love against the odds novel.Jonathan Nashe is heir to a huge fortune but after a tragic fire leaves him terribly disfigured, he refuses to let anyone see him He lives, sheltered away from prying eyes, in his country mansion wh [...]

    15. I was just in tears in a good way when I finished reading this novel It was such a beautiful re telling of the Beauty and the Beast tale that I wept and wept and wept.For me, there was only one major flaw, and two minor flaws to this story.The major flaw was the boring, over long, and completely unnecessary inclusion of Isabelle s sister and her romance into what was otherwise a hauntingly moving novel Perhaps the biggest problem I had with Jenny s romance with the doctor was the HUGE age discre [...]

    16. Jonathan Nashe begitu buruk rupa akibat kebakaran yang dialaminya 13 tahun yang lalu sehingga membuatnya hidup menyendiri dan tidak mau siapapun melihatnya, kecuali dr Richard Garrick yang merawatnya dari dulu Sampai pada akhirnya tangan Jonathan tidak bisa lagi dipaksakan untuk menulis, dan mau tak mau dia menyetujui usul dr Garrick untuk memperkerjakan seorang sekretaris.Isabelle Tate mempunyai masa lalu begitu kelam yang diakibatkan oleh ayahnya yang seorang penjudi dan pemabuk Isabelle tidak [...]

    17. I was looking for the Beauty and the beast theme and I found it I don t know how to start this review, I really really liked the book, it was beautiful written even though sometimes it was a bit repetitive but it didn t bother me at all, but something that I can t seem to accept is the relation between Richard and Jenny, I m sorry but it is kind of disturbing and I m one of those girls who have no problem with age gaps but this It was close to pedophilia for me, I tried to think that things were [...]

    18. It definitely is a book worth reading It starts slow but then when you get to know Isabell and Jonathan you can t put it down, you just want to know when it s going to flourish It s a beautiful retelling of the Beauty and the Beast It shows you that fairy tales can be real even in the worst possible situations It had me smiling and crying all the time I recommend it to everybody The end is a bit upsetting but nevertheless I encourage everybody to read it I m a Disney girl, and I have to say I th [...]

    19. This book reaches the top ten of books I have read in my life which is a staggering number because I m a bookaholic The story was so addicting I couldn t wait to get home from work to read The souls of the hero and heroine have joined with my very own I am head over heels in love with Jonathan Nashe Even though there were a few grammatical errors and typos, I gave them no weight in this review that s how much I enjoyed loved this story I commend the author on writing a tale that goes to the ver [...]

    20. Isabelle and Johnathan are such complex, flawed characters, but they are so perfect for each other Both of them have lived the greater parts of their lives hiding behind this curtain of shame, but once Isabelle comes to work as Johnathan s secretary against his wishes, originally , their carefully constructed barriers to the world begin to unravel.This is such a heartwarming story, and definitely one of my favorite renditions of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale I could not put the book down [...]

    21. This book is the perfect example of why you shouldn t judge a book by it cover It was awful The heroine was an idiot who could have solved the whole problem by telling the hero her story But on, what did she do She wined throughout the whole book and did things that are the opposite of what she thought The hero is the only reason i even rate this book He was the tortured kind and was pretty cool, but trust issues much At least trust the guy who saved your life and loved you like a son and wanted [...]

    22. I fell in love with the characters, felt all their feelings, cried when they shared their past or their shames as they called it, although there was never any reason to be ashamed Jonathan and Isabelle are not our perfect heros, they are scarred, they are undervalued and finally find acceptance and love in each other, coming to overpass their fears in order to be together This story is a lot like the classic Beauty and the Beast and at the same time not alike at all The characters are strong and [...]

    23. A touching read, much like the classic Beauty and The Beast , but in which the Beauty doesn t realise her looks and the Beast sees nothing about himself but the reflection in the mirror.I am a fan of everything with fairytale involved, and this book was stumbled upon in my attempt to find a delicious book to sink my teeth into The passion between Johnathan and Isabelle left me breathless Their awkwardness towards each other was comical, and I found myself smiling everything these main characters [...]

    24. I don t read many historical romances, but there are good reasons this one is receiving so many rave reviews It is well written and the characters are engaging There is really not a moment where you aren t wishing and hoping they work things out If you are a reader of literature, and not sure you will like a romance , you can safely take a chance on this book because you will enjoy the exploration in this novel of what it means to be a beauty or a beast You will get a tremendous amount of pleasu [...]

    25. A bed of thorns was uniquely beautiful It was hard to read about the experiences of the characters in parts but it was completely captivating The romance between Isabel and Jonathan was one of the best I ve read I didn t much like the romance between Richard and Jenny but that was the only thing I didn t like about the book I disliked this subplot so much I gave my review a 4 5 instead of the 5 5 it could have got Despite my disapproval of the relationship between Richard and Jenny, I did like h [...]

    26. I really did like this novel for the simple fact it wasn t magical Usually I am all for the wave of a magic wand or a broken curse however the hardships the characters face in this book is to get passed their scars and move on from the person they think they are to be the person they want to be I really loved the development of stages while Isabelle and Jonathan although his name should have Been Adam if it s beauty and the beast slowly learn to trust one another I really liked it it s only faul [...]

    27. This one was really good at the beginning It used the classic beauty and the beast trope, which I typically like I also really liked the secondary romance, even though at times I found the 54 year old man 17 year old girl to be a little unsettling What kept this from being a 4 rating was that there was quite a lot of sexual tension but NO love scene I am completely open to varying levels of steam in romance novels, but I don t like when the overall level of tension does not match the love scene, [...]

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