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House of Dreams By Brenda Joyce,

  • Title: House of Dreams
  • Author: Brenda Joyce
  • ISBN: 9780312998851
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Brenda Joyce weaves a spellbinding tale of love and danger that will linger long after the last page is turned In House of Dreams, two aristocratic families, one English, one Spanish, have been tragically destined to come together time and again over centuries Cassandra de Warenne spends her days in a quiet English manor, looking after hNew York Times bestselling author Brenda Joyce weaves a spellbinding tale of love and danger that will linger long after the last page is turned In House of Dreams, two aristocratic families, one English, one Spanish, have been tragically destined to come together time and again over centuries Cassandra de Warenne spends her days in a quiet English manor, looking after her young niece while her sister Tracey lives the glamorous life of a jet setter When Cass meets Tracey s newest conquest, Antonio de la Barca, she isn t prepared for the intense and immediate attraction an attraction that heralds something deeper, powerful, and dangerous than Cass could ever imagine For the de Warennes and the de la Barcas have a tangled history of horrendous heartbreak, bitter rivalry, and bloodshed that began 450 years ago, with one woman, Isabel, forsaken and betrayed by her family, her lover and her friends Today, Isabel has summoned the two families together one final time this time to complete a quest for vengeance from beyond the grave.
    House of Dreams New York Times bestselling author Brenda Joyce weaves a spellbinding tale of love and danger that will linger long after the last page is turned In House of Dreams two aristocratic families one Engl

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    1. Beyond awful It makes me sad to say this, because the same author wrote one of my favorite books, The Third Heiress House of Dreams is poorly written, a 5th rate remake of The Turn of the Screw in a modern setting, with the most unappealing sex scenes I ve ever read thrown in to make it even worse Implausible plot twists, subplots left hanging, characters behaving as stupidly as actors in a low budget splatter film Cliche after cliche repeated endlessly Just leaf through this bore fest and see h [...]

    2. I had never read a Brenda Joyce book before picking up her Deadly series written as BD Joyce I Am finding them wonderful, engrossing and fun reads I can t wait until the next one So in the meantime, I decided to try out some of her other books Unfortunately, this is the fist one I picked up.I am glad that this book isn t the first book that I read by this author because I am sure I would not have picked up the Deadly series and would have missed out on a good thing.I didn t like this book in the [...]

    3. If you dislike long reviews, I suggest that you read no further Because this rant is going to be an essay.SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERSTo say that this book is god awful is a vast, VAST understatement Let me list everything that was wrong with this bookESENT PEOPLE 1 If the house was without power, why didn t they leave to go and stay in the village until it was rectified 2 When that ghost stuff started happening, why did they stay 3 Wouldn t it have made sense for them to call in proper a [...]

    4. 3.5 StarsI graded on the curve because the last quarter of the book was amazing.Oh my goodness Whewat was intense I have a habit of not reading the descriptions of books before I read them so this one caught me completely off guard I don t want to say a word about it because inevitably it would be a spoiler alert lolTo all my friends this is a must read I know my markings weren t very high, but this is a story I will never forget Reasons for the 3.5I found parts of the book annoyingly repetitive [...]

    5. Cassandra de Warenne lived with her aunt Catherine at Belford House, East Sussex, England She was an author and her and her sister Tracey had been raised by her aunt after the death of their parents Tracey had been married, had a daughter, Alyssa, and was divorced Tracey had no real interest in Alyssa and left her to be raised by Cass Tracey had contacted her aunt and asked to display a necklace that she was trying to sell for the auction house where she was employed, Sotheby s in London Cass wa [...]

    6. Somehow the ghost of Isobel , dead since the 1500 s, has been creating havoc in the lives oftwo families, one English and one Spanish There seems to be no history of any problems in the past 500 years , but now she s out for revenge and has super powers She can possess someone and make them murder their loved ones She can asphyxiate you with the scent of violets She can use a laptop to send messages She can disable lights and phones, cause spontaneous combustion while locking all the doors and w [...]

    7. Als ich das Buch anfing zu lesen empfand ich als sehr spannend Dieses hielt auch an bis zu dem Teil als es auf einmal hie das ein Geist besitz von Personen einnehmen kann Ab diesem Punkt verflog bei mir die Spannung des Buches und es zog es sich sehhhhhhr hin Muss sagen das kann Brenda Joyce deutlich besser, aber das war nichts w rde ich auch nicht so empfehlen zu kaufen.

    8. This is the first book I have read from Brenda Joyce and I thoroughly enjoyed it I m surprised that she received so many one star I m anxious to begin another one of her books.

    9. Cass de Warenne is a writer of historical fiction who lives with her aunt and her sister s daughter in England Cass sister, Tracey returns home with a fantastic ruby necklace from her job at Sotheby s She also brings Antonio de la Barca, her boyfriend, who also has an interest in the necklace, believing it to have belonged to an ancestor of his As information is revealed about this ancestor, they discover that the two families have been involved for generations, always with tragic consequences [...]

    10. Scared the hell out of me.But maybe because I read it at night, all alone, on Halloween If you are into slasher type horror, then this book is not for you.But if you like 15th Century ghosts who knows how to use a laptop to express their feelings, then this is the perfect book for you.The book was okay, a little bit dragging at times.I don t like Cass, I think she s an insecure b tch and really annoying.Antonio, the love interest is not that swoon worthy, also In fact, I like his twin brother, G [...]

    11. Gothic That about sums it up This is an abridged version of this book, thank goodness, because it drove me crazy Cass is telling Antonio that there s a ghost and then when ghost stuff happens over and over again she says that this couldn t be happening Um, Cass, didn t you tell Antonio there was a ghost And speaking of ghosts, this female ghost was making the rounds of everyone including the kids And when Cass feels her one time, the struggle went on for about 20 minutes audiobook time which is [...]

    12. Not quite 5 Starsbut pretty darn close House of Dreams mixes a contemporary romance with a historical romance that went terribly wrong Love and death were mixed splendidly throughout time all because of a women who was truly wrongfully scorned in the 1500 s I didn t read the description of the book before I bought it I mean does it really matter what it s about when it s written by Brenda Joyce , so I was really shocked when all the otherworldly stuff starting happening I would for sure recommen [...]

    13. This is another good one by this author It is a romantic suspense that forges a history that is complicated and trying The plot connects the characters to another time when a curse was started The female lead is a strong character, as the male lead At times I didn t know if they were going to part ways or not due the the experiences that most couldn t get past How this story is ends makes one think Finally Also I didn t think that would happen I highly recommend this book

    14. I m a mostly historical romance reader and a HUGE fan of BJ s historicals and because of her reputation, I decided to read this one even though it s set in modern day times Boy, am I glad I did This has now become one of my favorite books Although it s a contemporary novel, it s got a dash of paranormal to keep you glued to your seat from beginning to end I highly recommend this book

    15. I m giving this book 1 star because it did have an intriguing secondary storyline featuring a woman who lived 450 years ago That was the only redeeming thing There was filthy language, disturbing sub plots, and when I finally got to the climax, which I sped read a lot to get to there was no point I threw the book in the trash and wouldn t recommend it to anyone.

    16. So far I like the book Seems like it will be book of old skeletons, sibling rivalry, and a knight in shining armour who saves the ugly duckling Great book Great ending.

    17. An incredibly intense story that made me not want to be in the dark I found myself looking over my shoulder when I was alone It was incredible.

    18. Oh I loved this I wasn t sure how I would feel about it, but it was one of those chilling books you don t want to put down I can t wait to read of her work.

    19. It was a real surprise that I would not like a Brenda Joyce book It was way to bloody I did finish it because it was a Joyce book and I love her writings.

    20. This book was soooo compelling loved it and had trouble putting it down when I needed to do something else

    21. one of ghost stories that i love so much blended with one of my favorite series de warenne so love brenda joyce, she s great im going to search for her much older books wish me luck D

    22. I thought I would start this read after enjoying my rainy day read The Masquerade I didn t enjoy this one as much as her other book.

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