UNLIMITED KINDLE ↠ No More Christian Nice Guy: When Being Nice--Instead of Good--Hurts Men, Women and Children - by Paul Coughlin Laura Schlessinger

No More Christian Nice Guy: When Being Nice--Instead of Good--Hurts Men, Women and Children By Paul Coughlin Laura Schlessinger,

  • Title: No More Christian Nice Guy: When Being Nice--Instead of Good--Hurts Men, Women and Children
  • Author: Paul Coughlin Laura Schlessinger
  • ISBN: 9780764200922
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Using humorous examples from his own life, poignant stories, and vivid examples from contemporary culture, Coughlin shows how he learned to say no to the nice guy syndrome and instead reflect the true biblical model of manhood.
    No More Christian Nice Guy When Being Nice Instead of Good Hurts Men Women and Children Using humorous examples from his own life poignant stories and vivid examples from contemporary culture Coughlin shows how he learned to say no to the nice guy syndrome and instead reflect the true

    One thought on “No More Christian Nice Guy: When Being Nice--Instead of Good--Hurts Men, Women and Children”

    1. The men in my small group recently went through this book together Coughlin distinguishes between nice guys and good guys , contending that Jesus was the latter, and so we Christian men ought to be as well This entails living lives that are bold and adventurous rather than passive and uninspiring It requires finding a balance between being wise as serpents and innocent as doves Matt 10 16 After all, Jesus was the man who opened not his mouth Is 53 7 in his own defense at his trial, but he is als [...]

    2. Once you ve read Wild at Heart, reread it, then you are ready for this book Seriously, this sits on my shelf right between the complete works of John Eldredge and Why Men Hate Going to Church If you love God but can t stand His followers you owe it to yourself to read those three books.

    3. Obviously like all books that fall into the quasi scriptural self help section It s not God Breathed scripture, so you have to pray over it, but it is worth the read.I congratulate the author for going out on a limb, and saying what needed to be said He stated some pointed statements in this book, he got right down where the Christian Nice Guy lives, and pulled no punches He not only challenged, but he proked However, he is speaking out of empathy, because he once was a CNG His section on how Je [...]

    4. I had this on Kindle and finally got around to reading it Paul Coughlin is a local Christian writer and runs a non profit addressing the problem of bullies This book was written about a decade ago and is his encouragement for Christian men to stop being so passive, and to become courageous, good and assertive I would say for the most part this book is great however about 20% of the book is Coughlin s critique on how the feminist movement has eroded our understanding of what it means to be a man [...]

    5. I m not quite finished with this one yet, and it s been a tough slog so far Parts of it made me very angry at Paul, since it seems like he s blaming women and the Women s Rights Movement of the 60 s and 70 s for a lot of what he sees is wrong with guys nowadays And granted, what he sees is wrong really is wrong men who are timid and meek and ever subservient, men who will not stand up for justice, men who bowl over in conflict just to avoid ruffling feathers, men who manipulate behind the scenes [...]

    6. There would have been less heartbreak in my life had I read this book earlier Reading this book has helped me realize how trying to please people in the short run ends with me often taking a passive aggressive attitude Rather than confront something when it is happening I would bottle things up and blow up when the last straw comes weeks or even months later Because of that friends and even family were afraid of me Now people are much happy and respectful around me.I like his reference to Dr Kr [...]

    7. The potential for something great is there, but the author fails to deliver and instead just goes the easy route of being yet another voice complaining about how overly sensitive people are.

    8. Good, challenging book for the Christian guy Makes a lot of sense Does not give an excuse to be a jerk, like the title may seem to lean towards It has a good balance and is easy to read.

    9. There are some good nuggets in here But like the grocery store, It s full of a lot of stuff I just didn t need or couldn t use But the overall theme was good.

    10. This book is like a slap in the face followed by a cold drink of water I believe Coughlin intentionally starts off with some strong language to slap the nice guy in the face I interpret this to be a bit of a test to see if the reader wants to recover from the nice guy syndrome Those who are can t see past being nice simply won t continue to find the treasure this book offers Coughlin s writing style matches his message It is straight up what he believes to be true Better than that, he provides s [...]

    11. No More Christian Nice Guy is a must read for any man that claims to be a Christian, or follower of Jesus Christian men have a hard enough time putting up with the political correctness of the world Good men in general are starting to become a dying breed because of the shifting values of society I have known so many Christian nice guys and have been guilty of one myself to the point where I coward in fear because I would take the path of least resistance when I should have started a personal cr [...]

    12. I am skeptical of the every developing syndromes of the modern Western world Perhaps we have syndrome syndrome book idea So I was a bit suspicious when I saw the title but I was intrigued by a cursory glance through the book and decided to read it.Whether there is a Nice Guy Syndrome or not I ll leave for others to judge Robert Glover wrote No More Mr Nice Guy which speaks from a secular perspective However, it does address a problem among some men which is the passive aggressive way of dealing [...]

    13. Very well written, full of many quotable things that make you want to post them on Facebook Every Christian who has been affected by the watering down of Christianity by the evangelical church, or who have suffered from some type of abuse that has robbed someone of their will and assertiveness, needs to hear what is said, and every preacher needs to preach this One thing that bugged me was that his advice on how to become bold and overcome past abuse was too generic, and not very concrete and t [...]

    14. Well, add this book to my list of 4 and 5 star books that serve a man well in learning to walk the straight and narrow I m not sure at what age I might begin considering to recommend this book, perhaps as early as high school, but it is certainly something that a man would find valuable throughout his life Paul s contemporary and relatable voice is decidedly masculine, yet open and vulnerable, walking a firm line of manhood I ve been there he says with frank honesty, and he points This is to wha [...]

    15. For the first approximately half of the book, I felt that the main ideas were being over stated to the point of losing the key point He seems a bit too eager to paint Christ as rough and rugged It s hard for me to give much credence to his scriptural interpretations He is implying a tone of voice and manner that we just cannot know from the text alone.I appreciate his perspective and don t disagree with many of his points They are worthwhile to consider and definitely add to the dialogue that ne [...]

    16. This was a really great read I was skeptical at first at what i would find but for an inspirational book, it was really good He pulled no punches candidly addressing many of the problems with masculinity today.He draws his inspiration for his method from 1st Thessalonians 5 14.The book is largely written for people who are already Christians and though many men will benefit from reading it, married men will especially be helped by this book.

    17. a thought provoking book many of the authors s philosophies are outside the box, and while I would not ascribe to all of them, many of them are relevant his thesis that we as christian men are supposed to be good and not necessarily nice could be a reason our churches are losing masculinity an easy read a couple of hours and I recommend pastors and male christian workers to read this book.

    18. sort of like wild at heart in subject matter, but he seems to take the aspect of men being bold and offensive a little too far He seems to care about not being pushed around than he does being like Christ Still good for any Christian man to read.

    19. This book started out pretty good but I have just simply read too many books for Christian men to truly enjoy hearing some of the same ole stuff If you are a Christian guy or a girl who wants your guy to break out of a routine and live passionately, I believe that this book will help you But if you have read many books on the topic of Christian men, then you might get bogged down in the repetition of it all Check it out though.

    20. A sorely needed message I appreciate the author having the courage to write this I m sure it is not popular in some circles certainly not some of the ones I have tried to frequent in the past And it s oh so true that moving from nice to good will make you enemies regardless, I might add, of your gender

    21. This book has a great premise and starts out well But then it gets very repetitive like most books of this variety , and then it goes into the mantra about how what the Church needs is macho men It makes the mistake of buying into Western masculine ideals and presenting them as biblical truths, proof texting along the way.

    22. My chief complaint about this book, aside from the folksy, colloquial voice it s written in which doesn t sound terribly credible is that it should not be applied only to men What can be mistaken for manliness is really just good boundaries It turns out a companion book by the same title has been written for Christian Nice Girls I will probably check it out.

    23. If you ve read or are preparing to read Why Men Hate Going to Church, this is a perfect companion to it, its sure to make any pastor or men s ministry leader to rethink how the Church reaches out to men.

    24. This was a very good book I strongly recommend it to all Christian men Paul Coughlin has shown in this book that Jesus was not a nice man He was a good man Read the book to find out what I m talking about.

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