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  • Title: Betrayer
  • Author: C.J. Cherryh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The twelfth novel in Cherryh s Foreigner space opera series, a groundbreaking tale of first contact and its consequences In the wake of civil war, Bren Cameron, the brilliant human diplomat of the alien atevi civilization, has left the capital and sought refuge at his country estate, Najida But now he is trapped inside Najida which has been surrounded by enemies with IlisThe twelfth novel in Cherryh s Foreigner space opera series, a groundbreaking tale of first contact and its consequences In the wake of civil war, Bren Cameron, the brilliant human diplomat of the alien atevi civilization, has left the capital and sought refuge at his country estate, Najida But now he is trapped inside Najida which has been surrounded by enemies with Ilisidi, the powerful grandmother of his ally, Tabini aiji, atevi leader of the Western Association But Ilisidi, the wily and dangerous aiji dowager, is not inclined to be passive, and in a brazen maneuver sends Bren into enemy territory, to the palace of Machigi, the leader of the rebels.Bren s mission is to negotiate with Machigi a young atevi lord who has never actually seen a human and somehow persuade him to cease his hostile actions against the West Bren knows that the autocratic Machigi rules a fractious clan, and that his hospitality is not guaranteed Bren s genius for negotiation enable him to make a daring trade offer to Machigi one that seems to interest the young warlord But Machigi is suspicious of Ilisidi s motives, and, to Bren s utter shock, evokes an ancient law that jeopardizes Bren s life Can Bren stay alive and not alienate Ilisidi or Tabini, while also representing the interests of their enemy The long running Foreigner series can also be enjoyed by casual genre readers in sub trilogy installments Betrayer is the 12th Foreigner novel, and the 3rd book in the fourth subtrilogy.
    Betrayer The twelfth novel in Cherryh s Foreigner space opera series a groundbreaking tale of first contact and its consequences In the wake of civil war Bren Cameron the brilliant human diplomat of the ali

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    1. This series is consistently satisfying in a way that very few SF can be It s very political, very immersive, and so deeply rooted in an alien world Humans and Atevi navigate the turmoil in the provinces as Tabini regrows his political strength Tabini s grandmother Ilsidi has sent Bren into enemy territory to broker a deal among the most chaotic associations.This is a huge amount of trust And amidst various accidents, Bren has been forced to appear like he s betraying all his associations with Ta [...]

    2. Book 12Cherryh offers us a little action in this instalment, as she usually does in her novels that end each trilogy arc in this mammoth of a series Having said this, Foreigner is not an amalgamation of various stories but one huge, all encompassing, narrative that just happens to be cut in 18 books so far , showing us the tribulations of humans and atevi in this lost universe The focus is very much on politics, sociology and psychology with a good dose of linguistics, which is intrinsically co [...]

    3. Brilliant, as always Despite the usual slow pace I was on the tip of my toes definitely better than the last few books, in my personal opinion There are so many things I absolutely loved in this book, but if I have to fangirl about them it will take me hours, so I ll just list them below Machigi s character LOVED HIM I would read a whole series just based on his adventures I m secretly hoping to see him face Tabini in the near future and quarrel over Bren, while Ilisidi just steals the poor huma [...]

    4. Interesting development of the younger characters in this series Only wish the complicated political situation had been a little easier to follow Many new geographically new towns and peoples Still a favorite series and will dive into the next trilogy arc soon

    5. 4.5 stars I love the politics that is complicated, the atevi who are dangerous, dry witted, oh so courteous even when threatening, and the simply gallons and gallons of tea everyone consumes through the story.

    6. C.J Cherryh s Betrayer is a pleasant but not entirely satisfying read I love Cherryh Her atevi culture continues to feel very lived in and consistent The verbal sparring matches between Bren and various atevi on various sides continue to feel dangerously tense, like actual fights You really feel like war could break out over a badly chosen word I wish there was of that instead of the action scenes, where the nobles being kept out of the actual fighting are left in a room or behind a rock wonder [...]

    7. BetrayerIn my prior review of Deceiver I commented on how impossible it was to enter the series from that book because of the sheer weight of all that had gone before and how nobody should expect a writer to be able to do that Then at the beginning of Betrayer, CJ Cherryh pretty much does so and makes it coherent and cogent with little evident effort Drat.Now that said, a summary is not a substitute for knowledge If I told you War and Peace was essentially, Napoleon invades Russia, goes badly yo [...]

    8. Ms Cherryh s works have been a favorite of mine for some time she s the only author I buy in hard without thinking about things I love the writing, the complex characters, the twisting plots, and seeing very minor characters contributing like secondary character in other author s works In Betrayer we have the continuing saga of Bren Cameron, a human who s the translator intermediary technical diplomat between humans and Atevi for those that haven t followed the series there are 11 previous books [...]

    9. Unputdownable Non stop action, political tension, all out war, and suspense I just love this series No one does political suspense or weaves a plot like Cherryh.This series has to be read from the beginning And it s worth it In each book we learn about the atevi world, about their thinking, their customs And Bren Cameron, the human negotiator ambassador sticks out harrowing situations and broadens his own understanding of atevi politics and increases his value to atevi leaders Most engrossing a [...]

    10. For the incredible events pertaining to Atevi government in this book I ought to give it a 5 stars, but I wanted a bit time to breathe for Bren really if the book could have been 200 pages with the same events, just a bit slower and with dialogue and so on, I d have been over the moon.C.J Cherryh doesn t do info dumping if she can avoid it, but this book is totally the continuation of book 11 but coming out one year later so she did some Bren ruminating on exactly where he stands with his att [...]

    11. I rarely read Foreigner installments back to back, but given that Foreigner 11 left everyone in great peril, I had to immediately read Foreigner 12 Now, I can sit back and relax before moving on the fifth trilogy, as I expect we are at a point where some time could pass or not In any event, the current crisis seems to have stabilized and all the good guys are in one place, rather than spread out Of course, it is an unusual place for them to be not on the ship, not at Illisidi s, not in the capit [...]

    12. Books 10 12, Conspirator, Deceiver and Betrayer, are really one long novel and I read them back to back The trilogy covers only a few days in the lives of Bren, the human translator ambassador, and Cajeiri, the mischievous son of the most powerful ruler on the atevi planet, as they are caught up in a political mess that I won t even try to describe The books work slowly toward a suspenseful, action packed finale.These are great fun despite a tremendous amount of repetition Cajeiri gets himself i [...]

    13. Twelve books into the Foreigner series and I m still in love with everything about it Even though the politics and intrigue is pretty heavy in this one there s a fair bit of action in the second half of the book I m enjoying reading the interspersed Cajeiri point of view segments I love Bren but his relationship with his Atevi bodyguards and his place in Atevi society has become a lot stable in recent books, so Cajeiri being in flux with his associations and shifting man chi holds a degree fa [...]

    14. This one s a bit of a placeholder It features the usual dramatic political maneuvering by Bren as he is thrust into yet another impossible situation by Tabini and Ilisidi, whose method of solving all their problems seems to be throw the paidhi at it, it s always worked before This is followed by the usual dramatic run gun during which a few plot threads get tied up but nothing really much of note happens It s clearly a bridge between the last bit of important stuff and the next bit of important [...]

    15. We are returned to the Foreigner Universe and the on going story of human paidhi aiji Bren Cameron, his crack shot team of Guild protectors while he s deep in enemy territory attempting negotiations with a very dangerous, yet crucial leader from the rival faction which formerly supported the coup against Tabini aiji Sent into action by Tabini s influential yet problematic great grandmother, and worried over by Cajeiri, Tabini s son, his brother and household staff, Bren has potentially world sha [...]

    16. 4 3 4 stars Human Bren Cameron is still carefully negotiating his way through the labyrinthine machinations of the atevi and ends up occupying the ancient role of the white ribbon holder and acting as one who represents the loyalty of BOTH sides in the negotiations between aiji dowager Ilisidi and the formerly reviled Lord Machigi of Marid His job might be a bit easier if a the dowager had actually given instructions, b young Cajeiri s renegade Guild Assassin Lucasi was not a loose cannon, c he [...]

    17. I love Foreigner series Betrayer is than 4 star, but not quite 5 star book The book has action, a lot of action in fast pace, however as all the other books in series the emphasis is on the politic intrigues, the alien psychology, and the relationship between Atevi and Bren Cameron, the human paidhi aiji And Ms Cherryh does a great job intermingling the action with the politic maneuverings and the cultural details This is the third book in the forth trilogy, but I had the feeling that the story [...]

    18. The Foreigner series is a long time favorite, but the past several entries have been fairly thin Not so this one, which is a nonstop suspense ride Everything good about the series old friends, twisty politics, shifting alliances, insights into alien and human culture all there, but with a much better ratio of action to introspective narration I literally couldn t put it down, gripping the book tensely as the plot twisted and favorite characters were challenged or endangered Can t wait for next y [...]

    19. 3.5 of 5 Endeavour Award Book 12 also book 3 of series 4 of the Foreigner Series These books are always exhausting this one included Some of the better aliens and alien societies out there But each of the book is a very abbreviated set of time a couple of days to a week centered around Bren the human ambassador to the Atevi heavy on dialogue, politics and fleeing I got tired of this series a long time ago and only came back to it for the Endeavour award And yet I d bet it d be an interesting rea [...]

    20. This long series continues to hold my interest, and after finishing Betrayer I have entertained myself by speculating about what will happen in the next installment Not just the plot, but to the characters Cherryh has been depicting Betrayer is about many things but I liked most the way characters mature as they face and make difficult choices, learn to trust one another, and wrestle with the need to compromise themselves in a complex social world.

    21. I still enjoy reading about the characters, but need something new.The last three books really read as one story, broken into three parts I miss having each story be able to stand on its own as well as be part of the over arcing story line.If you enjoyed the earlier books, its worth reading.

    22. Kinda slow I just want them to go back to space Or I want atevi to visit the human island That would be fun Anything but sit around and talk about atevi who are revolting Cajeiri s POV is slow too, and takes away some of the mystique of the atevi But overall, I am still having fun reading the series.

    23. I love this series so much This one got off to kind of a slow start, and partway through the middle so many seemingly disparate things kept happening that I wasn t sure where it would lead, but it all came together at the end quite neatly There was a bit of deus ex machina that brought the resolution at the end, though if you re familiar with the series you know that doesn t mean everything is resolved forever, and doesn t negate or belittle the part everyone else played in the path to get where [...]

    24. The most densely political book yet in the series, and so so good Consequences, slow buildups, and a huge burst of action The Bren and Cajieri PoVs worked so well here, seeing the differences of what they understand of a very messy situation.

    25. Science Fiction series Does this author ever quit Book 12 of the on going Foreigner series Bren is attacked at his summer home and the politics becomes quite interesting.No Canadian, pharmacy or Earthly references.

    26. It is the net installment of the series, with nice details of domestic life If you ve read these thus far, you know If not, start at the beginning.

    27. Betrayer is the latest installment in Cherryh s Foreigner universe, the third book in the fourth trilogy 12 titles in all so far and another is forthcoming with which I have faithfully kept up It picks up right where the last one in the series, Deceiver left off For those not familiar with this universe, about 200 years ago, a human starship, the Phoenix, got hopelessly lost, with no way to find their way back to Earth or anywhere in human space They wound up in orbit around the planet of the at [...]

    28. When we left Bren Cameron at the end of Deceiver, he was in a very precarious position not only in the middle of hostile territory but also in the middle of a potentially deadly conflict of man chi the feeling of allegiance and loyalty that holds together atevi society It will take him some considerable maneuvering to escape with his own and his bodyguards skins intact, and if the previous novel was taken up mostly with intrigue and this politics, then Betrayer is comparatively heavy on the acti [...]

    29. I ve been meaning to write a review of the Foreigner series since reading 1, 2, and 3 in a single weekend many years ago Unfortunately, I always get so caught up in the story that I m unable to focus on the details with a critical eye.By now, each new book in the series is like Facebook in providing me the opportunity to catch up with old friends in this case, Ilisidi, Lord Geigi, and Cajeiri and wondering, for the latter, whether the author will ever let him move on to felicitous nine years old [...]

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