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The Pavilion on the Links By Robert Louis Stevenson,

  • Title: The Pavilion on the Links
  • Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
  • ISBN: 9780146000102
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two solitary men, once as close to being friends as men of their temperament could ever be, meet again on a bleak Scottish coast Northmour has brought the corrupt banker Huddlestone, and his beautiful daughter whom Northmour is pursuing, to seek concealment in an isolated pavilion by the sea.
    The Pavilion on the Links Two solitary men once as close to being friends as men of their temperament could ever be meet again on a bleak Scottish coast Northmour has brought the corrupt banker Huddlestone and his beautiful

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    1. A RLS short story packages here as a Penguin 60 publication.As a short story it has all the ingredients, and so much potential, but somehow the end was a bit of a letdown I won t ruin the plot, which is all to easy to do with a short story.Nevertheless, the mysterious tale is set in the wilds of Scotland, features a thieving banker with a gambling problem and a beautiful daughter, Italians presumably mafia , competitive men, who were once friends, and mysterious movements during dark nights.Susp [...]

    2. un armonia imperfettaQuattro racconti Distillati del Romanzo d AvventuraIl Padiglione sulle Dune Macchia marina di Graden Easter, Scozia Narra di come una goletta alla fonda, due amici, un banchiere truffatore, Clara, la sua bellissima figliola, e carbonari italiani Restammo cos per qualche istante, perch il tempo passa veloce per coloro che si amano.Un rifugio per la notte Una storia di Francis Villon Parigi, casupola nel Cimitero di Saint Jean Inverno 1456 Narra di come Fran ois Villon, le po [...]

    3. Trama piuttosto ingenua, ma comunque gradevole, grazie all abilit di narratore di Stevenson, inesauribile inventore di storie avventurose Lo ammiro tantissimo per questo, e non mi sorprende che Borges lo citasse cos spesso aveva conservato, come dice giustamente Calvino nell introduzione, la capacit dei bambini di comprendere la suggestione dei luoghi sempre stato uno dei miei autori preferiti, e anche quando leggo i suoi racconti meno riusciti, non posso fare a meno di pensare che davvero trist [...]

    4. I started this short story novella while on a serious RLS kick, and after returning from a trip to Scotland, so I was seriously in the mood and in terms of mood and style it did not disappoint The writing is Stevenson at his best, wry, funny, yet at the same time completely gripping The chapter titles esp those involving The Tall Man added to the feeling of a tightly constructed plot, straightforward but masterfully controlled So why the three stars I felt, ultimately, that this story didn t qui [...]

    5. Questo racconto uno dei primi pubblicati da Stevenson e comparve la prima volta, in una precedente versione, sulla rivista letteraria Cornhill Magazine, diretta nientemeno che dal padre di Virginia Woolf Chi sia Stevenson penso lo sappiano tutti, poich non credo esista qualcuno che non abbia letto Lo Strano caso del dottor Jakyll e del signor Hyde o non abbia almeno visto un film od uno sceneggiato da esso tratto Un romanzo complesso, anche se, probabilmente, non volutamente, date le teorie ampi [...]

    6. A tale of suspense involving a crooked banker, his daughter, two rather odd gentlemen who happen to be in love with her, and Italian revolutionaries whose money has been stolen by the banker it s reassuring to know that bankers have always been thoroughly untrustworthy It has some definite gothic atmosphere, with a bleak and extremely isolated house in wild and desolate country, and with the two rivals for the daughter s affections especially Northmour both having some of the characteristics of [...]

    7. To our modern eyes the name makes this story sound as if it is about a little gazebo on a golf course What Stevenson is writing about is a relatively casual country house called a pavilion because it isn t a huge country estate main home that is out on sandhills which have been grown over by grass for stability the Scottish meaning of the word links as he tells us early on And its a mystery.I discovered, reading Michael Dirda s On Conan Doyle that Arthur Conan Doyle considered this the best stor [...]

    8. The story is described as a mystery, but, truth be told, there was not much mysterious about it Yes, the main character doesn t know what is happening at first, but once it s all clear there s not much tension left To be honest, there isn t much tension in the first half of the story either In terms of plot, it wasn t very exciting.But I thought it was very well written, the pacing, the choice of words, the character descriptions, the landscape I got a good impression of the location and the peo [...]

    9. This was part of a series of mini books Penguin bought out penguin 60s to mark their 60th anniversary It is a storyfrom The Suicide Club by Robert Louis Stevenson, an authorwho was just as much at home with children s books TreasureIsland , Kidnapped as he was with the darker side of life Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.Links is a Scottish term for impacted sand grown over with turfand it is to this bleak place that the narrator, college educatedbut now living the life of a gipsy, returns several years af [...]

    10. Una novella di Stevenson veramente abbordabile una bella lettura per un pomeriggio al mare o per affrontare un viaggio in treno il libro di circa 50 pagine e si legge davvero in un paio d ore.Per forza di cose Stevenson lima deciso sui caratteri, appena appena abbozzati e ricchi di contraddizioni in particolare come sia possibile che due persone, appena incontrate e per di pi in circostanze quantomeno variopinte decidano di sposarsi senza neppure una dichiarazione piuttosto naif non perdetevi il [...]

    11. The author s illustrious name drew me into this in an eBook anthology of mysteries It isn t one A unique and well drawn introverted main character is unusual, but Frank Cassilis, the first person teller here is one His solitary travels bring him to the secluded home of Northmour, a fellow introvert and sort of old friend, Cassilis makes himself a modest spot in the woods of Northmour s home s pavilion, a guest house of sorts away from the ramshackle real home A very curious boat landing on the s [...]

    12. A gripping plot combined with characters which graven on your mind The language is easy to understand if English is not your native tongue, Stevenson uses several metaphorical expressions, like to grasp at a straw , to have a thirst for action , which makes the text colourful All in all, I recommend you read this piece of writing.

    13. Interesting to note that Robert Louis Stevenson is the only author to make two appearances in the Penguin 60s another of his stories appear with two by M.R James in The haunted doll s house In this novella the reader finds action, romance, mystery, crime, even a historical dimension, all rolled up into one deftly told narrative Comparing this style of writing to the ponderous, convoluted sentences of Poe, in his Penguin 60s volume, one may surmise that Stevenson either wrote some time later, or [...]

    14. So either Stevenson just didn t do it for me this time, or I was really not paying close attention while Julie read this on Forgotten Classics I so didn t get the point of this story The baddies weren t scary the love story was meh and the relationship between the protagonist his neighbor made very little psychological sense to me I kept waiting for it to get interesting, and it never did.

    15. Tale of two unusual gentlemen with a strange sense of love for a banker s daughter The tale follows the strange happenings at the pavillion where dwells Northmour one of the gentlemen and where an unusual mystery occurs

    16. Interesting Stevenson early story about four people in an impossible situation It reminded me of Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde, not because of the subject matter, but because of the length and structure of the story.

    17. Interesting Stevenson early story about four people in an impossible situation It reminded me of Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde, not because of the subject matter, but because of the length and structure of the story.

    18. I was excited by the story The way how the roles was showed is amazing Their talking style is so gentle Not everyone is able to talk like that nowadays.

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