Old Bugs By H.P. Lovecraft,

  • Title: Old Bugs
  • Author: H.P. Lovecraft
  • ISBN: 2940012502551
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Nook
  • No illustrations.
    Old Bugs No illustrations

    One thought on “Old Bugs”

    1. I didn t know Lovecraft was a teetotaller Old Bugs is sort of a cautionary tale with a very predictable twist.

    2. Not published in his life time, this is teetotaler Lovecraft s note to a friend who wished to tie one on before Prohibition clamped down It is un Lovecraftian in many ways, a morality tale of sorts, set in the then future date of 1950 in a seedy bar where whiskey in available, but outlawed.Please see the rest of the review here.

    3. Old Bugs is a cautionary tale against drinking written for a young friend of Lovecraft s And it is just as preachy as you might think The twist at the end was very predictable and I could see it coming from at least halfway through the story It is a story that should have been left for Lovecraft s friend alone rather than being for the public in general It doesn t even work well as an anti drinking story because it doesn t present any real evidence but only functions as a scare tactic like the k [...]

    4. Not an uncanny tale, but a cautionary story on demon drink Lovecraft was in favor of Prohibition, it seems Interesting in that it is set in a future 1950 still under Prohibition I am reminded of the future 1920s portrayed in Repairer of Reputations here 1 Moved 2015 review to the individual work Sept 2017 to make room to review the collection under its own entry.

    5. The first of Lovecraft s early works which has left me a little cold Granted the idea was probably fairly novel in 1919, but the twist might as well have been telegraphed, it was so obvious.That said, there are still some nice characterisations, and the language is beautiful in places I think I may just have become used to the craft no pun intended in his work, and this one doesn t quite hit the mark.

    6. This was written for Lovecraft s young friend Alfred Galpin, who had told him that he wanted to try alcohol once before Prohibition came into effect Lovecraft, obviously, vehemently disagreed with this idea and tried to dissuade him by writing this story, which depicts the way Galpin s life might turn out if he ever tried alcohol Lovecraft was an ardent teetotaller and a big fan of Prohibition, if you couldn t tell from reading the story.

    7. Relato escrito para que uno de sus amigos no se haga catador de vinos.Escrito de forma solemne, pero un tanto simple en la historia y de un final muy predecible.

    8. Great short read This was my first Lovecraft I can say that I m excited for It has definitely whetted my appetite I can see why he is so well recommended.

    9. The story focused way too much on the twist, which is fairly predictable in this day and age, but has some beautiful writing here and there.

    10. LOL, this seemed at first a rather dry story but the parody aspect that this was written to get a friend to not drink was pretty funny.

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