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The Edwardians By Vita Sackville-West,

  • Title: The Edwardians
  • Author: Vita Sackville-West
  • ISBN: 9780380003266
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • A portrait of fashionable society at the height of an era, The Edwardians reveals, through the lives of its characters, all that was glamorous about the periodand all that was to lead to its downfall Sebastian and Viola are children of the English aristocracy Handsome and moody, 19 year old Sebastian is heir to Chevron, a vast country estate Tying him to his inheritanceA portrait of fashionable society at the height of an era, The Edwardians reveals, through the lives of its characters, all that was glamorous about the period and all that was to lead to its downfall Sebastian and Viola are children of the English aristocracy Handsome and moody, 19 year old Sebastian is heir to Chevron, a vast country estate Tying him to his inheritance is a deep sense of tradition and love of the English countryside, but he loathes the cold, extravagant society of which he is a part At 16, his sister Viola is independent an unfashionable beauty who scorns every part of her inheritance most particularly that of womanhood It is July 1905, and Chevron is once again the site of a lavish house party The guests include the great beauty Lady Rochampton and the explorer Leonard Anquetil It is Lady Rochampton who will initiate Sebastian in the art of love, but it is the Anquetil who opens for both brother and sister the gateway to another world.
    The Edwardians A portrait of fashionable society at the height of an era The Edwardians reveals through the lives of its characters all that was glamorous about the periodand all that was to lead to its downfall

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    1. It is no good my telling you One never believes other people s experiences and one is only very gradually convinced by one s own Sebastian is nineteen years old, dashingly handsome, and the heir to a vast and beautiful country estate called Chevron Edward the Caresser, eldest son of Victoria, is on the throne of England It is 1905, and the grim days of World War One are still unrealized As a member of the Upper Classes and a regular at any gala event in Edwardian high society, Sebastian is the p [...]

    2. My first ever Vita Sackville West book and it wont be my last I have another lined up for reading This earns a place in my all tme favorites, a novel that peers into the lives of the old aristocrats known as The Edwardians Because V.Sackville West came from this sort of background I felt like I was getting an inside look into this world ruled by class,society,the fashionable, the haughty and the snobbish of this wonderful era I absolutely love this book and I recommend it to everyone who is a fa [...]

    3. History records that Vita Sackville West wrote The Edwardians on holiday, targeting popular success Her book was a huge hit, it was adapted for the stage, it was translated into several languages, but neither its author or its publisher saw it as having any claim to literary greatness.They were probably right, but it is a lovely entertainment that captures a particular time and a particular class wonderfully well.The author wrote what she knew, and at the very beginning of the book she notes tha [...]

    4. The Edwardians might pass as a novel that presents a good surface story or something to waste away an afternoon or two with It is well written and contains a small cast of characters Sebastian is the center character, the dashing nineteen year old, who rebels against his mother, but still stays within the norms of society Viola is his younger sister who is awkward and cares less about society and position than Sebastian The Duchess is firmly in the society scene and lives by image and proper app [...]

    5. Whereas All Passion Spent had a quiet, old woman at its center, The Edwardians has a dashing, young man I m inclined to think Sebastian is a little closer to Vita s own essence, though I suppose that one is debatable Perhaps she was so annoyed with Woolf s Orlando, she decided to create her own male alter ego Both of these books by Vita are well written, so why do I stubbornly withhold that fifth star I can certainly appreciate her wit, her wisdom, her stunning prose But, the thing is, I can t q [...]

    6. I ve been aware of Sackville West for some time and, though I knew she was a writer, I thought of her mainly in relation to Virginia Woolf so I was surprised at how good The Edwardians was It s set during that short period after Queen Victoria s death and the reign of her eldest son Edward The main character is a young duke named Sebastian Of course he s inherited a life of privilege with all its ancient traditions but after he meets someone from outside his class Sebastian begins to question hi [...]

    7. Well, not all of them Which must be something of a relief In fact, there s quite a small cast Sebastian, Duke of Chevron his immediates his squeezes his servants his tenants a smattering of the Dowager s awful friends a rather unbelievable adventurer and then ending with Zadok the Priest and Nathan the Prophet anointed Solomon King a chapter at the Coronation of George V In the opening chapter our Duke s a boy and I thought hoped he d be England s answer to Kiyoaki, the young heir to the Marquis [...]

    8. The Edwardians is my first foray into the work of Vita Sackville West Prior to this all I knew of Miss Sackville West was her firm association with Virginia Woolf Shame on me for not seeking out her own personal brilliance sooner.The Edwardians is a in depth look into high society of Great Britons Edwardian period The novel is supposedly based on many a true fact and figure Set mainly, in the country estate house of Chevron the book deals with the highly guarded relationships of the social set o [...]

    9. This novel concerns the intellectual and emotional awakening of Sebastian, Duke of Chevron, during the last days of the Edwardian era, in the decade before WWI Sebastian is just nineteen when the book opens, and thus just entering the youthful part of his adulthood A member of high society, he is surrounded by frivolous, licentious people who prize good behaviour and maintenance of position and image above all else The main issuer of the novel is whether or not Sebastian will follow the model of [...]

    10. I read as far as the first two chapters, before flipping fast forward to the final chapter and the Coronation of King George V I faced up to the inevitable I had to admit that here was a book I didn t care for was The unadorned, dull, flat pace of the writing engendered nothing but yawning My interest and sympathies were not engaged Where was the point Indeed was there a point Lifting and casting my eyes around the room I was reminded of no shortage of other books yet to be read.I may be guilty [...]

    11. Among the many problems which beset the novelist, not the least weighty is the choice of the moment at which to begin his novel.I had only a few pages left to read when I set this aside last Autumn Didn t want to abandon entirely but didn t have much eagerness for carrying on No doubt this is must for those who like to delve into London s geometric society but it really has been a chore for me It gets 2 only because I finally finished

    12. I should probably have read this a long time ago But life is full of unhelpful shoulds that don t get you anywhere I actually think it is better that I read it now me being ancient and all The Edwardians is about young Sebastian and Viola, brother and sister, and importantly part of the aristocracy of England It s set in the early 1900s before WW1 There s much description of house parties, the social scene in London and it ends with the coronation of George V And really it does seem terribly an [...]

    13. The Edwardians live next door to Downtown Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs Vita Sackville West grew up during the time period she both lovingly details and skewers in The Edwardians, and after a sort of slow start, the book comes alive because of her inside knowledge She occasionally drop names King Edward, Mrs Langtry , and admits that No character in this book is wholly fictitious I suppose if you were reading this in 1930, when King George was still alive his coronation ends the book , then you [...]

    14. 1905 Sebastian is the 19 year old duke and heir to the vast estate of Chevron perhaps similar to Knole, the author s family home Although he and his very independent younger sister Viola would like to think otherwise, society and heredity have their tight grip on them Sebastian, unlike Viola, eventually bows to the inevitable and takes his rightful place as a peer, even attending the coronation of George V in 1911 Sebastianhad been born a prisoner and his chains were dear to him, although he mig [...]

    15. Life in the 1920s at an English country house following Sebastian s coming of age story, the 19 year old duke of the estate This is a good winter read reminiscent of Middlemarch and Downton Abbey, stuck in a time when estates and tenants are modernizing Sackville West s writing is usually called smooth and graceful, and that s how this book feels too The author was a an only child and expected to take over her own estate for her parents She is famous for being Virginia Woolf s lover, but no indi [...]

    16. On the surface a story about infidelity and a fake morality, but in the end it is about characters trapped in different ways by the expectations placed upon them by society A feeling many can likely relate to The main character Sebastian is given two chances to dramatically break free from the expected and well trodden life before him I found myself thinking what is my Chevron , in what ways do I live life as expected, and at what cost Would I have taken those chances to change.

    17. I am drawn to the subject of manor houses, and this book has great literary associations However, there are reasons why V Sackville West is mainly known for her gardening than anything else

    18. This was an interesting look at the lives of several people in the Edwardian age It focused on Sebastian, a young duke who came to realize that he was trapped inside the life expectations of his time and class Toward the end, while going to the coronation of King George, he realized that the coach taking him there had no handle on the inside he could not get out of it on his own I found this a powerful symbol of his life With the changing of the reign came his own change of attitude and his awak [...]

    19. Creo que me ha gustado todav a m s que All passion spent Es un retrato maravilloso de una poca, tan real que parece que lo est s viendo y adem s con la ventaja de saber que unos pocos a os despu s ese mundo llegar a su fin a causa de la I Guerra Mundial Me ha recordado a El gato pardo aunque no se parece nada , pero esa sensaci n de decadencia de no s Recomendable 100%

    20. Nous sommes en 1905, sous le r gne d douard VII A dix neuf ans, S bastien est le cinqui me duc de Chevron, l h ritier d un titre et d un domaine parmi les plus prestigieux en Angleterre Visc ralement attach Chevron, il n envisage pas alors d autre voie que celle trac e par la soci t et les conventions une ma tresse, un mariage, les chasses annuelles et les saisons Londres Lorsqu il rencontre Leonard Anquetil, aventurier solitaire qui lui montre la vanit de son existence et lui propose de partir [...]

    21. I started reading this book with the anticipation that it would be an easy coming of age tale that would be thoughtful as well as compelling I was right about the thoughtful and compelling part.The story centers around Sebastian, a moody young man privileged to be born into the class that leads England He is at once both disgusted, and enamoured by the values and traditions of the high society to which he belongs Even though he knows that his mother and her circle of friends are stupid, vile and [...]

    22. An enchanting little fairy tale about the upper crust of English society between 1905 and 1911, The Edwardians relates the tale of Sebastian, Duke of Chevron, and master of a vast feudal estate also called Chevron Vita Sackville West, the author and a member of Britain s upper crust, who grew up on a great estate, revels in the continuity of the estate and its distinct, separate classes where longevity and seniority rule, all the while undercutting the purpose of such a system and foreshadowing [...]

    23. On a recent visit to Sissinghurst, we thought we should get an idea of Vita Sackville West s writing as much as her gardening, so we got a couple of her books in the local gift shop I picked The Edwardians as the Edwardian era strikes me as a fascinating time in British history and the book promised to be about just that.It isn t in any way brilliant as a novel, but it s great as a memoir of the customs and mentality of the times Scriptwriters from Upstairs, Downstairs to Gosford Park might have [...]

    24. The Edwardians is the product of its time period and Vita Sackville West I picked it up after reading a biography of Vita Sackville West Stewed as it is in the troubles of the British aristocracy on the verge of a societal transformation, The Edwardians Sebastian, the Duke of Chevron, comes of age, and accesses the privileges of a wealthy and available bachelor among the upper and middle class ladies His sister Viola resists conventions by moving into London on her own Meanwhile, the servants at [...]

    25. Flawed, Maybe Brilliant on Many Levels, Definitely Oh that bloody book I blush to think you read it, wrote Vita to Virginia Woolf, whose press, Hogarth, had published The Edwardians to surprising success Comparing your work to Woolf s is an ideal way to torture yourself In Vita s case, double the anguish, because they were lovers and Vita admired Woolf.Of course, Vita faulted herself too much In its own right, The Edwardians is quite good It highlights many of her writing skills, skills that put [...]

    26. The Edwardians was written by Vita Sackville West as a sort of joke, one she kept Virginia Woolf updated on through her letters whilst writing it Published by the Hogarth Press in 1930 it was an instant success, although was not taken very seriously by its author and in later years she apparently disliked hearing it praised In her superb introduction to this edition, Victoria Glendinning explains why the publication of Woolf s Orlando which had flattered and excited Vita was the inspiration for [...]

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