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Death at Gallows Green By Robin Paige,

  • Title: Death at Gallows Green
  • Author: Robin Paige
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In Death at Bishop s Keep, Kathryn Ardleigh captured the interest of detective Sir Charles Sheridan as they solved their first case together Now the demise of a local constable and the disappearance of a child have the sleuthing couple on the trail of deadly greed and criminal mischief once again And with the help of a shy woman who calls herself Beatrix Potter, Kate intIn Death at Bishop s Keep, Kathryn Ardleigh captured the interest of detective Sir Charles Sheridan as they solved their first case together Now the demise of a local constable and the disappearance of a child have the sleuthing couple on the trail of deadly greed and criminal mischief once again And with the help of a shy woman who calls herself Beatrix Potter, Kate intends to uncover the sinister secrets of Gallows Green
    Death at Gallows Green In Death at Bishop s Keep Kathryn Ardleigh captured the interest of detective Sir Charles Sheridan as they solved their first case together Now the demise of a local constable and the disappearance o

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    1. This was solid 3.5 stars.I really like Beatrice Potter as a side character, and I wasn t sure if I would I hope she sticks around.Mostly, I liked this I could have done without the subplot of everyone being or appearing to be in love with the heroine It was a bit of a weird love pentangle, of sorts Except not really, because it was breathtakingly obvious all along exactly how it would go down, so it was just a bit weird.

    2. 3.5 stars There were at least a dozen typos and a missing sentence that made the protagonist the obvious killer of all the worst sentences to be missing She was told that a man has been killed and she responds with concern for his wife , Agnes Oops.A decent series, which I will continue.England Victorian era

    3. These books really are great fun to read The mysteries even if a bit predictable at times are engaging, and the characters are delightful I like the rate at which the relationship between Kate and Sir Charles is developing not too fast, yet not at a snail s pace either.One thing I wasn t quite sure about regarding this series is the insertion of famous historical persons into the stories both Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde had small roles in the first book, and Beatrix Potter in this one [...]

    4. It s not in the murder mystery That part is kind of conventional Or a bit complicated Or just sheer unexciting Or all of the above Nothing to write home about But the charactersThe characters are extremely charming, delightful even well, the duck is anyway Spending time with them is like popping an opiate Whatever your pain is, it smooths it out, leaving you with a smile on your face and a warm and cuddly feeling in your gut Add some interesting and highly educational historical detail and you r [...]

    5. This was surprisingly slow to get going Not entirely sure why Although I was amused at the first appearance of Beatrix Potter in a book by Susan Wittig Albert I guess this was the foundation of the The Tale of Hill Top Farm series.

    6. I was interested in reading this cozy mystery because Beatrix Potter was supposed to be a significant character and the cover shows a drawing of her rabbit and hedgehog It was disappointing that when the mystery got going, Beatrix catches a cold and has to stay out of the action I can t imagine what excuse the author could come up with for leaving her out So many books in this genre do the same thing The plot is supposed to have an angle the sleuth is an antique dealer bookseller chef but the t [...]

    7. Another solid entry in this series It would seem that the seed for the author s Beatrix Potter Cottage Tales began in this title written about 6 years before Potter and the main character, Kathryn Ardleigh become acquainted before Potter s publication of the Tale of Peter Rabbit and have a sleuthing adventure together The author has used some of Potter s characters names for both people and animals in the mystery that supposedly inspire Beatrix s later works It would seem distracting if one is n [...]

    8. Just starting this new series, and it follows the formula of the Victorian and Edwardian mystery series very closely Has a bit of zip Interesting characters so far The first book lightly touched on some of the social and gender problems of the age but kept glancing away, which I didn t appreciate This book touched on nothing at all very serious but decent entertainment.I hope I can expect serious exploration in the future books.

    9. Another gentle mystery, but containing very vivid impressions of the lives and woes of the English lower classes.This is a series to read and recommend.

    10. I really enjoy these Robin Paige books They are English cozy mysteries with interesting plots and realistic characters I plan to read all of them over time.

    11. Did not like this book as much as the first book in the series The whole Beatrix Potter storyline was somewhat overplayed and unnecessary.

    12. Death at Gallows Green is the second book in the Victorian Mystery series by Robin Paige, set in the Essex countryside in Victorian England Young American Miss Kathryn Kate Ardleigh moved to England to live with her aunts and work as one aunt s secretary in the first book of the series, Death at Bishop s Keep She solved the mystery of her aunts deaths with the help of Sir Charles Sheridan, a gentleman of the English aristocracy knighted for his pioneering work with photography She inherited her [...]

    13. Review I didn t enjoy this one quite as much as the first one in the series Death at Bishop s Keep, possibly because I really liked the rivalry in the first one, which is absent in this one However, it is still thoroughly engaging, and I would never have guessed who the villain was in this mystery, which is always a bonus to me, to get a shock when the endgame is revealed A lovely light read to wile away the cold winter hours.Genre Historical Crime MysteryCharacters Kathryn Ardleigh Charles Sher [...]

    14. Not bad, but not great either In places it becomes painfully clear to anyone with much knowledge of the real life history surrounding the setting, and the real people brought into this fictional tale, that the two authors, both American, drastically skimped on their research of the history and their setting England There are some anachronisms that genuinely made me grimace, and occasionally even cringe, whilst reading Writing a tale from the view of a character of one s own nationality is not, a [...]

    15. The 2nd book in a series is often a difficult book for both author and reader For the author, because he she has to follow up a success for the reader, because the author is often trying to hard.I m delighted to report that in this 2nd book, none of the above is true The author keeps those delightful characters we were first introduced to, but deepens them and strengthens our understanding of who they are In addition, we meet Beatrix Potter and come to understand how such a shy young woman could [...]

    16. Since I d bought the first three books feeling optimistic , I jumped straight into Death at Gallows Green as soon as I d finished Death at Bishop s Keep.Kate is still living in Bishop s Keep after the death of her aunts, and is slowly getting into the rhythms of village life Sir Charles Sheridan, and Bradford Marsden the heir next door are still floating around the peripheries of Kate s life, while Eleanor is still being annoying at times.This time round, it involves the death of Sergeant Arthur [...]

    17. I am so very glad that I have a stack of this series on Mt Git r Read I do tend to alternate my reading so as not to get saturated with a style or era or character, but this is one series, once started, I ve found it can be difficult not to move onto the next in series.Gentle, humorous, historical historic setting, great character and nicely done mystery to solve, I adore this series.It s fun to see how life might have been at a time between horse and carriage and the proliferation of motorcars [...]

    18. I just finished this up this morning I read the first installment in this series several years ago, and I remembered liking it Thus, when I saw this in a local mystery book store, I decided to give it a try It was a pleasant, quick read The mystery isn t super difficult to solve, but that is appropriate for a book of this length The characterization of the two lead sleuths, Kate and Sir Charles, was good I look forward to future developments in their relationship My one major annoyance was the q [...]

    19. Catching up on this series read the third one first and after finishing this, I ll try to continue in order Enjoying this series set in Victorian England actually near the end of the Victorian era Heroine, Kate Ardleigh is a young American woman who has inherited an estate from an aunt Real life famous people tend to show up in these books In this one, Beatrix Potter, before she wrote her stories, becomes a friend of Kate s and helps in solving the mystery In this book, many of her characters ar [...]

    20. Kate returns in this second book of the Victorian mystery series by Robin Paige While adjusting to her change in status as the lady of Bishop s Keep, Kate becomes involved in 2 mysteries the disappearance of emeralds belonging to the mother of her newly married friend and the death of a policeman who was found in Mr MacGregor s garden by one of her staff and the girl s beau Kate also meets a shy young woman, Bea and invites her to Bishop s Keep Bea is none other than Beatrix Potter Charles Sheri [...]

    21. This is the second Victorian cosy mystery in the Kate Ardleigh series In this book, Beatrice Potter comes to stay for a short visit and assists Kate and Sir Charles in solving the murder of a police contable In this story, Charles realizes he is very attracted to Kate but was afraid to do anything as he was under the misaprehension that firt, his friend, Ned, another police officer was courting her and then he found out his host of Marsden Hall plans to court her as thier lands ajoin, he is in f [...]

    22. This murder mystery that takes place in Victorian England is as refreshingly original, if not better than the previous book What makes the book so original is the description of the cultural clash resulting between the heroine, a twenty seven year old Irish American female, and her neighbors, British landowners and nobility who seem to think themselves superior to people like Kate Ardleigh, a commoner who acts in a scandalous way, meaning wearing pantaloons, riding a bike, and going for a walk w [...]

    23. Second in the Victorian Mystery series The local constable is found dead with different wheat seeds in each of his pockets Although his body is discovered in a secluded wooded area, it is obvious it was dragged there from somewhere else Kate Ardsleigh and Charles Sheridan search for where and why the constable was killed and who the murderer might be The search becomes even urgent when the constable s young daughter disappears after reporting what she witnessed the night of her father s death K [...]

    24. Kate Ardleigh is back, and she s investigating the death of a local constable in this outing When the body of Sergeant Arthur Oliver is found in Mr McGregor s garden, readers may expect two things 1 Kate and Sir Charles Sheridan will be on the case, and2 Beatrix Potter will figure into the story in some way.Indeed, Kate meets Miss Potter and observes her sketching some critters Bea joins Kate in her sleuthing and demonstrates her affinity for children.I didn t think this entry in the series was [...]

    25. I enjoyed this book very much, I am really enjoying this series by Robin Paige I love the setting of Victorian England and the two main characters Sir Charles and Kate are terrific and I am so anxious to see how their budding romance grows and develops in the next books in this series.All the characters are so well drawn in these mysteries and I loved that they included Beatrix Potter and some of her inspirations for the characters in her Peter Rabbit books.The setting of the English countryside [...]

    26. This series is so much fun to read, at first I thought it couldn t be very well written, but I m revising my view True there s the tantalizing romance between the two main detecting characters, but the twists and turns of that are remarkably possible What I like the most, though, is how the author uses historical fact as the basis of each tale, with an invented plot that could be the way it actually occurred This book is my favorite so far because she includes Beatrix Potter, and her small menag [...]

    27. The second in the series does not disappoint The historical guest is Beatrix Potter who Kate meets at a house party On her return home, Sir Charles is visiting next door and some one has killed a constable on that property The big boss man s identity if not exact role is obvious from the outset, but how the pieces come together wasn t Kate and Charles are both forced pushed into facing the obvious about their feelings for one another but don t know about the other just yet.

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