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An Anthology: 365 Readings By George MacDonald C.S. Lewis,

  • Title: An Anthology: 365 Readings
  • Author: George MacDonald C.S. Lewis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this collection selected by C S Lewis are 365 selections from MacDonald s inspiring and challenging writings.
    An Anthology Readings In this collection selected by C S Lewis are selections from MacDonald s inspiring and challenging writings

    One thought on “An Anthology: 365 Readings”

    1. This is great For my fellow Lewis enthusiasts it s even better It s like loving a great man and then having him introduce you to his father And you hear all the phrases and catch all the drifts and think so that s where it came from.

    2. Two 5 star ratings from me in one week That is almost unheard of But this one deserves it This was my daily read for 2017 and I just wrapped it up and it was all that I hoped and I will be referring back to it over and over again C.S Lewis obviously loved MacDonald and chose a powerful anthology If you want a taste of MacDonald, you must get your hands on this one, but, beware, it is MEATY stuff and you cannot fly through it Obviously I cannot offer up all of my favourite quotes on this one, but [...]

    3. 3.5 stars Lewis did something very difficult he found bite sized pieces of wisdom among George MacDonald s many, many, writings both fiction and non fiction The only thing keeping me from giving this book a higher rating is that MacDonald s writings are so beautiful and full of meaning when read in their entirety that you lose much of this when you pull out paragraph sized quotes However, this book serves as an easy introduction to MacDonald and is great for reading in short sittings.

    4. Recently, HarperOne has re released nine of C.S Lewis classic works with all new covers, deckle edged pages, and french flaps The titles include The Abolition of Man, A Grief Observed, The Great Divorce, Mere Christianity, Miracles, The Screwtape Letters, The Problem of Pain, George MacDonald, The Weight of Glory I will be reviewing two of these works today and feature others throughout the coming months on my blog Without further ado, let s get to the reviews I have been reading a lot of George [...]

    5. A reader of MacDonald thoughts extracted from the full range of his writings 365 selections lend themselves to a daily round of reading and reflection MacDonald, a nineteenth century Scot, expresses ideas which would be at home among contemporary Christian thinkers.C S Lewis, who edited this collection, admitted to MacDonald s premier role in Lewis conversion to Christianity.

    6. C.S Lewis has selected MacDonald s most poignant passages and put them all together in a delightful 365 Day Readings format Full of extraordinary treasures Each day s reading is a perfect size to chew and meditate on They really get you thinking You can tell that MacDonald was definitely a man after God s own heart and be assured that his writings will encourage, inspire and motivate you to grow closer to Christ These passages were mainly taken from his book Unspoken Sermons though quite a few o [...]

    7. This collection offers a taste of MacDonald s writings that will leave the reader wanting to read his books in their entirety Sometimes the quote out of context made me wonder what he was getting at, but mostly it was a great introduction to his work It was especially interesting to see the passages Lewis chose and to see the influence on his own theology.

    8. It s one thing to read a favorite author s influences, but quite another when a favorite author takes the time to draw attention to specific passages that influenced him C.S Lewis s compilation of wisdom from George MacDonald is a valuable resource both for showing thoughts that took seed in Lewis own writings, and for the spiritual insight these passages have in their own right.

    9. Must read George MacDonald That is what I came away with As these were only snippets of his work I will definitely have to find out of what he really meant, but he impacted me greatly on how I think about prayer I pray because I need it.

    10. Honestly This would be a very good daily devotional But as reading material, it s lacking I might as well read the actual works of George Macdonald and get the full effect.

    11. Excellent Its like Proverbs or Penses for the late 19th century Very well selected by CS Lewis from the works of George MacDonald.

    12. George MacDonald Great Book Excelente libro, te da una cita para cada d a del a o, muy recomendable Estar a genial encontrarlo en espa ol,

    13. Well, I must foremost say that this book is an anthology.Which means you don t read it like a novel.I must give it 5 stars, because C S Lewis had done a superb work selecting pearls from George McDonald s ministry.Here you have 365 portions from it So, if you will you could enjoy one portion pro day of the year.Folks, this isn t a boring book, much you can find truths in it It s like a treasure vault.Especially I ve greatly enjoyed the introduction from C S Lewis, and after reading it, I will f [...]

    14. 365 selections make this perfect for a daily devotional Very short passages with extremely deep thoughts.

    15. Here s the deal I am not a big fan of anthologies of selected quotations from authors It makes me paranoid when I don t know the original context of a sentence, or paragraph How do I know the anthologist is not misrepresenting the author At the same time, I knew I was in the hands of a trusted friend CS Lewis and so did not spend too much time worrying But still I worried Some of the quotes were pretty good and interesting, and sounded like Lewis Lewis sounds like Macdonald It almost had a devot [...]

    16. This volume is not a coherent narrative, but rather 365 short one sentence to a couple paragraphs selections from the writings of George MacDonald MacDonald was a minister and writer in the 1800s, and a significant influence on the philosophy and writing of C S Lewis, who compiled these selections and wrote a preface.All of the passages are relevant to the Christian faith Some I passed over without being moved, and others pierced me, grabbing my attention and making me jot them down to keep The [...]

    17. George MacDonald is one of the most insightful, perceptive, and wisest of the Christian writers I ve read A nineteenth century Scottish preacher and novelist, there is a delightfully reverent and humble character to everything he writes, and in his most awkward phrasing there are still notes at once of romance, nobility, and humility Reading MacDonald s nonfiction writings, even in short snippets, one realizes how truly wrote C.S Lewis when he said that he didn t think he had ever written a sing [...]

    18. I don t love reading words out of context, but these snippets are beautiful, thought provoking, powerful, and redolent with life The I read MacDonald the I am convicted in the best, most life giving sense by the God I glimpse through his eyes I am not sure there is anyone who has a vision of salvation that is, simultaneously, as grace filled or as costly Love loves unto purity Love has ever in view the absolute loveliness of that which it beholds Where loveliness is incomplete, and love cannot [...]

    19. I ve been on a C.S Lewis kick this spring, which has inspired me to delve into the books that Lewis loved Lewis never makes secret his admiration for George MacDonald, and this book was a nice, easy introduction to MacDonald s philosophy and writing style It s a lot of fun to read I love how Lewis broke down the readings into little bite sized pieces, which still manage to flow together beautifully like one long, stream of consciousness I think this book would be a great devotional companion eac [...]

    20. I really thought that I would like this book, as I am a big fan of both MacDonald and Lewis I have read much of their fiction and nonfiction, and I expected to enjoy this anthology of quotes.However, many of the quotes are difficult to understand outside of context, or at least would work better within context I was also disappointed that Lewis did not select any quotes from The Hope of the Gospel, a MacDonald book that I thoroughly enjoyed.My advice is if you are a fan of George MacDonald, read [...]

    21. The darkness knows neither the light nor itself only the light knows itself and the darkness also None but God hates evil and understands it I really savored this book It consists of 365 passages from various works by George MacDonald If you are a C.S Lewis fan you will recognize him as the teacher in the Great Divorce.I think anyone will come away from this book with a greater understanding of Christianity which is wonderful as well as themselves which may not be as comforting a thought.

    22. There are very many gems passages which make one put the book down and reflect deeply in these excerpts from George McDonald s writings I think I will enjoy much to read the passages in their contexts.

    23. While I crammed these short readings into a month, it would also be a great devotional for the year Taken from MacDonald s sermons and other writings, it served to deepen my thoughts on spiritual matters as well as give me something to chew on throughout the day.

    24. This is an anthology compiled by Lewis for MacDonald s works Reading through the 365 quotes made me want to read the original works in their entirety, so I would say that Lewis accomplished what he desired.

    25. A potent collection of pithy thoughts from a master that influenced Lewis and many other Christian writers MacDonald has an abrasive edge that Lewis lacks, but his piercing ideas about faith and fidelity are powerful and as relevant as ever A great read.

    26. It was nice reading some snippets of George MacDonald s writings since he really influenced one of my favorites, C.S Lewis Some of the selections, however, should probably be read in their context because they don t make a whole lot of sense as stand alones.

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