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Body Check By Elle Kennedy,

  • Title: Body Check
  • Author: Elle Kennedy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hard body Check Awesome night in the sack potential Check Hayden Houston is breaking out of her good girl mode It s time for a one night stand and she s found just the man for the job She spent her childhood being dragged from rink to rink by her hockey coach father Now Hayden craves stability And she s determined to get it after this one night When hockeyHard body Check Awesome night in the sack potential Check Hayden Houston is breaking out of her good girl mode It s time for a one night stand and she s found just the man for the job She spent her childhood being dragged from rink to rink by her hockey coach father Now Hayden craves stability And she s determined to get it after this one night When hockey star Brody Croft sees the sexy brunette at the bar, he s riveted He s ready to shed his bad boy ways and settle down And after a mind blowing night in bed with Hayden, he knows she s the one Now all he has to do is convince her
    Body Check Hard body Check Awesome night in the sack potential Check Hayden Houston is breaking out of her good girl mode It s time for a one night stand and she s found just the man for the job She spent her ch

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    1. I was in the mood for a really short, hot sports romance, and this one filled the bill perfectly I had forgotten how hot the Harlequin Blaze books can get, because at times this one bordered on the erotic It was a pretty steamy read about an Art History professor Hayden looking for a fling to spice up her stale love life before she settled down with Mr Safe and Boring, and a sexy, formerly bad boy hockey star Brody who was tired of a life of flings and was now looking for something fulfilling T [...]

    2. This book was interesting enough to keep me entertained on this lazy Sunday and the eye candy at the cover didn t hurt I didn t like the fact that Hayden s relationship with her former boyfriend wasn t really over before she got envolved with Brody but, at least, she was honest about it with both men That wasn t cheating, was it Hmmm

    3. I love hockey and I liked Elle Kennedy s Samhain offerings, so I figured the odds were good for this book.Hayden Houston is a professor of art history at UC Berkley in Chicago to support her father through an acrimonious divorce While in town, she meets a friend at a bar and together they scheme to get her a one night stand.Brody Croft is a pro hockey player shooting pool, minding his own business, when Hayden hit on him and surprises him with an invite back to her place Surprised and delighted [...]

    4. 4 4 stars Contemporary Sports RomanceThis is a fast, light, and fun sports romance about a hotshot hockey star and a miss prim and proper art history professor engaging in some hot off the rink, between the sheets action It s a Harlequin Blaze, so expect a short read with romance on the steamy side Brody Croft is a total hunk with all the trimmings he s sexy, tender, romantic, sweet, caring, supportive, and fun The relationship between Brody and Hayden develops at a nice pace from a spicy fling [...]

    5. Hayden has returned to Chicago to stand by her father s side while he goes through his divorce, desperate to bridge the gap that has formed over the years The years when hockey took over everything and took her father away from her On a break from her current love interest, Hayden isn t looking for anything serious, just a chance to let out some steam and reliever her body of some tension but when Brody enters the bar all of that is about to change.Hockey star, Brody Croft is tired of the endles [...]

    6. Pretty good little story, especially for a Harlequin The heroine is an Art History professor who hooks up with a professional hockey player for a one night stand that turns into something The funny thing is, she doesn t like hockey because her dad owns the hero s hockey team and made her travel all the time while she was growing up when he used to be a coach I thought it was funny that a girl who didn t like hockey fell in love with a pro hockey player especially since I don t like hockey much [...]

    7. First sentence I really need to get laid, Hayden Houston said with a sigh Can always count on EK to deliver extremely hot sex scenes around simple story settings This book is about Brody a hockey star getting involved with his team s owner s daughter, Hayden What this book lacks in intricate storyline, it makes up with the scorching hot love scenes Always lurve EK s dirty and creative bedroom scenes.

    8. This is a really satisfying read From the beginning to the epilogue, Body Check was exactly what I wanted and not what I expected from Elle Kennedy I ve only read her Out of Uniform books, which while very good, are very different from Body Check.The hero, Brody, is a 29 yo hockey player who is past his womanizing years He is already open to a real relationship when he is approached by the heroine, Hayden, in a bar She is on a break from her less than exciting boyfriend and is in town to support [...]

    9. For me, this was one of those stories that was a pleasant read but, it wasn t one that ll be running around in my head for several days like a lot of the books I read do I guess I d say it was just average The characters didn t really pull me in like they could have I wanted to see Hayden and Brody stay together, but I didn t feel that compelling need to hurry to the end I didn t feel a connection to Presley Houston and his scandal or any of the secondary characters either.

    10. I would have given this three stars for its completely adequate story, but it lost me at the beginning with the mention of Hayden being a junior professor First of all, what the hell is a junior professor Did the author mean assistant professor Also, UC Berkeley isn t going to hire a tenure track professor who hasn t finished their PhD yet end pedantry

    11. Salve lettrici Come va Io influenzata, ma come sempre vedo il lato positivo letto e tanti libri Uno che mi ha tenuto compagnia in questi giorni agonizzanti Partita bollente di Elle Kennedy, edito Harper Collins per la collana Elit, uscito lo scorso dicembre Ho scoperto per caso questo romanzo, visto che non seguo molto questa CE, ma quando si parla della Kennedy come si fa a non notarla Esatto, impossibile.Ma partiamo dall inizio.Hayden andata trovare suo padre per qualche mese Una sera,in un ba [...]

    12. RECENSIONE COMPLETA QUIvalentinaabbr 201Nonostante una trama sibillina e poco rivelatrice, mi sono convinta a dare una possibilit a Partita bollente di Elle Kennedy In Italia, al momento, una delle autrici pi amate la serie The Campus ha fatto innamorare molte lettrici e il suo nome una garanzia Ho acquistato il romanzo appena uscito, l ho letto in pochissimo tempo, affascinata dallo stile scorrevole e sensuale della Kennedy.La storia di Hayden e Brody pi complessa e sfaccettata di quanto la tra [...]

    13. It was supposed to be a one night stand but it ended up being a one life time.Two characters who realize that they are linked together quite by accident and can t stop being attracted one to another.A nice steamy sport romance that makes you question your loyalty and trust towards your loved ones.

    14. This was awful Will I read books by her Probably I m a sucker for cheesy romance novels about hockey players.

    15. This book was really awesome Five stars and a half, even It was totally hot and sexy This was the first time I ve read a story from Elle Kennedy and must admit that I was totally amazed by her writing style Did I ever enjoy every page Hayden Houston as the female lead in the story was very likeable She was a professor of arts history in California who came to visit her dad in Chicago She was the type of woman who craves stability in life which she never had while growing up because she has spent [...]

    16. Elle Kennedy est une auteur que j ai beaucoup appr ci dans sa s rie Off Campus ainsi que dans la s rie Him, qu elle co crit avec Sarina Bowen L univers du hockey semble d cid ment lui plaire et je n ai donc pas r fl chi deux fois avant de ma lancer dans ce livre que je ne connaissais pas.Body check est une romance tr s sexy, une aventure d un soir qui se transforme en une vraie relation, le tout sur fond de hockey, l univers sportif tant assez pr sent, en tout cas plus en toile de fond qu en ter [...]

    17. I really liked this book I had no idea how hot this series of books is and will be reading of this series The two characters are Hayden Houston and Brody Croft Hayden picks Brody up from a bar for a one night stand She only wants on night and he wants it all Wow, that seems like such a good back of the book teaser The characters were reastic I really love a story were the roles are reversed and it s the male who want the relationship and the woman who doesn t Brody works very hard to get Hayden [...]

    18. Brody sure has a one track mind, I m sorry She paused Do you like to play Was she referring to pool Or a different game Maybe the kind you played in bed Naked Pool, I mean, she added quickly Brody isn t the only one with a one track mind seems Hayden has one as well, both A shaky breath exited her throat When I m with him all I can think about is ripping off his clothes, and when I m not with him all I can think about is ripping off his clothes Hayden knows how to make her man feel good, Brody m [...]

    19. That book would really deserve its 3.5 stars, but I ll settle for 4 as I ve been quite difficult and unsatisfied with quite a few reads recently.This is a quite short story only 140 pages, and I must confess that I was very weary before starting it The overall story line has nothing original in it the characters are also not really new However everything worked out extremely fine and I really enjoyed seeing how Brody and Hayden s feelings developed, how they changed and matured I really thought [...]

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